About Brain Trust International Law Firm

Brain Trust International Law Firm ("BT") is an international law firm located in Taipei, Taiwan and comprised of highly educated and experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds. BT is capable of dealing with transnational disputes in relation to Taiwan laws, China laws, US laws, and Australia laws. We are recognized in the area of dispute resolution in Taiwan because of client satisfaction and outstanding performance. For better quality services, BT has joined LEGUS, an international law firm networking for transnational disputes. BT is also a member of Roxin Alliance which provides specialist advocacy and advisory in matters of international white collar criminal defense and compliance. Our practices include litigation, multijurisdictional joint venture dispute, arbitration, compliance, corporate internal investigation, mergers and acquisitions, employment law, international inheritance, and wealth transfer for private clients.

Languages Spoken: Chinese, Mandarin, English

Specialties: Business Law, Criminal Defense, Employment, Family Law and Estate Planning, Intellectual Property

Where to find us

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Address: Taipei, 106, Taiwan

Phone Number: +886-2-2707-9976


Email: [email protected]