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Inheritance tax and law

July 17, 2014


Inheritance tax is levied on the transfer of properties and are payable to the municipal government by the beneficiary.

The applicable progressive rates vary, depending on the relationship between the donor and the recipient, and the value of the property. The heirs are classified as follows:

  • Class I - spouse, all direct descendants
  • Class II - parents, siblings, and their descendants
  • Class III - grandparents
  • Class IV - others

The inheritance of Class I heirs, which includes the spouse and direct descendants, are exempt from taxation.

For all other heirs, inheritance tax is levied at progressive rates. The taxable base is the market value of the inheritance. The taxable base for immovable property is 80% of its market value.


CLASS II 5% - 14%
CLASS III 8% - 17%
CLASS IV 12% - 39%
Source: Global Property Guide


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