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Calvet & Associates


Jan 01, 1970 | 0 Comment(s)


#1 RICARDO | March 15, 2010

hello. i just want to ask if i could sell a house and lot all by myself. What I mean is could i and the buyer facilitate it without any other persons getting involved with exception of the lawyer who provides the deed of sale?

#2 KIRAN CRASTA | March 15, 2010

After staying for more than 25 years at a land in a self built house, can a tenant register the land in his name

#3 MELANIE | March 16, 2010

Does a real estate agent have the authority to cut your electricity

#4 DALIA IBRAHIM | March 16, 2010

I wish to know if an Austrian left properties outside Austria will the Austrian law be applied? or the the other land's law?

#5 DALIA IBRAHIM | March 16, 2010

My husband was a moslim austrian , he left a land in Egypt . He had 4 brothers and 2 sisters (all are Egyptians) besides me and a daughter will this land be distributed among the inheritors according to Al Shar3 or the Ausrtian law will be applied .

#6 HILDA BEY-SEPULVEDA | March 17, 2010

I am a heir of a property in puerto Rico. My father was the owner. I was 14 years old when he died, my sister was 16 years old, and my brother 19 years old. There are another sons. they were more than 30 years old. Some of them died but had sons.My father had around twenty sons.What is the process to follow to do the Heirs'Declaratory, if he died in 1979?

#7 OGADA OKELLO HARRISON | March 17, 2010

I am astudent at one of the campuses and i have atenant who as lived in my for 4 good months without pay me rentand is taking thise advantage of my being in college and thos are the money which cater for my fees,if i call him is thretening me to take me to court,i dont know what to do plize advice

#8 MARLEEN DUBUISSON | March 18, 2010

My my godfather left a will leaving his land in St.lucia to me but there are people on the land which have no right to be there as my godfather ask them on many occation to leave he could not take them to court as he lived in England and his wife was ill that he could not go to St.lucia the way he wanted now the land belongs to me I have ask them to leave but the won't I don't now what to do as i leave in England

#9 CAROLYN DJURANIC | March 18, 2010

my mother passed away 4 yrs ago she has land in Pula which was given to the 3 children.How do we go about getting our mothers name changed to our aunt wanted me to give her power of attorney to get it fixed up for me the problem is I do not trust as I do not know if they can take the land from us children..can someone pls give advice if you can..Thanks Karly

#10 LEIGH HASLAM | March 18, 2010

There should be a new law stating, those grandparents who are rich and alive, with their children poor and the grandchildren poor, should be allowed so much (with a plan) to get them on their feet.

#11 ANGEL | March 18, 2010

I would like to know more about Vietnam environment:-

1. General business legal environment
Does Vietnam use Common law or civil law! What is the language used in the courts?
is Vietnam like China and we have to do a feasibility study and then apply for approval first?
Are there domestic and foreign companies or just one type of company?

2. Since I am not from Vietnam, do I need a Vietnamese citizenship or visa to start a business at Halong Bay?I hope not!
(If I do need to be Vietnamese to start a hotel business, what are the requirements?)

3. Based on experience, a hotel will require a hotel, restaurant, land use right and alcohol licenses in order for a hotel to operate. Is this the same in Vietnam? If it is the same, what other licenses do I need to have if I want to build a resort hotel?

Since I am not Vietnamese, can I even buy land or do we need a local partner to buy land?

#12 AL BATICAN | March 18, 2010

I would like to consult regarding our present situation, first of all we've been renting for 19 yrs now and it is our fourth landlord. curently we are paying less than the other units and our new landlord just started not collecting our rental, we were advcie by the caretaker that our unit will be repaired
and after we can rent again but a higher price. basically we didn't ask for repairs, we just do it on our own expense. do you fine this fair? what would be the best compromise? thank you.

#13 PARSHURAM RAUT | March 19, 2010

I had given my shop on rent, and it's been over 6 month the contract has expired. the tenant is not leaving my shop nor paying the rent, what can I do? what can be a fastest way to get possesion on the Shop in a legal manner.

#14 CLARISSA | March 20, 2010

I need a proper BILL of Rights for property owners that their property is located and built in a Dead end area. Thank so much

#15 BENJAMIN HOBHOUSE | March 21, 2010

Hi there. I wondered if you knew what the rental yields are for Kiev for 2009/2010 ? Thank you.

#16 SANDRA TORRES | March 21, 2010

My parents left me and my 8 siblings a property that we would like to sell. My problem is the documentation. Apparently when my father purchased the property it was not registered and we are missing the compra-venta as well. What can we do?

#17 MARCIA P | March 21, 2010

You need to publish a responce to qusetions, so others can have a idea of how to solve some of thse problems.

#18 ANGELA PHILLIP | March 22, 2010

My husband and I jointly own property in Germany but we are non-residents. We are both British and live in the UK. Does 'The inheritance law of the nationality of the deceased is applicable in Germany' mean that English law would apply to the inheritance of our German property when one of us dies?

#19 RAY VILLAFANA | March 22, 2010

how do i go about getting a piece of land and house that my mother and father owned but they both are deciced ?

#20 MUKESH SHAKYA | March 22, 2010

i got the full iformation about lease agreement. but what happen when lessor is died after the agreement.

#21 PATRICIA GANDY | March 22, 2010

I have a huge issue with my landlord and I have even got a lawuer but he has need done his job I was wondering if I can get sme legal advice

#22 WILLIAM VINCENT NAGLE JR. | March 23, 2010

Dear friends,
Vacationing,I have been in Negril and Montego Bay Jamaica. It is tropical paradise there, very hot and sunny. The Carribean Sea is fun and a splash! The people want prosperity and peace. The primitive nature there is a raw, natural wild!

your friend,
William Vincent Nagle Jr.

#23 WILLIAM VINCENT NAGLE JR. | March 23, 2010

Dear friends,
Vacationing,I have been in Negril and Montego Bay Jamaica. It is tropical paradise there, very hot and sunny. The Carribean Sea is fun and a splash! The people want prosperity and peace. The primitive nature there is a raw, natural wild!

your friend,
William Vincent Nagle Jr.

#24 YOUR MAMMA | March 24, 2010

Ricardo, the answer is yes. You don't need an agent. All you need is a lawyer to make up the deed of sale. And if you are smart, you can get that for about 1500 pesos ($35).

#25 ELEONORA | March 25, 2010

I am a US citizen and live in the US. If I sell a 1/2 share of a building I inhertited 3 years ago.
Will I have to pay a tax in Poland or just the US. I understand there is an agreement not to have to pay double.

So is it Poland or the US and how is it done if in Poland and how much? In the US its with a 1099? and depending on your over all income I believe.

#26 ELEONORA | March 25, 2010

I am a US citizen and live in the US. If I sell a 1/2 share of a building I inhertited 3 years ago.
Will I have to pay a tax in Poland or just the US. I understand there is an agreement not to have to pay double.

So is it Poland or the US and how is it done if in Poland and how much? In the US its with a 1099? and depending on your over all income I believe.

#27 MADELINE RIVERA | March 26, 2010

I recently heard that Puerto Ricans need to reapply for a new birth certificate if they were born in P.R., Can you please tell me the procedure for reapplying?

#28 | March 27, 2010

#29 LESLIE H RAJ | March 27, 2010

1)We are staying in rented house for more then 120 years ( from the time of my great grandfather )the rent is 30 rupees a month . The landlord hasent taken permission from Khadki Cantoment Board nor The tenants who are staying and has started bulding his house due to which are house walls have got damaged , The landlord is perposly doing this so that the wall falls and he can take out all of the tenants from there . so pls help me , should i take help of RTI

#30 FRED | March 27, 2010

Is the landlord allowed to lock my house if I default on rent for one month and he still has my deposit

#31 DROOVE | March 27, 2010

Dear Sir,

We have been staying at a rented house since 100 years now , we have asked the lanlord to provide us with a NOC to procure a water and light connection. He has refused to give the same and is not willing the talk to us.
Can we approach the court to get the same . Further what is the action we take regarding the same.

#32 DEEP | March 29, 2010

the web is worth informative but not sufficient, the latest amendments to nepalese taxation and VAT has also to be posted; provisions underlining non-business chargeable assets, depriation bases,foreign establishments and for the multinational subsidiary companies are the most requisites'

#33 NIVOSHINI SUBBAN-REDDI | March 29, 2010

I am placing a months notice with my landlord today.
I move out at the end of April. I paid a deposit of R2300.00 (1 months rent) when I moved in. My rent is now R3700.00. Can my deposit (R2300.00) replace my last months rent or do I pay her the difference of R1400.00?

#34 ABHA | March 29, 2010

I am staying in a house for last 22 years. But now after my inlaws died me and my husband came to know that he has a unregistered GPA in his name and other papers for sale and purchase in the Name of my brother in law. Unfortunately, he also died 2 years ago. Now my sister-in-law has got the papers in her name and is now telling us to vacate. All these years we have been given understanding that this is our house and now she tells us to vacate. Can we take stay from court and how many days it will take to seek this.

#35 SATYAJIT DUTTA | March 29, 2010

Is it possible that the govt. can cancel the lease given to the defense personal after retirement, and paying off the yearly fees as allocated by the govt. stating the regional factor (quoting that as you do not belong to same language of this state, the lease is canceled).
If this is not under the lease act. Which act covers this? Being first an Indian, we have the right to settle anywhere in India. More over the documents supported shows that the individual was born and brought up in that state, and even served the country in air-force.

#36 CAROL | March 29, 2010

We paid a deposit + a months rent at the end of January and moved into our new home at the beginning of February 2010. Last month I arrived home 1 afternoon to find a FOR SALE sign on the verge outside our home. I was totally shocked! Now the Agents are telling me that I have to allow the owner viewing rights as the owners want to sell. What are my rights in this instance? I'm becoming so frustrated because I'm paying lots for rent and when I signed the lease, I should've received a remote for the lug. To-date I don't have one nor has the owner repaired and handed over remotes from the "supposed automated" driveway gate. What do I do???

#37 PIERRE | March 29, 2010

"Ownership can then be transferred to an individual by a simple procedure."
What is the procedure, and can someone give a link to the related law?

#38 RODNEY | March 30, 2010

Very insightful article, similar in nature to those found in

keep it up!

#39 LORETTA | March 31, 2010

I live overseas and have let an agent lease out my property in Kwa-zulu Natal (Durban).
The previous tenents still owe us money for the previous months rent.
How do we go about getting our money fom the the previous tenants at a minimal cost.

#40 ANTONIO LIZAMA | March 31, 2010

I find this very informative and thanks for a good work on this info...I needed to know though, where can I get the Guam Civil Code on lease or rental residence for landlord and tenant- or does Guam has any?
thanks again.

#41 CARMEN | March 31, 2010

Iam a Australian citizan and Iam interested to buy a 6 door old apartment. Am I allowed to purchase this or Am I dual citizen. The price is 4Million. Also can you recommend some honest lawyers who can honestly help.

#42 BILL | March 31, 2010

Is the taxes based on land value only???

#43 MARTHA ELLIOT-SANSAVIOR | April 01, 2010

What is the procedure of owning your rented land after living on it for more than sixty (60) years? What are the rights of rented land tenants? What are you to do if the owner of the land you have been renting from is dead? What are you to do if no one ever come forward to claim the land you are living on?

#44 DAYALAN | April 01, 2010

Hi i would like to know how many months notice must a landlord give his tenant before eviction,and also what can i do if my landlord doesn't give me the interest on my deposit i paid.

#45 JO | April 02, 2010

No, ofcourse not!!! It's Thailand!!! For every baby born, a new building goes up! It's like trying to stop people from reproducing! So no, you would just have to put up with the 15 hours a day drilling.

#46 ARON ALVAREZ | April 02, 2010

My father and his 4 siblings inhertited land fro their parents. My faher and 3 of his other siblings has passed away. There is only one remaining. The land was sold, the money was divided equally between the only surviving sibling and the 4 families of the deceased siblings.

My father has 3 legitimate, a living spouse and children and 6 illegitimate children. I am one of the illegitimate children. My siblings and I were raised openly accepted by my father to the public. My father married my mother but since there is no divorce in the Philippines,and since he was afraid if he annulled his marriage to his first wife, it would turn his other children illegitimate, which ends my siblings and I as illegitimate.

There is no will written by my father, the will left by my father in regards to the property sold. Since that is the case, The money was divided between The living spouse, the 3 legitimate children and the 6 illegitimate children.

If example the amount of money was P5,000,000.00 Pesos, And it was divided by 5 giving the 3 legitimate children a million each and the wife a million. leaving me and my siblings a million to divide amongst us 6 illegitimate children. Is the math correct? Can somebody please tell me if the division of the monies is correct? I need advice. Please help

#47 C.MORELLI | April 03, 2010

In the middle east, developers and realtors are becoming specialized in creating bubbles....Dubai's been the 1st Doha's been the 2nd; there's too much offer of real estate all over the world and as a matter of fact prices MUST descend to 1/10th of what are right now; there are so many square meters and cubic meters of brick&mortar that it could host twice the world's actual population. I hope that my comment might be useful to greedy realtors to revise their speculative purposes.

#48 MERIANNA | April 03, 2010

This information not up to date. New top layer added in 2010 - 20% tax rate. Lower (Tax free) layer increased from $50K to $100 K .

#49 MERIANNA | April 03, 2010

Information on Aquisition fees payable by non Bermudians is out of date fees were increased more than a year ago........

#50 MERIANNA | April 03, 2010

Property tax rates increased in 2010...update needed

#51 MERIANNA | April 03, 2010

Yes, no "income" tax - but there is a payroll tax

#52 LARA EMMANUELLI | April 03, 2010

Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
If I inheret land in PR and I'am born and raise in PR do I have to pay taxes when the property sells?
If yeas how much? 45% to 50%?
Thank You

#53 PORTER SMITH | April 03, 2010

In 2006 my wife and I purchased one house and lot for 1,200,000 and another house and lot for 610,000. These properties are both located in the Eastwood Greenview Project in Montalban, Rodrigues, Rizal. We have not received any property tax bills and have no idea if we owe taxes or if the tax is included in the monthly subdivision dues we pay each month. How do we find out or who do we contact to determine our tax situation?

#54 LEONARD N. GOURLAY | April 04, 2010

until the gov't realizes that homeless rates skyrocket with housing prices the poor will continue to have their children stolen by "special interest groups and the parents turned into "homeless bums" Even the middle class can be effected by their "sign this or we will take your kids" threats. with a flick of a pen these malicious "special interest groups" can manipulate your families economic growth to stagnation, recession and eventual failure. They force you to divulge information and use it to manipulate the collapse. Their "assembly line" family courts enforce the social workers "recommendations" despite your protests for the right to work. Even though they know, Overtime means making it or breaking it. They hide behind children to destroy the very fabric of the family with no actual regard for the childrens' actual well-being. If no problems exists, one will be created. and because they handle the paperwork. the paper can say anything they want it too. whenever the real-estate prices rise, so does the homeless rates. the banks must invest their "gold" into affordable housing. they also must reform to a "credit based system" rather than the current "debt based system" the pharaohs would not have built a pyramid at all if they would have been paying 12% interest rates on their own money. that is why no monuments or wonders are being built today. only privately funded projects with no public involvement. the gov't is broke and if the bank moves to "repossess" they get our land, children, buisnesses and homes. they can then overprice these "commodities" and do it again in ten years. with the next recession. either the banking laws change or a global problem will occur and the global populace will revolt. just like France and many other nations before that. if the people are forced into starvation and homelessness, they will revolt. If we learn nothing from those who fell before us, we are doomed to their fate as well. if the same factors apply to any situation, the results will not vary either.

#55 DAVID LIM | April 04, 2010

Yes, looking at tenancy agreement/written contract, it appears that Singapore favoured landlords. But when it comes to the enforcement of the tenancy agreement, the landlords are always at the disadvantage or losing parties.

Many times,tenants (mostly foreigners)breaks lease, left the premises prematurely without telling the owner and owing rental, damage the furniure and fittings and left the premises without repairing the damaged items or clean-up the premises. Landlords usually sufferred in silent, security deposit in most cases not enough to recover the losses.It may cost more to take up legal proceeding.

#56 DEBRA | April 04, 2010

Hello, thank God for your site, I'm wondering how do we find out about our deeds in my grandfathers name past and revised. He passed on nearly fifty years ago, and with the war I'm sure you understand. Im looking for the books, from what my uncles have told me through out the years is that my granddad had alot of land and my father also passed, so what should we do? Please help the Seimon Nasser heirs in Minnesota, Californa and Montana. Batroun, Bejdarfel and Beirut that's all I know about. Before we sign anything we want to know. Nine uncles and aunts were baptized by my grandmothers family Reverend Slimam Rashed. I'am so very grateful for everything you may try. Please if you have any questions don't hesitate to call 949-858-8524 Cailfornia. With heartfelt graditude, love, respect and prayer we patiently wait. Love Edwards daughter.

#57 RAJIB SHARMA | April 05, 2010

Hi, this is a good service a lot things I came to know from this site. One thing I want to know that,as our rent control act in faviour of Tenant, as a landlord what pints should I mention while making Tenancy Argeement to prevent odds.
Rajib Sharma

#58 RYKEL LIM | April 06, 2010

I am currently suing my landlord in Singapore for illegally evicting my family with only a 6-day notice and insufficient compensation.

I will soon find out if the law favours landlord or tenant.

#59 IVAN ARSENAULT | April 06, 2010

i hired this lawyer barri nelson deco he saya says he is a lawyer do you know him i will tell you more i spend 2600 canadian and not receive nothinfg


This looks absolutely perfect. All these tinny details are made with lot of background knowledge. I like it a lot. Keep on taking action! sonnerie portable gratuite

#61 ALICE DAPONTE | April 06, 2010

My father and step mother owned a house in PR and she passed away, they had no will, also never had children together, he now lives with me. Her sister (my father'sister-in-law) saids she is entitled to some of the sale of the house, what part $$ and who else? Thank You

#62 DEE | April 07, 2010

Hi, I would like to know what rights I have to my grandfathers property and possesions in India. See, my grandfather passed 2 months ago and his only living son (my father) passed back in 2004. As my father son, do I have any rights with regards to my granfathers property/possessions in India? (me being a UK born Hindu)
Thanks in advance.

#63 CAZ | April 07, 2010

M father has recently died and has left no will. He has property in Kenya and is married. Could you please tell me what the Kenyan laws are on Intestacy in relation to what rights a daughter has on his property. My fathers wife has been married 9 times before and has only been married to him for 1 year. He has died leaving no will and i would like to know what rights to his estate i have as his only child. I do hope that you can help me with this situation.

Kind regards


#64 SUNSHINE | April 07, 2010

my father had two separate residence,one in ny and the other puerto rico. He had a will made up in puerto rico. He left the house in pr to my two sisters and the house in ny to my brother and I. since then,my brother passed away and my other sister in pr passed away. my deceased sister left a will but not sure what is in her will. how do I find out what is in her will? am I entitle to anything or the house that my father left to both sisters. The deed was never transfered and my fathers will never got probated in either pr nor ny. Please advise as to what I need to do. today I rec'd a letter from pr that my sisters will is going to be read,should I go or not? Thank You.

#65 FRED FOLDVARY | April 07, 2010

The 18-year U.S. real estate cycle was discovered by Homer Hoyt. See an up-to-date explanation in "The Depression of 2008" by Fred Foldvary,

#66 JANE | April 07, 2010

if we are foreigners with property in California, what are the taxes applied to us?. what if we die, what happen to the property?, how much tax does our kids pay to acquire it?. Do we have to worry about our other properties outside the US for taxes if we have one in the US?

#67 GRACIJELA KNAPIC | April 07, 2010

This reply is to Carolyn Djuranic - You can go to a Croatian Notary Public, who will draw the Power of Attorney for you. I did it for my family. Be very specific that you are notarizing who ever you want to do a specific thing. For instance, you may give power of attorney to your aunt, saying this is in regard to the land in Pula, located so and so, to change your Mother's (her full name) portion to your name. also, state that the land cannot be sold without your permission. When the land is sold you will have to give another power of attorney, make sure you include in it your full name, bank name, routing #, acct. #, NOT SEPARATELY. Trust me, people will try to cheat you left and right, I've been through it. If you do not have a Notary Public who speaks Croatian, then you can go through the Croatian consulate. Going through the Notary is easier, they write the Power of Attorney, you go to court so that they can confirm that he is licensed, then you go and get the Apostile, the Notary will tell you where in your city there's one and then you give to who ever will represent you. You can even call Opcinski sud Pula,
Silvija Strahimira Kranjčevića 8
52100 Pula
011 385 52 377600
Do you speak Croatian? If you do and you do not trust your aunt, or if someone who speaks Croatian can help you, have them call the number above and ask to recommend a Notary Public in Pula, who can draw the papers for you. If you feel most comfortable going with the Croatian Embassy, in your city, or the next closest one, they will advise you what is the best way to proceed with changing the name from your Mother to yours. Remember, doesn't matter to whom you give power of attorney, even the Notary, always add if it is sold to transfer your portion to your name, and you bank name and account number. If you would like me to explain further, you are welcome to call me at 212-317-6425. Gracijela

#68 NIMISHA MISHRA | April 08, 2010

Hi, we have the tenants residing at our place since 30 years..without agreement and now they refuse to vacate the said place. How can we make them to vacate the said place through legal process. The said place is in chattisgarh.Please advice.

#69 TIM | April 08, 2010

I note that this article lists Australia as a country "in deep recession". This is nonsense - Australia was one of the only OECD countries not to fall into recession during the global financial crisis and continues to have strong economic growth.

#70 RANDY DONOVAN | April 10, 2010

Help please!

My wife has an uncle in portugal and there are no closer dependents.

She has never met him,and we were wondering the fittest method of not to be seen as money grabbers but making sure we have claims to this sizeable estate.
Of course we should go there,but naturally we want to be nice and cordial and not petty.
Also, is there a way of securing our claim without him being pressed?
This is delicate ofcourse,I need help

#71 JOHN JONES | April 10, 2010

I have a condo in Germany, the tenant has lived there 25 years. I am now retired and want to use the condo a few months a year. How do I get him out?

#72 JO-AN | April 10, 2010

This site on SA Inheritance is useless. It pertains more to foreigns than local South Africans.

#73 SINGAPORE REAL ESTATE | April 10, 2010

you can find an excel spreadsheet for tabulating your rental income and expenses for purpose of filing taxes with IRAS -

#74 IDA | April 11, 2010

Hi i am one of the landlord having to deal with 6 difficult tenant from china that refuse to listen when told.They merely took the chance of the phrase i msg use "your money first to do or buy anything that needs than ill deduct from the rental amount" as im a single mum of 2 kids renting that house of mine in bukit merah 3room for only at 1300 per month.They than was given a new bed from me as previously reported bedbugs to my suprise they call pestcontrol without my knowledge at 400 and simply deduct from my rental without discussing.I could not report them to hdb as my unit i just found out not approve,my agent took the commission and left me with them at my own risk.I am so angry that i told them to leave with many reason even told about the unapprove unit they dont even want to care instead they choose to argue about the agreement,pls help me and advise what should i do...

#75 JRUSSELL | April 12, 2010

I'm asking the same if the a person dies and is the named title, and does not have a will, does the land go to the next of kin? or does it become the person that is now paying the land tax?

#76 MANJU GUPTA | April 12, 2010

there is flat in delhi. first name is of my mother-in -law and second name is of my husband has four more has died leaving his wife and 2 question is after my mother-in law's death my husband will become the sole owner of the flat or my husband's brother can claim their share in the flat?

#77 REHAN | April 13, 2010

Does any body know that if your land lord is annoying you and not taking rent hence not giving you the rent receipts then is it possible to pay the rent in court if yes please guide about the procedure in detail thanks.

#78 MOHAMED SIDDIQ | April 13, 2010

My father a former shopkeeper in Singapore (born in India)has a family of 5 children in Singapore. He remarried in India (Nileshwar, Kasaragod) and has a wife and 2 children. He left an estate of land and properties and bank accounts estimated at 5 Crore Rupees.

Can the Singapore children claim the inheritance? Looking for advocates who can help us in singapore -

#79 A.M.A | April 13, 2010

Hi, I haven't signed a formal lease agreement with my landlord but we mutually agreed that I would lease the house for an initial period of 1 year.
After moving in and staying there for the first month, the landlord then came to me with a store bought lease stating that i have access to the house for 6months only... when asked about it, he replied that he didnt write it out himself and that his wife had made the mistake- he also said that i shouldnt worry and he would just automatically renew it when it expired.

I did not sign this document because of a few problems i found in the house that needed fixing. The landlord acknowledged all of the problems- (Leaking roof etc.)and told me that he would be fixing it soon... this was 6 months ago and still nothing.

I just recieved an sms 2 days ago stating that the new tennants will be moving in on the 1st may.
Is this legal?
Is there anything I can do?
Do I need to move out?
I have not skipped any rent payments and i have improved the property wherever possible.
My main question is, can he force me out of this property in this manner if I am not in default in any way? even though we do not have a formal contract?

#80 SILVIA ORREGO | April 13, 2010

Great article!!! I am involved in real estate in the Riviera Maya, Mexican Caribbean and Uruguay and the information seems to be very usefull and complete.
Go on working !

#81 MARK | April 13, 2010

propietor will not repair sewer odor/leak in one of two bedrooms, one repair/problem still exists, 5 months pass with written notice given to proprietor, 1/2 rent paid for those months, lease agreement til june on a photocopy of passport unsigned, leaving granada spain. credit liabilities, court actions against me & proprietor for breech of contract...How much in Monies

#82 RIAN | April 13, 2010

We have recently purchased a house in Selangor. The loan has been approved and we would like to know who should pay for the valuation fees?

#83 MANISH JAIN | April 13, 2010

I have purhased a new Building with a tenant at the groundfloor acquiring 2bedroom along with attached kitchen & bathroom , now I want to vacant the flat by shifting the tenant to a new flat ! Please help what to do.

#84 BERNIE DOBSON | April 14, 2010

Correction b e r n i e d o b s o n 5 @ y a h o o . e s I believe I know Sr Grillo from some time ago. Hi, Jorge.

#85 MARCIA | April 14, 2010

who is this committee and how do we contact them we need to start on eviction the tenant has refused to sign a new lease

#86 CLOVIS PRUDENT | April 14, 2010

Answering #3 PAUL ABRAHAMI
If you are interested in Uruguay = small farm acrage at very reasonable prices + 65% lower cost of living of Montevideo, try looking up

#87 BORIS | April 14, 2010

Hi, i have a question about the income tax. Say I choose to be an online gambler as my source of income in argentina, and i make all my money on my computer playing poker overseas. Would I be taxed on that or tax exempt? Any information would be very useful to me! Thank you

#88 MARIA NEVES | April 14, 2010

My parents have had tenants for over 20 years and they have paid maybe 20 months rental in all this time. Try and get a lawyer to sort this out without wanting a bribe - we've tried at least 4. I am embarrassed to be considered Portuguese. They are more corrupt and the least civilized country in the whole of Europe. Lawyers are corrupt, the system is corrupt, the majority of the poulation is ignorant, the whole country is an embarrassment. Why invest their if as a landlord you have NO rights.

#89 ANDY | April 16, 2010

What an idiot. Every Canadian knows the most expensive housing price in Canada is Vancouver. I won't trust this site at all.It is false!!!

#90 LITA C. | April 17, 2010

i would like to ask if the landlord has the right to padlock the rented apartment once the tenant is not paying their rent for 5 months? also their electricity has been disconnected a month ago and in addition to that their water bill arrived and the amount due is 1500+ the due date i will be on Monday April 10 2010... I am the caretaker of the said apartment and I'm afraid that they can't afford to settle all those payables... so the owner decided to padlock the unit...and will be available for entry when payment receive... is it allowable by the law? thanks

#91 HUDA | April 17, 2010

please i want an apartment 120-200.sqm with minimum 3 rooms maximum 15 minutes walking to the center or 10 minutes by underground 3-4 stops.thanks

#92 MR BRYAN | April 18, 2010

Please could you provide response to the above question which I too am interested in knowing about.


