Property purchase costs in Turks & Caicos Is. compared to Caribbean

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Puerto Rico 8.33%
St Martin 9.00%
Aruba 9.00%
Montserrat 9.85%
US Virgin Is. 10.00%
Trinidad & T. 11.41%
Neth. Antilles 12.16%
Dom. Rep. 12.43%
Barbados 12.91%
Belize 16.00%
Turks & C. Is. 16.10%
Martinique 16.30%
Guadeloupe 16.30%
BVI 16.50%
Cayman Is. 17.00%
Bahamas 17.30%
Jamaica 19.41%
St Vincent 20.50%
Antigua 22.50%
Anguilla 23.01%
St Lucia 23.25%
Dominica 28.45%
St Kitts and Nevis 29.70%
Bermuda 32.15%
Grenada 37.50%

Turks & Caicos Is.: Round trip transaction costs (%).

The total cost of buying and then re-selling a residential property, including all costs (except the sale price itself), expressed as percentage of the property value.


  • The property is purchased by a non-resident foreigner in the country where he/she is buying
  • The property is worth US$250,000 (250,000 for Europe)
  • The property is paid in cash
  • The property is a condominium located in a major city
  • The property is not newly-built
  • The property is bought from an individual and not a developer or real estate holding company.

Transaction costs can be broken down into four major cost areas:

  • Registration costs
  • Real estate agent fees
  • Legal fees
  • Sales and transfer taxes

Other incidental costs (survey fees, residency permit cost, or company setup costs), are not included in our calculations. In most cases value added tax (VAT) is not included, because our figures reflect the purchase of old, not new, properties.

Costs paid by buyers and sellers vary widely. Agents and lawyers costs are often negotiable. Buyers of expensive properties often pay proportionately lower agents fees. For the full spectrum of possible transaction costs see the Country | Buying Guide.

For fuller details see the Data FAQ.

Source: Global Property Guide Research

Turks & Caicos does not publish official house price statistics. General economics statistics are from the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics.