Properties in Bos en Lommer NetherlandsBos en Lommer is one of Amsterdam's less prosperous boroughs. It has a relatively young population, mostly not native Dutch. Its crime rate is high, and incomes are below-average. Only 13% of its 15,000 homes are owned by their inhabitants another national low.

On the plus side, Bos en Lommer has a good transportation system, and its wide streets are kind to bicyclists. The neighbourhood is also in the middle of an urban renewal plan, with both district departments and residents working to make the city cleaner and more liveable.

The residences in Robert Scottbuurt tend to be low-rise apartment buildings and small homes. It has a significant juvenile and senior citizen population.

Erasmuspark makes Bos en Lommer one of Amsterdam's greenest areas. Its playgrounds, playing fields, hiking and bicycle trails and lake area are always well-maintained and patrolled.


Gibraltarbuurt is a thriving multi-cultural neighbourhood. Points of community interest include the old church and a public paddling pool.

Gulden Winckelbuurt

Gulden Winckelbuurt is the commercial area and contains the market, the council, the library and shops.


Kolenkitbuurt is named after its church, Kolenkitkerk, and is undergoing renovation to become a safer neighbourhood for children to grow up in.


In Landlustbuurt, homes surround the Karel Doorman Square. The neighbourhood is named after an old farm that once stood in the area.