#93 TASIE ANTON | April 18, 2010

What are the principal points governing the tenant-owner
relationship regarding commercially used property?
Under what conditions may the owner demand that the
tenant vacate his property?
The unpublished law underlying any lease contract is
that the tenant occupy said property for a minimum
period of 10(?) years as long as the rent is paid
within a reasonable time of its due date and
the property is employed properly.

#94 NEED ADVICE | April 19, 2010

My father & mother past was that lived in Puerto Rico but I never saw the will for either of them. Now my sister has both houses and will not tell me anything. I need someone that can help me reclaim anything that may have been left to me. If you could please give me some advise. I am state side now & can't keep flying to Puerto Rico to get no were. Thank you

#95 TOM | April 23, 2010

All these are valid questions and all of us would like to hear their answers since they affects us directly. SO! Is there any lawyer, kind enough to answer at least one of them? pls.

#96 JOHN MATHENGE | April 24, 2010

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#97 LOIS POLLIDORE | April 24, 2010

Can HDC increase your rent when you are requested by them to come in and give them your family.And threaten you with evication when you request a new contract to sign for any increases in rent.That has happened to me .

#98 ELAINE SANCHEZ | April 24, 2010

good day !I would just like to ask is it in the law that every year the lessor will increase their rental fee? and how many percent should be their increase? because in my own case our residential rental fee is 6,500 per month Philippine currency,then after a year they increased us of 10 percent. please help..thank you so much

#99 MUCHUGU MUCHIRI | April 24, 2010

land economists out there pliz answer these be sincere landlords have more rights than the tenants,why do i have to pay a service charge for rates and land rents whereas land is valued on usv basis?i think all rental properties should be controlled but have alternative methods of dispute resolution.

#100 ROHIT CHAUBEY | April 25, 2010

My father has two marriage and died in 2000(hindu family). we are three brother (1+2). my elder brother is from step mother and has got all money of my father. He is only one son and we are two brother from second one. Now my elder step brother wants to file a case and want to divide properties among mother equally. as we are two brother so definitely he will get more share . Can it possible to get properties and cash divide among brother equally ? will my step brother won the case if his mother support her ? kindly reply?

#101 SHERWIN C. | April 25, 2010

@ Elaine, here is the answer/

Sec. 3. Monthly Rental and Maximum Increase. – Beginning 01 January 2002 and for a duration of three (3) years thereafter ending on 31 December 2004, the monthly rentals of all residential units in the National Capital Region and other highly urbanized cities not exceeding Seven thousand five hundred pesos (P7,500.00) and the monthly rentals of all residential units is all other areas not exceeding Four thousand pesos (P4,000.00) shall not be increased annually by the lessor, without prejudice to existing contracts, by more than ten percent (10%).

#102 INEZ | April 25, 2010

Thank you for publishing this information - I have been searching for clearer info on inheritance tax in Japan esp for non-residents and this has been helpful.

#103 DONDI | April 25, 2010

Father in Law has my wife as property owner of a house he lives.
Years later my wife's mother dies and Father remarries. Father now dies and second wife wants to stay. What are rights my wife property owner have? Can she force her out?

#104 SHASHIKALA | April 26, 2010

Dear sir,

I am 49 years old widow.I am from Christian background. my mother died when i was 8 years old.It was illedal death. After that i grown up in my Father's place. Then mother's Father decided decided not to give any portion of his property to me. And he devided his property to his 3 existing children (1 son & 3 daughters).My grand father died in 1979. Registered documents available with the existing childen (first daughter & daughter in law). But now first daughter(she don't have children), daughter in law (Son died on 2007)(with one son who is taking care of the property) are surviving at present. I have no connection with them till now from the day of my mother's death. But Now i want to claim some property.
Can i get some portion if i put the case. I dont have my mother's death certificate & Birth Certificate with me. Can i claim the property.

#105 LISA | April 26, 2010

we signed a lease for twelve months,but recently found out that a bank approved an application for a home loan that was a late estate and was only approved months later, now my question is, our contract states that we have signed for 12 monts, but isnt it law that if you want to move out before your lease is up you need to give one months notice?

#106 LOUIS VAN HEERDEN | April 26, 2010

i am currently renting a place through a property agent . the contract on expires on the 28th of febuary 2010 . the property in question was advertised with shaded parking which it does not have . when we asked about it they said it would be fixed . there was also a fault list which we have filled in which not one of the faults have been repaired . i have made several request since the time i moved in ( 2 months ago ) but still nothing has been done . the property gate also keeps falling apart making acces into the property easy for anybody making it unsafe for me . further more the roof leaks in which has cost me my laptop and scanner because the rain fell on top of these items damaging them . the replacement cost of these two items is R6952-00 . I have offered the property agents 1 months rent and the inspection fee as a penalty for early termination of my contract which they declined . all of the above mentioned problems were mentioned in my fault report on inspection .

#107 LYN | April 26, 2010

my parents died witout any last will of testament of their lands,im the eldest of 4 child.presently im out of the country for work,and my sisters were still under of age,all of the documents that still named by my parents are with my aunt for keeping it for the time that im away,my question is?is there any possibilities that they may take advantage of transferring all the documents into her name??and in the time that im coming back home to take those documents,how will i know that those documents are still same documents that i left to her?and how i can transfer it to me and my sisters name??pls help me.

#108 J.A.MIRANDA | April 27, 2010

Kindly advice me for our share of property of my greatgrand father.Leagly can we have our share.For now my uncle has accuired the property by hook or crook since the last 40 years in Mumbai.we are christians.HOW do we start the case.

#109 ENEIDA DIAZ | April 27, 2010

I would like to know my father lives in puerto rico he has a land there and he built a house. I heard the land is registered but the house is not. my father is dying and he has a wife. his four kids live in Miami, Fl . I would like to know what will happen after my father passes away. how much taxes we would have to pay and does his wife get anything?

#110 JOTA HACHE | April 27, 2010

Kindly please inform, how do I proceed to buy an inherited piece of land in Puerto Rico from my 5 siblings? What legal documents should I use to protect from any illegal act? (Yes it happens, even between siblings)

#111 PENNY | April 27, 2010

My husband and I moved into a complex in Jhb in August 2008. We signed a 12 month lease. Our landlady was overseas, so when the lease expired, we extended for another 6 months. She said she would send us another lease to sign, but never did. she then moved back to SA and still did not give us anything to sign. We then asked for another 6 month extension on email, but she never replied on email, but did say we could stay on for another 6 months verbally when we met. An again she said she would send us a lease to sign, but never did. So we had a verbal agreement to stay on untill august 2010. On 24 March she phoned us to give us notice to move out by 1st May. When I tried to argue, she said any contract states that a month's notice is sufficient.Anyway, we went looking for a place to rent and found one for 1st April. When I called her and said we found a place, she said we were still liable for the rent for April, and as no-one can afford to pay rent at 2 places, we lost the next place. And because of the world cup coming up, it has been really difficult to find a place.
we eventually found a place, and can move in on 1st May. Our landlady is now telling us that we have to be out of her place by 12pm on the 30th April. Can she do that? She says it is SA law... and the agent from our next place says that's rubbish as everyone moves on the 1st. We wouldn't have a problem with it, but we can't get into our new place untill the 1st. And SHE sent us an email stating, "...30th being your last day of occupation. please make sure your move is co-ordinated to finished, and the unit cleaned by 13h00 1st May." -she is now going back on what we agreed on.When we tried to defend ourselves, she said, "but we don't even have a lease"!!!!! And, she said if we are not out, she has keys to the apartment anyway, so there wouldn't be a problem. Needless to say we are very angry.
We have been more than accomodating towards her. She asked to come store her pot plants, (which are more like 20 potted trees!!!!)on our patio's, and we said yes. On a seperate occasion,She arrived with no appointment on a sunday afternoon to come "measure". And there is lots more that we can go into detail with, but it is too much to type.
I would just like to know if she has a right to treat us so badly and say she is right by SA law?
Please help me, as I am so so upset by this whole thing.
Thank you,

#112 BIENVENDA MERCADO | April 27, 2010

I live in the USA, and I am one (1) of the heirs of a property that is in Aruba. How can I get reliable information as how to divided inheritance among all existing heirs? I need to know the rules and law.

#113 EVE | April 27, 2010

One parent died and the other has some dementia and making poor decisions. Would like to submit a declaration of heir to the court. What is the process? How can I connect with an attorney?

#114 BLANCA | April 27, 2010

hi good day. my issue is my grandparents [dads parents] own 2 houses on one property one in front of the other. my granddad passed in 1981 leaving my grandma,my grandma passes in 2005. my aunt sister to my dad who lives in puerto rico was in charge and control of da house expenses ect.when my granddad passed, my granma comes to n fro chicago n puerto rico.she passes in 2005, da sister in puerto rico [laly] wants to sell the houses, and she wants all da bors. n sis. to sign so she can sell da houses. but... all da sibilings in the u.s. want to know what she did with the monies that where incured since 1981 till present, to know what to do regarging on the sinitures .laly says she has documentation on all monies. what about the property taxes? if not paid what happens? can she sell with out anyone signing? 3 out of 10 sibilings have passed each leaving thier kids next of kin, do they have any part in this issue? can puerto rico sell the houses for taxes? do we pay for the taxes? please i need to know to have a meeting with the family i want to have facts on the table. do we have to hire a lawyer? please help. taina blanca. thank you for your time!!!!

#115 BETEM | April 28, 2010

A man and woman who were married in Mumbai 18 years ago and had there marriage regestered in mumbai at that time. However they live in daman and have all there property in daman.They do not have children. They have been informed that unless there marriage is regestered in Daman the wife cannot inherit the property of the husband after him.Is it true? If so what is the solution? If they were to register there marriage now after all these years will it be acceptable? Please advise.

#116 PORTSMOUTH | April 28, 2010

i am 1/3 part owner of a small apartment in Portugal. I have recently made a UK will, and need to make a Portuguese will, can i use a Portuguese lawyer based in the UK to do this?
Please advise

#117 SUSAN M | April 28, 2010

when is withholding rate charged at 15%

#118 JOHN DELION | April 29, 2010

Excellent site, thanks. Question on long term lease of land:

Is it possible inside the lease contract or outside it, to have a promise to sell to present or future Lessee against payment of an additional amount (for example 500,000 Pesos indexed on official rate of inflation), if the Lessee is eligible to own land in Philippines?

Is it possible for the Lesse to "sell" or transfer his/her lease contract before end of the lease contract to a third party? If so, if the new Lessee is eligible to own property in Philippines, can this new Lessee acquire the property? I mean transforming the lease contract in a purchase/sale contract, to acquire l ownership of the property?

Many thanks again for your site

#119 KRIS | April 29, 2010

hi i am an Australian citizen and Indian dual citizen. i have agircutlural lands under my name in india before i was australian citizen.I want to know if i can buy? if my parents can tranfer agricultural land incase if they wish to is there any way they can do it(will or something)?i am also planning to sell my lands in the near future as i want to settle in australia. who can provide me the best advise and a link to read plz?

#120 BARRY | April 29, 2010

Does a person selling a car in P.R. have to go in person to some government office before selling the car??

#121 KRSNA VALLABHA | April 30, 2010

Hello, I'm renting a flat in Puri Orissa, I'm a foreigner, and we did a contract for 12 months and paid everything in advance, as it was the condition of the landlord and we didn't have any where else to move.
So now, my grandmother is sick and getting a heart operation on 15th may, we gave 1 month advise that we have to leave and want our money back (5 months have passed) so still 7 months to go to finish the contract, and now the landlord she says she cannot give us back the money till she doesn't get another person to rent the flat (note: my grandmother lives in the west and all the family has to go there).
PLEASE HELP! Any info or advice will help.

#122 RHYS | April 30, 2010

I would like to consult about our present situation. First of all, we have been renting the place for commercial purposes. We have been doing business for five years without so much problem from the owner. actually, we are not the only tenants that do the same. It has been agreed verbally and it's obvious that we have doing business...Now, the problem is that we, the tenants, received a letter from a law office, consented ( i dunno if it's the right word-consented )by our landlady telling us to vacate the place for 15 days,. We are not even notified!Three months’ formal notice is not provided plus we have renovations in the our rented commercial place and the landlady has been aware of all the necessary renovations that we've made.The whole time that we made renovations, she didn't stop us from doing so...

Please abundant tnx...

#123 GLORIA | May 03, 2010

My father passed away and my mother is not legally married to him and is traveling to PR to sell his house with my younger sister even though I do not agree in selling the house they are going to go behind my back. Is this doable even though my mother is not legally married to my dad? I am wondering if there is any way I can stop this from taking place. I am the oldest of his daughters and do not want my mother to sell the house nor receive any of the assets that belonged to him.

#124 AMAN | May 05, 2010

i ve rented a flat of mine in chandigarh to a lady since last 4 years.the rent agreement expired last year n i ve told her to vacate my house bt she is nt doin so n telling me that she will vacate the house after 2 years she is a could you plese tell me what all can i do legally to make her vacate my flat...

#125 DIDI | May 05, 2010

It is not possible to buy land, but what is if you want to buy an appartment? In a way you will participate on a percentage of the land where the appartment is built. Is there a special rule?

#126 NICK GORMAN | May 05, 2010

Are the laws regarding taking funds out of South Africa different if your South African relative died and left you money? I'm in a situation where it seems I have money stuck in South Africa.

#127 ANONYMOUS | May 06, 2010

lawyers earn a living by charging fees on advice offered to you.only a pro bono lawyer can help you out guys.

#128 LOUISE WARREN | May 06, 2010

In respect of a commercial property split into 6 units. The landlord has not split the utility supplies. Our office is paying for another offices use + communal areas and landlord/their agents are not reimbursing us. They now say we have to make an agreement with the other tenants to recoup the money.
Whee can I find out what is correct and what are the landlords responsibilities. Thank you Lou

#129 CINDY | May 07, 2010

hi property I am renting will be going on auction in 2 weeks.landlord owes me deposit plus money used for repairs.i have not paid him rental for this month as I want him to offset it from what he owes me.i know he wount be able to pay me back the deposit and money owed --i am moving out end of May.Can he evict me without a court order.

#130 ANNIE | May 08, 2010

Can anyone pls tell me if landlord can force tenant to pay for cleaning expenses while the tenants want to clean up by themselves?
Thank you!

#131 PETER | May 08, 2010

I have signed a 2 years contract with the landlord which carries a fixed rent for 24 months.
At around the 12th month, the landlord wishes a raise and said that they have the right to ask me to leave by the end of the 13th month if I am not willing to accept the raise.
I have found out that the contract I have signed,on the last clause, which is a hand written one, states that BOTH tenants and landlords have the right to terminate the contract after the 13th month, and I do not realize that while I sign the contract.
1. is this clause lawful_I feel like being cheated by the estate agent cause she told me I have the right to do so only, and this is the usual way to protect the tenant.
2. Why not just sign a one year contract or 13 months contract, instead of a 2 years contract and let the landlord throw me away after 13 months.
The contract was a general contract signed inside an estate agent firm and I really don't realised that clause. What can I do, should I accept the raise or can I object their raise with a reason.

#132 DIANA | May 08, 2010

My mother and aunt have lived in California for the past 49 years. They are oringinaly from a beautiful Island in Croatia called Soline, which is a village on dugi otok. My mothers youngest sister still lives there along with her husband and children. My mother and aunts family home has been renovated and with the permission of my mother and aunt who live here, my aunt back there has been renting it out to travlers from all over. Unknown to us, this has been very lucrative for my aunts 2 children who have families of their own and live on the main land. My aunt who lives on Soline, lives in her own house next door to the family house. My faimily and I have visited from time to time when I was a child. I took my family last summer and was in shock at the changes over the past 20 years. I was also bothered by the fact that the family there has been pushing my mother and aunt her to sign over their rights to the house and lots of land. My aunt and mother will not do his, seeing that I my brother and 2 cousins here would like to go and use the house as much as we can over the summers and want to make sure that our children have this for them too. What do we need to do in order to protect us who live in the state from being cheated out of this. The family there can rent it out and keep the money, we just want to make sure that we can use the house when we come to visit and if a hotel wants to purchase any of the beach front property my mother and her sisters own. We ant ours!What do we need to do??

#133 NICOLE | May 08, 2010

my dad lives in PR and i want him to get a "will". Could you tell me what the laws are considering heirs with out a will or with a will. should we do the will in PR or can i print one out in NY from the computer>

#134 SINGAPOREAN | May 09, 2010

Please note that estate duty has been abolished in Singapore. In other words, there is no inheritance tax.

#135 RYAN | May 09, 2010

We got a house and lot at a subdivision in cavite. we are still on our 12 month paying the equity when we are advised to pay for real property tax already. Is it legal for the real estate owner/developer to collect real property tax charges when the lot has not been transferred to our name yet.
The real estate/developer is collecting the real property tax.
please advise if this is valid.

#136 ANDREW CHEN | May 09, 2010

The house price will maintain or decrease slightly on current level. If there is significant decrease, such as 20%-30%, the bad loan in bank will increase, which is not the situation that authorities want to see. In order to balance between high step of GDP growth, the house price will not witness great decrease in the future. If it is the case, on the other hand, the authorities also have power to brake to decrease of house price.

#137 C.E.KHAN | May 09, 2010

My Father passed away in 2001. I am supposed to have inhereted land in various parts of Pakistan. My relatives have sent me Rupee value of this land. I have no idea where the land is or it's true worth. How do i go about finding the land and it's value and selling it.
Thank you

#138 ABBEY | May 09, 2010

I want to know how many month's quit notice can be given to a yearly paid tenant who his landlord breached the tenancy agreement, as well as the legal implication of a notice backdated. Thanks

#139 DANA | May 09, 2010

My guardian who i was raised to call my grandfather died four years ago , I have lived with him almost all of my life and then took on the responsibility of burying him as well... He had died this is four years,i have paid taxes on this land when he was life and afterward as well , since he didn't make a will i would like to know what documents and procedures would i have to take to claim his property and land

#140 ANDEW | May 10, 2010

I am renting a room in the ladnlods unit. He just told me i have to move out cuase his family is moving in. Can he do this? I checked the contract and nowhere does it stipulate early termination for either party.

#141 MGBEJUME MONDAY | May 10, 2010

I want to know if landlord has the right to agitate who to visit you and how person or persons to live me in a house I rented.

#142 JUAN COLLADO | May 10, 2010

We(brother & I) built a house on the land of my two aunts and father lives over the previous house which was owned/built by my father. The house was built and paid for in full. The land is registered but without the house. Do we need and acta for the house or other document?. We are the sole beneficiary's in both my aunt's and father will's.

#143 P. K. WALIA | May 11, 2010

I am 46 year old Hindu male having 2 daughters. I would like to will my property / assets among them equally, but also want to ensure that the shares of my daughters are not forcefully sold off by their in-laws or husbands. How can I ensure this in my will? Also whenever they have a need of money it can be easily assessable to them. Pl advise

#144 STEVE GUY | May 11, 2010

Okay, so there are no taxes levied on the sale of real-property in New Zealand. What I want to know is what are the yearly property tax rates in New Zealand.

#145 THAMES VALLEY | May 11, 2010

I am trying to sell my property in Malaysia. Have a buyer but need to know who pays my lawyer's costs.Also is there capital gains tax on the sale? Selling it off without any profit. Just getting back the deposit i paid. Views appreciated.

#146 FRANCOIS DU TOIT | May 11, 2010

Dear Sir,I need the email address of Master of the
High Court Namibia. Hope you will be able to help
me with that. Thank you.

#147 KERRY | May 11, 2010

I am 40 year old Sikh female in UK. My Grandmother died in India in 2006 leaving her estate to her 6 children who are all resident in UK. One of her sons - my uncle died in 2008 leaving a will only for his estate in UK, with no mention of estate in India, he had no children and always insisted and promised verbally that his share of the estate in India belonged to his brothers/sisters and nephews/nieces. His widow claimed his share and has sold it without consulting or offering the share (in land and properties) to my deceased uncles' surviving brothers and sisters. Was his widow entitled to the whole of his share or should some of it come back to his surviving brothers and sisters as he had no children of his own? The estate in India consisted of Ancestors Agricultural Land and Properties which had been purchased over approx 4/5 generations of our family and not funded in anyway by my uncle.

#148 ULUMA HENRY NAKHAULI | May 12, 2010

There is eight classes of W/T allowance'Why is it and you have not published in the newspaper for favour and surerity of our examination?

#149 TAMMY NELL | May 12, 2010

I started renting a flat July 2007 and had a years lease. In early 2008 the entire building was sold and we got new landlords. They did let us know that they would be selling off the individual flats but we could stay there untill such time as they had done so. They never gave me a new lease when my old one expired July 2008. This year 15 March i got a notice saying that i had to vacate the flat by no later than May 31. I immediately called them and let them know i would be out of the flat by the end of March and asked them for a letter of reference and my 2months deposit. I did not hear from them again. I moved out at the end of the month and still heard nothing from them. i handed in the keys at their offices but they were out to luch and was unable to talk to them about my reclaiming my deposit. I called them again a few days ago after almost a month of being out of the flat and they told me that they would not be giving me my deposit back as I moved out before the end of May and they were still expecting rent for the next 2months!!!
Surely this is not right as they never gave me a new lease and they gave me notice?

#150 LEO DUARTE | May 12, 2010

The completed corrupted Portuguese judicial system is a sham supported by this puppet republic led by a seemingly powerless puppet rubber stamping president. I suggest that investors focus on investing in more transparent and profitable markets such as Canada, UK, Switzerland, and the US. The Portuguese rental market cannot be taken seriously and is similar to a third world market. We have sold all of our active real estate investments and placed them in more democratic states, any serious investor does not have time nor patience for this three ring circus. Investors must not be tricked into thinking that Portugal is a western European nation, it is in fact a quasi dictatorship struggling to be recognized as a destination for international investment.

#151 LIZ | May 13, 2010

Hi, I am renting a bachelor flat from a lady that runs a bed and breakfast (which I don't think is registered). She made me sign a contract of R1500 per month with a deposit of R1500, I have been in the flat since November 2009, the contract said that the rental would be increased every year at the rate of 5% which is R75, now she is saying that I will have to pay R200 more, which is contrary to the contract. When I said that the contract said 5%, she told me that the contract would not hold up in court, and if I don't pay the R200 increase she will give me 24hours notice to move out. She constantly tells me what I can and cannot do in my flat. She constantly interfears with everything I do, please advise on what my rights are.

#152 LESLIE FAUVEL | May 13, 2010

You have erred. In Alberta, the landlord IS permitted to end the tenancy for just cause ie; using the property for himself or family members. Please correct this as it is a common occurrence.

#153 GIO | May 13, 2010

....situation is changed...are you sleeping?

#154 ELAINE PAPAZOGLOU | May 14, 2010

My husband and I retired to Bulgaria 3 years ago and have given a lot of thought to making Wills in Bulgaria. We have spoken to local solicitors in Bulgaria about this, but none have given the precise and detailed information that is contained in your article. The information that you have given has helped us enormously and clearly we have much to consider before making our decision. Thank you very much.

#155 PRINCESS | May 14, 2010

November 2008 i moved to east london and found a place advertised in the dispatch.Upon viewing the flatlet and desperate to find a place i liked but the so called agent asked for a deposit to hold the keys and i gave her 800 rands to secure the keys and wrote me a receipt of 800 and then asked me back for the receipt and added that in the event of not taking the place i will lose the 800 and deposit was 2500 now 2010 after her deductions of 1900 she is not willing to pay for my deposit phone is unreachable what must i do.

#156 ZAMA | May 14, 2010

What is the cut-off period for a tenant to claim ownership on the building he is occupying and under what conditions. Does it involve the land where the building is constructed ?

#157 LUIS R RIVERA | May 15, 2010

My father and mother has joint account. Because he died, the bank frozed the account. According to the law we are entitle to 1/3 of 50% of the money, but we want to give it back to my mother. Do we have to pay taxes on the money and does my mother has to pay taxes again once she gets it back. My mother and sister lives in PR, me and my brother live US.

#158 RAGHU M | May 15, 2010

Dear Sir,
I & my family are staying is rented house from 40 to 45 years. Our single room size is 10X10 & also 3x10 open space in front of our room. Our house is located in out house of bunglow plot. 10 to 12 years back we have won the case against our lanlord in a district court. Our lanlord has approached us after the case, that to leave the room. We have told him to give us 2 to 3 room plot alongwith water & meter in same or nearby area. But he has refused & told us to take only 60 thousand rupees & vacate the room. We refused for the same. Now our lanlord is giving us lots of trouble like not parking 2 wheeler in his bunglow plot i.e. in front of my room. After midnight 12 we are not allowed to enter are house as the gate of the bunglow are closed. He make the record of entry. None of our materials like shoes, bucket etc. should keep in the open space in front of our room. I request can you give me suggestion that if i leave that room, how much amount we should take from him. Now the rate in ur area is min 3500/- to 5500/- sqft. or shall i go to the court.

#159 ALEX | May 15, 2010

This website has Panama as an attarctive investment market. I am struggling to align that evaluation with all the empty apartment blocks I see in Panama City when I travel there. Comparing wiht Dubai? Hyperbole but not unlike the Dubai of 2010. You guys need to do some better analysis on Latin America markets

#160 ALEX | May 15, 2010

I just rented out my apt in Buenos Aires - small 95 m2 in top areas and based on todays valuation of that property I ma getting around 5.6% yeild. Based on the price I paid for it 2 years ago my yield is around 7.6%

For sure many risks in that country associated to political and financial areas but give the lack of a credit market there is no bubbles in prices there and indeed with the inflation and political risks the locals tend to store their spare cash in property supporting prices. Compared to Europe (and Brazil) the prices are still good value

#161 ALEX | May 15, 2010

I just rented out my apt in Buenos Aires - small 95 m2 in top areas and based on todays valuation of that property I ma getting around 5.6% yeild. Based on the price I paid for it 2 years ago my yield is around 7.6%

For sure many risks in that country associated to political and financial areas but give the lack of a credit market there is no bubbles in prices there and indeed with the inflation and political risks the locals tend to store their spare cash in property supporting prices. Compared to Europe (and Brazil) the prices are still good value

#162 RHODA | May 15, 2010

my parents let out their house, the occupiers let out the garden cottage without them knowing... now i had to move into the property but was left with this women in the cottage... she said she wants to move out at the end of the month, she never paid at the end of last month,what should or can i do as she is using my electric and water and even has her brother staying there when it was let as a single persons flat..not by my parents..the person who rented from them... we had nothing to do with this person renting our property

#163 TAHIR ULLAH | May 15, 2010

my sister is married and now has summoned me to share in the inheritance with me and my other two brothers in our parents' estate. Our parents are dead for more than six years ago and we have not received their property in our name yet. My question is whether she can afford only to summon me?

In addition, if her children can claim her share of inheritance after her death?

#164 IRMA SAUD | May 15, 2010

I am trying to find if there are any inheritance tax in the USA on inheritance from another country. The amount will not be over $20,000.

#165 SOLITA A. MARTIN | May 16, 2010

Good day i just want to know what legal action my friend will do regarding her problem. She was able to buy a house and lot while working abroad her mother was in charge because she was not here, so in the deed of sale and any other legal documents regarding the said parcel of lot was name after her mother. Several years past her mother died but she was able to tell my friend that she can have the property and she leaves all the documents to her and even gave her a power of attorney to manage the said property and the other property. As of this days her sister rent her property and receiving the rent for nine (9) months now without her consent, what action she can do to gain control of her property, because her sisters don't want to accept her ownership of the said property. She is single, second to the last child and her sisters were the eldest and the youngest. Please advice

#166 MARC | May 16, 2010

Your numbers are conservative. The renter has a lot of bargaining power in Shanghai. I would say (from personal experience) that your yields are about 1% too high.

#167 GAVIN | May 17, 2010

how do chase my tenant out of my house? i do not have any tenancy agreement. Now he is in 2 mths rental overdue. i did verbally ask him to move out but he ignore my request and challenge me to chase him out. i did lodge a police report to cover myself and my family. i only received 1 mth deposit and RM 200 for utility deposit. did not even raise the rental ever since 2004. rented for about 6 years.. pls advise.

