GDP/Cap Growth 5 Years in Trinidad and Tobago compared to Caribbean

The tax levied on the average annual income on a rental apartment/property in the country based on a gross rental income of $1500/month. We assume that the property is owned by nonresidents. These tax rates might be subject to deductions (e.g from interest payments, costs).

This table was last updated in November 2022.

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Haiti 32.55%
Cuba 17.58%
Dom. Rep. 13.07%
US Virgin Is. 11.97%
Cayman Is. 8.76%
St Vincent 3.61%
Dominica 3.58%
Puerto Rico 1.03%
Bermuda -0.85%
Barbados -2.13%
Grenada -2.21%
Antigua -3.14%
Trinidad & T. -8.99%
Jamaica -9.53%
Belize -9.96%
St Kitts and Nevis -10.56%
Bahamas -12.76%
Turks & C. Is. -12.79%
St Lucia -13.26%
Aruba -17.82%

Trinidad & Tobago publishes annual and quarterly median house prices through the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. General economics statistics are from the same source and the Central Statistical Office.