Rents in Hong Kong compared to Asia

The tax levied on the average annual income on a rental apartment/property in the country based on a gross rental income of $1500/month. We assume that the property is owned by nonresidents. These tax rates might be subject to deductions (e.g from interest payments, costs).

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Singapore $ 5,075
Hong Kong $ 2,149
Taiwan $ 984
Thailand $ 936
Armenia $ 916
Japan $ 739
Vietnam $ 672
Philippines $ 664
Kazakhstan $ 651
Georgia $ 648
Malaysia $ 430
Azerbaijan $ 407
Indonesia $ 382
India $ 302

Hong Kong has good quality housing statistics. The Ratings and Valuation Department releases monthly Hong Kong Property Review which has data on house prices, rent, yield, completion, forecast completion and sales transactions. Excellent economics data are available from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department.