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House Price Time Series

October 09, 2020

The Sources of our Property Data

We collect house price time-series for around 75 countries. For the rest of the world, historical data is just not available. Even in these countries, diversity rules - sometimes the data is for the leading cities, sometimes for the whole country, etc.

The types of house price data available in different countries is very varied, and those who expect the entire world to yield standardised statistics are often amazed at how limited the data is.

By preference we use central bank or national statistical institute data. But quite often, we are forced to use data generated by realtors (Colliers for the Philippines), consultants, chambers of construction, etc.

How many countries in Latin America (for instance) generate data? At time of writing, five - Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, and even then only in Peru and Colombia do the numbers get the stamp of approval from the Central Bank. How many in Africa? Egypt, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, and Tunisia.

The main areas where plentiful data good price time-series quality is available are Europe, South East Asia, and North America.

Global Property Guide yields data

The significant weaknesses in the available time-series data is the main reason that the Global Property Guide’s in-house research team generates house price and rentals data for around 100 countries. However that data is not a time series (sometimes we are asked for a yields time-series, but we do not have one). It is data which we generate in-house, on an irregular basis, often from a quite small data set (400 properties in high-end areas of a country's main city).
Increasingly we supplement such in-house data by data generated by web companies. As the technology spreads transactions and price data is increasingly easily harvested from the transactions on major national property web sites.

Sources of the house-price time-series

Here is a complete list of all the sources of our house price time-series, with live links to the sites that supply the data.

