Properties in Bacs-Kiskun HungaryThe largest county in Hungary is the southern county of B�cs-Kiskun. It is Hungary's sunniest area, and spring comes early to B�cs-Kiskun.� While it is flat, B�cs-Kiskun is far from being monotonous.

Known for its natural beauty, B�cs-Kiskun is home to Kiskuns�g National Park, a protected biosphere reserve which has a plethora of flora and fauna. Expanses of reeds, extraordinary species of orchids, marshes, lakes and the amusing occurrence of sand dunes among lush trees and foliage offer great tourist and study trails as well as great spots for camping and bathing.� Geese, black-winged stilts, herons and marsh tortoises make their home here. Specially of interest is the Puszta of Bugac, the park's largest area. Home to protected primeval juniper groves, you can take a horse carriage ride to numerous sites in the area exemplifying a traditional lifestyle. Reproductions of shepherd traditions, such as buildings made of wood and cane, white washed walls of farm buildings and numerous horse riding facilities are examples of this.

Kecskem�t is the county seat of B�cs-Kiskun. It is the fruit capital of Hungary, producing grapes and peaches. Local farmers are also very proud of their wines. The City Hall and the old Friar's Church are notable - the City Hall, with its grand carillon, was built in the secessionist style; while the 14th century church, built by Louis XVI, supports a grand 76 metre high cross and a 45 ton bell.

Other admirable monuments in B�cs -Kiskun are the ruins of the Gothic church of Lajosmizse, built in 1270, and the archiepiscopal palace of Kalocsa, built on the grounds of a former palace.

(In May, the Orb�n Day Festival is celebrated in the village of Haj�s, a wine celebration that gives homage to the grapes farmed here).

In July, the villagers in Baja treat thousands of guests and locals to Hal�szl�, a fish soup delicacy born in this fish soup capital. During the Baja Folk Festival, hundreds of cauldrons are set up in the town square to cook this gastronomical treat.

Other popular festivals are the autumn Paprika Festival in Kalocsa, and in winter, the Flower Festival in Kecel.

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