Economic Freedom 5 Years in Brazil compared to Latin America

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Venezuela -29.23%
Brazil -8.72%
Suriname -8.69%
El Salvador -6.66%
Bolivia -4.99%
Costa Rica -4.37%
Mexico -2.68%
Chile -2.24%
Uruguay -0.33%
Honduras 0.07%
Peru 0.29%
Paraguay 1.02%
Panama 1.63%
Ecuador 2.06%
Nicaragua 2.23%
Colombia 2.49%
Guatemala 3.46%
Argentina 5.02%
Guyana 14.03%

Brazil: Economic freedom index, 5-year change

Increased economic freedom is strongly associated with high GDP growth, and therefore with rises in residential property prices. Changes in a countrys score on the Heritage Foundations freedom index are calculated by the Global Property Guide to produce a 5-point rating:

  • Greatly Improved
  • Improved
  • Nuetral
  • Worse
  • Much Worse

Source: Calculated using figures from The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal

Brazil does not publish official house price indices. but a private, non-profit organization, Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas, has published monthly house price statistics for Sao Paulo since January 2008. General economics statistics data are from the Banco Central do Brasil and the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica (also in English).