GDP/Cap Growth 1 Year in Chile compared to Latin America

The tax levied on the average annual income on a rental apartment/property in the country based on a gross rental income of $1500/month. We assume that the property is owned by nonresidents. These tax rates might be subject to deductions (e.g from interest payments, costs).

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Guyana 34.77%
Argentina 24.96%
Chile 24.83%
Mexico 17.73%
Honduras 17.68%
El Salvador 16.06%
Panama 16.04%
Colombia 15.42%
Uruguay 10.39%
Brazil 10.33%
Nicaragua 10.04%
Peru 9.39%
Guatemala 9.17%
Bolivia 8.82%
Paraguay 8.70%
Ecuador 5.46%
Costa Rica 2.51%
Suriname -1.63%
Venezuela -17.55%

Chile publishes house price statistics. through the Chilean Chamber of Construction (CChC). Reporte Inmobiliario, a private firm, also publishes reports on Chilean property market from time to time. General economics statistics are to be found at the Banco Central de Chile, the Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas, the Ministerio de Hacienda, and in the private sector Adimark and IMCE. Also of interest are the Sociedad de Economia de Chile and the Centro de Economia Aplicada.