North of the capital is the mainly industrial and fast-growing Bialoleka, one of Warsaw’s biggest districts. Its population is in flux due to the growing number of immigrants. The place attracts young couples with families due to employment opportunities, proximity to the city centre and a decent number of schools.

As well as expanding and improving local infrastructure, the district has also been the site of new real-estate developments like flats and low-rise villas, especially along the Zerański Canal. It is second only to Wilanów in terms of the number of on-going construction of middle-class residential projects.

Bialoleka is likewise blessed with natural surroundings, especially the rivers, forests and dunes in the northeast. This portion provides lovely hiking and biking trails leading to the Black Stream Marsh, Zegrzyński Lake and Zerański Canal.

As Warsaw’s border district to the north, Bialoleka serves as the gateway to Poland’s coldest and least populated region, Podlaskie, and the geographically diverse Pomeranian province, which abounds in national parks and folk villages.