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News & Discussion

Puerto Rico leases out historic buildings as they fall into despair

The Puerto Rico government is leasing out several historic buildings, many of them at least 5 centuries old – to individuals and non-p...

by Investment Property News 18-Jul-2017

Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly ponders law targeting money laundering via real estate

Real estate professionals in Costa Rica including real estate agents, notaries and lawyers will soon be required to report suspicious tr...

by Investment Property News 18-May-2017

That's chivalry! Businessman pays tax owed by Mexico's first lady on her Florida property

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has landed in the middle of yet another property scam. His telenovela star wife Angelica Rivera ...

by Investment Property News 17-Aug-2016

Wary of Brazil's stagnant economy and corruption, Brazilians are buying abroad

Real estate professionals have reported a surge in enquiries from Brazilians seeking to buy homes at some American locations including Miami...

by Investment Property News 10-Feb-2015

Drones: the latest buzz in the real estate world

The Argentine government is using these miniature aircraft, not to kill terrorists, but to catch wealthy tax evaders who don’t declare...

by Investment Property News 06-Oct-2014

New bill to boost foreign property investment in Cuba

A bill passed recently by Cuban National Assembly will allow foreign investment up to 100% in residential and commercial real estate among s...

by Investment Property News 09-Apr-2014

Huge reduction in Greek property transaction tax, now down to 3%

Property transactions in Greece are now taxable at 3%, under the new law which came into effect this January. This is a huge reduction from ...

by GPG News Team 02-Feb-2014

Brazil's housing market in bubble trouble?

“I actually don’t know it’s a bubble in Brazil, but I suspect it is and, maybe if I can just say that, it would help cool ...

by GPG News Team 25-Nov-2013

Opening of Mexican beachfront sets off goldrush

Since word got out that foreigners may soon be allowed to own Mexican beachfront houses, property developers, investors and buyers have been...

by GPG News Team 29-Oct-2013

Nicaragua's Ortega threatens to reclaim Guanacaste Province from Costa Rica

Nicaragua may ask the International Court of Justice to “restore” Guanacaste from Costa Rica, a province “Nicaragua lost t...

by GPG News Team 24-Oct-2013

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