#168 VERONICA VALMONT | May 17, 2010

I have seen your questions. you can either invest in partnership, offshore ect.

#169 ELIZABETH | May 17, 2010

My appartment had 2 windows and one door to enter and leave. My landlord has blocked one of my windows to build another apartment now i have one window and he keeps telling me he'll do something about the ventilation. Now he wants 100 dollars more from next month. What steps can i take to stop this injustice?

#170 LAURELLE PLANT | May 17, 2010

Good day,
I hope you can advise me as to what I can do about the following situation:

My husband has recently returned to the UK after spending 14 years in the SA. During his time in the SA his grandparents both passed away. He has been told now by a close family friend that his Uncle took the inheratace that was left to my husband. He was shocked and shattered. Is there anyway to fight what has happend the grandparents passed away just under 2 years ago. I hope you can point me in the right direction on taking this matter further.


#171 EDWIN P. GONZALES | May 18, 2010

a lot property was left behind by a dead sister. my mother died before my sister's death. I have my father who is still alive and 8 surving siblings. NOw my father would like to sell the property. What shall we do? Are my siblings entitled to a share of the value of the lot in case of sale? if so, how it should be distributed? In selling the property, are my siblings' signatures required on the deed of sale?

Thanks for your time in answering this question..

#172 NICHOLAS | May 18, 2010

having served the tenant with a notice to vacate as agreed on the agreement, and the tenant refuse to vacate can you forcefully remove him/her from the premise

#173 SHADAA S | May 18, 2010

I agree with Marcia, u really need to answer our questions. Does a tenant owns the room or flat that is rented to the tenant? I rent a room for $8000 per month and I do not get any key and anytime I leave the house, my landlord would go in my room and sleep on my bed and plug in her radio and give excuses like: 'your room is relaxing.' Is that right? What are my rights?

#174 HOWCOME | May 18, 2010

Agree with Marc. Live and rent in Beijing now. 160 SM, asking sales price 4.8 M Yuan, rent 6 K Yuan/month.

#175 UMAR FAROOQ | May 19, 2010

My father have four brothers and their buisnes is combined, my father is not giving us day to day expense amount from last two years. we are two brothers and one sister and mother.can my mother and we claim our fifth share in buisness and property.

#176 ERIC KING | May 19, 2010


We live in Buho near Tagaytay, in an apartment. Our rent is 3,500 a month. We have been here two years, never have been late on rent or utilities. Our Landlord told us 2 months ago to vacate, because he needs his place for himself. 2 months is now up We haven't found a suitable place to move.

I went to pay the rent today, or to discuss an agreement to extend for another month or even half of a month. Our Landlord will not answer his door. We know he is upset. I see by your info here, that we have the right to a 3 month notice, in this case. Does this hold true? we are in Buho, Silang, Cavite. Our course our Landlord has more pull with the local Barangay than us.

What are our rights?

Thanks, Eric King

#177 SHEILA | May 19, 2010

My dad passed away in 2008, he left two wifes and 8 children. Although he didnt have a will, he left property and shares worth 3 million kenyan shillings. All his properties are in my late mum's name, and now my step mums want to divide the 3 million among themselves. Although we are all above 18 yrs, is there a way us the children can receive part of the inheritance?
Sheila, US

#178 SALLY | May 19, 2010

I recently left an appartment and my landlord is holding my bond. When the removalist shifted my safe they left some marks in the floorboards. The landlords own contractor quoted me $880 to fix the scratches. The landlord now tells me that he's not happy with the job and says that the whole apartment needs to be resanded to fix the scratches. The cost will be $5,300 and he says that he'll be duducting this from my bond. What recourse do I have now? I think it's ridiculous to have to pay for the entire floor when just a few boards were scratched, but he won't let me get a second opinion from another contractor. Thanks.

#179 M TERRY | May 20, 2010

A tennant has a one year lease on a property. Tennant decides to move out after 7 months as they found another place. There has been no dispute between landlord or tennant. Does the tennant get their deposit back? As they have broken the lease agreement.

#180 GAD WAIGANJO | May 20, 2010

Should a land lord add rent thrice within ten months and at the same time deny you some services like electricity during the day.
Before denying us electricity the premises had gone for a month without electricity and we paid the same omount

#181 IMEE DIZON | May 21, 2010

Hi,i would like to inquire and seek help.We are renting an apartment and the old owner sell the units.Were almost 3 years now in this apartment but we already buy a house and we want to use our advance payments like 1 month advance and 2 months deposits plus we have 3thousand deposit for water and electric.But the new owner is telling us that the old owner did not endorse anything to them.But when we heard that the old owner is selling the units we told them to endorse or tell to the new owner our advance payments so that they will know.Now my problem is we dont have a contract even the next door our neighbor dont have a contract we only have the receipt and states there the deposits and advance payment.Now,the new owner wanted us to pay for they dont want to honor our payments to the old owner.What is our right as tenant regarding this case?

#182 MYRA | May 21, 2010

my daughter is renting a place and the landlord just comes into her place when she is at work without telling her, her rent includes lights and water, while she was away and had paid the rent her switched off her electricty to save money and all her food went off on her return, when her father phone him to enquire what was happening, he has threated her that should her family enter the premises her would have us arrested for trespassing, what rights do we have

#183 JOY FULLER | May 21, 2010

I had tenant who owes utiity bills and left without paying,. how dod I recover the money?

#184 LANDLORD | May 21, 2010

I would appreciate advice on the what constitutes structure of the Premises:
Is this a broken pane of glass, a faulty door handle, a leaking shower, a rickety post box.
I would appreciate a clearer definition of what comprises the structure of a premises.
12.2 The Lessor shall be obliged to:
12.2.1 Keep the structure of the Premises and the roof in a state of good repair.


Assalam-o-Allaikum Warehmatullah, what should be disposal of moveable & immovable property of a deceased muslim having no kid. Does any share of this property will be distributed among children of his brother's & sister's died before him? please advice. In case if some portion of the property goes to the widow's & children (legal heir's) of his brother/sister died before his death then also recommend a suitable lawyer for consultation/filing of case in the court. Thanks & Regards. Muhammad Jauhar Ishaque,( mobile 03223665933)

#186 LEI | May 22, 2010

we signed a lease for twelve months,but recently found out that a bank approved an application for a home loan that was a late estate and was only approved months later, now my question is, our contract states that we have signed for 12 monts, but isnt it law that if you want to move out before your lease is up you need to give one months notice?

#187 JANNA | May 23, 2010

Hi...our tenant had been renting for almost two years and half...He pays on time and never have problem with him...But my brother decided to get the property for personal use...the problem is., the tenant doesnt want to go even he already used the deposit.He is asking for 9 months before he will leave the house he rent.

#188 ALICIA | May 23, 2010

im a second wife of my japanese husband..he was divorced with his first wife. do i still get the right to get the half of my husbands property as wife?
thank you..

#189 AMBER CAMERON | May 24, 2010


#190 KONOSI | May 24, 2010

can a landlord auction your property within the first month while you have paid deposit?

#191 NERESH PREMCHUND | May 24, 2010

We have rented a house from my wifes sister and her husband for the past 5 years with no contract.We have
been paying the same about of rent and my wife and I have had a few disagreements and they have given use notice to move from the property.I am going to be retreched at the end of May 2010. What rights to I have as a tenant.

#192 GENAVIEVE | May 24, 2010

I am currently renting an appartment from my bosses which who i work for. they are now seperating and he has demanded that we move out in 24 hours. we have a 14 year old child and we have never signed a contract, do we have rights?.

#193 IRMELA SCHIRMER | May 24, 2010

If patio furniture gets slolen while having tenants in the house, who is liable for that. They were part of the inventory list handed to the tenants by the agent. The tenants had moved out of the house before the contract expired, did pay for the rent till the end but the furniture was stolen in the last month while the house was standing empty.

#194 SANDRA VELARDE | May 25, 2010

Taxes on rental property is 5% and it should be declared monthly.

#195 DOUG WORDEN | May 25, 2010

Grand Cayman may see an nice increase in demand and tightening of supply over the next two years. A new medical tourism hospital has been announced and projected to have a substantial impact on the need for hotel rooms and housing. We are hoping to see real estate values respond accordingly.

#196 JOHN MURRAY | May 25, 2010

The comments were quite an insult for this old boy. America is about great people doing great things everywhere. Get a life? Get a Job? More petty hate and jealousy. I know, get an education. In your two cases, I am positive you will benefit.

#197 CELENE READ | May 25, 2010

We just moved out from a "nightmare" rental property where the estate agent and owner will not lift a finger to fix anything related to the property. Now the estate agent re-advertising this property for rent with new rental fee - they increased the rental fee by almost 5% without improving the condition of the property. How can they do that? Is that a board or regulation for estate agent to follow before increasing the rental fee to new tenant? This is ripping off a tenant who have not idea what they will be facing for the next 12months in this property. I am very angry with this matter because the tenancy board including consumer affairs have limited power to help "good tenant" with they are facing with "Bad" agent and owner. CPI has not increase that much and how can a rental fee increase more than CPI rate? I am happy to provide more information if needed. Thank you for your time.

#198 ISAAC | May 26, 2010

20%withholding is for non ROC residents who have staying in country less than 185days. if you stay longer you can get a lot of that refunded, depending on your tax bracket. the next year if you stay on the same ARC, resident visa, they should with hold a more reasonable amount, depending on your salary.

#199 LEE | May 26, 2010

Currently, I've leased my new apt to a foreigner & his local girlfriend. Even on the 1st mth rental, it was late by 10 days & I didn't conpliant. Now, 2nd mth, it was worst. The rental was very late & he actually issued to me cheque that bounced. I reckoned that he was up to no good & I asked his agent to get the 2nd mth rental in cash from him. But, instead, he insisted to issue another crossed cheque to me. When I went to my apt with my agent, hoping to discuss this matter to him, he refused to open up the door for us. At my wits end, I called upon the police for help to get them open up. But, that was useless too. The policemen managed to talk to my tenant but returned to ask me to contact the tenant & landlord dispute dept. Do u know the frustration??!! My own apt & I can't even go in & talk to the tenant!! The tenant refused to pay me & refused to move out & all the policemen could do was that kind of advice??!! I want to repossess my apt asap. What should I do that will take immediate effect?? Or, is it foreigner is still more superior than locals in the eyes of our law & we just hv to suffer in silence?

#200 MIDIKA | May 26, 2010

How do you handle a situation where the landlord comes and tells you that he wants to demolish part of the house for renovation and you need to move.

#201 JIM | May 27, 2010

What charges or costs can a landlord deductfrom a tenants deposit?

For instance, if the tenant asked for the gas fire to be removed during the tenancy because he could afford to pay for the gas heating and wanted instead to light the fire, could the landlord charge for getting an authorise bord gais person to have it removed and replacec after the tenant leaves ?
Indeed what other items or charges can he apply?

#202 ANGUS MITCHELL | May 27, 2010

If 2 sisters inherit an estate less than 2550000.00DKK are they subject to the "Estate duty"? For that matter are sisters subject to the "Inheritance Tax"?


I think no legal document is valid by either LandLord or Tenant. As this is a formality of the law ,and law is blind, there is no justice, if what was agreed upon by both the parties was valid and acceptable then there would be no pending cases in the court. I think it is purely a trust ,and Allah is the sole judge, it takes a little long to resolve the case in Allah's court but one receives the justice.

#204 SUGAR | May 28, 2010

I know a Japanese born person who is now an American Citizen who just learned she is an heir to a family estate (house/property). Her cousins are sending her "Japanese Legal Form" to sign over her share of the property. Would she be liable for any inheritance tax if she is gifting her share of the estate to the remaining heirs?

#205 SUSANA | May 28, 2010

Hi, the rental yield calculation in the article is wrong, it is using the monthly rental for a 120sqm apartment and not the 180sqm one.

#206 NONY MBAEZUE | May 29, 2010

Please update this article for 2010. Thanks!

#207 VENKAT | May 31, 2010

I stayed in rented house, recently 15 days back (15th May 2010) I was vacated from the house, during my stay i signed 11 months agreement, and it was over by Sep 2009 after that not renewed, and I was given 1 month notice to the owner and vacated within 15 days only and I told the owner to deduct full month of the rent and return my deposit which is 3 months (6800 * 3) i.e. 20400 /- rs. During my stay because of the furniture there are some stains on the walls otherwise everything is OK. My owner is staying at US. After vacating I have sent so many mails regarding the Deposit return, he not responding for those mails. Already 15 days are over .Some his close relatives are staying in the city, I came to know that he painted entire house, without my intimation. Is it required me to pay the painting cost? Now I don’t know how to collect my deposit, please help me.
Thanks and regards

#208 ANNOYED TENANT | May 31, 2010

estate agents have been handling our property, they have to date failed to allow us to meet with the owners of the property, a major problem we had was the main gate for the main sliding door, the previous tenants didnt give the key, the agents got an unprofessional guy that bust the gate, for the past 6 months we have a cable tie tying up the gate, we held back the rent and they still didnt sort it out, last month i paid R1000 extra for this months rent, the agent took the R1000 and said its for penalties for late payments and phone calls(which was only made regarding the gate) are they allowed to do such a thing as R1000 is alot of money for me.

#209 HARSHINI | May 31, 2010

i am a US citizen.... my mother is writing her house to me keeping life interest in her name... do i need to pay tax?

#210 WAMUYU | May 31, 2010

What procedure can a landlord use to add a rent review clause to reflect current market rates in a lease agreement granted during the colonial period for 99 years and which did not provide for rent review?

#211 SANDY NAIDOO | May 31, 2010

Is there a % increase on rent and what is it? I am placing my notice at the end of June 2010 and would like to know if the deposit that i put in will cover the rent for the last month that i live there or do i need to pay the difference as the rent has increase in the years that i'm living there?

#212 DAWODU AYODELE | June 01, 2010

How many month's quit notice can be given to a yearly paid tenant who his landlord breached the tenancy agreement,as well as the legal implication of a notice backdated.

#213 MICHAELA | June 01, 2010

Currently there are many listings in Trinidad & Tobago at the wrong prices. Everything is over valued! I have never seen so many listings in such a small island with so many homeless people and crime. Everybody is trying to sell for as close to $ 500 000.00 U.S. dollars and up which is proposterous as many of these places are not that impressive (very small) especially the view that they are trying to sell or the half truth that you can get your apt. rented out for as much as $ 3000.00 U.S per month. I have not been able to get my apt. rented out as much as looked at for over three years.

Houses are on the market for 4 to 5 Million TT and more. In fact there are some listed for as much as 18 million TT. Anybody and everybody is calling themselves realestate agents and handing out realestate call cards. In fact I meet a new agent everyday. I would guess that they are not even qualified to do such work and that is why the reality of peoples actual earnings and expenses are not calculated into the price factor.

Home and especially apt. listings are going way above what most Americans pay. Trinidad and Tobago residents/ citizens earn less. Lets not forget to mention that there are many young families who need a place to live and it is proposterous to try to make them pay $500 000.00 U.S.or a first time apt.

Thanks to greed and not real economics many young families cannot afford to even buy a decent apartment.

#214 MRS CHEN | June 01, 2010

My family has recently moved out of a unit we rented for 3 years. On the last day of the lease i conducted a complete walkthur of the unit where the landlord my no comments whatsoever regarding any irregular wear and tear which i believe did not exist. Now the landlord has submitted a invoice to me for some R1800 more that the amount of my deposit (R4800 total) for what i believe are normal wear and tear items given the 3 year lease duration. I believe items such as repainting the unit and fixing odds and ends are surly considered normal. what is my best course of action to deal with this dis-genuine landlord?

#215 JEGAN | June 02, 2010

realy healp full me

#216 GURNDER SINGH | June 02, 2010

Kindly advise -
I have a property on joint names (my father and my name).But my father died in 2008.I have my mother and my sister (married).
-What is the process of transfer the property as my fathe died in 2008.
-Who all are the leagle owner of the property,
-Can we have to pay any tax for the property transfer.

#217 RON | June 02, 2010

A little over a year ago I signed an offer to purchase a property (before going to auction) in the Western Cape. My deposit and all legal fees were immediately paid. Unfortunately I have since been treated terribly by the bank and its legal representatives - precisely 1 year and 1 day later the house was finally transferred into my name. I now have two problems:
1. The previous owners (who had defaulted on payment to the bank leading to auctioning of the house) are STILL in the property although I have been advised that the property should be vacant. They are refusing to vacate the property.
2. The abovementioned have done damage to my property and have removed a wendy house, which I have also been advised was included as the house was sold 'voetstoots'. I am now considering laying charges of intrusion, malicious damage to property and theft.

I am seeking advise on the abovementioned points please. I am in a situation where my family has been forced to live in a small rented apartment for the last year - and now, not only am I paying the costs for both the bond as well as my rent but also the tenants electricity and utilities bill.

What can I do in this situation - please help me.

#218 MACKSELIN M. CHOTA | June 02, 2010

The amount of rent in Tanzania is very high compared to the ecnomic situation of the people,rent of 14% of the replacement cost of the property is not easy even though the tenants & landlords may negotiate it but still the condition is very worse because most of the people are jobless.I think there is need for the govt to make an amendments to the Rent Restriction Act 1984 in order to reduce the amount of rents up to below 14% of the replacement cost and to control the prices of the building materials as it have done in fuels,petroleum,diesel & kerosene so as enable the poor to afford housing costs and prevent harsh tenants` eviction which done by the most landlord due tenants failure to pay rent

#219 ADOLF | June 02, 2010

i have tennants that refuse to pay rent, water or lights account. they refuse to move out although i gave them notice, i want to fix my house up and remove woodborer, they refuse to budge, what can i do?? only have 3months left in south africa

#220 PRUDENCE SULIMAN | June 02, 2010

My tennants stayed for over a year and did not pay the lights and water account. The agreement with the agent was that i woul pay the rates and tax and tennants would pay lights and water. The accoun amounts to R12,000 currently. What can i do?

#221 NYAMS | June 02, 2010

Withholding rate charged at 15% is ongovernment bearer bond of at least two years duration and other

#222 ANDREI FERNANDEZ | June 06, 2010

hi, would like seek some advice, we are renting appartment here in makati. me, my wife and my two freinds are sharing for the rent expense. now my two friends decided to move in other apartment. my wife and i decided to continue renting this appartment but our landlord want us to leave, he state that the one who signed the contract is one of our friend so if this friend of mine will leave we must also leave. when we got this appartment our landlord knows from the very first that we are four. this friend of mine who signed the contract is ex-employee of our landlord. being ex-employee, our landlord gave some previllage to us, he charge us for one month advance only no deposit at all. now that this friend of mine who signed the contract want to leave our landlord tell us that we must also leave. we dont have copy of the contract. do we have no right to stay? is it right to force us to leave by our landlord?

#223 MRS PILLAY | June 07, 2010

My tenant had another family of 5 living on the leased property periodically for several days at a time without our knowledge or consent. When we discovered this per accident, we called up a meeting to say this is not allowed and unfair on the other tenants on the property as thw water is shared pro-rata. They agreed and said that they will not let them stay anymore. A few weeks later they had this same family stay over again for several days without our knowledge. Also this other family comes in during the day when no-one is there and use the facilities without our knowledge. We had a meeting again and now our tenant wants to prematurely terminate their lease agreement with us, because they are unhappy. They owe us rental for several months previously - they lost their job, so we helped them to stay on condition that they will pay us back all outstanding rentals. When they started worked they have paid back some of the balance but still owe us a lot more. Now they refuse to pay us the outstanding balance before they leave. Can you advise without any legal drama as it will cost them a lot more money and their debt will become bigger than what is due. We have a signed lease in place and an acknowledgement of debt. Our lease agreement also states that all costs incurred in recovering our money will be borne by the lessee. They also forfeit their deposit if the lease is terminated prematurely.

#224 JD | June 07, 2010

My landlord increased the rent by two hundred dollars monthyly indicating that the electricity bill went up, no comparison was provided to verify such. For almost a year two lights were not functioning in the apt, for sim months cable was not working and the ac unit also was not functional. Even though, messages were left regarding complaints and nothing was done until long after, there was a delay in providing funds for rent. Now I am given less than a week to vacate the apt, what, if any redress is possible?

#225 IAN | June 07, 2010

Your information that an apartment of 70 sqm costs 213,640 is COMPLETELY INCORRECT! It is HALF of that. You probably got the info from a crooked agent.

#226 AYESHA BUTT | June 07, 2010

Assalam-o-Allaikum, i was hardly 17 when my father passed away, my elder sister was married and i was dependent on my brother only, i was hardly aware of the innumerable properties that my father owned. now what has happened is that, my brother kept coming to me periodically with documents and asking me to sign on them, and which i did trusting him being unaware of all law stuff. now that its been 20 years to my marriage and im very unstable... and iv come to know of the properties that my brother has alone hoarded and is selling them... and iv come to know that the papers he made me sign were the power of attorneys and some other similar documents.. please tell me what way can i cancel my power of attorney (OR GET MY SHARE OF PROPERTY) that remains and out of as well as that too which has been sold. PLEASE HELP ME....!!!

#227 RONNAHLYNE DOYLE | June 07, 2010

Hi! I'm a filipino citizen. I am planning to buy a house and lot for 90,000.00. Its residential house and lot. How much will it cost me with all the fees, such as transferring of the titles? How will I know that the lot is titled and not fake? Please help me. I need some information. Thank you!

#228 RONNAHLYNE DOYLE | June 07, 2010

The land area is 543 sqm for 90 thou. How much will it cost me all in all?

#229 ANON | June 08, 2010

the simple answer to most of your questions is that you need to go through the terms of your tenancy agreement.
As a precaution,make sure that before you rent some premises you are sure of the terms you will be bound by and make sure it's on paper!

#230 OMPHEMETSE | June 08, 2010

I've signed a lease form for the flat on November 2009 and it expires on November 2010, but now i moved out of the flat and the landlord says I can't get my deposit back even though he already found someone to occupy the flat. Is this right accoding to the law?
When i gave the notice in April he asked me to find people to occupy the flat which i did so he now refuse to give my deposit. what should as they people occupying the flat.

#231 ANTHONY CHIVERTON | June 08, 2010

The state should provide forums educating persons on the importance of making a will. Advice them on how to create a will with out the expence of a lawyer if they cannot affort one or if it is a complicated situation.

#232 JOAO COELHO | June 08, 2010

I guess nobody has dealt with American lawyers. Anytime anyone hires a lawyer, if they want results they will need to hound the lawyer and sometimes even sue them. While i appreciate the critical comments made by some of the guests here, i think that denial is also prevalent amongst people who think only in Portugal we have corruption and bad laws and bad lawyers. How many times have we seen congressmen, businessmen paraded around in trials for corruption that goes all the way to the top. So give good information but do not distort reality. If things are so bad then why are you still investing in Portugal? I would not. So things cannot be as bad as that and the criticism tends to lose steam and value.

#233 JOAN | June 08, 2010

Please tell us how the property tax is calculated in Franced? What percentage of value does it amount to?

#234 DMITRY (KIEV, UKRAINE) | June 09, 2010

something's wrong with the cost of 1 sq m - in August 2008 it was almost ten times more than just US317.3; it was closer to 2516 (US dollars, not hryvnas)

#235 AIGARS | June 10, 2010

I do not think that prices are increasing so fast, there is no economic fundamentals for growing and it is big question how Latvia will manage to return money to IMF and how they will cut budget by additional 700 million EUR and this will take out money again from economy. I predict nothing good will happen here, while we still falling :(

#236 AIGARS | June 10, 2010

But I can say one, that in forest industry here is possible to achieve good returns :), real cash flow at least 20% annual and in future land will also increase in prices then we can predict more then 300-500% return in 5 years term

#237 PETER | June 10, 2010

Montreal yields are high because Quebec laws are particularly pro-tenant; and if you want to get on in Quebec you really need to speak French.

For example if you want your tenant to leave you have to follow a VERY precise sequence of notices (use recorded delivery) but even then they have the right to appeal.

Next you'll get a judge (actually less senior than a judge more like in English you would call a solicitor or such). The proceeding will most probably all be in French. You'll have to prove you're about to move back into the property (because you have no where else to live) or you're doing renovations (with a work order to back it up) or you're selling the property in order to get the tenant out.

It's not always easy; but the challenges clearly are worth the rewards as Montreal is a very attractive city; with a wonderful quality of life. And as an investor yields as you correctly point out are great but even better it's been appreciating slowly but steadily more so than any other major city in Canada (which suffered wild swings in 2008). And even today it is STILL significantly below fair value vs wages compared to other Canadian cities.

Underpinning this are very strong fundamentals of employment and population growth.

Montreal has a thriving aerospace, it's fair share of blue chip HQs (less than once before after the pro-French stuff took hold but still companies like Air Canada, L'Oreal, Ubisoft, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce and many more are HQed in Montreal).

Tech companies benefit from generous subsidises too – especially computer games and multimedia which are subsidised to the tune of nearly 50% of payroll... all paid for not by debt but in a round about way from an abundant free and green energy source in the form of government owned hydro power in the north of Quebec.

Finally health care is great. Three new super hospitals being built in the next 3 years.

Also very much a university town with Canada's top McGill campus plus many more like Concordian (popular with international students; amazing new glass high-res campus downtown).

Oh and finally Montreal's bike sharing system was so good London, UK and Boston ordered Montreal to make one for them too.

Population growth:
Since the late 90s Montrealer's pay $7/day for the child care. And even if you're self-employeed women get annual maternity leave equivalent to 75% of their previous year's earnings.

Result. Baby boom since the 1990s in Quebec. And given they all have to go to school in French more than elsewhere in Canada (which losses talent to the States to a fair degree) they are more prone to stay in Quebec boosting demand for housing.

Again these government incentives (child care and parental benefits) are not particularly subsidised by DEBT but by assets like hydro which also power Rio Tinto smelters up North bringing further cash.

#238 GIOVANNI COLABUFO | June 11, 2010

Excellent educational tool!

#239 FRANZ | June 12, 2010

can i ask r tenants obliged to pay the monthly dues of the HOmeowners Association..we were greatly surprised when a lady came r place and gave a letter saying that we owe P1,200 for 12mos monthly dues..cuz we were occupying the apartment for a year now...
is this legal....shudnt we have the right to waive this rules when the fact that were not HOME OWNERS as word implies..were just tenants.
hope to hear a response on this matter..thanks

#240 MARK ABRAMOV | June 13, 2010

i think slovakia will experience a very strong fall on the prices of flats and on the rents. Bratislava or better slovakia is the only place in Europe with the highest prperty prices

#241 PAULMONTEJAR | June 13, 2010

How much is the allowable increase of the house rental from Php 7,500.00 after one year? The house is in NCR.
Also, if I want to use the house for personal use after the end of the one year contract, how will I notify the lessor? Should it be in writing and the document Notarized? How long can I require them to vacate? Thanks

#242 PANKAJ SHAH | June 13, 2010

Don't fool people with wrong statistics, study the property market properly. Gujarat(Jamnagar) is the number 1 costlier city in the whole world starting from $100,000 to $150,000 per square meter
just go back to your home and study first before you bring out the list you fools, Madarch---, kuta, kamina,harrami,halkat,nalayak,bashtr---,and all the remaining bad words, please go to mental hospital

#243 PAT | June 13, 2010

Similiar to question asked by Porter Smith (#3). Where do the answers to questions get posted? My wife and I also purchased a house in San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal and have not received any tax bills and do not know where, how or who to contact to find out if taxes are due and who to pay them to.

#244 KYLA | June 14, 2010

Is our economy going to rebound any time soon? Our housing marketplace isn't acquiring superior even though mortgage prices are the lowest they have been in a long time. Most individuals still cannot qualify for residence loans when many others are nevertheless facing foreclosures every day. People are taking out installment loans just to pay their mortgage as it is already. When thousands are losing their properties and thousands more can't get approved to purchase properties, how is our market likely to ever recover. It is nevertheless next to impossible to get financing for a new residence without perfect credit.

#245 MIRASOL | June 14, 2010

we have contract for one year. But i dont want to finish it because it is not convenience anymore to live in. They will fix the ceiling but they ask me to pay for it. They will removed and put new materials plus the labor. Can I terminate my contract with my Landlord?

