We collect house price time-series for 75 countries. For the rest of the world, reliable historical data is just not available.

House Price Change - Case Shiller index
% change over a year earlier (United States 3.57%)

In these 58 countries, by preference we use central bank or national statistical institute data. But occasionally, we use data generated by realtors (Colliers for the Philippines).


Few countries generate ‘clean’ rentals time series (most CPI-based rentals series are compromised by the inclusion of social housing). Since the number of countries with reliable rents data is too small to be interesting, we don’t collect this data.

Global Property Guide yields data

The significant weaknesses in the available time-series data is the main reason that the Global Property Guide’s in-house research team generates house price and rentals data for around 100 countries. However this yields data is not a time series, because we have just started collecting it.

Click here for our yields data. We began collecting data this systematically last year. A version of this yields data, in Excel, tailored to the needs of financial institutions is available here.

Sources of the house-price time-series

A complete list of all the sources of our house price time-series, with live links to the sites that supply the data.

Argentina Average value of old apartments, Buenos Aires 1981 2007 Reporte Inmobiliario
Australia HPI average of 8 capital cities Q1-2002 Q1-2010 AusStats
Median prices, new & established houses, 8 Capital Cities Q3-1978 Q4-2009 Real Estate Institute of Australia
Austria Residential property price index, Vienna Q3-1986 Q1-2010 Oesterreichische (Austria)Nationalbank
Residential property price index, Austria Q1-2000 Q1-2010 Oesterreichische (Austria)Nationalbank
Belgium Average price of all houses, Belgium Q1-1990 Q2-2010 Statistics Belgium
Residential property prices, index, flats, Belgium 1991 2009 Statistics Belgium
Average price of all houses, Belgium 1953 2009 Stadim Consultancy
House price index, Belgium 1953 2009 Stadim Consultancy
Bulgaria Average quarter market prices of dwellings, Bulgaria Q1-2006 Q2-2010 National Statistics Office
Canada New housing price index, Canada Jan-81 Jun-10 Statistics Canada
China House price index, 70 cities Sep-05 Jun-10 National Bureau of Statistics in China
Second-hand house price index, Shanghai Jan-03 Jun-10 Ehomeday
Colombia New housing price index, total of 23 municipalities Q1-1997 Q4-2008 Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística
Used house price index, Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Soacha, Bello and Envigado e Itaguí Q1-1988 Q4-2009 Banca de la Republica Colombia
Croatia Property price index May-06 Jul-10 Centar Nekretnina
Price index of new dwellings sold 2H 2000 1H 2009 Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Cyprus Buy/Sell house price index, Cyprus Jan-04 Mar-09 MAP S. Platis
Czech Republic Property prices, apartments, transfer prices according tax returns Q1 1999 Q4 2009 Czech Statistical Office
Denmark Price index for sales of property, one-family houses, Denmark Q1-1992 Q2-2009 StatBank Denmark
Single-family and Terrace Houses, Denmark Q1-1995 Q2-2010 Association of Danish Mortgage Banks
Egypt Mean price of housing unit, cash purchase, Egypt 2003 2008 Bearing Point, Inc.
Estonia Average price per sq.m. of dwellings, 2 rooms & kitchen, Tallinn Q1-1997 Q4-2009 Statistical Office of Estonia
Finland Dwellings in old blocks of flat, Finland Q1-1983 Q4-2008 StatFin -Online Service
Price index of old dwellings Q1-2005 Q2-2010 StatFin -Online Service
France Price of existing apartments, France Q1-1996 Q1-2010 INSEE
Price of existing apartments, Paris Q2-1980 Q1-2010 INSEE
Price of existing apartments, France Q1-2000 Q2-2010 FNAIM
