Taxes on Residents (Average Rate) in Panama compared to Latin America

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Venezuela -17.55%
Suriname -11.67%
Brazil -4.36%
Argentina -3.29%
Ecuador -2.96%
Chile 0.54%
Colombia 0.82%
Guatemala 1.02%
Uruguay 1.07%
Mexico 1.23%
El Salvador 1.88%
Honduras 2.15%
Paraguay 2.59%
Bolivia 2.62%
Peru 2.90%
Costa Rica 3.09%
Guyana 3.16%
Panama 3.27%
Nicaragua 3.55%

Panama: Taxes on residents

The percentage of gross earnings given up in tax, including any social security contributions. Calculated for a single worker without children, earning 100 % of the average wage, for selected OECD countries.

Source: OECD Tax Database

Panama has no house price statistics. Panama has some very basic financial statistics at the Superintendencia de Bancos de Panam'. General statistics are to be found at the Direccion de Estad'stica y Censo under the Controlar'a General de la Rep'blica de Panam', which also has links to a number of other data areas with time-series.