Bunkyo (a prime area) is a central historical area in Tokyo City. It is preferred by many expat families for its accessibility, modern amenities and attractions. The University of Tokyo, Juntendo and Toyo Gakuen Universities all have campuses here.

The district has a variety of residential options. There are 4- to 5-bedroom houses with gardens, and high-rise apartments.

There are many important temples and Shinto shrines in Bunkyo, as well as famous parks and the sports and entertainment complex, Tokyo Dome City.

Bunkyo’s important industries are printing, medical care and publishing. 


Yushima is a well known upper class residential area in Bunkyo, and is adjacent to the Tokyo business district. The district has a traditional atmosphere combined with lush greeneries and rolling gardens.

Yushima was among the downtowns of Tokyo and was known for the affluent samurai mansions and regular residential structures for commoners.

Yushima's traditional vibe sweeps around its Japanese-style houses, rolling streets and alleys, and historic stairways, which interestingly, combines well the scattered Western-themed development.

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