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News & Discussion

The best cities to buy property in 2018

Most international property investors choose from two strategies: buy real estate at a low price to sell in 1 to 2 years, or invest in a ste...

by | 22-Mar-2018

Increasing number of foreigners snap up beachside homes in Portugal

Attracted by the natural beauty of the coastline, luxury living and the opportunity to obtain a residency permit, an increasing number of we...

by Investment Property News 13-Mar-2018

Foreign buyers to recoup deposits lost during Spain's property bust

Thousands of buyers who were duped by developers during the property boom in Spain between 1995 and 2008 will now have a chance to recover t...

by Investment Property News 11-Mar-2018

Ireland to focus on building homes within existing built-up areas

The Irish government has announced that 40% of new housing over the next 20 years will be built in existing built-up areas in Dublin, Cork, ...

by Investment Property News 06-Mar-2018

Russian buyers snap up properties in EU countries

Many European countries have reported a strongly increased interest from Russian buyers lured by affordable prices and the opportunity to ob...

by Investment Property News 19-Feb-2018

Number of first time home buyers highest in the U.K since 2007-08 financial crisis

Encouraged by government incentives and low mortgage rates, an increasing number of first time home buyers are entering the UK's housing mar...

by Investment Property News 09-Feb-2018

High demand, inventory shortage push up home prices in Portugal

More buyers are entering Portgual's housing market.  Additionally, a shortage of inventory is pushing up prices to a record high, accor...

by Investment Property News 07-Feb-2018

Record sale of residential properties in Cyprus in 2017

Cyprus reported a record sale of residential properties in 2017, up 24% year-on-year – the highest level since the 2007-08 property bu...

by Investment Property News 02-Feb-2018

Irish government to offer first-time buyers low interest rate mortgages

Eligible first-time home buyers in Ireland will be able to obtain home loans at a discounted interest rate of 2.25% from the government.&nbs...

by Investment Property News 01-Feb-2018

Turkey's Eastern Black Sea sees surge in foreign property buyers

The Eastern Black Sea region in Turkey has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the number of foreign property buyers.   Foreigners...

by Investment Property News 19-Jan-2018

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