House Price Change 1 Year in Ireland compared to Europe

The tax levied on the average annual income on a rental apartment/property in the country based on a gross rental income of $1500/month. We assume that the property is owned by nonresidents. These tax rates might be subject to deductions (e.g from interest payments, costs).

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Turkey 189.19%
Russia 26.86%
Estonia 26.61%
Czech Rep. 23.09%
Lithuania 22.77%
Slovak Rep. 21.98%
Iceland 21.62%
Macedonia 21.24%
Portugal 20.08%
Slovenia 15.91%
Bulgaria 14.60%
Croatia 13.29%
Romania 13.14%
Greece 11.33%
Ireland 10.76%
Montenegro 10.47%
UK 10.34%
Austria 9.65%
Netherlands 9.39%
Luxembourg 8.99%
Belgium 6.69%
Latvia 6.65%
France 6.44%
Germany 5.28%
Spain 5.18%
Malta 5.15%
Norway 4.84%
Cyprus 4.57%
Denmark 3.48%
Sweden 3.05%
Switzerland 2.72%
Finland 2.49%
Poland 2.43%
Ukraine 1.74%
Italy 1.18%
Hungary -7.33%

Ireland publishes official house price statistics. The Central Statistics Office of Ireland releases a monthly residential property price index. Statistics on dwelling construction and sales activities are also available. The Economic and Social Research Institute of Ireland also publishes monthly average house prices and a quarterly house price index. General economics statistics are published by the CSO.