Germany Hedonic house price index, Apartments Jan-05 Jul-10 Hypoport
Price for owner-occupied flats, Germany 1990 2009 BulwienGesa AG
Greece Index of prices of dwellings, urban areas Q1-1997 Q4-2009 Bank of Greece
Index of prices of dwellings, Athens Q1-1997 Q1-2010 Bank of Greece
Hong Kong HK private domestic, price index, all classes Jan-93 Jun-10 Ratings and Valuation Department
Hungary Nominal house price, offer prices, Budapest Q4-2001 Q2-2009 Origo, Magyar Nemzeti Bank
Nominal house price, actual sales price, Hungary Q1-1998 Q2-2009 FHB Mortgage Bank
Transaction price of all dwellings, Hungary Q1 2007 Q2-2010 Otthon Centrum
Average price of old condominiums, Budapest 2000 2007 Otthon Centrum
Iceland House price index, Iceland Mar-00 Jun-10 Statistics Iceland
India NHB Residex 2001 2008 National Housing Bank
NHB Residex 2007 2H-2009 National Housing Bank
Indonesia Residential property price index, new houses, new developments, big cities Q1-1994 Q2-2010 Bank of Indonesia
Revised residential property price index, new Houses, new developments, composite 14 cities Q1-2007 Q2-2010 Bank of Indonesia
Ireland Average house price, Ireland Mar-96 Dec-09 ESRI/ Permanent TSB
House price index Ireland Q1 1996 Q2-2010 ESRI/ Permanent TSB
Residential property prices, new houses, Ireland Q1-1988 Q1-2010 DOEI
Israel Average prices of owner occupied dwellings, Israel Q2-1998 Q2-2010 Central Bureau of Statistics
Italy Average price for residential, ave. 13 urban areas 1H 1990 1H-2008 Nomisma Spa
House price index 1H 2002 1H 2009 Banca D'Italia
Jersey Average price of dwellings, Jersey 1Q 1990 Q1-2010 States of Jersey Statistical Bureau
Japan Average price of new condominuim sales in Tokyo Metropolitan Area Oct-04 Jun-10 The Land Institute of Japan
Average price of existing condominuim sales in Tokyo Metropolitan Area Oct-04 Jun-10 The Land Institute of Japan
Land prices, urban, residential, index, Japan 1H 1955 2H-2009 Japan Real Estate Institute
Land prices, residential, index, 6 major cities, 1H 1955 2H-2009 Japan Real Estate Institute
Latvia Average price of a standard type of apartment, Riga Mar-05 Dec-08 Latio
Average price of a standard-type apartment, Riga Sep-07 Jun-10 Arco Real Estate
Average price, sales of dwellings, Latvia 2004 2008 Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Lithuania Ober Haus apartment price index, 5 largest cities Jan-94 Jun-10 Ober Haus
Average prices apartments Vilnius City Center, Old Town Q2-2005 Q4-2008 Inreal
Luxembourg Advertised selling price of houses, Luxembourg Q1-2005 Q2-2010 Ministere du Logement
Price of habitable surface, single family houses, Luxembourg 1985 2006 STATEC Luxembourg
Malaysia House price index, Malaysia Q1-2000 Q4-2009 Bank Negara Malaysia :: Statistics
House price index, Malaysia 1988 2009 Bank Negara Malaysia :: Statistics
Malta Property Price Index- apartments, Malta Jan-02 Mar-08 Central Bank of Malta
Property prices index, based on advertised prices, Malta Q1-2000 Q1-2010 Central Bank of Malta
House price index, Malta 1980 2008 Central Bank of Malta
Netherlands Price index of existing owner-occupied homes, Netherlands Jan-95 Jun-10 Statistics Netherlands
Development house prices, Netherlands Q1-1985 Q2-2009 NVM
New Zealand Median sales price, New Zealand Jan-98 Jun-10 Real Estate Institute of New Zealand
House price index, detached houses, New Zealand Q2-1962 Q1-2010 Reserve Board of New Zealand
Norway House price index, all dwellings, Norway Q1-1992 Q2-2010 Statistics Norway
Philippines Prime 3BR condominium price, Makati Central Business District Q4-1994 Q2-2010 Colliers International: Philippines
Poland Average asking price per unit Q3-2006 Q2-2009 REAS Konsulting
Index of average prices of units in the market offering Q1-2007 Q2-2010 REAS Konsulting
