Located just south of Landstrasse, the 11th District, or Simmering is a large district marked by its highly urban and industrialized northern area, while its southern part is more residential, even village-like. Simmering is primarily a working-class district dominated by Socialist-type apartment blocks.

There is one residential complex in Simmering of special note: Gasometer City, a block of four immense gas tanks that have been converted into apartment buildings and commercial spaces. Gasometer City residents tend to think of the block as a self-contained village set apart from the rest of Simmering. This is not far from the truth; the Gasometers offer pretty much all the services and facilities one would need: a shopping mall, concert hall, multiplex cinema, art galleries, all kinds of shops, and a student dormitory.

The famous Zentralfriedhof, or Central Cemetery of Vienna, is located in Simmering. Tourists flock here to admire the tombs of such famous composers as Beethoven, Brahms, Strauss, and Schubert. Even Mozart gets a memorial, although he is not actually buried in this cemetery.