#246 MATTHEW COUSINS | June 14, 2010

Hi i purchased a apartment a few years in slovenia.And i found the whole experience a nightmare from the agent i used to the builder i purchased of, and the lawyer who did the conveyacing.I found the lot of them to be corrupt , also i would advive anybody who is thinking of purchasing in slovenia to be very carefull.Yours Matthew.

#247 SHERENE | June 14, 2010

i am sharing light meter with the landlord. but her unfairness in splitting the bill is outrageous. i am living in one room and i only have a fridge, microwave and a tv. the landlord lives on the other side, she operates a bar and a shop on the property and this is where she lives. for example her light bill comes to 16,000 and she wants me to pay 6,500 and her water comes to 4,000 she wants me to 1,500. every month she increase the utilities. i work on shift and hardly at home. Is the legal? please help me

#248 THOMAS | June 15, 2010

the ordinary appartment yield in Beijing is lower,an appartment sells 1.6 million yuan will rent only 36 thousands per year(yield 2.25%).
and the high end(in your statistic)have a extreamly high Vacancy rate you can't imagine,about 80% of them are empty as my observation.

#249 THAMENDRIE | June 15, 2010

please provided a detailed list of expenses that can be deduted from rental income before taxes,this is my main source of income,

#250 BILL | June 15, 2010

Are property taxes required to included in monthly mortgage payment or can they be paid seperately?
And where can you verify the tax amount on a specific property??

#251 BROKER JOHN | June 15, 2010

Prices are so low in Florida US that it is hard to believe it going down any lower. We have lost over a decade of appreciation and most properties are selling for a fraction of their replacement value.

#252 MUYU | June 16, 2010

An analysis on the East African property market will be greatly appreciated.

#253 DANIEL | June 16, 2010

I would like know if the Landlord is responsible for provision of the following?Toilet
a place to dispose rubbish and other domestic refuse?
What happens incase such are not provided?

#254 ADAM MOON | June 16, 2010

My friend has recently been told that her grandmother has died. The father is refusing to claim the estate on the grounds that there might be a debt on the estate that exceeds the value of the inheritance, should she seek legal advice in germany or should she deny the estate on the same grounds!

#255 STEVEN | June 16, 2010

My fathers mother is listed as a co owner of property in Croatia. She died many years ago. My mother who lives in the USA received a letter from a relative that I believe wants her to transfer her rights to it to him.
The letter came written in Croatian, with a separate letter in English to have her get it notarized and mailed back, not saying why.
Can someone please tell me how I can get a copy of the actual land registry page with the owners of the property in question.
Thanks much.

#256 CAROL CHAN | June 18, 2010

We have a property that was left by my father a long time ago. We are 10 in the family. 9 of us were in the states and 1 was left behind because she had her own family. She had us do a POA with waivers becuase she said we will loose all our properties if she does not have our POAs. Our families have always been close and because we trusted her, most of us did and it is now annotated on the title of the property. She will not show us the title of the property. So we (the ones who made POA's did a revocation but we cannot annotate it in the title but we filed it in the local registry of deeds. She is now in the states, now a us citizen and we all wanted to build on what our dad left us in memory of our dad, she fought us and still fighting us. we want to annotate our revocation in the title, and my question is where can we get an original title of our property sowe can annotate the revocations.

#257 MG | June 18, 2010

I've been renting a flat since 1 January 2001. The owner requested that we sign a new lease for one year, which were signed during January 2010. In the new lease the notice period was 1 month. I sent an letter via e-mail informing the owner that I will be vacating the flat end May 2010. He never contacted me and when I called him, he informed me that he never received the letter, even though it was faxed to the correct number. I resend it together with proof that it was send on 1 May 2010. He now insist that I pay another months rent, as he says that he needs the money.
I ask him whether he invested my deposit (2 months rent)and he said no, but his accountant will calculated the interest earned. Can I insist in a detailed statement of interest earned, as there have been many changes up to date ?
Will appreciate some legal advice.

#258 CHRISBTN | June 20, 2010

The yields listed are pretty accurate - I've just worked out the gross rental yield on my flat in Bratislava II (Ruzinov) and it's just under 6.5%.

#259 SHAHID MALIK | June 20, 2010

i got an excellent information.

#260 LORI MEADOWS | June 20, 2010

I rented a place outside of Playas Tijuana through Craigslist and based on the pictures the owner's daughter provided via the internet - I paid a deposit plus 6 months in advance because they were willing to discount the monthly rent. This house is horrible - in all the emails NEVER ONE time did they tell me there were 4 large dogs chained up right outside my doors barking constantly 24 - 7 and they abuse the dogs they are so thin and neglected from 20 yards away you can see the dogs ribs and every vertebrae in their back. I would NOT be here had they been honest and I believe this deceit nullifies the lease but I need to find out Mexican law regarding false advertising and deceitful withholding of critical information. Would this be a small claims case and if so how do I go about filing that and get this action started and is there a limit to how much I can sue them for?

#261 MICHELLE DOS SANTOS | June 21, 2010

My husbands father died about 30yrs ago leaving no will. Would he be able to lay a claim on the house that he owned in portugal even though it has been for more than 20 yrs & he does not have any proof. He was 11 at the time and his mom did not fight or ask about the property as she wanted nothing to do with her husbands family. We have reason to believe that his fathers's family claimed the property for themselves ?

#262 BLOSSOM | June 21, 2010

my landlord lives overseas, whenever he comes he burns light and the bill goes up by at least $1500 to $2000,he does not give me any money on those bills. over the christmas holidays he came i went abroad, returned in Jan. 2010 he said he would help pay the bill to come, it was over $12000,he had already left so i called him and tell him he said he will give me $5000, i questioned it but he would not budge,i paid the bill in full & waited for him to re-imburse me, he gave me all kinds of stories until May 2010 he came to JA, he told me his brother had the money to give me, he left and when i asked the brother he said he did not know anything about any money as when he want money he has to get it from the person i pay rent to, i contacted my landlord, told him what his brother said and that i would be taking the money from the rent, this was May & i had paid this money from Feb., was i wrong?, he got upset and said i should remove some blocks that i had on his property, he had given his permission but he was now saying he had not, he told me he was going to raise the rent i told him that once the rent goes up then he has to pay to cut the yard, i pay $2500 each month depending on rainfall to cut the yard,he got upset & said i wanted to take over his house, two weeks later he gave me notice to quit the property on the ground that he was going to do repairs to leaking pipes, this pipe is in my bathroom & has been leaking since 2008 when i rented the house & he has been to the house numerous times & has not done anything about it.i am in the course of purchasing a house through NHT & i think that is the problem. Questions (1)how do i get back my $10,000 deposit at the end of tenancy (2)can he give me notice starting 27-5-10 when my rent is due 8th of each month (3)i am suppose to leave on 26-8-10,the house im buying will/should be ready by Sept 10,how can i get an extension on this notice.I really need answers to these questions.

#263 VICTORIA | June 22, 2010

I am buying property with my Japanese husband. We will both own our house 50/50.
However in the event he dies before the house is paid, I will be responsible for the bank Loan!!! So I want to know, what is best to put on the DEED! Sole survivorship?? By the way he has 2 kids and an ex wife. Will any 1 of them be able to claim 1/2 of his inheritance if he dies.?????

#264 LEANNE | June 22, 2010

I entered a lease agreement on 01 October 2009 for a years lease..I run my own business from home and have paid my rental every month but a few days late..every month I pay an extra 10% for late business has now closed due to the ressesion and have taken on a permenant job starting 01 July..due to these circumstanses I have been unable to pay my rent for landlord has now advised that I need tomove out end of week..can he do this??on such sort notice..I have pleaded with him to please give me a months notice so I can at least earn a salary end of july so I can find somewhere else to stay..I also paid a month and a halfs deposit..please advise urgently..thks

#265 STEVEN | June 22, 2010


You say that:

"However, the non-residents must prove to the tax authorities that the property in question is owned by individuals or estates and not by a company."

When you say "estates" are you refering to an overseas trust, for example?

Many thanks.


#266 ROBERTO VALENZUELA | June 22, 2010

Sir, I find your legal advise relevant in my present business undertakings. Sir, I have signed a contract of lease for commercial use for one year together with payment of the one month advance and one deposit. But after a month of use of the space, the lessor constructed a concrete gate with a permanent post in the middle to connect two steel gates when closing it. I cried foul considering that it will affect much the marketability of my products considering that is an auto supply store with repair shop. With this, I decided not continue my lease contract of the space.My question sir, Can I still get my one month deposit? The lessor said I cant get it anymore because the contract I signed stated that deposit is non-refundable. Is he right Sir? Appreciate your help sir.

#267 GREG | June 23, 2010

Talibah, a search needs to be done in the name of your father with the Land Registry. It would require you to have the range of years that he may have purchased the property, and ideally, the location (as best as you can get - parish, area, street, name of house). It can be done by you (takes time and patience), a legal clerk familiar with the Land Registry methods ($), or a lawyer ($$$$). I've done this for a few family members - it can be done. Best to go there to get the process going, but be careful about who you hire to do a job - references, background (internet & informal industry) checks and luck are needed. I choose to deal with firms rather than individuals. As for the clerks, try approaching someone who seems to be at the Land Registry on behalf of a law firm; usually coming from the back and picking up items. As of last year, it was in Warrens.

#268 ROSE MURAGE | June 23, 2010

What is the minimum notice period is landlord required to give to a tenant to vacate premises

#269 SHARON SAM | June 23, 2010

Do you ensure that the land for sale is actually for sale, there are a lot of Vincentian nationals living abroad with land left to them by their ancestors, (too often, they, (myself included) return home to claim their land only to find, someone has sold (sic, stolen their property and sold it illegally) thoughts???

#270 JASON TOTANES | June 23, 2010

Regarding increase in rental fee, I got a letter notifying me about a 7% increase effective July 2010 (as soon as I sign the letter...-which I havent signed yet)as mandated by the by the Law as indicated in their letter and according to the owner/care taker of the house. we don't know who the real owner is. on the notification letter, the person who lives in a small house attached to our house is the signatory however we were told that the house is owned by his brother who lives along our street.

my questions are:

-who are qualified to implement such increase?

-should they be FIRST registered in our local municipality and obtain a Mayor's permit/Business permit?

-are there any requirements that they need to show aside from the notification letter?

-who should be the signatory? the owner of the house or is it okay for the relative of the owner to be the signatory?

#271 MAGRON | June 24, 2010

I have owned two properties in Buenos Aires since 2006/7 and I receive a annual net rent of $12000 or 10% of the property value, I live in the other. I paid USD120k for the penthouse 900 Tucuman and it is now worth USD149,000 and will continue to provide the next owner with a 10% rent guarantee for 3 years - I have a agent so take a look at Mainline Security estate Management if you want a solid Buenos Aires investment property.

#272 INVEST COSTA RICA | June 24, 2010

Yes, Costa Rica is experiencing the global crunch of late, and for many this is excellent news. The slowly declining house and property market here is giving those savvy investors who waited to purchase a chance to pick up a deal @ 25% off, or more, depending on vendor and location of property.
In newly emerging growth markets like Santa Teresa, on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, you can grab a beautiful Pacific Ocean, western view lot for under 65,000(.25 acre)minutes to the beach.

While the market may have adjusted the beauty of the real estate here hasn't, this is world class real estate and the earth only has so much of it.
You can count the waves while enjoying the sunset overlooking one of the prettiest beaches on the southern Nicoya, think Hawaii in the 50's or California in the 60's. I'd take this option over the stock market any day.
For more information about the Southern Nicoya Peninsula real estate market and Costa Rica join our face book page Invest Costa Rica

#273 VANJOJIN | June 25, 2010

There is a lot to be sold to us. however, the lot has no title since it was just being awarded by the city government. there is a certificate of award. Is selling this lot a legal one? if we will purchase the lot, is there a posiblity to work out its title? thanks

#274 MUMBAI REAL ESTATE | June 25, 2010

We Ressex maintain's the Real estate trends and analysis report which will show house price index as required.

#275 DAVID | June 25, 2010

My issue is the following: we have a lease contract of an apartment till the end of August but we decided that we wont stay any longer here.
We have given the landlord 2 months notice in advace that we will stop living in this house from July onwards. Us as tenants, can we loose our deposit? The landlord is threathening us that we must get someone to occupy the house until the end of August otherwise we will loose our deposit.
Where do we stand? I think that the landlord inst registered. Hope someone can help, thanks

#276 NICKY | June 27, 2010

Very useful

#277 JASMIN B. CANUEL | June 28, 2010

"Property owners are required to file a sworn statement declaring the true (current and fair market value) of their property once every three years. The filing period is from 01 January to 30 June annually."

Where will I file ?? who will help me assess my current and fair market value?

#278 DANIELA | June 28, 2010

Indeed, these prices are very exaggerated, in Baneasa, for example, you can buy apartment 120.000

Daniela, Baneasa

#279 ZIA | June 28, 2010

as an expatriate, if i buy a property in malaysia, will i get visa to stay

#280 FIRMINA | June 28, 2010

is the government building entitled to pay property tax

#281 DAN | June 29, 2010

The Philippine market actually has levels of diferent markets.In the condo market, the hot items are the flat condo units selling at 1.3 to 1.8M no evat taxes cause its below the 2.5 range. you go above 2.5 and you will have to pay 12% more. SM development is leading in this segment. The condos are well located and in the city proper. The bi level units are a hit too. 1.5 to 2.4M unfinish units. meaning you will finish the intrior of the condo. These project are all within the city limits making it easy for you to comute arounfd the city in a few minutes or so.

#282 JULIA | June 29, 2010

Can you please refer me to an eldercare lawyer in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I have gone through the American Bar Association here in NY with no results. I need a lawyer who is a familiar with Puerto Rican probate, civil and inheritance law. Any input will be most appreciated. Thank you.

#283 JOYCE | June 29, 2010

If you are married and your spouse is joint owner of real estate property over some period of time when the other owner dies without a will leaving your spouse full owner of real estate. Is that "inherited" property considered marital property or excluded? Can spouse quit claim property to children thus excluding spouse's contribution to land assets?

#284 MANAR BELEDY | June 30, 2010

My husband is swiss Muslim and has a villa in Egypt, I am Egyptian and have a boy and a girl from him. he has another boy and a girl from previous marriage who are not muslims, which inheritance law would apply, the swiss or the Egyptian?

#285 KAREN | June 30, 2010

An elderly gentleman born in Croatia, residing in South Africa is the direct heir to his grandfather`s (deceased) property in Croatia. Mcdonalds build on one of the properties. Who/how do we go about claiming for the properties after so many years have passed? Consulting lawyers just costs too much money!

#286 ALEX | July 01, 2010

Latin American Interest rates are in long term decline...

Well in Brazil they are starting to go up

#287 KINGARU | July 01, 2010

if the couple one of them died without will and they did not get a child during their life time who will be a heir?

if a hushand or wife and family members refused to agree and they do not want to write a minute of the clan meeting and no one is heir among them.what can he/she do?

#288 DIAN MORALES | July 01, 2010

can you please help me in this big question of mines?My dad past away and he had cancelled his will before he died. I am his only child. I cannot claim the house right at this time. How can I wait until I claim the house? Can the state take the house because its considered abandoned? Can somebody live in the house that is not me? and for how long before it can be theirs? Thank you very much

#289 SUJATA DEY | July 01, 2010

Hi, I would like to know what rights I have to my grandfathers property and possesions in India. See, my grandfather passed in the year of 1989 and my grand mother passed 5 yrs ago. my father also passed 4 yrs a grand daughter my family and my partenal aunts , do we have any rights with regards to my granfathers property/possessions in India?and please also inform me,for my safety if i keeping the deed in my partenal aunts house,is it a unlawful?we have also a pvt ltd shop at kolkata,which my uncles are alredy accuried without in information of us.HOW do we start the case?
Thanks in advance

#290 JACQUELINE E. EBIO | July 01, 2010

What if , we already signed an agreement with the presence of an attorney in our baranggay, and our tenant also signed and aggreed on it, that if ever they failed to pay rent or electric bill, and water bill, we will give them 1mo. to vacate the place, but now they dont want to comply on that agreement,thus, we still have the rights to evict them, based on the agreement we agreed upon?

#291 IRENE ANGELES | July 01, 2010

Greetings! i'm into situation like, our contract were 2years effective june 1st 2009, 15k monthly stated in the contract 1mos deposit, 1 month rental and 12 months post dated checks as one year rental...suddenly new house owner arrived in our place june 28, 2010 and verbally saying we have to vacate the premises on june 30, 2010 because they owned it now...we don't have any idea that the old house owner whom we signed the lease contract sold the property to our neighbor. do the new house owner can evict us immediately like that? what action can we do to old house owner...

#292 DENISE | July 02, 2010

My father passed away 4 years ago. My father was remarried prior to attaining properties in PR and I have 3 siblings in PR from this union. There is one house in one location that is unoccupied and another house on a large property in which 2 of my siblings have built houses on as well. In summation 2 houses and the 2nd house my step mom resides in and 2 other houses my brother and sister built on his land. The land does not have my step moms name on it for some reason unbeknown to me. What are the current legal laws on dividing the 2 houses and land that is already built on?

#293 SAVITA KEOLE | July 02, 2010

Joint family owned house was sold, proceeds were distributed in year 2000. What is the tax liability for such gain?

#294 PAUL | July 03, 2010

Is a landlord allowed 2 lock my house with 2month arrears and i have a 1month deposite? When is the landlord allowed 2 lock my door

#295 CRISTINA MOJICA | July 04, 2010

Sir, i would like to ask for your advice. my family had rented a house and the son of the landlord asked 3months of deposit and 2k deposit for electricity. the day that we signed contract. i asked the section that says non-refundable. but the landlord said its just for formality. we were able to use 1month of the 3months deposit. is it really not refundable based on the law. since the contract was is not legalized contract

#296 JACK MARIN | July 04, 2010

Assume I bought a house in Puerto Rico for $250,000 tomorrow and in a couple of years die. My sons (who live in NYC) are my heirs. What would be, if any the Puerto Rican Inheritance Taxes on that house?

#297 TAZ | July 05, 2010

I have served one months notice to my Agent b1st July - 31st July 2010, because we are immigrating. I am now panicking as I am not sure if the visa's will come through before we move out on 31 July. Can I retrach/remove my notice? I know there is another couple who have singed a lease agreement and is moving in on 1 August 2010. What are my rights in this regard. I prefer to stay there until I get word from Immigration, please help

#298 CEDRIC | July 05, 2010

My wife and I just moved in a new place.
We have been very surprise when we saw the tax statement at the end of this month.
We now have to pay for several things that never been said before we moved in, as for exemple sewerage or most surprising we have to pay a VAT of 14%???
Is this legal?

#299 CANDY | July 05, 2010

I have a tenant who has been in my house since March 2009. The tenant has not paid me any rent sincee January 2010. The agent who rents the property for me did not inform me of this until I checked my bank account and then I had to contact him. He explained that the teant had lost his job and he (the agent) was trying to negotiate some sort of repayment schedule with the tenant. None of this was communicated to me and I feel that hte agent has been in dereliction of hus duty. I pay him 15% of the rental income every month and am now in a situation where I am in arrears on my other bond and have not been informed one way or the other by the agent whether or not this situation is resolved. I lie inthe UK and my house is in Kwa-zulu Natal. I wonder if you could give me the name of someone who could advise me, or if you could tell me what my rights are as a landlord.

Thank you

#300 REDDY | July 06, 2010

Hi, My new landlord doesn't want to give me the keys of the house and also not willing to return back my advance amount of S$2000. I have reported to police and the suggestion is to approach Small Claims Tribunal. Found out from HDB that he is not the owner and a criminal case can be lodged against him. HDB says they cannot do anything as the owner has not signed the agreement. We are foreigners and not sure how long we can stay here. I am really frustrated. Any suggestions? Thxs.

#301 GIAN VANZO | July 06, 2010

Just to correct and update some info.
The comission is determined by 6% (up to 8%) on urban areas sales and from 8% to 10% on rural areas.
The Real Estate Agents Regional Councils are called CRECI - and not CREI, as published.
In cities such as Sao Paulo (among others), the procedures to register a property won't take more than 10 days to complete. Some cases it can be done within a week.

#302 LELOPEZ | July 07, 2010

My father obtain a land by the goverment a he build the house, He passed away, frist and my stepmother then she didnt have any kids at all. who will heirs the property to? and how can I find out what I need to do to obtain rights for that property?

#303 EVELYN | July 07, 2010

What does it mean of non payment of rent? Now the tenant has made partial payment, is that consider non payment or is that considered in good faith payment to services rendered? This Pro Landlord agreement in verbal is not sufficent to anyone because it is not binding and it sounds discrimnination for the tenant. The landlord can say one thing and mean another which the tenant can see it as a bad conduct towards the landlord because of discrimination or deprive indiffernces. In this time of crisis where jobs are scare what is a person to do if the paycheck has suddenly been affected?

#304 BOB | July 08, 2010

I have never had a tenant as difficult as the one I recently rented my flat to. The person is always complaining and asking for things to be fixed which I have done.

This person is now late by a couple of days with the first rental payment, and keeps saying it will be paid but it is'nt. I've a feeling that this person will continue this way and want to ask what you think I should start to do to cover myself and prepare for a potential legal case?

#305 ANUPAM GUPTA | July 08, 2010

we are a hindu family my father expired in 2003 and then my mother expired in 2009 without any will i applied to mcd for mutation but they are asking for stamp duty as per some new law if stamp duty is applicable in case of inhetritance i dont have any brother and sisters and i have submitted serviving member certificate for sdm office to mcd.

#306 PHILLIPA WILLIAMS | July 08, 2010

My Uncle lives abroad and wish to rent is property. he would like to know the legal way to go about it. Would he need to become a memeber or something. If yes does he need to aplly or there is an appplication form. And what from there. He wish to have the legal guidelines.

#307 CARLOS RODRIGUEZ JR | July 08, 2010

Hello my grandfather passed away 12 years ago and he own a large piece of land estimated 6,600 square feet in coamo puerto Rico . I would like to know how to claim the land since he died my father does not have any papers on it and he's to old to remember anything other than the name of the area . What do I have to do and who do I contact . Please contact me thank you thanks again

#308 LOWAYNE | July 08, 2010

i need a house to rent or buy in western jamaica

#309 KIM | July 08, 2010

My God moroccan housing prices are far too expensive it is infact now so much cheaper and more practical to invest in europ.
Some lucky moroccan with some work could not afford to even rent a room and this is because the minimum wage is no larger than 110 euro a month.
Yes moroccan economy is booming...and strong..some moroccan people could easily buy a 4 million euro Riad or villa in casablanca.Just to let you know that the 4 million euro proprety, is infact a under 1 million euro proprety in a real world.What is gowing on is realy sad and not fair.
Ok thank you for reading.

#310 RAFAEL FELIX | July 08, 2010

Hi,my father had power of attorney over my grandmothers real estate property in puerto rico. She died 20 months ago and before my father could claim the property he also died. I know of no other surving siblings. Do I as a grandchild have claim over the property and if so do I plan a trip right away to puerto rico to file a claim and where do I go? What documents do I need. Please contact me

#311 THERESE | July 08, 2010

@porter smith and pat- once you have the title to the property you should present this to to the local(municipal or city)assessor and he/she will issue a tax declaration in your name which makes you liable to the annual real property tax. very few local govts. send tax bills so you have to go to the assessor to get your tax assessments which you will present to the municipal treasurer to pay for the tax.

#312 COSIMO RAIA | July 09, 2010

I have the same question:
Q: Is it possible to avoid the agent's fee by buying directly from owners? If so, how practical is it?

please let me know
thanks a lot

#313 CHARLIE | July 09, 2010

My parents are of old age, They own land in PR where I had constructed a vacation home that is currently not registered since my parents continues to own the land in which the house was built on. I have been told that a will have been drafted in the event of their death leaving me with the portion where the house was made. What else would I have to do to protect myself of not losing my vacation house to other family members when the unexpected news comes that my parents passed away?

#314 MR LEO LEE | July 09, 2010

I am Singaporean and married three years ago, my wife is a vietnamese holding a PR in Singapore.
She have being living in Singapore for the past three years. We go back very often to visit my in-law.
My questions is: I am looking for the apartment in Ho Chi Min City area. Are we allow to buy one unit at 100 sqm? Next question is can I apply for the PR status in Vietnam if yes what is the procedure and requirements?
Our married resigter (ROM) is done in Singapore, do I need to resigter my married in Vietnam also?

#315 JAFFAR MALIK | July 10, 2010

Married woman ki death k bad property kis ko milti ha.

#316 TAHIR MASOOD | July 11, 2010

My father died at the end of March 2010 in the United Kingdom but we have buried him in Pakistan. Father was the only child and our mother had died some 6 years before father. We are five sibblings three brothers and two sisters all living in uk both sisters and a brother will give general power of attorneies to me.

please explain me the process and how many days it will take to complete official suceession once the case is opened by a solicitor.......

#317 TI | July 11, 2010

Hi it is legal to let your own son stay at your rental flat?a mother did ,that but the rental one room flat it hers.,under her name and address.but the mother let her son and family stay at her flat for almost 5 years!the son has a house that is under process of selling his 4 room hdb flat.he just wanted a temporary house for himself and family he told the mother to stay with her other children.,so he has a house to stay rather than it legal ? to let your other occupier to stay even they are your family members?

#318 JOHN | July 12, 2010

The house price index chart says it all. It blows up in the faces of advocates that say house prices will always go up, esp in HK because land is scarce. If you bought in 2003, you'd had to wait 17 years for prices of your property to appreciate. That's a pretty poor investment. Minus lost in value due to money inflation, repair cost, tax and the interest on the mortgage, it's an overall loss. I'd be better off renting all this time and put my money elsewhere to get a much better return.

If you'd bought later, you'd be screwed even more.
Unless one bought around 2003, most people and their money parted long ago.

Warning signs should be flashing in your head with big red letters that read "GET OUT" when the article points out that 40% of the purchases are from mainland China, using gov stimulus money!! That is never a good sign or a sign of stability whenever markets go up because of gov intervention, and not supply and demand, it most likely will go sour.

Just take a look at the US and the housing bubble their gov caused with their 0% interest rate.

#319 MATHEW THOMAS | July 12, 2010

Who is supposed to pay the land rent? The lessor or lesse?

#320 SIMONE ROBINSON | July 12, 2010

I have been renting form a lady who recently passed away we were making arrangements for me to purchased the house but because there was no deed for the house there was a delay but unfortunately she has passed away and now her daughter has taken over, she wants to evict me after 13 years of renting form her mother is there a law regarding my situation thanx!

#321 PROPERTIES LANKA | July 12, 2010

If you would need to avoid 100%, when buying property/beachfront land/estate/villa/any kind of property as a fireigner, We will guide to reduce it as well as support to find best property according to your requirements with low rate of commision than other companies of Sri Lanka. Please contact us now.. or visit our online property database (We have published only few properties from many properties that we have).

Contact now:-

#322 GERRY | July 13, 2010

I am a new tennant to a friend of mine and we have moved in 6 weeks ago. Now my friend sent a letter to the landlord seeking to allow me and my wife to occupy one room in the flat that my friend is leasing for two years. Today, my friend received a letter notice from the landowner's agent seeking to so called "To Up" a particular amount in the monthly rent, securities, and probably the agent fee for the two year lease. If my friend does not comply, me and my wife shall be immediately evicted with no given grace period. If my friend fails to comply they will also be evicted from the house.

I say that this is not a question of legallity but the respect and grace to give an amicable time line to comply and then evict. If I may speak free I am indeed a foreign PR here. But is grace and respect an expensive commodity to give? Does Singapore really care about its expat's welfare? We too pay our taxes without fail, our cpf contribution also is used by the Singapore Gov't and yet we are treated as a bunch of rag tags. If there is any word that can describe our dilemma, it will be "unfair". Other countries have fair practices to its foreign constituents. If there is none here, then I'd be thinking moving out from this place.

