GDP/Cap Growth 1 Year in Saudi Arabia compared to Middle East

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Israel 16.42%
Iran 11.14%
Egypt 8.61%
Iraq 8.21%
Jordan 2.87%
Algeria 1.27%
Bahrain 0.95%
Morocco 0.16%
UAE 0.16%
Tunisia -0.02%
Kuwait -0.31%
Saudi Arabia -0.59%
Oman -2.92%
Libya -3.94%
Qatar -4.79%
Yemen -12.41%
Lebanon -29.76%

Saudi Arabia: GDP per capita growth, 1 year (%).

The percentage change in real GDP per capita for the latest year for which data is published. (see Data FAQs)

Source: IMF World Economic Outlook Database

Saudi Arabia does not publish house price statistics. General statistics data are available from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.