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News & Discussion

Foreign investment in U.S. residential real estate soars, despite tight inventory

Foreign investment in U.S. residential real estate has skyrocketed with overseas buyers and recent immigrants purchasing US$153.0 billion wo...

by Investment Property News 27-Jul-2017

Landlords and investors now drive a tight U.S. housing market

At least 37% of all homes sold in the U.S. last year were purchased by buyers who didn’t live in them, according to a new research. &...

by Investment Property News 03-Mar-2017

U.S. metro home prices soar to record highs

Tighter inventory, and a steep increase in demand, mean that home prices in the majority of U.S. metro areas soared to record highs in the f...

by Investment Property News 17-Feb-2017

U.S. housing prices exceed housing-boom levels

Home prices in the United States have surpassed the previous record set during the housing boom in 2006, according to the recently-released ...

by Investment Property News 06-Dec-2016

American interest in overseas property investment surges after Trump's victory

Overseas property web searches by Americans have spiked since Donald Trump's surprising victory over democrat Hillary Clinton.   The ...

by Investment Property News 13-Nov-2016

Home sales plunge in Vancouver after tax on foreign buyers

A new tax on foreign buyers has had a huge impact on the Vancouver property market. While home prices continue to rise at a robust rate, sal...

by Investment Property News 13-Sep-2016

Vancouver to impose punitive tax on foreign property buyers

Vancouver in British Columbia has become the first Canadian city to impose an additional property transfer tax on overseas property buyers -...

by Investment Property News 30-Jul-2016

Prevent money laundering in Real Estate in Canada: Experts

There is a growing call for stepping up efforts to rein in on money laundering in the real estate industry in Canada after media reports sho...

by Investment Property News 07-Jun-2016

US to curb inflow of illicit money into luxury real estate

The US government will start tracking secret buyers of high-end properties to prevent the flow of illicit money into luxury real estate in A...

by Investment Property News 24-Jan-2016

Housing starts and permits reach record levels in US

Groundbreaking and permits to new build new homes have surged steeply in the US, reaching the highest level in the past eight years, accor...

by Investment Property News 05-Aug-2015

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