Market in Depth


Oct 04, 2007

Situation hopeless
afghanistan kabul cityThis poor and war-torn country is located in South Asia. It is bounded by Iran in the west and by Pakistan in the south.

After the U.S. apparently defeated the Taliban in 2001, Afghanistan continued to be confronted by tremendous challenges.

Although political and economic reforms have been implemented, social indicators have worsened. Afghan children are among the most undernourished in the world. An estimated 7 million people remain vulnerable to hunger, and the risk of famine is still high. And now the Taliban are back in strength.

Clear title to land difficult
The World Bank?s Afghanistan Investment Climate Survey indicated that almost 60% of firms say that access to land is one of the major constraints faced when doing business in the country. It is exceptionally difficult for businesses to get clear title to new land. The lack of certainty in land tenure discourages existing business from making large new investments and effectively prohibits foreign investment.

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