Bimini consists of a chain of islands including Cay Sal Bank. The district is 53 miles due east of Miami, making it the Bahamas’ closest point to mainland U.S.A.

North Bimini is one of the two main islands. Most residents live in Bailey Town, though Alice Town is the main tourist and commercial centre of Bimini. Not far from the town is the Healing Hole, a pool laden with minerals like lithium and silver that supposedly give it curative properties. King’s Highway is the lone road crossing through Alice Town.

South Bimini is quieter, having a small community at Port Royale. Except for a few private homes, there is very little development in South Bimini. The only notable fixture in the region is its lone airstrip, the South Bimini Airport.

Bimini is the premiere big-game fishing spot of the Bahamas, with 50 world record catches having been set in these waters. It is also a popular scuba diving and snorkeling area on account of a number of Spanish shipwrecks and mysterious ancient landmarks such as the Bimini Road, which is tied to the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis and the strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

There are endemic and endangered species in Bimini which are protected by law, such as the Bimini boa, the Bimini ameiva (a swift-moving lizard), and the very rare Smalltooth sawfish.

Bimini has also been the site of a ranging ecological battle between Jean-Michel Cousteau and developers of the Bimini Bay Resort.