The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, has no world-class beaches. However, it attracts a great share of tourists because it is the island's commercial and cultural centre. If something quite remarkable is happening in the island of Barbados, it's probably happening in Bridgetown.

Bridgetown prides itself on its first-rate restaurants, duty-free shopping, historical architecture, and museums.

One of the best spots to visit in this busy town is the National Heroes Square, a tiny square that was constructed in honour of the island's heroes, with a war memorial. Another place that shouldn't be missed is the Chamberlain Bridge, where many yachts and catamarans are docked.

Bridgetown's major attraction, however, is probably the commercial hub of Broad Street, which is the leading duty-free shopping area. Other than the high end jewellery, cosmetics, clothing, native crafts, and antique pieces which can be bought from this area, a bit of curiosity and perseverance in strolling along this stretch will reveal some of the most impressive structures that will bear out the island's rich history.

Among the oldest structures in Bridgetown is St. Mary's Anglican Church. Built in 1825, it is the island's second oldest church. Another remarkable architectural sight that reflects the country's colonial history is the Barbados Parliament Building. What's striking about this building is not just its architectural style but the stunning clock tower attached to it.

Bridgetown is very urban; it's a setting that's not usually seen in the Caribbean isles. There is Bridgetown Harbour (also known as Deep Water Harbour), a very busy port where regular cruise liners dock. Near the harbour is the Pelican Craft Centre, which showcases the talents and products of local craftsmen. The town also has the Carlisle Wharf and Barbados Heliport. For guests interested in helicopter tours, their journey begins at this heliport.

Bridgetown is also home to beach parties, international cricket tournaments in the Kensington Oval, food fairs and colourful calypso festivals.

Bridgetown also has many apartments to rent, a majority of them along the coast or at least with great views of the Caribbean.