Properties in 2nd Arrondissement FranceThe 2nd arrondissement is mainly a business district. The Paris stock exchange is located here.  The 2nd divides into three main areas - The trendy pedestrianised district of Montorgeuil to the east, the business and financial districts around the Bourse – the Paris stock exchange, and the Opéra district to the west.

Montorgueil is lively day and night with local commerce, cafés, restaurants and bars, and is a favourite for the young and young at heart. The main residential community in the 2nd District is this lively pedestrian district. Apartments in the older buildings are quirky and are often overlook quiet courtyards, away from the view of the streets. Some modern developments, while in keeping with the style of the district, have replaced the older ones.

The business districts, while busy during the day, are relatively peaceful once the traffic dies down.

The Opéra offers a livelier evening scene and due to the number of converging main roads it remains busy day and night. The Opéra district offers chic apartments.  But whilst the area is popular with tourists, it can be somewhat soulless as a residential community. However, it does benefit from very good public transport connections.

The boulevards, which form the border of the second, such as the Grands Boulevards and Etienne Marcel are popular shopping districts but also offer typical but unremarkable cafés and brassieres for a quick stop.

Those searching for slightly less lively surroundings should look towards the Bourse area as apartments are usually more conventional and the population is more professional 30+.