Properties in Tolna HungaryTolna county lies on the left bank of the Danube River.� The area is rural, with no large towns. Szeksz�rd (pop: 36,000) is Hungary's smallest county capital.

Numerous rivers flow through the area, and the forest of Gemenc is the only remaining tidal area in Hungary, part of the Danube-Drava National Park. It is home to numerous varieties of reptiles, fish and amphibians, as well as meadow eagles, grey herons, gyrafalcons, storks, boars and stags.

The area has numerous hills, making it a popular spot for nature lovers and hunters. �The stags in the area are world-reknown for the impressive size of their antlers.

Tolna is a wine region. The full-bodied wines from Szeksz�rd, are said to have inspired Schubert while composing "The Trout".

Although Szeksz�rd is the smallest county capital in the nation, it still offers many unique attractions. The neoclassical county hall is an example. In its courtyard are ruins of an old Benedictine abbey, as well as a coat-of-arms made of stone from the baroque period.

Those looking for a sweet treat can meander towards the Museum of Honey-cakes where items "exhibited" can be purchased. The museum showcases the secrests of honey-cake making, a delectable Hungarian dessert, as well as the different methods of making other sweets and beeswax candles.

The gothic castle of Dunaf�ldv�r is one popular site. Its Csonka-torony (or "broken tower") was a used as a prison in past eras. A fresco depicting the story of a captured man condemned to death is also found here. Another visited castle in the county is Simontornya, reflecting elements froms the gothic, renaissance and baroque periods. The castle of Pipo of Ozora in the village of Ozora is another. It is a square-shaped gothic castle that has long since turned into a museum.

The county is known for their craftsmen. Skilled folk artists such as wood carvers and potters are found here. They congregate in Szeksz�rd during the annual Vintage Festival (Sz�reti Fesztiv�l) where visitors flock to see and purchase their wares.

One economic feature to note is that Hungary's only atomic power station is found here.