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News & Discussion

Ban on foreign buyers in New Zealand unlikely to improve housing affordability: IMF

The New Zealand government’s decision to ban foreigners from buying homes in New Zealand is unlikely to make housing more affordable...

by Investment Property News 10-May-2018

The Americans are coming to Germany

The past decade has seen nearly unprecedented growth in many sectors of Germany’s real estate market, with some pockets of the country...

by JLL Residential | 14-Dec-2017

Golden Visa Programs nets US$4.5 billion for Cyprus

The Golden Visa Program that gives foreigners residency permit in exchange of investment in real estate and other sectors has fetched 4 bill...

by Investment Property News 27-May-2017

Toronto to impose 15% tax on foreign home buyers

Toronto will become the second city in Canada to impose an additional 15% tax on foreign home buyers. The Ontario provincial government ha...

by Investment Property News 23-Apr-2017

China's new capital outflow restrictions: Chinese property investment overseas strongly down

Investment in overseas properties by Chinese companies plunged in January, after the Chinese government imposed restrictions on capital outf...

by Investment Property News 03-Mar-2017

Risks: macro and micro pitfalls in property investment strategies

Risk assessment is crucial in developing an investment strategy. In terms of property, risk determines both the budget and expected returns ...

by Investment Property News 25-Jan-2016

These 12 cities will become favourite destinations for global real estate investors

What value is there in brokers’ reports praising investment destinations?  Just asking.  Brokers write them because they&rsq...

by Investment Property News 13-May-2014

Qatar takes major initiatives in U.S. property market

When the recession struck back in 2008, construction projects within Washington and mainland U.S. suffered a major blow in terms of investme...

by Kevin | 08-Jan-2014

Brazil: A brief guide to houses in Praia do Forte

Traditional Bahia fishing villages are famous for their tranquility and charm, but Praia do Forte is one of the few places that still mainta...

by IBBI Imobiliária Ltda | 21-Nov-2013

Why home-ownership causes unemployment

A strong correlation between high home-ownership levels and high unemployment rates is shown in a recent study co-authored by David Blanchfl...

by GPG News Team 07-Nov-2013

Investment Analysis Q1 2018: GPG

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