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ZipMatch is the Philippines’ and Southeast Asia’s most comprehensive real estate platform when looking for a condo, townhouse or house and lot to invest in the Philippines.


Top 5 Metro Manila Neighborhoods for Condo Investors

Mar 24, 2017 | 0 Comment(s)

As the Philippine property market continues to rise, investors often gravitate towards Metro Manila’s most popular business districts such as Makati, Ortigas and Taguig. All of which are reasonable options, given that the average rental yields for these key cities go no lower than 6.94%-- above the average rental yield of its neighboring countries in Asia.
With the massive growth of condominium developments in Metro Manila, ZipMatch was able to gather new findings from its database of over 75,000 properties and 2000 projects. Surprisingly, additional factors such as price per square meter and appreciation of properties in the last 6 months have ranked some underrated neighborhoods in Metro Manila higher than its most popular business districts. All of which have outstanding rental yields no lower than 9%.
Below is a list of the Philippines’ hottest places for investors to put their money in:
1. San Antonio Village, Makati 
Rental Yield - 10.46%
San Antonio is a residential village, popular among young professionals working in the Makati CBD. With its unique shops and restaurants, it is slowly emerging as the city’s hippest district. The affordability of properties in this area are perfect for the young market that it attracts.
Traffic is expected to be heavy during rush hour but one of its major advantages is being bordered by Osmeña Highway (part of the South Luzon Expressway) and Buendia Avenue.
Investors can take advantage of the district’s affordable price per square meter and its impressive rental yield of 10.46%.
San Antonio Village Stats:
Low (only 6 condo projects)
94% of users looking to rent Studio (33%), 1 BR(24%) or 2BR(37%). 
Popular Project Among Renters
Belton Place by Eton, Alfaro Place by Cityland Development Corporation. To see a detailed list of top projects in San Antonio Village click here. (specific link for San Antonio Village).
- Avg. price per sqm. is 95,556 Php
*cheaper compared to most of the districts in Makati.
- Average sale cost: Studio or 1 BR unit costs around 2.4 M to 3.35 M Php 
- Average rent: Studio = 17,500 Php, 1 BR = 20,000 Php
Pros: Great neighborhood, affordable prices, high rental yield
Cons: Limited options to invest
2. Ortigas Center, Pasig
Rental Yield - 7.33%
Ortigas Center central business district (CBD) is home to the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Asian Development Bank. Also in the same district are 4 of the largest malls in the Philippines: SM Megamall, Shangri-La Mall and Hotel, Robinsons Galleria, and The Podium Mall. Saint Pedro Poveda and the University of Asia and the Pacific are two of its most notable schools.
Because this is a highly commercial area, traffic flow can be heavy especially during the rush hours. Nonetheless, its primary location guarantees high demand from renters.
Ortigas CBD Stats:
Medium (Many projects from different developers to choose from) - 23 Projects to choose from.
Studio, 1BR, 2BR are the most in demand. 93% of users looking to rent Studio (43%), 1 BR (38%) or 2BR(12%)
Popular Project Among Renters
BSA Twin Towers, Goldland Millenia Tower, The Exchange Regency are few of the popular projects among renters. To see a detailed list of top projects in Ortigas Center click here.
- Avg. Price Per Sqm. is 100,000 Pesos*
*higher compared to other districts in Pasig. However, prices vary depending upon the project developer.
- Average Sale cost: Studio = Php 3.5M, 1 BR = Php 4.5M and 2 BR = Php9M
- Average Rent: Studio - 20,000 Php, 1 BR - 30,000 Php, 2 BR - 50,000 Php
Pros: Great neighborhood and more affordable prices compared to other Business Districts like Makati and BGC. Investors have the option to choose from a wide variety of condominium projects.
3. Malate, Manila
Rental Yield - 8.92%
Malate is known for being Manila’s commercial hub. Its malls, restaurants, museums and parks are flocked by tourists.
Top colleges and universities can be found here such as the Philippine Women’s University, De La Salle University, La Salle’s College of Saint Benilde, St. Scholastica’s College, to name a few. These major schools guarantee steady rental demand from the districts scholars and the main reason why developers still see the potential of building new condominiums in the area.
