About Matthew Littlecott

I am a portfolio yield investor [UK, USA, Germany] with around 170 units, gathered through some sweat and toil these past 20 years. I also provide consultancy to investors seeking yield investments around the world, as a partner of ProVenture Property.

  ProVenture Property

ProVenture Property are a company who seek the most exciting investment areas from around Europe. We have partners in various locations and are currently working predominantly in Germany. We have offices in Grantham in the UK and in Germany.

As professional property investors ourselves, our strategy for investing is simple and is based on solid fundamentals delivering cashflow positive property.

With over 15 years' experience of investing in the European market: We began to focus on Germany 5 years ago; Berlin being the first city that we invested in. Once established there, we began to look further afield and discovered more hotspots in Germany that met our exacting criteria.

So why are we doing this? We now have invested in a significant portfolio of German property and have been through the long (and occasionally painful!) process of due diligence to ensure that we have the right locations, the right properties for the right price, the right people to trust and the right finance available. Through our contacts we now have access to many properties not yet on the the open market.


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  ProVenture Property

We try hard to find the best yield investments in the world for our clients. What makes us different to the rest? We invest ourselves in every market we promote, have a good knowledge about areas where we would not invest, and have a genuine desire to help fellow investors.