Properties in Cavan Ireland

County Cavan is said to have 365 lakes—a lake for every day of the year. In many of these lakes can be seen the evidence of Cavan’s earliest inhabitants: crannógs, or Stone Age man-made islands. Other artefacts from this distant point in time are in the County Museum.

The Rivers Shannon and Erne make this Ulster county an angler’s haven. Cavan’s colourful market towns also draw visitors with their fine Irish architecture and the abundance of pubs, bed and breakfasts, cafés and restaurants.

Lying along the main N3 Dublin - Donegal road, County Cavan is easily accessible from Dublin, Galway, and Belfast. It also takes less than two hours to get from the ferry docks and airports of these cities to Cavan. It is part of the province of Ulster, and so shares a border with Northern Ireland.

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