I know that me and my wife have no claim on this and it is true. But what can we do on this matter? Can we sue the landlord?

#323 J.O, CASE | July 13, 2010

Read from Jamaican law includes rules of testate succession above. Intestacy refers to a person who dies without a will.

#324 MAHIN | July 13, 2010

Could you please tell me that inheritance tax should be paid in a lump sum when tax is calculated on all assets or can be paid individually when every property has been sold.

Many Thanks in advance if you reply to me soon.

#325 NIKOLAS | July 13, 2010

im Greek and the analysis above is totally wrong...the goverment cannot and not want sell any isle..if are private isles here of course the owner can sell everywhere in world...the official state has huge problems...not the people...exist much black money here as in italy etc..when a coffee in a simple cafeteria cost 4-5 euros here.and all are full of people..and prices of everything go up..means exist money...people avoid pay taxes if they can ,not cause are thieves..but cause no trust politicians and mass medias owners and some businessmen who will handle them,these are the thieves...the public debt of Greece is 400 about billion dollars...which is nothing to compare the 13 TRILLIONS of public debt of USA,which comes to 54 TRILLIONS total debt there...and more than 1,5 trillion dollars of England...but nobody says anything for them..all accuse Greece only...which is just the 2% of Europe economy only...

#326 VANESSA | July 13, 2010

We signed for a 2 year rental on a house, which we have been living in for 1y & 1m now. The owner of the house gave us 3 months notice, via the estate agent that we are dealing with, ad we need to be out in the next three weeks, end of July. We did confirm that we would move out, if we can find another place by that time, which has been impossible. We then saw a house that we want to rent, but is only available in the next 2 months, we have no where else to move to, have dogs to look after and no where to place them, cause the cost is so high for 2months and our furniture & belongings would need to be stored for 2months as well. Has the owner have the right to make us move out or not, although we said per e-mail addressed to him, but about a month after the e-mail when he contacted me, i did confirm that we have not found a house as yet, which is true. Now we have, but it's not final, cause we don't have anywhere else to move to, because the owner is holding us responsible for our e-mail sent to him and verbally. What are our options and will we be aloud to stay in this house for another 2months, until we can move to the new house that we really want. Thanks V

#327 JOHN MCCARTHY | July 13, 2010

Not sure you can answer this, but I own a lighting company that is doing some work in Puerto Rico, and I am looking to find out the tax rate for materials and labor in Puerto Rico. Can anyone help?
Thank you.

#328 LYNDALE | July 14, 2010

Hi, I currently have a problem with tenants who have stopped paying their rental and water & lights. They have since changed thier contact details and do not respond to e-mails. Can I evict the tenants purely on the fact that they are not paying their rent and water & lights. I want to give them a months' notice.

#329 GEORGE | July 14, 2010

I have bought a place in a caravan park. I pay a monthly rent. Can the owner of the caravan park give me 7 day's notice for any reason. What about the money i paid to buy the place. It was bough from the previous people that also rented. But they also bough the place from someone els. The owner of the caravan park did not sell the place to me but the caravan park belongs to him.

#330 HAYDN PHIPPS | July 14, 2010

Having been on Holiday in Vanuatu, with my Wife and Son (both gone their own ways, since),I said to myself I have just got to come back and preferably retire here. I have the money now and my own 30 foot "Defiance" Yacht. I want to purchase a residential property and have been in touch wuth First National. Is this the way to go? I know you only have 50 year leases, but at 60 years of age, who cares? I have been told to allow approx. 13% for settlement and that most of them take 60 days. Is there any other important item I have over-looked? Your help would be appreciated! Regards, Haydn Phipps.

#331 MONTSHWARI MOOKETSI | July 14, 2010

The property in general in gaborone continue to rise at an alarming rate due to lack of supply of serviced land and there is no more land in Gaborone except of the last pieces around block 10 airport road. This has resulted in pushing price to ridicules levels. It would not suprise me to see such aincrease but not P11million yet for 200m hover it depends which part of Gaborone and the size of the plot hence I cannot role out that possibility of P11million house in Gabs.

#332 SARANAN BANERJEE | July 14, 2010

Can my father sell any inherited property ( from his father ) without my or my sister's consent? Does it make any difference if my sister is married or unmarried ( & also does it make any difference if she has any income of her own or not ? )?

#333 CHUKWUMAOBI GODWIN | July 14, 2010

Please,can i get details about the testate succession law and intestate succession law with definitions,requirement etc.Thanks

#334 SCOTT | July 14, 2010

we have been in our apartment for over 8 years. For the past 6 years we havent actually had a contract, we have paid our rent on time and done any repairs ourselves . We have just received notification that our landlord wants the place back for his own use. How long does he have to give us to leave the apartment without a contract stipulating a time. As we had no plans to move we obviously would like to negotiate as long as possible!

#335 JENNIFER | July 15, 2010

We have bought a house in JB 2 years ago.
If after a few years, one of us no longer a Malaysian. What will happen to our property in Malaysia? What should we do if the situation happen?

#336 FERNS | July 15, 2010

My great grandfater made a will for his 2 sons my grandfather and his brother stateing they are 50% equal share holders in all properties.My grandfater has expired so all holdings went to my grandmother who in turn expired and all holdings went to thier 4 daughters. Now the 4 daughters have looked afetr the properties spent on the up keep and maintainance ,but thier uncle the other 50%holder hasnt done anything.The will may or may not be present ,does he have a 50% share or 1/5 equal division[among 5]. Futher more he has sold his share to an outsider without approaching the immediate family members.KINDLY advice on how this has to be handled. We dont not want out side interfierance and can we file a suit on what basis.

#337 NIKI | July 15, 2010

We have tenants who have been staying in our garden cottage since 1 May 2010. Even though we have repeatedly asked for the signed lease they have not signed it. They say that the reason is that there are a couple of things they want fixing first, ie a dripping tap and a leaky basin. we have already agreed to do the repairs but want the signed lease back first. Also the tenants agreed to pay off their deposit but, to date, have not done so. My question is this - can we evict the tenants as they refuse to sign the lease and have not paid any deposit? If so what is the procedure for this? I have heard that the SA law is on the side of the tenant and that they have "squatters rights" and can occupy the property indefinately. is this true? if so what rights do we, the landolord, have? please please advise me as we are desparate.

#338 ANGEL G | July 15, 2010

My father passed and did not leave a will. He left behind a car that we want to sell, what is the legal process for this? Get an affidavit? please advise

#339 VINCENT | July 16, 2010

I took Italian residency within 18 months of purchasing my sole property in Italy. Will I still have capital gains tax to pay if I sell within 5 years?

#340 KHALIL UR REHMAN | July 17, 2010

sorry to say but ur UK rent laws has a flaw, 'tnant can be ejected without showing him any reason ' this is not fair and equality. tenant has the right to get equality and it should be the duty of landlord to provide him correct information in right time so that he can manage himslef.

#341 JANOULA | July 17, 2010

We signed a rental for two years, however we want to leave after one year as we cannot afford to live here any longer, and our health has deteriorated. The rental agreement was not stamped by the tax office, it was just typewritten by the estate agent. Can they force us to pay for the second year, can they take legal action against us? Any advice, thank you

#342 MICHAEL BOWERS | July 17, 2010

I had been living and putting monies in a house in the north of Sweden....I was away and the place was sold recently with all my belongings.....and I was never notified or given any opportunity to move my belongings before the sale....What are my rights? Is there a number in Sweden I can call? I am now in Scotland...Regards Michael Bowers

#343 JFDEZ | July 17, 2010

This publication has no credibility whatsoever...the DR the poorest with the exception of Haiti?...They do not have their "facts" straight...they have never being in the country...$3,291 GDP, these publication is run by clowns....How about the DR is the LARGEST economy in the Caribbean, with a GDP of $8,300, and the THIRD in tourism in ALL Latin America, #1 destination in the Caribbean, check World Tourism Organization for the real facts. Poverty?, I often wonder why the DR poverty is more noticeable than any other country?, say, Brazil, maybe these jokers have never being in this massive country where everything is big, including poverty or maybe Caracas or Bogota, heck even Buenos Aires, the 30k plus that leave right next to the aeroparque Jorge Newbery, well maybe they don't know what I'm talking about. Another nonsense is the murders with handguns, they forgot Jamaica, San Salvador, Caracas, Rio, Guatemala City and the list goes on and on. Although some of the "facts" are correct, one must admit that when reading the info that you choose to print it makes you wonder the level of professionalism of the people behind these so call "country reports".

#344 TEOH | July 18, 2010

I am a Malaysian. This is regarding the stamp duty on S&P. The property is an apartment costing RM530K and it is financed by a bank for 10 years. On the stamp duty on S&P, when is this payable ? Is this payable upon signing S&P or upon complete payment of the property, which is 10 years from now ? Thanks and you have a nice day. 18-Jul-10

#345 ANGRY | July 18, 2010

Is my landlord allowed to have a key to the house I am renting and allowed to come in whenever she wants? Also is she allowed to confiscate my child's outdoor items in the back yard if she does not like them there while I am renting?

#346 MARGIE | July 18, 2010

I have a certified copy of a Title that my sister sold the land in K-1st Kamuning for 2.6 on 5/28/2008. How do I get a copy of the settlement costs? The contract to sell indicated that she was receiving payments in installment basis from 12/2007 to May, 2009. FYI, our parents died yet my younger sister sold the land without a waiver from 9 other surviving children. My mother has a pending probate case finalizing on 8/5/2010. She did not include the sale of the land on the final accounting of the probate. Also, she stated that she paid $4925 for property tax. how do I get a copy of the payment on property tax?

#347 SHERRY | July 18, 2010

Sharon Sam, I am interested in finding a country in which to gain perm. residency where I can live with my partner (I cannot marry or I'll lose my pension). I'm interested in doing this via property ownership in St. Vincent. Sorry to hear about you loss of property. Can a lawyer help you?

#348 PRABHAT | July 19, 2010


I'm working in S/W Company in Navi Mumbai. My native is UP. One Year back I got a Flat for Rent in Navi Mumbai (In Ghansoli).I took that flat for rent of Rs.3500/M.And we gave brokerage of Rs.5000 to the broker.Our flat owener is in Mumbai. We also put bond for 11 months. Now the bond date was over.Owner asked us to extend the Bond and he said the rent amount was Rs.4,000/M. This was too high for 1yr (around 15% increment). Apart from this, the broker asking Rs. 4000 as brokerage for extending the bond for this year. This was the illegal, cheating, fraud, theft things he had doing. What necessary steps I can take to the broker.
Please hep me what to do ??

#349 SUE | July 19, 2010

Can anyone help? My son and his fiance has been renting a property for 22 months without a geyser. They were never told the geyser was not connected until they told the landlord about the hot water being a problem. As we are living next door to them and renting from the same landlady they are using our geyser and our electricity is shy high. She has increased their rent and still o geyser. is there anyone I can contact to come and look at the property and give me an estimate of what one pays for a property with no geyser? They are paying R2700 for a 2 bedroomed place.
Thank you

#350 CHARLES D SAWYER | July 19, 2010

Very very useful

#351 JACK | July 19, 2010

I am also looking for this information. I also want to know whether I have to be a Sri Lankan Citizen to inherit property. I am Dual Citizen of US and Sri Lanka. I have lost my dual citizenship papers and they are unable to find copies. If I have to re-apply to get my Dual citizenship papers to receive the house my dad left me in his will, I will have to start working on it now. Thanks for your help.

#352 SUMIT | July 19, 2010

is it necessary to register the agreement . And if the tenant does not vacant the room after 11 month what step should we take against him .When the agreement should be registered ,can it be registered any time after signing the agreement or there certain specified date or days to follow .

#353 RHAE ALLEGO | July 19, 2010

what are the inherit & constitutional limitations of the philippines??

#354 MITCH | July 19, 2010

sir is right that the landlord shall add 3.5% if i fail to pay my monthly rental?and is it right that if there is something needed to be changed in the house or something got broken like the door or the faucet.,should i be the one to shoulder the expenses?

#355 DAFFODIL | July 20, 2010

my husbands grandfather wrote a will but is not legally attested ......he has clearly mentioned that his property should be divided among his two sons equally and his sons can enjoy income from the property until they are alive and then the property should ultimately go to my husband i.e.hisgrandson. my husband and his sister are the only children of my father-in law who is no more. my husbands kaka had no children but had made a will that his share should go to his wife and ultimately go to my husband ...he is also no more question is does my sister-in law have any right to this property , she is married and has two children and she is claiming equal rights in the property , please help me out to solve our family despute

#356 LEEJAY GONZALES | July 20, 2010

To Answer: unloading real estate properties in the Philippines basically covers these charges:

Seller's Side
- Capital Gains Tax
- Broker's Commission

Buyer's Side
- Fees to transfer the TCT / CCT
e.i. Registration Fees,Documentary Stamps, Transfer tax......

#357 JUANDRE | July 20, 2010


id like to know if i buy a building and most of the rental income goes to pay of the buildings debt, repaires, insurance and so on wil i stil be taxed or is tax only for a certain amount of turnover

#358 LFC | July 20, 2010

I would like to find out if Rykel Lim manage to do anything about the landlord terminating the agreement earlier.

What action and how long it will take to be sue the landlord for evicting the premises ?

#359 DEENA DAY | July 20, 2010

I signed a lease agreement for a certain sum of money later the land lord decided to raise the cost by $400.dollars and I agreed to the extra charge ,however the lease agreement constitued if at any point I wish to end the contract ,I can do so by giving 30 days proper notice . I lived in the unit for 6 months during which time I realized there was no privacy what so ever anyways I decided to give my 30 day notice to end the tenancy , By mid month I was being harrased by the landlord ,It looks as though they wanted an early move out before the end of my last 30 days .what can I do ? In such a case.

#360 M L HITT | July 20, 2010

My son is a US citizen and surviving spouse of a naturalized US citizen from the Phillippines. She owned extensive property in Manila with her mother and brother. She died without a will in the US. Is my son entitled to ownership of the property in her name in Manila? If so, what should be his first step to claim the properties?

#361 NILO/JULY 21 2010 | July 20, 2010

sir a pleasant day im rent the appartment for more than ten years and im so close with the owner of the appartment i rented, sudddly the owner died oldage wat next the daugther take over the appartment she immidiaterly wanted to increase the rental went i ask her give me next year or time ant i told her our transaction she doest even hav formal invoiece of BIR i told her the bir will after all the iligal business she got angry she immediately went to her lawyer and the lawyer call me and say i have given 30days to vaccate and i ask the lawyer why what are the ground and she told me i threated the owner of the appartment and im asking help and advice is it rigth that they will just ask us to vaccate or what are the rigth law for this please help me... thanks more power

#362 SYLVAIN | July 21, 2010

I have few questions related with an appartment I rent with my wife at the moment.
We had a tenancy agreement from March 2009 to March 2010 for an appartment in MidLevels West.
From March 21st, 2010 we are still leaving in the appartment without signed tenancy agreement.
We exchanged few emails with the landlord where I have agreed in a new tenancy agreement(the draft of this agreement includs a notice saying that we are "blocked" during 10 months and then after we have 2 months notice to leave the appartment) but as she is leaving in London she didn't arrange yet for this new agreement to be signed.
Recently (one month ago) a building very close to us started to be demolished. They are drilling one by one each floor of that building and after having called the Building Dept of the HK gov we learned that they will build a new 30 floors tower instead (and immediatly after demolition)...
As you can imagine drills are already making a lot of noises - and we are really afraid of the pilling that will be required for the new tower. My wife is not working - so she stays at home quite often and we would like to leave the appartment ASAP...
My questions are:
- Do I have to fullfill the "draft" of tenancy agreement which is not signed but agreed by email ?
- If not what are the rules applied ? How can I leave the appartment quickly and recovering my 2 months deposit ?
- What are the risk of stopping the transfer (to pay) of the rent to the landlord account ?
Thanks in advance for your help !

#363 ROBERT | July 21, 2010

In reply to Michaela above are very correct,the situation in a Trinidadian living in Canada,I am a landlord,but would not invest in Trinidad/Tobago...I almost did in 2009..would have been crying.
Good Luck to TT

#364 JOSEPH | July 21, 2010

Greeks do have money!!! The GOVERMENT does not!!

#365 KAREN | July 21, 2010

It is very hard to get back your property in Croatia. My Grandmother has been fighting for 60 years to get hers back.. she turns 100 this year and she is still fighting for land that is rightfully hers from the war. It has been her whole life! If Mcdonalds is already built, I would say you have a long and exhausting fight on your hands. We are having trouble getting property back from people who squatted on our land during the war when my Nana had to flee Croatia during the war. It is now their property and we cannot get it back! From our experience it is not worth dealing with the Croatian Government as the system seems corrupt.

#366 BILL ROSALES | July 22, 2010

My mom passed away back in 2003 and left house and lot in the province, she bought the land when she was still a Filipino citizen, after becoming a US citizen prior to retiring in the Philippines, she built a house on the lot. She had no will. Is it possible for a US citizen son or daughter to inherent the house and and sell the property?

#367 ANN | July 22, 2010

in my contract with the landlord, all broken fixtures and missing items or damages shall be charged against my 2 months deposit. however, the landlord already informed me that when we leave by the end of the month (end of our contract), he will not give back our deposit or any amount because it will be used to repaint the house after we leave. since we did not damage anything except for the usual wear and tear of the house paint (we rented the place only for a year), we are expecting for a change but he is claiming that it is legal to forfeit the deposit fully. is it true? i was told after paying advance payment for 1 yr and 2 months deposit that the official receipt will be given next time we see each other since he forgot to bring it but i never got it.

#368 GURDEEP S.ARRI | July 22, 2010

I want to know about the percentage of service Tax in State of Qatar

#369 AYAD | July 22, 2010

All old contracts agreements should be deleted a new law should give the Landloard the upper hand by kicking out the old tenants who have been living over twenty years or renew their contract under new agreement .

#370 DR ATEF BASSAS | July 22, 2010

I am intersted in the develoment of the saudi market from the quality point of view,the traditional villas either fully detached or semi detached is changing from half finished to fully finished and serviced,this will automatically develope another price variation in the market,also the introduction of mini compounds equiped with common services and require annual fees to be paid by group of residenced is a new development in this market.lasteyl leased or single owened flats market is propably going to be the next biggest requirment in the saudi market and for clever construction leaders to think of and work on hardely (a picture very similar to the real estate market in spain).

#371 FARA | July 22, 2010

What you all need to do is enquire which lands your fathers or family owned, You do this by asking close relatives and friends, If not go to the local pothwari ( the gentlemen that deals with land registrations) he should be able to tell you what land your family owns. If your father has passed away you and the rest of your brothers and sisters all get a share, the best thing is to do is never sign anything without having it checked first. Once you find out what you own, the pothwari will register you as the new owner but you will have to show death certificates in certain cases. It may not be simple in many cases but its best to ask as many people as you can about methods of attaining this land, as you will learn from other peoples experience. Where there is a will there is a way..inshallah may allah be with you. And if someone has fraudulently attained signatures then you have to report it to the police and file a court case...all the best. Fara

#372 JANE | July 22, 2010

my question is : we moved new place of apartment, having lived for three months, we have damaged the water boiler, we could not use water, we report landlord on this and other challenges, we have lived another three months boiler is still not repaired've contacted with landlord than nothing but not directed to the right, or we may terminate the contract and not pay for the current rent.Thanks.

#373 CRIS ABANGGAN JR | July 23, 2010

we are claiming 44 hectars property within cebu city.
the title belongs to our great great grand ancestors.we had tax delinguent of 13 million where the city gov. is now demanding us to pay.we been to court for declaration of hears but dismiss for the reason of "we need to pay the tax obligation first before we claim the property according to law" thats the decesion of the judge dom dom.please who ever had the knowledge of this matter please send me mail.for more info please call 0922-7226-231

#374 MANU | July 23, 2010

Hi, my new landlord refuses to repair /replace any of the faulty fixtures even within the first month of tenancy. I have no contact with the landlord and all communications are via his agent. As per him I hv rented a old unit & everything can not be new,if thr are problems then I need to repair/replace at my own cost. Whereas it's mentioned in the contract that landlord will take care of any such problems at his expense for the first 30 days. Looks like I m being forced to invest in his property. Any suggestions who can help.

#375 ROSE | July 23, 2010

My grandmother passed away 4wks ago she owned land in puerto rico and in the 70's gave her older son permission to built a home on her land. He claims he legally owns it but my grandmother always maintained that she just gave permission to built on her land. How can I find out if she was still owner of the land.
Thank you

#376 RANDALL | July 23, 2010



Frankly, Spanish civil laws don't mean much because there is little options to enforce the law

#377 ARVIND PARAB | July 23, 2010

My father in india died in apr 2006. I am only son and 1 sister. My sister is us citizen Can she have right to have share in my grand fathers property? I think when she
has given up citizenship of india what righ she shoul have in India? as per my fathers will he has nomited my name in the property then how can us citizen sister will have riht on it. Please clarify.

#378 MR BERES | July 23, 2010

my landlord says that next month my rent will be increased by $1500, is it suppose to be increased by so much onetime?.

#379 YAGNESH | July 23, 2010

If property is willed on the name of 3 brothers in a ratio, so how will the buyer pay the amount.
Will the buyer will pay 3 cheques on name of 3 brothers, or single cheque?

Also if single cheque, what will be next step, to distribute that amount among 3 brothers?

Please Assist.
Many Thanks in Advance.

#380 COURTNEY | July 25, 2010

Tenant have not paid any rent since September 2009 and i am unable to contact him - not answering his phone or any messages left - how do i get him to leave and to pay rent owing

#381 ELVIS GONZALEZ | July 25, 2010

my mothers father owned lots of land in PR approx 260 acres of land my mom has a copyof deed but only her older siblings from earler marrage are noted on the deed.her father died when she was a little girl in the late 1930s and left her and her younger brothers to live with the older ones how can we find out if she is entitles to the land after so many years or if the land is still registed to the family. several years ago an older brother of my mom wanted her to sign a letter stating that she will turn over her portion so thgey can sell itvbut she didnt. i ask myself why if her name nor the names of the younger siblings are not on the deed why would they need permission to sell

#382 ANA | July 26, 2010

Hi, Can foreign buy land from Vietnam? May I know where can I find out more info and conditionn?

May I know can I check it from Vietnam Embassy in Singapore?


#383 PATRICK | July 26, 2010

Hi, I live in a flat and I will like to know who should be paying the plumbers if the drainage system is always blocking. Because the agency of the flat where I stay insists that I pay for unblocking the drain, but I only stayed there for two months. And the said thing is that the drain is not completely unblocked, meaning soon enough the plumbers will be called again and I want to know whose money will be paying everytime. What rights do I have in this because the drainage system of that flat is old and is not being maintained at all.

#384 DEBBIE | July 26, 2010

My landlady charged me 15% of the rental pernalty for paying the rent 2 days late. Is this legal

#385 RICHARD | July 26, 2010

my landlord wants me to pay someone to cut the grass she said its my responabilty if i dont cut it my self whos responabilty is it

#386 D BAIN | July 26, 2010

Legally separated from husband who has made a will exluding self and son as beneficiaries. Death notice states marriage was OUT of community of property which is false- no pre or post nuptial agreement was signed. Can I contest will on this basis

#387 NEELAMBARI | July 27, 2010

I have been living in a rented house for more than 60-63 years. My landlord has troubled a lot of times to throw us out of the house. He doesn't live there infact lives in a posh bunglow. My house leaks in monsoons and the landlord doesn't allow us to change the roof nor he doesnt allow to do any changes which will benefit us. We have taken a legal action against him and every time the decision is from our side. Our landlord wants to build a building on our house and so wants to throw us out. What should be done ahead with this? please help..

#388 BRENDA | July 27, 2010

I would like to find out I have been renting a room in a house for 2 months and in the third I have lost my job.Ive agreed to leave the property but the wont release my possessions, what can I do

#389 DARE OGUNZ | July 27, 2010

All of a sudden I received Notice of Quit from my landlord, and I just used 10months out of my 18months.. I personally met him if I had done any wrong thing for him, he vertually has any thing to say, he was saying so u are the most educated person in this compound, sebi u dey go church...
But: he alway asked for extra #1,500 monthly for PHCN from is six tenant (6 X #1,500 = #9,000).But PHCN bill is not up to #2,000 every month. As a new comer in the premise, I always ask from my colleague PHCN Bill. Not knowing that the Landlord indirectly have hatred of such. On the 1st of January 2010(eve) he locked all his tenant outside from 00:1 till 8am.
But I use Jesus begged him infact portraited but he insisted that I should go, anyway I have not for once rude to him .
Is it right for a landlord to just pull you out just like that, just b/cos I was asking for that hidden PHCN Bill. More, I met the apartment in disoderly manner I always tell him, but says dont worry, I will fix it up for u and after a long wait and rain approaches I decided to put it in order, and after spend so much, next is the Notice of quit. What can I do.

#390 DELIA | July 27, 2010

My husband and I bought property in PR back in 2002. He has 2 grown children and I have 3 and they all live in the U.S. with our grandchildren. They all have their own families. If my husband were to pass away, and I wanted to return to the states, can I sell my property and leave or do I need permission from his kids. If so, what can we do to make it easier on all of us? Our kids have not put anything into our investment. I know if I need help in keeping up with the mortgage when he passes, none of them will help me either. Why is the spouse the last one to inherit his/her mates inheritance???? The children, grandchildren, parents, nieces, nephews, etc. come first than the spouse!!! This makes no sense!

#391 JING RAMOS | July 27, 2010

My case is even my contract is not yet finish my landlord is pushing me out the house, and she don't like to give back my deposit, coz of things to fixed in her house that what she said. By the way I didn't break anything in there, her pipes are really broken long time ago. She don't even have a permit for leasing property coz it is just the extension of her house. I want to get my deposit.Can anyone help me with this matter?

#392 DWIGHT | July 28, 2010

I have been occupying a house since January 2010, with a rent to buy option. The home loans applications were made, where the owner was serving as an Agent herself to the selling of the house (she is an agent in one of the housing agencies in PTA).My applications were not successful due to a number of reasons - though i still occupied the house paying rent on a monthly basis. The owner also promised that i must not worry as she will give me time to re-apply for the home loan. Landlord has been docking & diving for us to sign the contract of rental - the only one that was signed was for Purchase Agreement, where the rental is not covered in extensively. Until she send me an sms on the 26 July 2010 that i am suppose to out her house by the 19th August 2010 as she wants to occupy the house - the one that she was staying in has been sold. But she accepted the rental when i deposited money on the 24 July 2010. Is there a Law or preventative measures that one can take to prevent this barbaric manner from the Landlord/Agent. For me signing the Purchasing Agreement without a detail rental clause, can it yield a positive winning streak in this regard?

#393 DIDIER | July 28, 2010

Wondering where first to buy in Bulgaria for somebody new to the country.

#394 YEVGEN | July 28, 2010

The prices quoted in this report are rediculous. Actual housing prices are 3-10 times higher than those above. Editor, please, contact me if you are interested in realistic prices and trends.

#395 NANCY WONG | July 28, 2010

My uncle in Corozal, PR is asking for my signature along w/my 2 sisters to register the property in Corozal, PR. My father, Jose Ortiz passed away 3 yrs ago. We believe it's to sell the property. Can he do this without our signatures? Property is in Cibuco. My Dad had many siblings and there are few left in the area who are upset with my uncle who lives in Atlantic City. Please advise.

#396 MARIA | July 28, 2010

Good Day, My cousin passed away unexpectedly. We found out he owned a condo in Puerto Rico. My grandmother would have the inheritance but she suffers from dimmentia and in no condition to live there. I have power of attorney and would like to sell property. Can someone please direct me to an estate attorney?

#397 NILESH CHOUDHARI | July 29, 2010

i am a 1987 i had sued my tenant for evict my place and recovery of my rent in the court because he was not paying rent to me.the trial is still going on in the court and even in 1992 court made order against my tenant to pay rs.15000 but he didnt tenant claimed for standard rent in the court.since 1998 again court made order agaist him to pay standard rent in the court but he again ignored to pay. in 2007 my tenant place had been demolished by corporation because this place came in road winding and corporation has given him substitute place on behalf of this place on rent. till today trial has been going on.can this case be dismissed or ended?what should i do?can i build new building on this place? please i need your help.

