Properties in Basilicata Lomabardy

Like Abruzzo, Basilicata is a mountainous region, but in the south. It is divided into two provinces: Matera, which has a small coastline on the Ionian Sea in the southeast, and the larger province of Potenza, with an even smaller coastline in the southwest on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has a rather dry climate, and it has some very pleasant areas like the Dolomites with their woods and lakes. It has been called Italy's California as like the US state it has vineyards, forests, and beaches and is favored by many Italians as a vacation spot.

For the most part, Basilicata is poorly developed and culturally impoverished. However, it boasts of romantic scenery and some unique, pristine ancient sites. Along its coast are some of Italy's best archeological ruins. In its mountains can be found the rock dwellings of Christian monks of the past, Greek ruins, and an enormous castle that served as Frederick II's hunting lodge.

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