Taxes on Residents (Average Rate) in Papua New Guinea compared to Pacific

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Australia 0.96%
Fiji -0.06%
Kiribati 2.16%
Marshall Is. 1.62%
Micronesia 3.08%
Nauru 5.55%
New Zealand 1.40%
Palau 0.92%
PNG -0.10%
Samoa 6.29%
Solomon Is. 1.04%
Tonga 2.81%
Tuvalu 2.63%
Vanuatu 1.66%

Papua New Guinea: Taxes on residents

The percentage of gross earnings given up in tax, including any social security contributions. Calculated for a single worker without children, earning 100 % of the average wage, for selected OECD countries.

Source: OECD Tax Database