#398 EDD BAUTISTA | July 29, 2010

We are purchasing a House and Lot in Philippines but the person who own the property was in USA and she had given his nephew the SPA from the USA with seal and stamp from Consulate. My Question is; in the Deed OF Absolute Sale whos name should be appearing was the Authorize person? Orb would it be the person whos name was on the title? If the name was the name of the original owner then what type of clause or reference could it be legal to used if the Authorize representative will be signing in behalf of the original owner.Please can you provide sample of Deed Of Absolute Sale with this scenario. URGENT please and thank you in advance.

#399 MUSTAPHA RUMJAN | July 29, 2010

i live in australia and have lebanese citizenship
my father has passed on, god rest his soul, and in his will nominated some property in lebanon to some of his family in australia. My advice is that this is not legal in lebanon and we need to instigate a process called hasr ers where which will determine the proportion each relation will recieve. apparently tis split can be done by sharia law or secular law. Is this true?
It seems sensible, though an extra cost, and i have contacted a lawyer to start the process.
thank you

#400 AGE | July 29, 2010

Can a landlord hold my mail for non-payment of rent?

#401 ANDY K. PONPON | July 30, 2010

I've gone through this beatiful document and have no comment but to ask for a favour.

I live in a country(Liberia - West Africa) where nothing like this exist and as a result tennants live at the mercy of the landlord. For example whenever the need for repair arises the landlord look in ur eyes and say he is not reponsible. Now with what i have just read i need leglislation just as this what can i do, go to my member of parliment, please advise

#402 THEMBI | July 30, 2010

I was having a one year lease agreement with a landlord that approach me to rent her house, and after a year I renewed the contract, then in May I bought my own place then ask her if I can extend the contract until end of June since I was leasing my place, she refused, then I looked for someone to take over my contract and she agreed then I moved out in end of Jne and she came to inspect the place, I indicated to her that since I will not be staying, she can use my deposit as my monthly rental for Juily I will add the R140 which was short and she agreed verbally but insisting that I pay the rent which I refused, I then gave her the keys saying that she will tak eresponsibility of anything that will be borken and she refused, then aI negotiated with the person taking over my agreement to move into the flat, and I indicate to the landlord which she said its ok as it is my resposnibility, she went behind then phone the new lessee and take the keys saying she wants to paint, and on the 15 I paid the R140 to make up for the July rent including deposit, then on the 30th she faxed me a statement of water and the R140 , which I indicated that it was paid, as for the water I asked if she cannot use the interests gained from the deposit and she became angry threatening to make me pay for the admin fee and new contract fee (of the new tenant) which I refused to pay since it was not indicated on the contract and I never received receipt indicating I have to pay for admin fee of R15p/m for municipal account handling...She als said I must pay for the late payment of rent by using the deposit which is around R380, I demanded for the interests and she included it which means I now have to pay R116.67.Please advice.

#403 SANJEEV GUPTA | July 30, 2010

I am the owner of a company which is having a Godown on rent from the landlord since 1985 in UP, whereby we are paying regular rent with an enhancement of 15% every three years.
Now the landlord has sold the property without intimating us and today we have recieved a notice from the new owner to vacate the premises within 30 days.
Kindly help.

#404 RONDA | July 30, 2010

a friend of mine enheritted a property from her deceased mother. the bigger portion of her property was given to her and her siblings back home wants to sell all inheritted properties including hers which she really opposed to and had told them she's against it. the problem is the property title has not yet been transfered to he name. what legal steps should she take to make sure none of them back in the philippines can sell her inheritted properties? if she would need to hire a lawyer locally in the philippines will she need them to file an affidavit to freeze any sale proceedings?how much would this process cost?

#405 BASSEM B. | July 31, 2010

Re: #1 Ayad, what will those old tenants - who are mostly quite OLD - going to do when they are, as you so gracefully put it, "kicked out"? I doubt they can afford current rental fees.

I agree that right now this is unfair to landlords, but if the government is to pass a new law, it should be one that is fair all around. Sadly this seems impossible.

#406 K | July 31, 2010

Leo, I am also in Singapore and have a 100sqm hcmc condo for sub-sale, which I need to sell. TOP is Q2'11. I am not vietnamese, and can transfer to another foreigner. Let me know if you want details.

#407 HOMEOWNER | July 31, 2010

Having recently decided to rent a portion of my house in order to help with bills while taking job re-training, I have learned the hard way how ridiculously tenant/renter favoured legislation is (at least in SK). I have lived in many situations with other people, including the home owner, and most things were easily worked out by having adult conversations. However, asking someone to stop using an item which affects your health, while you are also living in your house, is something that the renter has to agree to do, which I find silly considering how strict rules at workplaces are in these similar instances. Why should I have to be sick in my own home due to someone else, but be protected at work?
Richard - depending on the situation and where you live, if you are renting a home, you are responsible for the yard care and any costs should you not do it yourself. If the landlord lives on the premises, unless you agreed prior to move-in that you would be responsible for the yard, it would be the landlord. In either case, it is still the responsibiliy of all occupants to ensure safe, clean premises by either helping or reporting maintenance to the property owner/landlord.
As for holding mail, that is a federal offense and is not legal for any reason.

#408 DUDE | July 31, 2010

@Mathew, the owner pays the land rent.

#409 CAROLINE WRIGHT | August 01, 2010

1) What can I do with shares and money that I have inherited from my deceased parents, I live overseas?
2) Should I die and my money is in South Africa, what must my family do in order to get this money? Should I set up a Trust Fund?

#410 MARIE | August 01, 2010

My partners mother has passed away and left him and his sister a property. Could you please explain what he has to do next? as he has received a letter ssying he has to go through probate but is unsure what that is? Thanks

#411 LANDLORD | August 02, 2010

i have tenant which we don't have contract for a year now.My problem is i want to use now my unit,but the tenant still refuse to move out, i already given 3 months notice the tenant,i inform the tenant that i will use the unit.what shall i do? can i file a case now?

#412 ELIZE | August 02, 2010

It is not always possible for me to pay my rent on the 1st of the month, but it is always paid in full by the 7th. Could you please advise if the Landlord can charge m e interest for the days after the 1st, up until the 7th. For example, if I pay on the 4th, can he charge me interest for 3 days, from 1st - 3rd of the month?

I'd also like to know if my landlord has the right to prohibit me from parking in the street in front of the flat, for short periods of time (a couple of hours, or sometimes overnight). It is a very wide road, my car causes no obstructions to anyone or their property. He says it makes the street look like 'Kyalitsha'. (I drive a late model Volvo! Thanks, Elize

#413 HOWARD | August 02, 2010

House not assesed for thirty years and therefore no property tax. I was just told that under pr tax code there is no statue of limitations and govt can getthe tax money it says no matter that they never did their job of re-assessment- Commenst please

#414 BRIAN MCQUAY | August 02, 2010

I had a similar problem with a rental company in Tamarindo called Hidden Coast Realty. They rented me a pet friendly condo and then kept sending harrasing letters until we moved out. The guy told me he wasn't going to give it back and that he was evicting us so he could keep the deposit. He said this 'after' we had already moved out of the place. Realistically, there's very little I can do without having to put a ton of money into sueing him over the deposit.

#415 PRECY | August 02, 2010

Im a tenant who rented the house for 2 years.. i had a problem regarding with the dipuel water.. its not coming out anymore the water and its all rust... so i ask my landlord to apply the maynilad water.. my landlord told me that im the one who will responsible the cost of what expenses in applying the NAWASA. is it true that im the one who gonna shoulder it?
and my second question is is it every year they need to increase the rent? and how many percent should they allowed to add the increase? thank you

#416 M.AGREGADO | August 03, 2010

We are a new tenant running in 2 weeks only my new landlord & I agreed for a 1 month deposit 1 month advance and when I gave it to her she issued an ordinary receipt only and advice us to move whenever we want( she already gave us the house key)to transfer while she is preparing for our contract of lease.In verbal agreement we agreed to shoulder first all the repairs like door lock, electrical wirings(switches that are not functioning), roof leaks(all over the entire kitchen areas, living room and bedroom ,it is a total mess) and house paintings to deduct it in our monthly rental.We do all the repairs(because the condition of the house is not liveable)but due to it's location we are opt to transfer knowing that we can fix it but after our transfer when our landlord visited the place she looks amaze with the changes and after a few days on our 12th day she serve us with the contract of only six months for they will be needing the place and an additional advance payment of 1 month to add to our 2 mos deposit for they realize it is the normal advance fees & stated in the contract not to be use for monthly rentals or is not consumable for 2 months grace period as prior notice to vacate the place. My question is is it right?Is there any law to protect us, it's too hard not to comply and sign in the contract where in fact we just only move in and you know it is not easy to move and transfer we felt harrass and pressured and been fooled with the agreement of deducting all our expenses in repairs ang paintworks because right now she just decline the agreement. Any advice you could give. Actualy with that kind of landlord we also felt not to go on business to her longer but we had no more budget ant time, effort to look for another place at this early. Any advice you can give? Thanks.

#417 STEVE HEMINGWAY | August 03, 2010

Rent is determined by tenants actual earned income, which is roughly constant in real terms. Property prices are largely a function of sentiment and availability of credit. The persistent momentum of prices in real estate markets deludes investors into thinking that "income doesn't matter". Of course it does, and since nobody can be cash flow positive on a yield of 2.5% even with the cheapest financing imaginable, then these figures have to predict that high end property in Shanghai and Beijing is on the point of a huge crash.

Of course it might be ten years before we actually see it, and a lot of rich people will take this as evidence that people like me don't know what we are talking about.

#418 RAINMAN | August 03, 2010

I have been renting a room with the owner of a HDB flat for 4 months without any contract. I have paid 1 month advance and 1 month deposit when I moved in. But now at the start of this month, I did not pay the rent because I will be moving out at the end of the month due to different work location outside Singapore. I give my landlord a notice of 1 month to inform her of my decision but now she is threatening me that she will change the key to my room before end of this month becuase she said that my 1 month deposit does not cover the rent. In this case, what's the best thing to do? Is it alright to report this to the police?

#419 AH WEE | August 03, 2010

i plan to buy a house at$780K from developer. The developer will pay for the S&P legal fees.
What are the legal fees & stamp duty charges do i have to pay and how much? Do i ahve to pay the Title transfer fees?

#420 GLENN S. FERGUSON | August 03, 2010

The western communities of New Providence are seeing most of this development as three of the five project highlighted Albany, Caves Heights and Baha Mar are located along the western shores.

#421 SHILPASWAROOPA | August 03, 2010

My husband's father passed away last year( not yet one year) and my MIL spoke to my husband that the property will be divided equally with his other 4 sisters. My husband had to take care of all the dealings and expenses including his sisters education, wedding, house expense, and bringing them from the village and providing them with a house and also taking care of his fathers last rights. Now in turn the sisters all got good amount of gifts from parents house for their wedding and their kid's traditional cermonies.. where as we are said that we belond to the house and nothing can be given. How does the equal share hold up in the court? Can you give me some guidlines.

#422 JITEN | August 03, 2010

Hi, I have an apartment in india,I am staying abroad now.I want to give this apartment on rent as there are many guys approaching.I haven't given power of attorney to anyone to sign on my behalf.
Can you tellme if I can agree with the tenant on the email, and exchange soft copy of the lease agreement.Then my friend can sign on my behalf, I can send a scanned letter to him.
Need to some light and expert guidance.Please help.

#423 YURI | August 03, 2010

Guess you guys have not checked the prices lately. They are falling, and falling FAST !

#424 RHIAANE | August 03, 2010

We are a new tenant, Me and my landlord verbally have agreement that we can already use our 1 month advance we transfered July 17, so i told her that our nxt payment will be sept.17?she agreed but after 2days, after she recieved my 2months dep.and 1month advance she informed me that my nxt payment will be august 17?because she want an advance payment, which is i think its not right bec.we already have a 2months deposit. And it is right that they are just issuing an ordinary reciept,not a BIR reciept?then they have the right to increase the rent?Hope you can immediately answer my question,and give me advise regarding rhis matter bec. i really felt abused by our landlord.Thanks and God Bless

#425 ARDO A. | August 04, 2010

i share house with other tennant nearly 2years.and we have new one years lease on a property after that when we get price down.But i decide and want to move out another place.. There has been no dispute between landlord or tennant.Does that mean i get my deposit back or no? If i get back but ho shut be pay me that landlord or other tennant ho sty in owe there..As i no brok the lease agreement.

#426 BRIJESH | August 04, 2010

Dear Sir
I am planning to buy a land of indian christian. The father died and his children made family trust and disposed his property to one hindu, who is alive and bought ths property in Jul 09. Now he is selling. The other thing is the son of christian father had lost original document and then made dulicate on the basis of application to police inspector, no FIR is enclosed.Just wanted to know do you recommend this property.

#427 CHUKWUMAOBI GODWIN | August 04, 2010

Please,i hope the copyright version allows me to extract from this publication.

#428 CONFUSE | August 04, 2010

Hi, I have rent master room in a condo, meanwhile there are 3 rooms in the condo that are occupied by two other tenants..and we all get long great. My question is, is it normal if your landlord sleeping in your couch in the living room almost every night, meanwhile, according to the agreement he is only going to come once in a while only to clean the house, not to stay. We have complain to the agent about this, but his reply is thatm because all of us renting the rooms, the landlord have the right to stay there because it is the common area. is that correct? because I dont think this is normal, and I think also very disturbing.

#429 MISS BENNETT | August 04, 2010

what if the will that was lift is invalid, what rights do i have as one of two surviving child. and what would be the procedures to follow.

#430 XANEA BESTER | August 04, 2010

I have a tennant in my property for the past 20months of which he has only had a agreement for 6months and refuses to leave or pay utilities he pays rent but has got behind I want him out how must I go about getting him out the letting agent went bust and left me in this mess help regards XANEA

#431 LIEZEL | August 05, 2010

Hi, a friend of mine and i have signed a lease agreement for a period of 1yr from 1st of september 2009 till 31st of august 2010. We've paid R2000 deposit plus rental upfront, moved in, but had lots of problems with windows that was broken and not closing properly, kitchen cupboards whose doors was broken and had electricity problems to name but only a few. We told landlord about all these bt then he would only make empty promises to fix it. Only fixed some of it 2mnths before contract ends. End of june we told him that we're looking for place and moving out end of july, even though our contract expires the end of august. Tried phoning him a few days later to confirm that we did find another flat, but he wasn't picking up his phone, send him an sms nonetheless. Now he doesn't want to give our deposit back and said that we only gave notice a few days before month end, although we told him in advance and he even send a letter stating that we must be out by the end of july. Please give advice on what to do.

#432 LOUONBOARD | August 05, 2010

Attn: John Murray - Take the flag off your head and read the news. You old story is just that ... Old! America's about apathy and collateral damage, the killing of inocent women and children all over the world. You thing the World Trade Center 3,000 was bad? How many innocents have we killed?

#433 JAMES PIERCE | August 05, 2010

My aunt and father inherited land by a will from my grandfather which was never partitioned or divided between them. My father died without a will. My Aunt was alived when my father died. Does my Aunt get all the property or those my mother and siblings have a right or claim against the property.

#434 DONAL | August 05, 2010

My family and I have been renting a home for over 30 years from our landlord at a fixed rate. Should the property pass to the landlord's son, and he decides he wishes to change the terms or even redevelop the site, then what protection/compensation do you think we may be entitled to? The relationship between us and the landlord and his son is highly amicable but it is possible the son may want to change the terms or even sell the land the property is located on.
Many thanks.

#435 SHAHSALLEH | August 05, 2010

Hi, recently I signed S&P with owner for purchase of 2nd hand house in johor.But the tenor 3+1 month had expired due the delay of obtaining my bank loan My question, can I extend the S&P with the consent of the owner ? please advise what is the best solution.Thank you

#436 CEE | August 06, 2010

our father died 20 years ago. our residencial property was transfer in the name of our mom and us (as heirs of our father and not by our names). our mom died 4 years ago (no last will). we religious pay our real estate taxes. just over 3 months ago we received a notice from BIR that we should transfer properties in her name to us heirs. we are not aware of the immediate need for the transfer and we are worried about the fees and taxes that we need to pay. could you please enlightened us about the process of land transfer and what are the fees that would be incured (how much). and what tax deductions which could be applied to lower the cost. what does "family home means"? Thanks.

#437 BARBARA | August 06, 2010

what is the average rent for house in grenada,in american language? i pay 482 a month here in florida, what would i pay there, for 1bd, 1ba in american dollars. how does it compare?

#438 HEMIGI | August 06, 2010

I have rented a room where its flat of 3 rooms.agent gets rent from each of the tenants.the agent who had rented me the room 5years ago left but i have receipts under my name.
our current agent assigned one of the tenant all rooms but we continued paying rent to agent directly.this agent changed and started issuing receipts in the name of the assigned but there has never been any agreement informing that the assigned has become the landlord.
now the assigned has brought eviction letter from the area chief giving 5days.i have paid rent up to date.
Now what is the legal position!is the assigned person in a position to initiate eviction without any reason.

#439 MR COLLINS GREG | August 06, 2010

hi tell me more about your service ok

#440 RICHARD CLAUSEN | August 07, 2010

Would anyone like to take a prediction on property prices in Tung Chung in the near future?

I hear that in October 2010 the HK government is announcing a new housing policy.

I was almost pressured into signing a contract for a property today. The Price was 2.3 million and the same place was going for 1.8 million 2 months ago. I got cold feet and a gut feeling to wait a wee bit longer as I seem to agree with John regarding the negative long term aspects of government stimulus packages.

Any ideas?

#441 GIL | August 07, 2010

The price above per sq. m is very general... because the prices for renovated apartments in Tel Aviv is much higher than that maybe double more like $9,204.99 per sq m. at least that is the deal I am signing tomorrow. Check out for further information.

#442 RAJAN T.M | August 07, 2010

Every year my land lord inceasing my rent, do you have any new rule and regulation for this issue,how do i can get new lease agreement form, evry year they brimging the old lesae agreemet form.

#443 MARI | August 07, 2010

Our flat is being rent since march 2010. And few days ago there was apparently a pipe burst in the bathroom and flooded the whole flat which is obviously need needs of changing all of the floors. We are desperately want to have the problem fix as soon as possible and we already have people ready to do the job which will take two weeks..So we told our tenant to get a temporary accomodation or live around it..They would prepare to get temporary accomodation but in our expense which we absolutely disagree..We already offered them 1month rent free once the flat is fix but not good enough for them .I think were being generous already..Is it legal to just give their deposit back and tell them to move out completely so we can have our flat fix and move on..

#444 NANCY | August 07, 2010

My mothers parents owned land in Orocovis but they passed away. My mom also passed away but she has other brothers and sisters who are still alive. To be presice four are alive however they say that I cannot have what it pertains to me by my mother because they need to go by a process. My question is can I take my part that belongs to me in a simple process without conflict?

#445 AZMI | August 08, 2010

just want to ask help if somebody could tell me the prices of the each categorizes of apartment in Malaysia

#446 NICOLE | August 08, 2010

Your web is very informative except that it is much too outdated. Will you consider to update it.

#447 ABRAHIM | August 08, 2010

I am a Egyptian man who has to American daughters.If I leave them money when I pass away will they pay taxes on that inheritance in Egypt and America and how much?

#448 THE GERMAN | August 08, 2010

yah when this bubble burst then I will go shopping.

#449 HILDA | August 08, 2010

What is the situation with those refugees who occupied an apartment rent free for more than 17 years now, does anyone know what is the law on that part.

#450 AJ | August 08, 2010

My previous landlord threatened to take me to a lawyer because i did not want to leave the key to the place i was vacating with the guard so she could do the insepction without me. She did the inspection and has decided to deduct money for steamcleaning the carpets. I had the unit professionally cleaned before i moved out and always maintained it in a neat condition - How do i stop her from doing this?

#451 HAMZA | August 08, 2010

my father passed away in november 2009. he had two marriages. the first women was divorced and she won the custody of the children. one boy and one girl. where as i know that in custody it was wriotten that my father had to feed the children till they get 18. after that my father married to my mother and from the wed lock they have 4 kids. me a boy and 3 girls. he passed away in kuwait and this whole thing is kind of international and stuff. the only thing i want to know that does those two children from the first wife have to right to claim the property my father left behind. point to be kept in mind that, that women won custody of the children when my father divorced her. the custody case was around 1987. im in serious problem. any help or suggestion would be apprecitad. reply me back on

#452 LEE | August 08, 2010

With people placing more value on commuting time, with their ability to telecommute, how does one come up with a commuting cost figure to properly compare value from all of these suburban residental areas if they are no longer commuting to the city hub?

#453 HEIN DUSSELDORF | August 09, 2010

Are you sure about the info RESIDENCY ?
I received differed info, what is true? i do not know , bud like to!

For foreign nationals not wishing to work in the Cayman Islands but simply wishing to have the right to reside, there are alternative options. In particular, one can apply to the Chief Immigration Officer for a Residency Certificate which is valid for twenty five years and is renewable.

 In Grand Cayman, proof of an annual income of at least CI$150,000 without the need to be engaged in employment in the Cayman Islands is required and an investment of CI$750,000 (of which CI$250,000 must be in developed real estate).

 To become resident in Little Cayman or Cayman Brac, proof of an annual income of CI$75,000 without the need to be employed in the Cayman Islands and an investment of CI$250,000 locally, of which at least CI$125,000 must be in developed residential real estate. There is a one-time fee of CI$15,250.

#454 ANDREA | August 09, 2010

We are 5 children, my father passed away, and he has put the house on 4 of our names, to be shared equally when sold. I am the only one still unmarried.
I would like to know whether my married brothers can still sell the house before I get married?
I would also like to know whether the share has to be given to the 5th child if her name is not there in the house?

#455 STACEY G | August 09, 2010

My father passed away 2yrs.ago in lares,p.r.he left his house to all 6 of his children.I wanted to know how much % wise is the lawyer we have entitled to,if we are not using a realtor and we are just going through attorneys.we close for the final sale of the house on 08/16/2010,in san sebastian,p.r.I just really need to know what we have to pay & how much the lawyer's % should be.all his children live in the united states.I just don't want us to be taken advantage of.the house is gonna be sold for $120,000 and a deposit of $5,000 has already been made in may 2010.please help a.s.a.p. desperately seeking answers...muchas gracias

#456 HANI | August 10, 2010

My father is a landlord,he has rented a premises for like 10 yrs,he issued the tenant with a notice of eviction but the tenant we to rent tribunal and thats
when all the problems started,the tenant has since not been paying my father rent and he faked a rent agreement,now its a whole year!
What justice is there in kenya,the tenant is now enjoying all the rights,and my poor retired father still waits fro the case,why is can this case not be taken to High court,coz this tenant is a crimim=nal faking rent agreement and not paying the rent?
I think there are so many areas in the constitution that still needs ammendments!

#457 KAVITHA | August 10, 2010


My husbands wants to transfer his property that was gifted to him by his grandfather when he was a child to me. Is it possible and if so, how can that be done?

#458 KUMAR | August 10, 2010

I have newly purchased a house which is 3.5 years old. I have a tenant, who has just recently occupied and now he refuses to pay the Advance or the rent. Now he is refusing to vacate the house also. Later-on I came to know that the neighbors have envy on my property and they are supporting my tenant. What legal action I can take on the tenant. Moreover, in the future, if some other tenants occupies my property and again if it turns into the same condition, what should I need to do to avoid this circumstances. As I am out of station, I am staying at different location. Please suggest.

#459 GUNASINGAM | August 11, 2010

Hi,we are 6 children 4 sons 2 dauthers .All married before year 1988.We are all malaysian.Father past away in 1994.He had 4.4 acres land in india.He transfered the property to my eldest brother in 1987.Now my eldest brother planning to sell those land.Are other siblings entitle for any share from the property.Please confirm whether dauthers too entitle for their shares.

#460 JOSEL ALCURAN | August 11, 2010

My father died 1999, 11 years ago, and just learned that the house that we are living need to be transfer to us. The title of the estate is still with my grandparents who passed away 1979(Grandfather) and 1981(Grandmother). My Mom still lives with us. We are continiuosly paying the real state tax but I heard that we also need to pay the estate tax or inheritance tax. The zonal value of the estate is around 1M Pesos.
Kindly enlighten us how we can arrange to fix this issues and to whom we need to coordinate. I will appreciate also if you can give us some advise to reduce the cost of the fees. Thanks in advance.

#461 DALANO | August 11, 2010

I have a problem with Rental pros ,,In Pretoria,,,they so slow in paying back my deposit ,,as there moved other people while I was still moving out ,,,they have payed thier full deposit ,,,and now they promised to pay my money today ,,,but still not in ,,,what should i do ??

#462 EVELYN | August 11, 2010

My father lives in puerto rico and he his terminally ill, he has altimerz disease for about 10 years, he has property belonging to his father (his inheritance). His current wife (they have been married for over 30yrs) took him to a lawyer to sign a power of attorney while he was being treated for altimerz. My father is unable to speak, see, nor move. We just found out that his wife is in the middle of selling his inheritate property which should go to his children once he dies. We want to stop her from selling my fathers property What can we do? they expect his to die any time..please help

#463 SARA | August 12, 2010

My grandfathre dies years ago in Iran. What is the time frame in which one should file for his inheritance if no one has done it yet? In another words, how many yaers after his death the government may take over his belongings if no one has claimed them?

#464 SONAL | August 12, 2010

Hi,I wanted to know what legal rights my two Aunts(US citizens) have on my grandfather's property who died in 1982. Since then my father(US citizen)has been paying all the expenses for the flat. Not only that when the flat was bought my father added Rs.10,000 more than my aunts. Please help! Thank You!

#465 PATRICK SCHOLASTIQUE | August 12, 2010

I strongly belive that Seychelles as an independent country should and must have it's own laws instead of relying on the frenchand british laws. Time a have changed and the old colonial days are gone , the seychellois people are now masters of their own future and capable of running their counrty and also capable of drafting their own own laws, take for example the drafting of the National Constitution which were drafted b y Seychellois.

Thanking you



#466 ANGELA | August 12, 2010

What is done with the taxes that Moroccan citizens are required to pay? Does it go toward helping the poor, jobs, etc.? Because one Moroccan citizens says that the government is pocketing the money, which is why there are no jobs in Morocco.

#467 SEPHULA | August 12, 2010

My house was reneted by Estate Agent but for the past 4 month she is struggling to get rental for me and she is not evicting my tenats too, tell me what is witihin my rights as they are staying free of charge while I'm paying bond for them.Im in SA in Durban,please let me know if someone can assist me.

#468 SARAH KAUR | August 12, 2010

My biological father passed away recently leaving an estate which is basically a HDB apartment. There is no will so am I and my other siblings entitled to the estate?

#469 MIKE | August 12, 2010

I have a tennant who hasnt paid rent for 4 months. I contacted the Tribunal and they sent him a letter which he hasnt responded to. Nothing has changed in another month and the Tribunal employees are now on strike. The Housing Tribunal is another ineffective government department.

#470 TANELE | August 12, 2010

Hi,I have a problem,I have been renting a flat for 5 years and have alwyas paid on time until last year.The company I was working for shut down and due to that I am now owing 2 months rent on my flat.I mad arrangements with the agent to pay whatever I can on top of the rent to cover the arrears.We do not have a lease beecause after I lost my job the agency decided to run on a monthly basis.But today I recieved an sms stating that I have to pay the arrears by Friday the 13th and if not I must immediately vacate the premises.Is there anything I can do to stop this?

#471 PETER L | August 13, 2010

can a landlord evict me in 2 months because he wants to move in to the property but has only given me verbal notice & not written notice? My understanding is that the 2 months notice does not take effect until I get written notice on the official TERMINATION NOTICE TO TENANT form from the residential tenancy branch.

