House Price Change 1 Year in France compared to Europe

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Turkey 31.98%
Montenegro 23.30%
Sweden 17.21%
Slovak Rep. 15.50%
Netherlands 14.55%
Germany 14.30%
Luxembourg 13.59%
Russia 11.07%
Austria 10.94%
Norway 10.88%
UK 10.26%
Estonia 9.80%
Czech Rep. 8.95%
Iceland 8.54%
Denmark 8.33%
Belgium 7.82%
Croatia 7.32%
Portugal 6.76%
France 6.40%
Bulgaria 5.40%
Lithuania 5.31%
Greece 5.25%
Ukraine 4.95%
Slovenia 3.87%
Ireland 3.72%
Macedonia 3.23%
Finland 2.44%
Spain 2.34%
Malta 2.27%
Switzerland 1.36%
Poland 1.34%
Italy 1.01%
Cyprus 0.77%
Latvia -0.37%
Romania -0.86%
Hungary -10.44%

France: Price changes, 1 year (%)

The annual (year-on-year) percentage change in house prices (or the house price index) using the latest data available, not adjusted for inflation.

Source: Various sources

France generates excellent house price statistics, produced both by the public and private sector. Quality time-series are published by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) and the Federation Nationale de l'Immobilier (FNAIM). Good data also comes from the Ministere de l'Equipment etc, the Chambre de Notaires de Paris, and the Observatoire National des Marches de l'Immobilier (ONMI). For general economic statistics, consult the Banque de France site.