Central Eleuthera on the island of Eleuthera stretches from its capital Governor’s Harbour to Windermere Island.

There are two great beaches in the district—Club Med Beach across from Governor’s Harbour on the Atlantic side and Ten Bay Beach on the island’s Caribbean side. The town has vital modern facilities such as banks, shops and restaurants, a library, a post office, government offices, and some of the finest colonial architecture in the Bahamas near the town’s large harbour. Central Eleuthera has the highest real estate values on Eleuthera Island.

At present, resort and residential developments are underway in Central Eleuthera. Among the new resorts expected to rise on the island are French Leave Resort and Marina, Sky Beach Club, and Buttonwood Reserve.

There are several residential developments here. North Palmetto Homes has properties ranging from beachfront homes to estate houses. South Palmetto Point offers real estate with scenic views of the Caribbean. Banks Road, along a section of the old Queen’s Highway, is lined with old stately beachfront homes. Cigatoo Estates is elevated over a rocky beach, with mid-priced one-acre lots available. Wykee Estates offers pink-sand beachfront properties that provide stunning views of the Atlantic or the Caribbean.