#472 HENRY | August 13, 2010

Please,i want know the provisions of the Intestae Succession Law(PNDC LAW 111) and PNDCL 264

#473 KIM MALAR | August 13, 2010

My Mother is one of the registered owner as declared on the OCT with a Homestead Patent issued in 1965.She's quite old and unaware of what and how it happened when a developer was able to "snatched" the
titled land from my Father who passed away 10 years ago. Now that we (the children) are all grown and asked what happened to the land, my Mom could hardly recall. We found the copy of the OCT and four other TCT's that arose from it. All annotations on the back of the TCT's were carefully analyzed and just does not seem to jive so now we are trying to find some answers.At some point,the land was auctioned off and my father had issued a restraining order to not issue a TCT to the highest bidder for he has the right as a registered owner for the redemption of the same. Two years later, a consolidation of ownership was noted and five months prior to consolidation, a deed of sale was done by the highest bidder to the new owner and was issued a TCT. The consolidation and the deed of sale were both inscripted on the same day, same time and the same year.
Could there have been some hocus focus in the local Register of Deeds? The new owner had started developing the land since then (about 30 years ago now)
and I found out that there are 3 model homes built. They were able to subdivide the land into 600 lots, got copies of the title of 600 lots, read and analyzed,
1/3 were sold, a few were mortgaged, and 1/3 tax levied and a part on joint venture. I have talked to a few people who already had paid for the lot but said that they can not get the title of their paid lot. What do you think is going on why they cannot issue the title? Let me know if you can help me find answers, Thanks.

#474 KIM MALAR | August 13, 2010

My Mother is one of the registered owner as declared on the OCT with a Homestead Patent issued in 1965.She's quite old and unaware of what and how it happened when a developer was able to "snatched" the
titled land from my Father who passed away 10 years ago. Now that we (the children) are all grown and asked what happened to the land, my Mom could hardly recall. We found the copy of the OCT and four other TCT's that arose from it. All annotations on the back of the TCT's were carefully analyzed and just does not seem to jive so now we are trying to find some answers.At some point,the land was auctioned off and my father had issued a restraining order to not issue a TCT to the highest bidder for he has the right as a registered owner for the redemption of the same. Two years later, a consolidation of ownership was noted and five months prior to consolidation, a deed of sale was done by the highest bidder to the new owner and was issued a TCT. The consolidation and the deed of sale were both inscripted on the same day, same time and the same year.
Could there have been some hocus focus in the local Register of Deeds? The new owner had started developing the land since then (about 30 years ago now)
and I found out that there are 3 model homes built. They were able to subdivide the land into 600 lots, got copies of the title of 600 lots, read and analyzed,
1/3 were sold, a few were mortgaged, and 1/3 tax levied and a part on joint venture. I have talked to a few people who already had paid for the lot but said that they can not get the title of their paid lot. What do you think is going on why they cannot issue the title? Let me know if you can help me find answers, Thanks.

#475 O .FORTUIN | August 15, 2010

I am ex-pat in bahrain. I failed to make rent payments and now my landlord had legal charges against me. I been ill for two weeks and staying at freinds place I never knew there is note from police station to arrive on 11th Aug 2010. Today is 15th only reason I missed appearing is due to the fact I was not in my apartment. My embassy is in Saudi and of No help to me. I've emailed and called them. Also I am currently unemployed and not sure how many days I have left.

Will I be sent to jail for this? I have no intention of leaving Bahrain wihtout owning up to her for at least half of the payment.

Can anyone advise me , please

#476 BOB | August 15, 2010


My company will shift me to work in KSA/khobar, very near to bahrain, and i was wondering if it is possible to have my resident/work visa in KSA but stay and rent in Bahrain, as going and coming everyday using the causeway, what conditions/documents might be needed in that case, and if any one knew some person who has the same situation, i will appreciate if he contacted me

#477 CARL ROSE | August 15, 2010

Hi, My grandmother passed away in Jamaica in December and we are told that she had an estate in Jamaica. How do I find out and see if I am due to Inherate from this. My grandad passed away some years ago and so did my father, her son.many thanks.

#478 LOURDES GARCIA | August 15, 2010

I inhereted a house in Puerto Rico and I live in Florida. If I sell the house do I have to pay taxes?
Thank You!


Cyprus is incredibly difficult. I don't recommend anyone come here. Landlords are grumpy and try to cheat you. Just think what the Greeks did to the banks of Europe and you'll have a pretty good picture of a Cypriot landlord. People here have no culture. They yell at you and swear at you if you piss them off. I hate this island, and I'm glad I'm leaving soon.

#480 MK TICKNOR | August 15, 2010

My Father has given me some property on Crete. He is 90 years old and how can I make sure that all necessary paperwork is documented. What should I expect as far as taxes on the property?
Is there anyone that I should be contacting to help me?
Thank you

#481 RAFAEL | August 15, 2010

Muy malo eso, muchos impuestos y poco sueldo.

#482 ROBERT | August 15, 2010

quite a good write up .however i look upon it all in a
very different way i and some of my friends always had doubts about so called boom that was just credit and money from europe the almost genetic incapability of understanding common sense/ and guranteed corruption
crook bankers ,academic fools,and arrogance rejoin uk

#483 ANNABELLE | August 15, 2010

We are renting of 4,000 pesos a month.Our landlord did not issue any BIR receipt for almost three years. i have decided to use my two months deposit because of our landlord refuse to repairs our neighbors roof and gutters that cause the rains pouring in our ceiling that cause damages in our belongings and others.I want to know that i can now use my rights not paying our rentals for three months?we are good and on time paying our monthly dues. i just want that my landlord will realize that all tenants have the rights to live in their rented house with peaceful and liveable i right pls help me,thank you

#484 CHRISOULA | August 15, 2010

Thanks to all your comments and questions....My mom is dealing with selling her property in Croatia, but has become very ill with Cancer. She wants to leave her property to us, her 3 daughters. Is a Canadian will good enough to take to Croatia to make sure her land portion is transfered to us?

#485 DUBAI PROPERTY | August 15, 2010

I would like to comments on the above subject theist the dawn fall in the real estate sector has been in force due to the Government policy which is not consistence in line with the world market. some time the Government made regulations and overnight they changed it. The Government should adopt a fair policy in all the sectors. The confidence of investors has been lost and it would take long time to correct the same

#486 SILA OTSIMI | August 16, 2010

is it right... to push your notice to the next month ? and in doing so pay for the initial month that one had given notice & assure the landlord of clearing the arrears on departure. Is it correct for the landlord to lock up the house with no notice.

#487 MARIO IN BAJA | August 16, 2010

At Lori Meadows: I can understand your frustation. But I never recommend you rent a place sight unseen, and your example above is a case in point.

Also, as a renter, make sure you know what you are signing. Get yourself a common English Spanish rental contract for Mexico and bring it to the landlord so you know what you are signing. They have them online for sale at

Next, if you do have to rent a place sight unseen, send out a friend or relative first so they can give you their opinion of the property and the immediate surroundings.

#488 VICTOR | August 16, 2010

can I share a apartment with others. Also, I want to know if there are other places to live cheaper.

#489 ALPANA | August 16, 2010

Please let me know how did you divide taxable income in below bracket? How you splited 9000 in 3500,3500 and 2000
@ 10% 3500
@15% 3500
@20% 200

#490 KIZITO HENRY | August 16, 2010

The tennants Act is more of being selfish to the side of tennants. Its like a tennant is a servant to the landlord! Of recent we are victims of the clauses in that Act were the land lord is treating us like his sons and daughters! Its quite hurting to us. PLEASE ADVICE ME IF POSSIBLE

#491 SAHRA AKHTAR | August 16, 2010

my father has a lot of propety in pakistan. Two of his sibblings are living there.
We are two sisters and we live with our father and mom here in germany.
My question is now: if my dad die, what happen with the propety? Become my uncle some parts of it and my cousins and there children?? Or have they any right on they any right on the propety??
Please reply me soon. its urgent!!!!!!

Thank you
Allah Hafiz

#492 ANNIE | August 17, 2010

hi,im planning to buy a property in the pihl.i have a person whos handling all the paper works you need to pay the seller to photo copy the title of his land that his selling?if so how much?do you have this title check up if its legit?where nad how much would it cost nad notorized?approximately..?thanks do much

#493 ALAN STOUT | August 17, 2010

I am looking for data on rental property price trends for Taipei and/or Taiwan over the past 5 to 10 years on a percentage basis. I am interested to know much rent property has increased / decreased over this time frame.

#494 LINDA STOLS | August 17, 2010

the house i was renting was very expensive and i was short paying each month. i signed a lease for a year but was at the house for nearly 3 years. i found a much cheaper house but had to move in straight away. i spoke to the owner (an estate agent) and said i would pay for damages and what i owed him in water and lights and arrears, but i now received the final account and he has charged me for the rent for august but i am not staying there and he knows i cannot afford to pay him the extra R5500.00 rent. is there anything i can do.

#495 RAVISH | August 17, 2010

HI, Can i make house rent agreement for 24 months . or is it compulsory to make agreement for 11months . pls well as i have rent my property to tenant's on Lease and License Agreement for 11 months and again i renew it for 11 months and now expiry date is on august 12 2010. Now He has been overstaying and now refuses to vacate flat telling i wall vacate after 2 months what to do in this scenario . .

#496 QAISAR MEHMOOD | August 17, 2010

salam,DEAR SIR a person who has died and does not left wife or any child but left one sister and two boys of his dead brother.pls tell what share has his sister and two nephews.does sister has 1/2 or 1/3 from her dead brothers property.thanks

#497 ROSALINDA O. | August 17, 2010

I have read the Philippine laws of inheritance in your page.I am currently residing in California and I was informed that the house and lot owned by my first cousin(our degree of blood relationship)was sold by her husband before he died in 2009 to his sister.I was adopted or reared by my first cousin when I was one and a half years old without any documents to prove I was brought up by her but all our neighbors and her co-teachers can testify to the truth that I grew up with her and considered me as her daughter.When my cousin was still alive she always tell me verbally in the presence of her husband that the property will be mine without living any will. When It was foreclosed I helped my cousin to get it back from Pagibig by giving her the money she needs.They don't have any children. Now my cousin died and her husband sold it to his sister before this husband died. I want to get back the property since it is not conjugal, it was purchased by my cousin when she was still single.I want to claim and get it as a sole heir. I want to file a case against her but some younger lawyers tells me I have no win in this case.I want to get it back because the husband did not have any contribution in the said property nor in the building of the house.Can I get it back by filing a case or should I buy it from the new owner which I can't really believe she deserves to own it.It is not a conjugal property the husband just married my cousin for security purposes since my cousin is ten years or more older than the husband. Please email me as soon as possible because I want to file a case against this new owner. Thank you.

#498 SIMONE | August 18, 2010

lets sat my tenant pays his rent on the 10th of each month. He was given a 30 day notice to vacate on the the 18th. since there is a week after when the tenant would normally pay his rent, should the tenant pay for this week?

#499 SOURABH | August 18, 2010

Hi, my father has given house on rent without any agreement 8 years back. Now my father wants to shift to that house so we told the tenant to vacate the house but he refuse and also stop paying the rent. Please help.

#500 BEVERLEY DUNCAN | August 18, 2010

my mum passed away in jamaica in 2007 she maide a will in 1987 at that time she was in sound mind but in 2005 my brother made a will for my mum saying that everthing belonged to him the 2005 will was made without my mumknowing so what is your advise

#501 JS | August 18, 2010

I was renting a unit for 2 years from my landlord. Prior to us leaving,he wanted the carpets to be cleaned. On the penultimate day he was there to inspect the house & mentioned that everything was in very good nick. Two days later after reconciling my account, I had enquired about the interest on my deposit. He became agitated & said that it was not part of the signed contract BUT would give me R200 back for the R4300 deposit over 2 years.He has now deducted R2600 for repairs from the deposit & given me a quote & not even an invoice from some handyman.

#502 BRIAN | August 18, 2010

Do the Landlord - tennant laws for Mexico City apply to Q.Roo Cancun ? or where can I get this information.

#503 CLAIRE | August 18, 2010

Can a foreigner purchase land that is gold mining land in Ghana?

#504 JESSYCA | August 18, 2010

Does a landlord have the right 2 increase the rent indiscriminately!

#505 GERARD ROY | August 18, 2010

How can I find out what finally transpired in an inheritance case for my mother when the Lawyer in Japan will not respond with any information?

#506 YOUNGSANG KIM | August 18, 2010

You have made a critical mistake regarding Korea. Yes, the rate of VAT is 10%. But not on housees and lands(exemption is provided by the VAT law. never been levied on normal housees and lands. You may have been confused with the VAT on rents. When you buy a house in Korea you pay acquition and registration taxes(normally 2.7~3.15%), some sur-tax (very minor), housing bond(2~3%, you can sell it at 88~90% of the amounts you paid. then that makes it 0.02~o.03%), agent fee (being regulated under 0.05% by the law), and legal transaction fee(normally 0.1~ 0.2%. These are all. Try to get the right informations and rewrite the article.

#507 JAY | August 19, 2010

My tenant's Lease and License Agreement system expired on August 2004. He has been overstaying. The agreement was not renewed. He now refuses to vacate the flat. What legal action can be taken?

#508 NOZ | August 19, 2010

Man the Asians are really hard-up about owning property....they have a real obsession with this nonsense.

#509 ELIZABETH TABAG | August 20, 2010

My father and mother are both widowed and i am their only daughter.I have 6 siblings with my mom before she got widowed and i have 2 siblings too with my father before i was born.My father died 7 yrs ago and he left a 180 sq. m.lot.Before my father died he said that he will give the lot to me.But my mom wants to give the half portion to one of my sibling to her first husband on her first nuptial who she claims to be much portion could i get from the said lot?what about my mother how much portion could she get?does she has the right to give a certain porion or her share to one of my sibling to her first husband of first nuptial?could i get the whole lot which my father had verbally states that the lot was to be given to me with any written document.The lot was not yetbeen titled and was not been yet transferred to my mom's name. could we still recover it and be directly transfer to my name even with my mom's permission?

#510 OMARTI | August 20, 2010

I wholeheartedly agree with the comment above. Highest incidence of handgun violence? How about Chicago, NY, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami? How about the fact that terrorist have no interest in this country? Couldn't be safer. The people are warm and friendly> Fraud? How about the crooks in Wall Street? Please get your facts straight and then write about it. Could it be you weren't paid by developers like in other countries to write about their developments?

#511 YOUNGSANG KIM | August 20, 2010

I am sorry for missing some points regarding the statement above - about Korea. By houses I meant the houses of less than 89 square meters. They are not subject to VAT. Lands are, as I mentioned, free of VAT. Sorry!

#512 CONCON | August 21, 2010

My dad died back in 1987. he disposed of his parents properties among his 2 brothers and one sister. he left a 12 hectare beach property (agricultural also)under his parents name and told my mom that it was his property. the property was not transferred under his name when he died in 1987. now, we have a quitclaim signed by one of his brothers and his sister over the land. the other brother died in 2002, survived by his four childredn who told me that they are willing to sign a quit claim. How do i go about all of this from making the quit claim and transferring the property under "the Heirs of my Father"?how much will I pay for procedure of transfer?what government agency should I go to?thanks...

#513 DARINGGOAL_ATGMAILCOM | August 21, 2010

hi fiona, i am sure you or your company is in some business of some sort. just imagine your clients doing the same. how would you earn you bread???
for you information, the agent making 1 months commission is not from your pocket but it will taken from the land lord. whether you go through the agent or directly through the land lord, it will not benefit you at all financially. don't take somebodies food inspite of knowing that you wont be able to eat it!!!!

#514 ANN PARKHOUSE | August 21, 2010

There seems to be a contradiction with regard to what you say about moveable and immoveable assets i.e. you say that immoveable assets (like a house in England) would be dealt with by the inheritance laws of that locality, but later you say a French resident's estate, (and so the deceased's children living in England) would be taxed on the whole of the deceased's assets (that means English house as well.) So there seems to be an anomoly. Please explain.

#515 SOFEA | August 21, 2010

Last month, I tried to buy an apartment and paid deposit 3% without noticing that Im not eligible to buy that property coz it was a low cost apartment. i would like to know why I'm not eligible,I'm a malaysian and owned a small restaurant. The agent did not want to refund the deposit although the sales is not done and I was slept with RM 900 for the lawer and so-called evaluation fees. Can the lawer charge me like that. Pls, advice me how to get my money back from agent. thanks.

#516 RICK FLORES | August 21, 2010

Hi My Father had passed away about 5 years ago. He had property out in P.R. I would like to know what are the procedures on claiming the property?

Thank You

#517 SAEID | August 22, 2010

As an Iranian, can I buy an apartment in Turkey. And is it possible to run trading business from home or I should establish an office outside of my apartment?

Thank you

#518 EARL BING | August 22, 2010

I have a question I bought a lot here in cebu city and i have a deed of absolute sale but haven't transfer it to my name. my question is if i have a deed of absolute sale am i already the owner even if i haven't transfer it to my name..


#519 DENNIS FRANK | August 22, 2010

If a property was inherited and no rent was received prior to or since the date it was inherited, is the property considered as investment income under peruvian capital gains tax laws and therefore subject to the 30% tax when it is sold?

#520 JOSE MIGUEL VOTTERO | August 23, 2010

How about buying Hotels or Restaurants as a foreign company? Do we have to pay the taxes? Which are the policies for foreign investments.

#521 IVANOV | August 23, 2010

Can You please explain for example if I buy house for 1mln chf what tax(usualy circa) must be paied every year(incl. govermetal,cantonal and etc. )and also how can be obtain this permition B (but only to buy house in Swiss notto work,how much funds must be declared and how much will be the tax on it? Many thanks !

#522 JOHNNYBOYSKI | August 23, 2010

Hi Michael, With the little info you have supplied, it is hard to know the exact story. Just as a guess though, if you have not paid taxes on this property, and have not been contactable, then it is possible the government has repossesed the house to recover the tax debts. If I was you I'd be looking down this path. Check it out with, they are the government body who look after this. I must say that for the place to be sold without any notification just doesn't happen in Sweden, the processes are very long, drawn out and very democratic, so there must be more to the story than such. I am an Australian who has lived in Sweden for 11 years since 1995, I have properties in both countries, so I hope my commments about the situation can help, without seeming too blunt. All the best, regards

#523 HATED CYPRUS TOO! | August 24, 2010

I posted this yesterday and, inexplicably, it was taken down. So here it it again. What is described above is exactly what is happening to us right now: our landlord is making our last days in Cyprus a living hell by trying to bully us out of our apartment before our notice date. He is screaming at us, harrassing us, threatening and insulting us. People here are incredibly unpleasant, rude and very anti-foreigner, EU or not. We're very happy to be off the island soon too!

#524 VIKRAM | August 24, 2010

My father is doing business in rented shop since from 40 years my landlord has destroyed the upper floar of the shop and does not removing the waste from the roof the roof is also leaking in monsoon what should i do pls give proper guidance

#525 SUE | August 24, 2010

My Dad is from Split in Croatia he has gone back there to transfer his land over to me and my Sister he is having so much trouble as he have 4 Newphew's that are giving him hell they can't come to any agreement. Is there anybody in Split Court's that can advise my dad what he can do to get this mess sorted and come to Australia.All he wants is a piece of his land and maybe me or My sister can build a little house so we and the Grandkids can come and stay and see where there Parents and Granparent were born and raised.
Can someone please assist me to waht we can you we are so desperate.Thanks

#526 CHARLES MUTUNGA | August 25, 2010

I have been given a seven day notice simply because i pay my rent late and this due to financial difficulties everyone is experiencing.i have been a tenant for over two years.initially we used to pay our rents to the care taker whom i payed rent ksh.6500/ and deposit ksh. 6500/ and also electricity deposit .ksh2500/ with time the caretaker left.we then were introduced to an agent who is currently managing the premises the same who have given this notice without considering that i have deposit with the owner of the property .advice.

#527 FRANCES BRENNAN | August 25, 2010

Im attempting to purchase an apartment in sunny beach, bulgaria. The agreed purchase price is 26,000 euros the fees they are charging me is 2,000 euros is this correct, i did not go through an agent I went directly to the buyer.

#528 DAVE RUDER | August 25, 2010

I have a question, before the bank in Canad will send your inheritance money, is it true that you have to have $10,000.00 in your account.

Thank You.

#529 IRMA CALDINO | August 25, 2010

I have a house&lot at Dasmarinas Cavite, I just finished paying it April this year thru In house financing (Bank Loans)I want to ask the procedure for transferring the title in my name from my Developer and how much it will cost and the necessary documents that I need to prepare since I have only 2 months vacations in the Philippines and I want to finish the transaction. As per my Developer, they told me that it will cost me about 35,000 Php for the said transfer of title. Need your insight for this. Thanks-Irma

#530 LINDA | August 26, 2010

I just want to know, I moved into a rental townhouse 1st june,my statement for july states an amount for electricity, but does the electricity not work 3 months behind. I paid extra in to go into a credit for when my elec bill comes but they now claim that was for June's usage.

#531 ONATIO RESIDENT | August 26, 2010

Here in Ontario a landlord may enter your home
without your consent as long as he gives a
prior notice! For those who do not live in
North America, or are of Middle Eastern origin,
you read correctly "WITHOUT CONSENT". This
"notice" is nothing more than a declaration
that they will enter. It is unbelievable this
lack of morality. Unfortunately, Canadians are
too nice and so never want to get involved. As
one man once sarcastically put it, the best
freedom we have in a "democracy" is the freedom
to get not involved. But who listens...

#532 REBECCA | August 26, 2010

can i start a company in sri lanka and the company buy a house and i lease the house from my company would i get round the 100% tax that way

#533 B SRIVATHSAN | August 27, 2010


Really it nice and interesting subjects

Best wishes

with warm regards

b srivathsan

#534 AZADALI MOHMMAD | August 27, 2010

i am staying for last 28 years in chawl,which is name of uncle.but i am paying the rent to the land lord.i have every proop.can i get the right in my room.. can u help me.
my cell no. is 9833208052
Thanking u.

#535 PAUL | August 27, 2010

Move government to local level, 1 country 4 provinces all with their own council/parliment, ministers who are seperate from these province councils and who are experts in their field suitable to the portfolio.
Get rid of the crooks, bigots, lazy greedy fat bastards.

#536 TIM (UK) | August 27, 2010

My grandfather was a greek citizen, he passed away but as we were not in touch he could not leave any of his will to me, 1. how do i make a claim? 2. How long do i have to make a claim before his estate is given to the government?

#537 MD FAROOQ ALI | August 27, 2010

hi,for my father 1 son and 3 dauthers and just now he and my mother has been expide and for 3 sister all got married and me too married and i want to know that some of the property has been in my father name and some property has been in the name of my mother and i want to know that how much shares have to give to my sister 1/2 half r how to share and then and also do grand sons have writes to ask any property..and then me to haveing in my name some property plz give me advice about this plese help me ;;;;; thank you .....

#538 TANYA | August 27, 2010

Shortly after looking for Ukrainian real estate in 2007. I told our agent that we could buy real estate cheaper in the USA than we could in Ukraine, why would we want to invest there? Within weeks prices started to fall, but you can still buy cheaper in the USA. I doubt the bottom is in yet.

#539 CAMILLE ASHTON | August 28, 2010

Thank you for this informative article. I am a Landlord in the process of selling my property. I have remained transparant with my tenants about this but i find that trying to make an arrangement for a prospective buyer to view premises is impossible. My tenant is not being receptive and avoiding my calls. What are my rights?

#540 LUKE | August 28, 2010

I own a 2-br, 130 sq M condo in Mckinley Garden Villas at McKinley Hill. I am looking to sell this unit and would like to find a reputable, hard working licensed real estate agent. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

#541 KING | August 29, 2010

Please i want to know the type of quit notice, that should be given to a yearly tenant. And for how many months?

#542 M WEEKS | August 29, 2010

Hi, My mum has a plot of land in barbados and has paid her taxes for the last twenty years. I have been told that she needs to have a Will drawn up in Babados in order for probate. Can a Probate Will in the UK be used in Barbados or does she needs a separate will drawn up in Barbados

#543 MARITZA BURGOS | August 29, 2010

My father is bed ridden,Alzheimer.My mother is hiring a lawyer in case she some day has to sell the house. We are 7 children. All of us would like my mother to sell her house. She will need the money to live. Children are not interested in any inheritance.Mother should become my father's guardian . Dad is incapable of making decisions.What to do? Please explain the process.

#544 MIKE | August 29, 2010

My father in-law want to gift his agricultural property in India to his daughter(my wife).
My wife is a Canadian national but has OCI status (overseas citizen of India) can she inherit agricultural land in India? please advise

#545 BASIL | August 29, 2010

I have surely leanrt a lot, great website,great articles, great knowledge.

Keep the great job up!

Wonerding what are your main objectices of this site? do you publish a magazine too? please asdvise.Thanks you

#546 ERIKO MATSUNO | August 29, 2010

Under Japanese Law, heirs automatically have the right to acquire certain portion of all of the assets of the person who passed away if no will exists. If you would like to know what your inheritance is and ensure it, please retain a Japanese Family lawyer (such as me) and start mediation process under Japanese Family Law.

#547 SRIDHAR M | August 30, 2010

My father rented the house to a family and they are in the house for more than 10 yrs. Now they dont pay rent and they refuse to vacate. Will it be good if we can sue them. How long will it take for the case to get over?

#548 JO ANNE FRANCIS | August 30, 2010

i would like to find out who becomes the owner of a farm when one spouse dies without a will. they were married in community of property and the 2nd wife who was the legal spouse at the time of death had 2 children with the deceased. The deceased who owned the property prior to his marraige to 2nd wife had 7 children from his 1st wife.
Hope this is not too complicated.

#549 ERIKO MATSUNO | August 30, 2010

If you are the second wife, you will be one of the heirs of your husband if he is dead. His kids are the heirs too. In order for the second wife to secure the house of the husband, the best way is that the husband prepares the living will. Otherwise the ownership rights held by the husband will be automatically divided among the heirs in the prescribed proportions under Japanese civil law.

#550 JONATHAN | August 30, 2010

Dear Sir,
I am a Malaysian. I have a capital gain investment in UK since 2006. Right now the money is about coming in from UK.Bank wire to Malaysia Bank. Will i have to pay any tax for my investment? I consulted the income-tax department officer as the above status, she told me that it won't be any tax if it is legal from oversea from the legal document provided. Is it true?
Thanks in advance.

#551 BECKY | August 30, 2010

I'm planning to purchase a double storey house at Seri Kembangan cost around RM500k from my friend..What is the procedure of buying if i don't want to go through agent?

#552 KAY | August 30, 2010

scott, do you have any updates?

i have gotten several calls from new landlord to vacate the apartment for self occupation. every week a call for the same reminder. unilaterally gave me till mid sep. i dont want to leave yet as haven't find anything suitable as new home. consulted with the land valuation tenancy consultant at 21508229 they told me to wait for the court order, the owners refusal of accepting rent will be used for filing court order. which is very common in hong kong as there is over 50% of habitants are landlords.

Second years lease agreement said any party can give one month notice to terminate contract.

Anyone with similar experience and managed to stay at least a few more month till the right apt is available... btw, i am on my second yr's lease to expire next year in march 2011.

#553 ROBERT SANDSTROM | August 30, 2010

buy in kaliakria gardens, a 5 star luxury residence near the blach sea coast, fully completed and running since 2009

#554 N.N | August 30, 2010

I moved to a flat in December 2008 and the lease termination is 2 months but I want to terminate my lease in 1 month as in 1st September 2010 my deposit was R5000.00.How much can a landlord charge me on this or cancelattion fee is there is any PLEASE HELP!. Thanks.N.N

#555 MAY | August 30, 2010

Hi, I grew up in the St Michael Area on a plot of land my mum rented when she was ninteen years of years my mum is now seventy three, the land in the beginning has no title deed, but this month this lady came around and said that her mon left it for her and she want her land , what can my mon do ? and what legal right does she have in regard to purchasing the land that she raises her kids on for the last fifty something years? does she just hand over the land?


Property Tax rates in this article are wrong. Property Taxes are not based on market value, but rather on construction costs as of the 1950's. This article is pretty off. I don't even know where the rates where taken from, since all property taxes are levied by Municipalities (there are 78) and all of them are different from on another. As for the Personal Property Tax, it can go over 7% in some instances. It would be a good thing if this article was re-written.

