Properties in Ancon PanamaJust 15 minutes away from the capital, Ancon is the perfect getaway for nature lovers who want to stay in touch with Panama City.

Ancon has lush forests growing into rising mountains. Red and yellow headed parrots, marmosettes, and white tailed deer are common in this area. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute for Research and Promotion of Tropical Biology is in Ancon.

In years past, Ancon Hill helped protect Panama from pirates and other invaders, and the township around Ancon Hill was built for the people toiling on the Panama Canal. Gorgas Hospital is here, named after U.S. Army Surgeon William Crawford Gorgas, a pioneer who helped eliminate yellow fever in the area.

Stretching out from Ancon is the Amador Causeway, (Calzada de Amador) which is getting a lot of attention right now. The Causeway, designed as a huge breakwater to protect the Canal and prevent sedimentation, connects four small islands, Noas, Culebra, Perico and Flamenco.

There has been an elegant makeover of the Causeway, with lovely walkways and benches. Visitors can walk, run, bicycle and drive on the causeway, lined with tropical palm trees, and enjoy magnificent views of the Canal and the Panama City skyline.

A new Museum designed by Frank Gehry highlights Panama's remarkable biodiversity. Opened in 2009, this is Gehry's first work ever in Latin America.

The Museum host exhibits called "The Bridge of Life". When the Isthmus of Panama rose out of the sea, it divided the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, forever changing the tides, winds and evolution of life on earth. The land bridge - Panama - provided the route for flora and fauna to migrate between the American continents, creating here the greatest biodiversity anywhere in the world. An urban botanical garden of lawn, trees and wild species will contan 287 species of indigenous plants, and is expected to become one of Panama's biggest attractions.

Today, Amador is one of Panama City's most cosmopolitan hangouts, with a caf´┐Ż scene which almost recalls Miami. There's a yachting crowd, and a vibrant music scene.

There is an ample supply of residential and commercial property in the Causeway area.