Argentina Average value of old apartments, Buenos Aires Jun 1905 Reporte Inmobiliario
Australia HPI average of 8 capital cities Q1-2002 AusStats
Austria Residential property price index, Vienna Q3-1986 Oesterreichische Nationalbank - Residential Property Price Index
Belgium Residential Property Price Index, Existing Dwellings Q1-1990 European Central Bank: Belgium - Residential Property Prices
Brazil FipeZap Price Index of Real Estate, Sao Paulo Jan 2008 Fundacao Instituto de Pesquisas Economicas (FIPE), Brazil
Bulgaria House price index, all dwellings Q1-2005 Rep of Bulgaria National Statistical Institute - House Price Index
Canada Teranet - National Bank House Price Index, Composite 11 cities Mar 1999 Statistics Canada
Chile House Price Index for new homes Jan 2004 Chilean Chamber of Construction
China Price Indices of Second-Hand Residential Buildings, Beijing Jan 2011 National Bureau of Statistics of China
Colombia Used house price index, Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Soacha, Bello and Envigado e Itaguí Q1-1988 Banco de la Republica - Colombia
Croatia Property price index, existing dwellings Q1-2008 Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Cyprus Residential Property Price Index Q1-2006 Central Bank of Cyprus
Czech Republic Residential Property Index, secondhand flats, Prague Q1-2008 Czech Statistical Office - Real Estate Prices
Denmark Price index for sales of property, one-family houses, Denmark Q1-1992 StatBank Denmark
Egypt Mean price of housing units, from 100,000 properties in Aqarmat database Aug 2013 Aqarmap Egyptian Real Estate Demand Index
Estonia Residential property prices, New and existing flats Q3-2003 European Central Bank: Estonia - Residential Property Prices
Finland Price Index of Old Dwellings, Terraced Houses & Blocks of Flats Q1-2015 Statistics Finland
France Price index of second-hand dwellings - Metropolitan France (seasonally-adjusted) Q1-1996 INSEE
Germany Residential property prices, new and existing dwellings Q1-2003 European Central Bank: Germany - Residential Property Prices
Greece Index of prices of dwellings, urban areas Q1-1997 Bank of Greece
Hong Kong HK private domestic, price indices by class (territory wide) Q1-1997 Hong Kong Rating and Valuation Department
Hungary Residential Property Price, existing dwellings Q1-2013 Hungarian Central Statistical Office - Housing Price Indices
Iceland House price index, Iceland Mar 2000 Statistics Iceland
India RBI House Price Index Q2-2010 Reserve Bank of India - House Price Index
Indonesia Residential Property Price Index, Composite 16 Cities (Included Jabodebek- Banten) Q1-2007 Bank Indonesia
Ireland Residential Property Price Index Jan 2005 Central Statistics Office Ireland
Israel Average prices of owner occupied dwellings, Israel Q1-1990 Israel Central Bureau of Statistics - Housing Indices and Prices
Italy House price index Q1-1990 European Central Bank: Italy - Residential Property Prices
Jersey Average price of dwellings, Jersey 1Q 2002 Government of Jersey - House Price Statistics
Japan Average price of existing condominuim sales in Tokyo Metropolitan Area Sep 2004 The Land Institute of Japan
Latvia Average price of a standard-type apartment, Riga Sep 2007 Arco Real Estate
Lithuania Ober Haus apartment price index, 5 largest cities Jan 1994 Ober-haus - Lithuanian Price Index Archives
Luxembourg Average Selling Price of Apartments Q1-2007 STATEC Luxembourg
Macau Residential property price index Q1-2003 Macau Statistics and Census Service - Residential Property Price Index
Macedonia Residential Property Price Index (Skopje), all flats Q1-2005 National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia
Malaysia House price index, Malaysia Q1-2009 Malaysian Valuation and Property Services Department - Property Information Centre
Malta Property prices index, based on advertised prices, Malta Q1-2000 Central Bank of Malta
Mexico SHF House Price Index Q1-2015 Gobierno de Mexico - Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal
Mongolia House Price Index Aug 2013 Mongolian Central Bank - Housing Price Index
Montenegro Prices of dwellings in new residential buildings Q1-2011 Statistical Office of Montenegro - Dwellings Statistics
Morocco Residential Property Price Index , existing dwellings Q1-2006 Banque Centrale du Maroc - Indices des Prix des Actifs Immobiliers
Namibia FNB Namibia House Price Index Jul 2005 FNB Housing Price Index
Netherlands Price index of existing owner-occupied homes, Netherlands Jan 1995 Statistics Netherlands
New Zealand House Price Index (all dwellings) Q1-1990 Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Norway House price index, all dwellings, Norway Q1-1992 Statistics Norway - Price Index for Existing Dwellings
Pakistan Residential Property Price Index, Pakistan Jan 2004 Zameen - Pakistan Residential Property Price Index
Peru Residential property price index, flats (Lima) Q4-2007 Banco Central de Reserva del Peru - Indices de Precios Hedonicos de Inmuebles
Philippines Prime 3BR condominium price, Makati Central Business District Q4-1994 Colliers Philippines
Poland Residential Property Price Index, existing flats in 7 cities Q3-2006 Central Bank of Poland
Portugal Average value of bank evaluation of living quarters Jan 2011 Statistics Portugal - Median value of bank evaluation by Geographic localization (Nuts 11 2013)
Puerto Rico Purchase-only House Price Index, Seasonally Adjusted Q1-1995 FHFA
Qatar Real Estate Index Mar 2013 Qatar Central Bank - Real Estate Price Index
Romania Average Selling Price of Apartments Mar 2008 - Romanian Real Estate Indices
Russia Average price per Sq. m., Russia Q1-2000 Federal State Statistics Service
Serbia Price of Dwellings of New Construction, Serbia 1H 1999 Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
Singapore Property price index, private residential, Singapore Q1-1998 Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore
Slovak Republic Residential Property Prices, Slovakia Q1-2005 National Bank of Slovakia
Slovenia House Price Index, Existing flats, Ljubljana Q1-2007 Statistical Office of Slovenia
Sri Lanka Average overall house sale price, Sri Lanka Q1-2007 Lanka Property - Average Property Prices, Sri Lanka
South Africa FNB House price index, medium value residential properties, South Africa Jan 2006 FNB House Price Index
South Korea Housing price index, South Korea Jan 1990 Kookmin Bank in Korea
Spain Average price per m2 for open-market appraised housing Q1-1990 Banco de España
Sweden Real estate price index for 1&2 dwelling buildings, Sweden Q1-1990 Statistics Sweden
Switzerland House price index of rental apartments, Switzerland Q1-2000 Swiss National Bank
Taiwan Sinyi house price index, Taiwan Q1-2001 Sinyi Real Estate Index
Thailand House price index, single detached house, Thailand Q1-2008 Bank of Thailand
Tunisia Property price index Q1-2000 Statistiques Tunisies - Index Price of Immovables
Turkey House Price Index For Turkey Jan 2010 Turkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankasi
Ukraine Average price of apartments in the secondary market, Kiev Q1-2003 S&V Development - Real Estate Results
UAE House price index, foreign ownership areas, Dubai Jan 2010 REIDIN - UAR Residential Property Price Report
UK Average house price, UK Q1-1952 Nationwide - House Price Index
US All Transactions House Price Index, Not Seasonally Adjusted Q1-1990 Federal Housing Finance Agency - House Price Index
Vietnam House prices in HCMC - Savills property price index Q2-2009 Savills - Vietnam Insight and Opinion