House Price Change 10 Years in Thailand compared to Asia

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Mongolia 0.00%
Vietnam 0.00%
Indonesia 0.00%
Macau 0.00%
Sri Lanka 0.00%
Singapore 12.45%
South Korea 39.98%
Thailand 44.73%
Taiwan 51.86%
Japan 60.13%
Philippines 75.65%
Malaysia 77.32%
China 108.96%
Hong Kong 113.52%
India 183.60%
Pakistan 218.65%

Thailand: Price changes, 10 years (%)

The percentage changes in house prices (or the house price index) over 10 years using the latest data available, not adjusted for inflation.

Source: Various sources

Thailand releases quarterly house price indices through the Bank of Thailand. The same source publishes general economics statistics. Regional price indices are available from the Bureau of Trade and Economic Indices.