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Azerbaijan 25.00%
Bangladesh 30.00%
Cambodia 20.00%
China 20.00%
Georgia 5.00%
Hong Kong 0.00%
India 30.00%
Indonesia 5.00%
Japan 15.00%
Kazakhstan 15.00%
Laos 24.00%
Macau 12.00%
Malaysia 5.00%
Mongolia 2.00%
Myanmar 10.00%
Nepal 25.00%
Pakistan 0.00%
Philippines 32.00%
Singapore 0.00%
South Korea 38.00%
Sri Lanka 0.00%
Taiwan 20.00%
Thailand 35.00%
Uzbekistan 20.00%
Vietnam 0.10%

Asia: Capital gains taxes (%).

In arriving at effective capital gains tax rates, the Global Property Guide makes the following assumptions:

  • The property is directly and jointly owned by husband and wife;
  • They have owned it for 10 years;
  • It is their only source of capital gains in the country
  • It has appreciated in value by 100% over the 10 years to sale
  • The property was worth US$250,000 or 250,000 at purchase.
  • It is not their sole or principal residence.

These assumptions are critical. In many countries a holding period of less than 5 years results in capital gains being taxable. But a longer holding period often results in no capital gains tax being payable. For more details see the Data FAQ

Source: Global Property Guide Research, Contributing Accounting Firms

Statistics in Asia. Asia has surprisingly good house price statistics, though the quality varies greatly. The ex-British colonies tend to have good house price statistics Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia all have excellent houses price time series, the best being Hong Kong, where the data is arguably richer than in the UK, since there are official rents statistics. However in the Indian sub-continent, only India has house price statistics, and this only in a new series, not yet available on the web.

Japan publishes no house price statistics. Its ex-colonies do better: Korea has a good house price time-series, and Taiwan also has one.

Indonesia has house price statistics, and so does China (both of questionable quality). In Thailand, the Bank of Thailand publishes a time-series. In the Philippines, Colliers produces residential property data.

No house-price time-series are produced in Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos.