Price/Rent Ratio in British Virgin Is. compared to Caribbean

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BVI 35 yrs
St Lucia 28 yrs
Bermuda 21 yrs
St Martin 20 yrs
St Kitts and Nevis 20 yrs
Martinique 20 yrs
Guadeloupe 18 yrs
Trinidad & T. 15 yrs
Puerto Rico 14 yrs
Cayman Is. 14 yrs
Aruba 14 yrs
Bahamas 12 yrs
Jamaica 10 yrs

British Virgin Is.: Price/rent ratio

This ratio is typically used for measuring undervaluation/overvaluation of real estate prices, calculated by dividing the gross rental yield by 100 so the higher the yield, the lower the price/rent ratio.

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The British Virgin Is does not publish official house price statistics. General economics statistics are from the Development Planning Unit of the British Virgin Islands.