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Barbados -21.01%
Bahamas -10.17%
St Lucia -8.77%
Belize -5.28%
Trinidad & T. -4.93%
Haiti -2.08%
St Vincent -1.89%
Dominica 3.33%
Dom. Rep. 4.49%
Jamaica 6.71%
Cuba 19.92%

Caribbean: Economic freedom index, 5-year change

Increased economic freedom is strongly associated with high GDP growth, and therefore with rises in residential property prices. Changes in a countrys score on the Heritage Foundations freedom index are calculated by the Global Property Guide to produce a 5-point rating:

  • Greatly Improved
  • Improved
  • Nuetral
  • Worse
  • Much Worse

Source: Calculated using figures from The Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal

Statistics for the Caribbean. Statistical work in the Caribbean is weak, and house price statistics are almost non-existent. The partial exception is the US Virgin Islands, which benefits from a multiple listings system.