We offer you two outstanding data sets

1 House price time-series for 62 countries, updated quarterly.

Residential time series

98 house-price time series for 62 countries delivered to you quarterly on an excel spreadsheet

Inflation-adjusted and nominal

Sheets for monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual time-series (depends on format of original data). Handy annual 5-year and 10-year price change tables.


Our database has all the countries for which reputable housing time series are openly available, with support of our dedicated staff.

$1,350 all Time Series one year

2 Price, rent and yields data from premier areas around the world.

Sale Prices

The global property guide's valuation sata is based on upper end apartment in prestigious areas, such as appeals to foriegn renters.


We systematically scan web advertisements fr residential property, looking at offers for sale and rent.

Gross Rental Yields

Key numbers for savvy investors, this is the return-of-investment number.

$1,350 all Global Data
Regional data available for Africa, Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East and Pacific.

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