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News & Discussion

Cyprus: increased demand from overseas buyers, more building

There's been a sharp rise in the sale of residential properties to foreign buyers in Cyprus.  Property sales to overseas buyers rose by...

by Investment Property News 16-Dec-2017

Germany a hot destination for overseas buyers

Germany is emerging as one of the most attractive real estate markets in Western Europe for foreign nationals, particularly for Hong Kong in...

by Investment Property News 15-Dec-2017

More homes being built in Ireland - but not enough to satisfy demand

Ireland witnessed a whopping 110% increase in the number of homes built in October compared with the same month last year, but the rise has ...

by Investment Property News 15-Dec-2017

Why real estate prices in Greece are set to rise?

Greece is one of the last real estate markets in Europe that is still seeing a capital drought and has not recovered since 2008. Prices of r...

by | 14-Dec-2017

Over 10,000 properties in Greece to be up for sale through e-auction by year-end

By the end of the year nearly 10,000 foreclosed properties in Greece will be put up for sale through an electronic auction platform develope...

by Investment Property News 11-Dec-2017

Short-term rentals in Greece to come under taxman's scrutiny

The owners of short-term rentals in Greece will now be provided a separate section in the tax forms to declare their income from letting out...

by Investment Property News 08-Dec-2017

London to relax planning laws to build more homes in small spaces

It may soon be possible to build homes on smaller sites in London. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan recently unveiled a proposal to relax city...

by Investment Property News 07-Dec-2017

Rent controls may be introduced across the UK

Scotland is introducing rent controls, and under a Labour government England, Wales and Northern Ireland would be highly likely to follow. ...

by Investment Property News 06-Dec-2017

UK stamp duty cut for first-time buyers raises concerns

The British government has scrapped stamp duty for first time buyers for homes valued below £300,000 (US$ 403,062). Nearly 80% of firs...

by Investment Property News 05-Dec-2017

Has the Brexit buying bonanza now gone bust?

The world didn’t come to an end after the result of the Brexit referendum was announced, but Sterling certainly had a hard time. As is...

by Hopwood House | 29-Nov-2017

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