Economic Freedom Rating in El Salvador compared to Latin America

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Argentina 50.41
Bolivia 47.70
Brazil 52.85
Chile 76.55
Colombia 69.69
Costa Rica 65.03
Ecuador 49.29
El Salvador 64.12
Guatemala 63.01
Guyana 58.50
Honduras 58.84
Mexico 63.55
Nicaragua 59.19
Panama 66.26
Paraguay 62.43
Peru 68.90
Suriname 48.03
Uruguay 69.67
Venezuela 26.96

El Salvador: Economic freedom rating

Scores are from 0 to 100, higher scores are more desirable i.e. more conducive to economic growth. The lower the score, the greater the level of government interference in the economy and the less economic freedom a country enjoys.

  • Free 80 - 100;
  • Mostly Free 70 - 79.9;
  • Moderately Free 60 - 69.9;
  • Mostly Unfree 50 to 59.9; and
  • Repressed 0 - 49.9.

Source: The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal

No house price statistics are published in El Salvador. The Centro Nacional de Registros publishes no housing statistics. The Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador produces good general statistical time-series, which are up to date and nicely displayed. This is an exemplary site for a country of this size. There are also excellent statistics on the financial system and on many other aspects of life in El Salvador at the Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero.