The district of Acklins is one of four islands that form an atoll surrounding the shallow waters of the Bight of Acklins. The Bight itself separates Acklins from nearby Crooked Island. Thanks to the abundance of bonefish in these waters, Acklins’ economy is centred on fishing.
Excavations have unearthed ancient Lucayan Indian sites on the island. The largest of these can be found in Pompey Bay Beach, just south of Acklins’ capital, Spring Point. Archaeologists of the National Geographic Society have found ten more sites in Samana Cay, southwest of Spring Point.

Other Acklins attractions include Plana Cays, a protected reserve for great iguanas and the equally rare hutia, a guinea-pig like rodent which is the only native mammal of the Bahamas, and Castle Island, which has a lighthouse that was once used by pirates as a base to attack unwary ships that enter the nearby passage.