Average prices of new flats, Warsaw 2000 2007 REAS Konsulting
Portugal Bank evaluation on housing, Mainland Q3-2001 Q1-2010 Instituto Nacional de Estatistica
Puerto Rico Median house price, Puerto Rico 1996 2008 Estudios Tecnicos Inc.
Russia Price index, All apartments, secondary market, Russia Q1 2002 Q2-2010 Federal State Statistics Service
Price index, All apartments, secondary market, Moscow Q1 2002 Q2-2010 Federal State Statistics Service
Price index, All apartments, secondary market, St. Petersburg Q1 2002 Q2-2010 Federal State Statistics Service
Serbia Price of Dwellings of New Construction, Serbia 1H 1999 2H 2009 Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
Singapore Property price index, all residential, Singapore Q1-1975 Q2-2010 Urban Redevelopment Authority
Slovakia Residential Property Prices, Slovakia Q1-2005 Q2-2010 National Bank of Slovakia
Slovenia Average price of apartments, Ljubljana Q2-1995 Q2-2009 SLONEP
Price index of second-hand flats, Ljubljana Q1-2003 Q1-2010 Statistical Office of Slovenia
South Africa ABSA House price index, South Africa Jan-00 Dec-09 ABSA
South Korea Housing price index, South Korea Jan-86 Jun-10 KOSIS
Spain House price index, appraised housing, Spain Q1-1990 Q2-2010 Banco de España
House price index, Spain Jan-10 Jun-10 TINSA
Sweden Real estate price index for 1&2 dwelling buildings, Sweden Q1-1986 Q1-2010 Statistics Sweden
Switzerland House price index of rental apartments, Switzerland Q1-1970 Q2-2010 Swiss National Bank
Taiwan Sinyi house price index, Taiwan Q1-1998 Q2-2010 Sinyi Real Estate
Thailand House price index, single detached house, Thailand Q1-1991 Q2-2010 Bank of Thailand
House Price index, single detached house with land, Thailand Q1-1991 Q2-2010 Bank of Thailand
Trinidad and Tobago Median house price 1980 2008 Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
Ukraine Price of flat, Kiev Jan-01 Jun-10 Blagovest
UAE House price index, foreign ownership areas, Dubai Q1 2007 Q2-2010 Colliers International: UAE
UK Average house price, UK Q1-1952 Jun-10 Nationwide
House price index, all houses, seasonally-adjusted, UK Jan-83 Jun-10 Halifax
House price index, England and Wales Jan-95 Jun-10 Land Registry
Nominal house prices, UK Q1-1952 Q2-2010 Nationwide
US Average house price, composite 10 cities Jan-87 May-10 Standard and Poor's
Purchase-only index, Seasonally-adjusted, US Jan-91 Jun-10 Federal Housing Finance Agency
House price Index, US Q1-1975 Q2-2010 Federal Housing Finance Agency
Case-Shiller, national house price index, US Q1-1987 Q2-2010 Standard and Poor's
Purchase-only index, Seasonally-adjusted, US Q1-1991 Q1-2010 Federal Housing Finance Agency
Uruguay Average price of apartments, Montevideo 1H 1999 1H 2008 Situacion Inmobiliario

Quality of statistics

The house price time-series from Spain and Cyprus are known to be unreliable, and we doubt eHomeday’s statistics in China. Comments on the quality of country house price time-series are found under the individual country graphs here.

One reason for poor statistics, is that governments normally use house sales to collect taxes. Individuals therefore have strong incentives to under-report sale prices. Most statistical bodies in developing countries realize this, and sensibly do not attempt to collect property price statistics. The Global Property Guide believes that in most developing countries it is better to use offer-for-sale and offer-for-rent prices.

al bodies in developing countries realize this, and sensibly do not attempt to collect property price statistics. The Global Property Guide believes that in most developing countries it is better to use offer-for-sale and offer-for-rent prices.

The house price time-series are available in handy form in one Excel spread-sheet, regularly updated, for a price, here.