The 20th District, Brigittenau, is named after the Brigittakapele, or St. Brigitta's Chapel, built here in 1650. A portion of of the land on which Brigittenau lies was claimed from the former bed of the Donau River following its containment in 1870. A significant percent of the district is made up of canals, including the Donau Kanal, as well as parts of the Danube. With its ports and waterways, Brigittenau has a distinct industrial character in certain areas.

Starting in the late 1980s, modern residential and commercial developments have been springing up around the district, leading to a bump in the population. Due to the proliferation of literally thousands of apartment units, Brigittenau offers a lot of relatively cheap, functional living spaces. This has attracted its share of immigrants; about a third of the district's populace is now made up of immigrants, mostly from the Balkans and Turkey. There are few sites of interest or historical significance. The area's most significant landmark is the Millennium Tower, a commercial building built in 1999 that holds the distinction of being the tallest building in Austria. As a whole, however, the district is drab and uninteresting. Housing may be cheap here, but that is the height of its attractions.