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Costa Rica 15.49x
Uruguay 16.42x
Chile 19.73x
Ecuador 22.24x
Panama 24.84x
El Salvador 27.06x
Mexico 28.55x
Argentina 34.11x
Colombia 35.70x
Peru 40.54x
Nicaragua 42.71x
Brazil 64.28x

Latin-America: House price to income ratio

The house price to income ratio is the ratio of the cost of a typical upscale housing unit of 100 square metres, compared to the countrys GDP per capita. Normally this ratio will be much higher in low income countries than in high income countries.

The formula is: (Price per square metre / GDP per capita)*100. The house price to income ratios published by the Global Property Guide are based on the Global Property Guides own proprietary in-house research, but we use the IMFs GDP per capita figures.