Malate Stats:
Medium (Many projects from different developers to choose from) - 30 Projects to choose from.
1 BR has the highest demand (52%), followed by Studio (40%)
Popular Project Among Renters
8 Adriatico, Cityland Vito Cruz, Manila Executive Regency are few of the popular projects among renters
- Avg. price per sqm. is 95,000 Php 
*similar compared to other popular districts in Manila like Ermita and Taft Avenue. 
- Average sale cost: Studio, 1 BR unit costs around 2.9M Php and 4M Php respectively.
- Average Rent: Studio = 20,000 Php, 1 BR = 25,000 Php
Pros: Decent neighborhood
4. Diliman, Quezon City
Rental Yield - 7.56%
Known for being a residential community, a large part of Diliman is in fact a growing modern and commercial district. Some of the major establishments that can be found here are The University of the Philippines, U.P. Ayala Technohub, the country’s leading TV Networks, and most of the Philippines’ main government offices. Though far from CBDs, major developers are taking notice of this district's investment potential. In an effort to solve the traffic inconvenience, new highways are set to be built connecting the North to the South of Metro Manila.
Diliman’s major access roads are Quezon Avenue, North Avenue, East Avenue, West Avenue, and Commonwealth Avenue.
Diliman Stats:
Low (12 projects to choose from)
2 BR has the highest demand (65%), followed by 1 BR (27%)
Popular Project Among Renters
Sofia Tower, Victoria Station 1 and Sofia Bellevue are few of the popular projects among renters
- Avg. price per sqm. is 59,000 Php 
*cheaper compared to other popular districts in Quezon City like Eastwood City, Loyola Heights
- Average sale cost: 1 BR  or 2 BR unit costs around 3.2M Php - 3.3M Php
- Average rent: 18,000 Php for 1-2 BR
Pros: Cheaper Property Prices. One of the best neighborhoods in Quezon City
Cons: Not much options to choose from
5. Salcedo Village + Legazpi Village, Makati (Neighboring districts)
Rental Yield - 7.16%
Both Salcedo and Legazpi villages make up a major part of the Makati CBD, where the tallest skyscrapers in Metro Manila can be found. Key business centers can be found here such as the Philippine Stock Exchange (Makati), PBCom Tower, The RCBC Plaza, and the recently completed Zuellig Building. Major malls, serviced hotels, high end residential restaurants and condominiums can be found here.
As one of Metro Manila’s busiest districts, it’s no surprise that most developers still find new areas to develop within or around these two areas.
Salcedo Village + Legazpi Village Stats:
High (100 + options to choose from different developers and across different budget)
2nd and 3rd most rental demand localities respectively on ZipMatch, after BGC.
Studio has the highest demand (41%), followed by 1 BR (32%) and 2BR (20%)
Popular Project Among Renters
Two Central, Paseo Parkview Suites, Prince Plaza 2, Manhattan Square and The Columns Legazpi Village
- Avg. price per sqm. is 125,000 Php (Salcedo Village) and 155,647 Php (Legazpi Village)
*cheaper compared to other popular districts like Century City and Rockwell Center
- Average sale cost: Studio = 4.4M Php - 5.5M Php, 1BR = 7M Php - 8M Php, 2BR = 15M Php
- Average Rent: Studio = 30,000 Php, 1BR = 50,000 Php, 2BR = 75,000 Php - 90,000 Php
Pros: Both are the best neighborhoods in the Philippines, very high rental demand
Cons: Expensive property prices
Other Good Locations for Investment:
Taft Avenue (Manila), Brgy. Barangka (Mandaluyong), Kapitolyo (Pasig City), Highway Hills (Mandaluyong) , Newport City (Pasay City) also offer good rental returns. However, condominium investment options in these locations are limited. 
  1. In most of the locations, Studio and 1BR is the most popular unit types among renters. Thus investing in smaller units will get you more demand than investing in a bigger unit (2BR +)
  2. Smaller units come at a much lower price point. Hence, it’s better to invest in 2 smaller units rather than investing in 1 bigger unit
  3. There are other districts in Metro Manila which can get you better rental returns, but have very few options to invest, making them unattractive for investors.
Data is based on rental inquiries received on from January 2016  - March 2017

Market Analysis - Philippines
Time series for residential property
Prime 3BR condominium price, Makati Central Business District
Price/Rent Ratio: 16 yrs

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