Rental Yields in Panama compared to Latin America

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Panama 6.68%
Colombia 6.40%
Bolivia 6.38%
Costa Rica 6.36%
Ecuador 5.89%
Argentina 5.71%
Uruguay 5.67%
Peru 5.49%
Mexico 5.48%
Brazil 5.35%
Chile 4.98%

Panama: Gross rental yields (%).

The gross annual rental income, expressed as a percentage of property purchase price. This is what a landlord can expect as return on his investment before taxes, maintenance fees and other costs.

The properties are usually apartments located in premier city center or other upmarket areas that our team believes to be attractive to the foreign buyer and investor.

The gross rental returns (or rental yields) figures published by the Global Property Guide are based on the Global Property Guides own proprietary in-house research.

Our research is based on median rental and sales prices, thus the average apartment can differ country by country, but is in most cases in a very habitable state and ready to be rented out.

We divide each region into 1-, 2-, 3, and 4+ bedroom properties in our research, but the table above represents the average yield percentage of each country. Click on individual countries if you wish to see more detailed data about that specific country.

Source: Global Property Guide Research

Panama has no house price statistics. Panama has some very basic financial statistics at the Superintendencia de Bancos de Panam'. General statistics are to be found at the Direccion de Estad'stica y Censo under the Controlar'a General de la Rep'blica de Panam', which also has links to a number of other data areas with time-series.