Capital Gains Tax (Effective) in Lebanon compared to Middle East

The tax levied on the average annual income on a rental apartment/property in the country based on a gross rental income of $1500/month. We assume that the property is owned by nonresidents. These tax rates might be subject to deductions (e.g from interest payments, costs).

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Algeria 20.00%
Morocco 20.00%
Libya 15.00%
Tunisia 10.00%
Qatar 10.00%
Lebanon 10.00%
Jordan 0.00%
Iran 0.00%
Bahrain 0.00%
UAE 0.00%
Israel 0.00%
Saudi Arabia 0.00%
Egypt 0.00%
Oman 0.00%

No official house price statistics are published in Lebanon. General economics statistics are from the Central Administration for Statistics.