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Taxes are very high at 25%

October 11, 2018


Non-residents are taxed on their Guatemalan-sourced income. Married couples are taxed separately.


Income earned by non-residents is taxed at a flat rate of 25%.

Nonresidents can avail of the following personal deductions:

  • a total of GTQ36,000 (US$4,706) a year without need to prove anything
  • quotas paid to Bar Associations, bond premiums, social security contribution
  • alimony established by a Family Court
  • donations not larger than GTQ500,000 (US$65,360)

Rental income earned by nonresidents is taxed at 25%. Taxable income is computed by deducting income-generating expenses from the gross rent. The deductions must be supported by corresponding legal documentation.

Capital gains realized from selling real estate property are subject to capital gains tax at a flat rate of 10%. The taxable gain is computed by deducting the acquisition costs and improvement costs from the selling price.

VALUE ADDED TAX (impuesto al valor agregado)

VAT is levied at a uniform rate of 12% and applies (among others) to the sale of new properties and rental of real estate.

VAT imposed on leasing properties is based on the gross rent plus any financing charge.

VAT is imposed on sale of newly built immovable properties in Guatemala and the taxable amount is the selling price.


Real TaxorPropertyTax (impuesto unico sobre inmuebles)

Property taxes are annual taxes levied on all Guatemalan property, collected by the local municipalities. The tax base is the cadastral value of the property, as determined by the tax authorities. Property owners are liable to pay for this tax.


Up to 2,000,000 (US$261,438) 0%
2,000,000 - 20,000,000 (US$2,614,379) 0.20%
20,000,000 - 70,000,000 (US$9,150,327) 0.60%
Over 70,000,000 (US$9,150,327) 0.90%
Source: Global Property Guide



Income and capital gains earned by companies may be taxed in two separate ways: under the general regime and under the optional regime.

Under the general regime, income tax is imposed at a flat rate of 25% on the net taxable income. Income-generating expenses are deductible when computing for the taxable income and the deductions must be supported by corresponding legal documentation.

Under the optional regime, income tax is imposed at a flat rate of 5% to 7% on the gross income.



Atitlan Solutions | August 01, 2012

This information is interesting but it seems out dated as in fevruary 2012 new taxes laws have been voted. Changing affecting the non resident with property in Guatemala.

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