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News & Discussion

Australian housing markets hurt by Chinese capital outflow restrictions

Restrictions on capital outflows have made it difficult for Chinese buyers to settle investments in Australian properties, forcing them to s...

by Investment Property News 14-Dec-2017

Singapore prepares regulatory framework for short-term rentals

The Singapore government will soon seek public feedback on the regulatory framework to be prepared for short-term rentals, according to medi...

by Investment Property News 13-Dec-2017

'Share of foreign ownership in Australian housing market not significant enough to raise concerns'

Foreigners bought between 35,000 and 60,000 residential dwellings in Australia in 2015-16, making up only between 7% and 13% of total housin...

by Investment Property News 11-Dec-2017

Construction boom poses risk to housing markets in Australia

The ongoing apartment construction boom in Australia is worrying the Reserve Bank of Australia.     "The longer time t...

by Investment Property News 08-Dec-2017

Asia's most expensive apartments sold for $149 million in Hong Kong

Two adjacent apartments in Hong Kong’s Peak – the city's most upmarket neighborhood – recently sold for HK$1.1.6 billion (...

by Investment Property News 07-Dec-2017

Building boom in Australia as home buyers flock to outer suburbs

An increasing numbers of Australians are moving to suburbs on the outskirts of expensive cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, as cheaper lan...

by Investment Property News 04-Dec-2017

Potential buyers must deposit $1 million to view a Hong Kong condo complex

Home sellers are usually advised to spend money on marketing homes. But one Hong Kong developer has reversed this age-old wisdom and is requ...

by Investment Property News 04-Dec-2017

Aussie states to encourage 'built-to-rent' housing projects

Some states in Australia have announced “build to rent” schemes to encourage developers to invest in apartment blocks entirely a...

by Investment Property News 02-Dec-2017

Malaysia government says: no more luxury property developments just now

The Malaysian government has temporarily frozen approvals for luxury property developments to deal with the problem of staggering number of ...

by Investment Property News 01-Dec-2017

New Zealand's most expensive homes marketed to Chinese buyers ahead of foreign buyer ban

New Zealand’s most expensive home of 2017 was recently sold for $28,888,000 to an Asian, according to local media reports. The transac...

by Investment Property News 30-Nov-2017

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