#557 DAVID | August 30, 2010

My Grandfather inherited 99 acres of farm land in Ciales, P.R. along with 3 other brother's, He left the town (circa 1937) to go to the city of Ponce where only one of the brother's stood and worked the land. My grandfather claims this particular brother claimed the land for himself (illegally. To this day no challenge has been made on this claim. My grandfather is still alive 104 years old, All remaining siblings have passed. What recourse does the family have. Please explain the process.

#558 BOB | August 30, 2010

i am currently renting a place in tj. here recently some one has been coming by house claiming to represent the "new land lord" and rent is to be paid to them. according to the man i have been renting from he still owns the land. is there some government office or some where i can go to find out who actually has the title on land.

#559 G.SENTHIL KUMAR | August 30, 2010

my father died in 2001, and now i have my mother and three elder sisters. we are hindu by religion and my first two sisters who are elder to me are ready to transfer their property rights to me ,so is my mother.
but,my third sister who is elder to me is not ready to transfer the property to my name. i am ready to partition the property and give her share, but she is not responding to it also. how can i legally move with this issue. i have no problems if she takes her share and how to partition legally.

#560 DAVID HOLLAND | August 31, 2010

hey there ive lived in a particular block of flats for four years know and have never had any sort of work done on my flats(every flat gets repainted for new tenants)however i have always had excuses as to why it was not done for me. i recently tried to get help from the supervisor to no avail,i typed my landlord a letter stating what needed to be done,he assured me it would be done and just handed the letter back to the supervisor(shocking news,hes done nothing) im paying R3500.00 for my flat when i was previously paying R2700.00 the point of my move was for a better living space,how do i get my repairs done? my toilet barely flushes,my front door needs to be slammed to close,my kitchen cupboards dont close etc

#561 GUISTO | August 31, 2010

if bonds in a fathers name were left in italy and never claimed and they then surface and in the meantime the spouce has died and the husband owner of these such bonds had willed leagally to his sons but was living in england at the time oof death and he had daughters who he didnt will anything too who leaglly ownes the bonds

#562 BARDUR | August 31, 2010

I'm thinking of buying in NT around Yuen Long, but the prices are just sky high... I heard about October rules as well!:. But how is it going to affect my decision ? should I wait or go ahead ?
Please publish a link to some info about the new rules !

#563 KIERAN | August 31, 2010

Well if we really want an end to corruption, bigots etc it is up to ourselves. It is time for young people, who are most effected by the recession, to get interested in politics. The current government needs to be overhauled or replaced. So the next time you get your chance, use your vote, and dont base it on what your parents and their parents before them voted. Use your head, read manifestos, make judgements based on facts and figures. Look at the record of your local TDs and European representatives and assess them. Have they been effective, have they helped out the locality, do they have a vision for the future of ireland etc or are they self serving corrupt cowboys.
Politics does matter because politicians are the people who set the regulations to shape the future of the company. Look for change because we surely need it. Do not listen to that strange assertion that I here everybody say these days ...'they are all the same'. How do we know unless we give others a chance

#564 GEORGE | August 31, 2010


#565 JAYJAY | September 01, 2010

I thought they increase the agents fees to 3% flat now?

#566 PROPERTIES LANKA | September 01, 2010

#4 REBECCA=> Yes you can start company in Sri Lanka as well as buy or build house as your own sweet any beautiful location in Sri Lanka. If you would seriously buy property or invest in Sri Lanka, Properties Lanka team is ready to support you as well as we will support you to avoid 100% tax, when buying property in Sri Lanka by foreigners. Please contact your Sri Lankan number one real estate company as soon as posible.
Phone:- +94(0) 779 371 899 , +94(0) 718 017618

#567 GK | September 02, 2010

i'm thinking of buying around Sham Tseng, Bellagio prices quite high when is good time to buy any information shall i wait

#568 AH WEE | September 02, 2010

Ah Wee, have you managed to get an answer for your question? If yes, pls share with me as i am also having the same question.

#569 MILDRED | September 02, 2010

My father passed away 17 years ago and left no will. He was married for two years and his widow is still living in the house. How do the inheritance law work in this situation? If we decide to sell the property is the widow entitled to anything?

#570 ARCHIE | September 02, 2010

sir we are renting for more than 40 years and the owner sold it,i heard that supposedly we are the one to offer to buy it first,is that true?because the owner sold it to other person.if that so,can we file a case to the owner,we want it to buy thak you

#571 CONCON NO.13 | September 03, 2010

I am a lawyer. So, go to a lawyer (give the details like your family tree, so she or he can picture who are the heirs and how the property will be passed on) for him to make Extrajudicial Settlement of your late grandparents (since they were the registered land owners) with Waiver of Rights and Interests (of your uncle and aunt and late uncle's children) in favor of the children of your father (that is you and your siblings). Let your uncle and aunt and late uncle's children sign said document. Bring the document and go to BIR for assessment and let the paper be assessed for payment of taxes (estate, transfer, etc.) Go to Assessor and then to Register of Deeds, all these agencies must have jurisdiction over the land of your grandparents. For example: the land is located and registered in Manila City, go to BIR, Assessor and then to Register of Deeds and not in Quezon City.

#572 ANAND | September 03, 2010

Before buying lands steps are:

1) Cunsult civil adovocate :Copy of LAND legal document/ Parent and child document
2) Check road plan and GEFT Certificate (Land near by road meters and VAO certificate its similar to Sale Deed for public use)
3) Check the land owner has obtained any loan from Bank
4) Pay any initial amount to seller as cheque and agreement copy and proceed for bank load
5)Apply bank loan otherwise the bank has reject land the application (Bank will start analysis after getting amount from your pocket)
6)Buy all required stamp paper at time registration date, otherwise its waste of your money (kept concerned amount as DD it would be great)

#573 WENDY | September 03, 2010

If you are willed a specific amount from an estate, are the executors allowed to decrease that amount without any explanation?

#574 ANTONIO SABANTO | September 03, 2010

we are six children of late juana sabanto. our eldest brother is of different father and we 5 are of other father. we were registered to the family name of our mother in short we all illegitimate children. our mother acquired parcel of lands during her living-in with my father.3 hectares is titled and the other parcel are covered by tax declaration. we plan to subdivide it, we gathered altogether but our eldest brother is arrogant in saying that i will give away and he is not interested but i let him execute an affidavit and he insisted to do so but he told me that he is willing to accept whatever parcel we give. my question is, is he right on his decision? what should i do to solved this problem? we are already on the legal ages, we have families and i don't want that someday trouble arises with our children and grandchildren

#575 GERALD DAVIES | September 04, 2010

Your document is very useful, but it does not say, after the death of a Bulgarian wife, the surviving husband has in time. to apply for succession. Or is there no time limit?

#576 ELI | September 04, 2010

My parents own a vacation home in Ontario however they live in the US and they are US citizens. I live in the US and I'm a US citizen. Cany they transfer the property to me or pass it on to me after they pass away? If so what is the process and how much would it cost?

#577 LALA | September 06, 2010

hi, i have rent out my place with the ta (1 yr lease)saying to sell with tenacy but the buyer want vacant possesion....
i spoke to my tenant and he refuse to leave and demanded full compesation of rental for the remaining month. is this right ? what can i do?

#578 FEL GONZ | September 16, 2010

My father just passed away in PR and we are not sure of what his assets are. We dont live there so we are not sure as to how to begin since we are not familiar with inheritance laws there. I know there is a time line for probate since he didnt leave a will. how can we start this process.

#579 BARBARA C. JOHNSON | September 17, 2010

I have been living in a rented house for over a year. I had shipped some furniture and my belongings here. As of yesterday, my landlady put the house up for sale. The cost of moving my possessions to another location will likely be costly. Does the law compel the landlord to pay the cost of moving my possessions? Does the law allow me to withhold my rent in order that I be able to pay for the cost of moving? 2446-6724

#580 SUSAN | September 21, 2010

5 brothers own a property in Lebanon and 1 brother does not want to sell. Can the property be sold because the majority want to sell it? If it can, how can the other 4 brothers go about selling the property?

#581 OKPAICHE MICHAEL | September 22, 2010

Please i want to know how many months notice should a landlord give a tenant on a yearly payment. Thanks. If i'm not asking too much, i will like u to send me laws guiding landlord/tenant.Thanks.

#582 OKPAICHE MICHAEL | September 23, 2010

Please i want to know how many months notice should a landlord give a tenant on a yearly rent payment before increasing his rent.

#583 BETTY FORD | September 23, 2010

I'm having problems with my landlord.I'm renting the house on her property and there's another tenant in her flat.She accesses the property whenever she feels like it and when I complain about it she says the other tenant let her in.Is there something I can do about it?Surely I have the right to some privacy?I have spoken to her about it but she just carries on doing what she wants.

#584 GRES | September 25, 2010

Thax all information..
I think, Indonesia nice location and more potential market of property like office with yield 12%, apartment (strata tittle cbd location = 13% and others.
for valuation and appraisal look here

#585 AJNABI | September 26, 2010

dear parvez

im pakistani and i am born in saudia arabia, i lived there for 28 yrs my father lived all most 60yrs until now he is treated by law like he's entered in ksa today they're most extreme racist people
on the planet don't even think to live there they will treat you like a slave, most of the saudi and kuwaiti people are like i suggested you don't go there. i have left saudia 14 yrs ago,alhamdullilah.

#586 RALPH | September 28, 2010

i would like to ask if the landlord has the right to padlock the rented apartment once the tenant is not paying their rent for 5 months? All city services are to be paid before vacating the place but my problem is The landlord are harassing us, telling to padlock our place on OCTOBER 3 2010. and verbaly saying that we will leave our properties inside. I would like to ask if this is proper to do or not? we are willing to leave but this apartment but all i want is give us enough time to find another place to move on. we are willing to pay our 5 months dues but not at this moment coz we are experiencing problems in our finances. what shall we do? we are expecting for your reply.. thanks!

#587 JAME | September 28, 2010

Good day. I would just like to find out if a landlord can withhold a security deposit if we gave notice in the time aggreed on the contract and moved out. The landlord wanted us to leave a.s.a.p as he had other people that wanted to move in. We left and the other people didn't move into the house for more than a month after we moved out and in that period there was a break in and a lot of pipes and taps we stolen out of the house. now they dont want to pay back our deposite to cover that damages. can they do that?

#588 NARENDER | September 29, 2010

hey this is narender
i have a problem with my shop.since 15 years i am running a shop.The shop room is rented.I pay room rent every sudden the landlord of the room in which i am running my shop ask me to leave the room and ask me to run my shop some where.and i don't want to leave that,how can i solve my problem. shall i case in court will it work out for me...

#589 MICHAEL TAYLOR | October 01, 2010

My wires mum passed away recently in Jamaica.her father died some years ago.she is the only child of them & lives in the uk.a nephew of her father who lives in the America is scheming to get the can my wife obtain a copy of the will & what is she advised to do?

#590 AFZAL PANHALKAR | October 02, 2010

Respected Sir:

Please guide me through. We have been staying at this house in Pune, Maharashtra, for the past 40 years. We have been paying monthly rentals to the owner who has himself leased this property from the main owner for a lease agreement of 100 years. So it has been now 40 years of his lease agreement. Now for sometime we have this builder who often comes and visits our place and he is telling that this area has been declared as a slum by government of Maharashtra and he has permission to build it from the main owner. He is asking us to move and he will give us a property accordingly but to be fair, we do not trust him as he does not have a good record and talks as if he is threatening us. Now, sir, please tell me if this area has been declared as a slum then why have we been giving rent for the past 40 years and also had given "pagdi" when we came here. Whenever we tried to build this place, our so called owner, to whom we are paying the rent did not give us permission to build anything on this land so we were staying for these many years in this place with only 5 feet concrete walls and have lived through many devastating conditions.

I do not understand sir now where this builder has come from and what authority does the government give him to build this property as he says that it has been sold to him by the owner of the land. I wanted to know that when we have stayed here for so many years why can't we build it for ourselves. How can the owner sell this property to someone if he has already given it on lease to someone for 100 years and 60 years are still remaining. If this area has been declared as a slum, then what are our rights.

I just want to know sir that what can we do in this scenario as we are being threatened by this person again and again to sign on some documents. We do not understand what to do and where to go. Please guide us through and let us know our legal rights. I mean to say that if an area has been declared as a slum then what are the rights of those staying for such a long time. If this builder is such a well wisher and wants to build this place, then why not we for ourselves.

We will be very thankful to you if you tell us what to do in this case and where to go.

#591 SHARON LAKHAN KING | October 02, 2010

If the Rent Assessment Board nor the Rent Restriction Acts don't cover rents in excess of $1,500.00 which piece of legislation does? If my rent is due on the 26th September and I move into another apartment on the 4th of October, do I have to pay a full rent? What are my rights as a tenant?

#592 REGER | October 05, 2010

Re: The increase cannot be above the increase of the four-quarterly average of the INSEE index of construction costs.

=> law changed some years ago. Index of construction costs was replaced by consumer price index. CPI grows much less than construction cost

=> maximum deposit is 1 month only (by law)

#593 ARCHANA | October 06, 2010

Hi..We are staying in a rented house since 5 months. We have the rental agreement for 11 Months in place. Our rent to be paid per month is 8000k/- p.m and now we have the major water problem, drainage water is entering the usage water and we complained this to our owner, she says that she cannot get this done and if we cannot adjust we can leave. But just for 5 months stay we don't feel worth loosing 8000/- which she will deduct from the deposit. Kindly help me how we can deal with it and how we can get the water problem solved.

#594 SALIM MAZRUI | October 07, 2010

be informed that no landlord is allowed to evict you unless the rent resriction tribunal hears and finally determines the case.
-the law stipulates that if you go for two months consecutively without paying rent then the landlord can issue a notice of eviction that shall not be less than two months or as therein stated in the tenancy agreement,(landlord and tenant Act)
-the landlord cannot lock your house beware of this he can only attach your property for distres of rent(Distress for Rent Act)
thats all for now buddies

#595 THABISO | October 07, 2010

Good Day,

We just moved out of a flat that we had rented from 01 october 2009 to 30 September 2010. Then rental agents did their inspection on their own and came with the below findings of which we want to dispute:

1. Paint all the walls with marks
2. Clean the unit
3. Steam clean the carpet
4. Paint bathroom ceiling and clean other ceilings
5. Replace 7 globes

The only note we agree with the number 2 but the rest we want to dispute.

1. Painting of the walls should be borne by the owner as we left no marks on the walls.
2. We cleaned the carpets and we made sure the carpet were in the same state we found them.
3. The owner used water paint to paint the bathroom ceiling, water paint does not protect the ceiling against moisture and we adviced the rental agents to tell the owner to use PVA for the ceilings or else all the tenants that are going to occupy this flat will fall victims to their deposit being withheld or a heavy deduction due to the moisture on the bathroom ceiling.
4. We left the globes in working conditions, we actually replaced the globes with the one that has a long life span and saves electricity with our own money hence we disagree with the inspection report.

How do we go about disputing this as we need our deposit back so that we can pay for the flat that we intend to rent on the 1st of November 2010?

#596 COOKIE | October 08, 2010

I rented a furnished room (R2400.00 per month)and paid the deposit thereof. I stayed at the rented room for three months and gave my landlord a one months' notice to vacate the place. When I move out the Landlord demanded the keys to the room (though he has a spare set which he always used to enter my room in my absence).I refused and kept the keys since he still had to give my deposit back. I still have not received my deposit and still have the keys. Everytime I contact him he tells me he is still trying to have someone occupy the room I vacated and that he will only pay me when that happens. According to my understanding (information I get from browsing the net), the landlord is supposed to lodge his tenants' deposit with an approved government scheme and not use it to his own advantage. It seems I am not the first person he did that to. Two more people left without their deposits and up till now are still battling to have him pay them back. What do I do with this situation. If I leave this unresolved he will keep doing it to his tenants and get away with it.

#597 CALEB | October 11, 2010

I would like to consult about our present situation. I rented a house which I gave 2 months and 1 month deposit. The landlord advised me that he will provide a contract but he did not until the problem came. I started renting last April 2010. April to May 2010 was paid then May to june as well.The landlord advised that the house was sold out and we need to leave the house which he will give a 2 months allowance to find other house for rent. We felt frustrated because we all know that finding/looking for a new renting house is very difficult and the hassle of packing our things/appliances is a very stressfull thing. I would like to ask if how much time landlord can give to the tenants to find another house which that is landlords fault.Thank you.

#598 VLADIMIR | October 14, 2010

WoW! Best time to sell or to buy your real estate!? We know!

#599 VERONIDIA | October 17, 2010

since june 21,2007 up to this time we are renting an apartment in sta.mesa mla for 6,500/month without written contract. we are paying our rent monthly but sometimes not on exact date of payment which is on the 21st day of the month as an advanced we are asking the landlady to give us aup to oct 31,2010our payment for sept 21 to oct 21,2010. but the landlady doestn want to accept that and she said since we dont have written contract we can immediately vacate the place and we will be going to the barangay for forcing to leave the what the landlady is saying a legal and what are we going todo now.

#600 DIMA | October 18, 2010

Hello, Just two weeks before I moved to a condo apartment and staying there with Chinese family and some other tenants. When I was making contract, agent and landlord told me that I can use the aircon anytime but now during daytime they are switching off it. So where can I complain about this situation? Please help me!

#601 NOEL | October 19, 2010

My grand parents left a piece of land for their children, thus there is no last will and testament existing, now the only sibling left is my father, given the condition he is now disposing the land, but some of his nieces are against it. Who really if legitimately has the right to dispose the land, my father being the son of the grandparents or the nieces being the grandchildren?
Please do help me clarify this issue.Thanks

#602 RUTH | October 21, 2010

wow! am so overwhelmed by all this i dont know where to begin. I have been a tenant for over 3yrs after the 1st year Our flats were sold to a different person hence change of management. The new management has given me a hell of time in that compound. 1st they increased the rent by 3k from 10k to now 13k without any improvement or enhancement of anything that wud justify the the rent increament. We complained but still paid although some of us dint sign the lease aggreement yet we still paid and we still are. many tenants who couldn't put up with the management left but still come up to date to ask for their deposits since we paid two month deposits and water and elec deposits totaling to 24500k. None of these former tenants have been refunded their deposits and some even gave up following up coz they realised they were spending more just to come beg for their deposits. Some still do come and its very annoying coz they also wont be refunded since that has been the trend.Only four old tenants are left the building is litterally empty and the landlord is now doing repairs and putting tiles in all the vacant houses.Security has also become another problem. I lost stuff and complained but nothing was done the about four days later an old neighbour lost even more in a bizare incident where someone opened her house stole and locked it in broad daylight and nothing no one saw whoever stole. On complaining, nothing was done and she was even asked to leave if she is not happy with the flats and after all all the old tenants shud leave coz they are complaining a lot and showing a bad image about them to the new tenants. The matter has never been solved and that's when i decided i want to move out next month but will stay on my deposit then make the necessary repairs that the landlord should inspect before i leave. but he refuses to this and has been throwing my children and maid out then locking. When he did this the last time, i decided to go to the police who told me to file a report on subjecting annoyance to tenants which i did and the caretacker was arrested and ased to go open the hse. but he declined since he was following orderd from his boss who kept telling the police i am not protected by any law to be opened for the house without paying rent first. The Ocs gave an order that i shud go open my house and let my children back in since my landlord is wrong to have done that even without notice. He talked to the ocs who later came with him to accuse me of malicious damage since the door hole had been welded. He now wants me to pay 12k for that and his case is disolved i wonder where to get justice and how to start. ....

#603 ANTHONY PESIC | October 24, 2010

My entire family is from croatia, mom's side from olib, and dad's side from savar in dugi otok. Each side of the family has property in their respective islands and now we want to make sure it stays in the family. We arent sure how to do this. Most of the land is land that isn't in proven records, just land that has been with them forever. Is there a way to ensure that these properties can stay with the family after the eventual passing of my grandparents?

#604 JUST WONDERING | October 24, 2010

Hi to everyone. My grandfather and father are both japanese citizen. In the event that my father pass away first than my grandfather, what will be the inheritance implication, will we have rights on my grandfathers property when the time comes my grandfather is not around anymore. My mother and father are legally married in the Philippines, making me a Filipino citizen as well. My father is the only child. Thank you if anyone can elighten

#605 ELIZABETH MALLAH | October 26, 2010

I am British and I was married to a Lebanese National,now passed on....we had 3 sons.My marriage is registered in the Lebanon as well as 0ur 3 sons, who are now Lebanese citizens.
1)were can I get the paper work to show that that my sons are now registered?
2)were do I take all the relevant paperwork so that we can make our claim to a 50% share of a property.

kind regards,

Elizabeth Mallah

#606 ULRICH BRACK | October 28, 2010

I hope you can give me some answer to the following situation: a friend of mine of US citizenship lives in the UK for about 30 years now and his 2 daughters were born in England and are 12 and 17 years old, so of minor age. The mother of my friend passed away about 1 year ago and left 2/3 of a property she bought in Spain to him and 1/3 to the two children. My question now is: All three want to sell this property now and what is the British law for him to sell the property, so his (2/3) part and the children's (1/3) part? Can he sell it without the children's authorization or does he need to get any type of authorization by a high court, judge or any guardian? Or does even the Spanish law apply? Thank you very much.

#607 VIVI | October 30, 2010

do i had the right ,if my tenant bring the parents up and stay without permission from me and only inform me the day that the parents had reach, that i requested for a $150 top up for the stay of two person for 4 days 3 night.

#608 LAARNI ONTAL | October 31, 2010

i need your assistance regarding buying lots from an organization...

#609 LINNELL | November 01, 2010

i have evicted tenants from my building for extensive renovation needed to be done on the building.. i gave them a 90day notice.. now with time coming close to the due date, which is the end on November 2010. they are not paying the rent and still owing for the month of October along with bills they are to be paying, their arrears have exceded the deposit on the apartment.. what legal step can io take to get my money?

#610 MABBEZ | November 04, 2010

I have tenants renting my house out. Their lease expires end January 2011. When they moved in put put in new carpets in all bedrooms, as well as new cupboards in the whole house. The last time I went to check the house, it was FILTHY, carpets were dirty and the house in a state. Two months ago their electricity bill was at R5000, I visited them to inform them they need to bring it down. On 1st November 2010 their bill still hadn't been settled, and it has since doubled. I have since requested a disconnection procedure, and will be lifted only if they pay up. How do I ensure they pay up before they leave as I only have R7500 of their deposit, and it wont cover the electricity bill and cleaning the house.

#611 MARITES_A | November 08, 2010

how can i buy a property in the philippines even if i'm overseas, can my relatives be my representative but my name still appears on deed of sale and the TCT?

#612 JERICHO SUERTE | November 11, 2010

Hi! We just received a summon today from the barangay lupon whereby our landlord filed a complaint against us because of the unpaid electric bill(which resulted to disconnection) and unpaid rent. My situation is this, We have a 2 months deposit and one month advance to the landlord but later this September we were not able to pay for the month until Ocotber. That is why we decided to transfer to another cheaper house by the end of November. We informed the landlord that we will not pay the September balance of 1,500 only out of 4,000(monthly) until the months of October and November. If this is so, we still have 2,500 extra money from him. Is it legal?We have no formal contract or whatsoever. And on the electric bill, we promised to pay it this weekend sa sweldo and the landlord did not react or anything. Only now that we discover that he filed a complaint to the barangay. My questions are: IS it alright to settle our rent that way? Is it alrght not to appear before the brgy tonight?please help me..asap po..thank you so much!

#613 PAM GOOLCHARAN | November 11, 2010

i have tenants who refuses to pay the rent on the grounds that she is saying that the yard was not maintained but was stated in the contract she has to maintain the yard,can i breach the contract and give her notice of eviction?

#614 BEN BATOONJR. | November 16, 2010

I am a tenant on an apartment at first we were paying our rent on time but recently we lost our job that made us unable to pay our rent on time usually we're delayed 10-15 days as of now its already a week past our supposed date of payment. Our Landlady cut off our water supply not due to unpaid water bills but due to the rent that's not yet paid. Does the landlady has the right to do that? To cut off our water supply? What are our rights on the said problem?
I am praying for your immediate answer. Thank you and more power!

#615 JERRY | November 17, 2010

im an old tenant,since 1989,i dont have a contact with the administration of the building apartment where i live,in 2005,i was asked to sign a new contract due to allegedly new management,i did not sign because the new allegedly management even refuse to sign a receive copy of my payment.I know it is still the old today in 2010,all old tenants are asked again to sign contract which we all that possible for eviction from my rented apartment?

#616 NICOLE | November 19, 2010

I have a question I'm hoping someone will have an answer to...
Does a Landlord have a legal obligation to inform me of an on going bedbug problem before renting me an apt.
We moved into an apt in November of 2009 that had a bedbug problem prior to us moving in. The last treament was Oct 29/09 we did the inspection on Oct 30/09 and moved in on November 1/09. There was never any mention of bedbugs until I told them that I had found one on November 26/09. Both the suites above and below were still having problems and getting treatments in November. Help me we are trying to decide if we have a case to sue them.

#617 GLYNIS WRAY | November 25, 2010

If a tenant which to to terminate his/her rent agreement is it ok for the person to live-out part of the rent and leave the remaining portion to clear subsequent bills such as water etc.

#618 NADINE | November 26, 2010

Hi. The leased I signed states that "The lessee be responsible for the maintenance, repair, upkeep and/or decoration, as the case may be, of the interior of the property including all ceilings, all wall and floor coverings, all doors and windows, all cooking, heating, cooling, lighting, plumbing, etc..." The toilet cistern has a crack in, and the flushing mechanism is cracked, so the toilet does not fill with water and leaks. Just the part cost R100. The stove/oven had a short and tripped all the power. The repair cost R600. My landlord insists that according to my contract (mentioned above) I am responsible for fixing these. Both these items are old, and is general wear and tear. Can she legally force me to pay for these repairs?

#619 PETER KAMAU | December 18, 2010

Under what laws do estate agents operate ? I always feel like such agents reap where they never sowed. Why is it that they are loathed ?

#620 MA. ZECEL | December 20, 2010

i am hoping that you could help me and enlighten me on this. My mother died without a last will and testament. When she was still alive we only rented the land for many years, but when the owner was ready to sold the property my brother paid for the land for that time he was the one who had the money. He paid for the land but the receipt was not on his name but my mother and there was a document that my other two sisters signed as a witness that they paid for the land. I have 8 sibblings. My mother died and my brother said he owned the land. He has paid for the gains tax. so, is he really the legal owner of the land? Please do help me clarify this issue, for my family is in real danger right now.

#621 ELENA | December 21, 2010

I am Asian, my husband is Italian, my nationality is Italian, we bought house in Italy, and invited notary for property notarization, but Italian notary asked my husband signed the paper only without my signature, the reason is that I cannot read Italian, in this case, my right for inherits is affected? my husband has two adult daughts from his ex.marrige, we two have no child, in this case, which percentage of inherits I can get if my husband pass aways before me?

#622 NANDA KISHORE MAHAPATRA | December 27, 2010

i am a hindu. im a male.
my grandfather has a property , land with house built on it.
he purchased it in his daughter's name, my aunt.
it is our ancestral property.
what can i do to acquire possession over the property?
my grandfather has two sons and two daughters.
i am the only grandson, all the other siblings of my grandfather have daughters. nobody has a son.
i am supposed to be the legal heir of the entire family.

#623 FARRAH LYN | January 04, 2011

hi I would really need your advise. I am currently renting a house worth P14,000.00 a month. I have moved in last Nov 18th of 2009. It was a 1 year contract. I was advised by the owner that they will be putting a 10% increase on the rent since I have renewed the new contract. I have been a very good payer and I have issued post dated checks for that whole particular year. Is this legal? I do not remember that the 10% increase per year is in the contract. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

#624 VANLOMA | January 05, 2011

Can you please give me the Adresse for the Official inheritance that is competent for Langkawi in Malaysia?

Thank you for your Help

#625 HRISHIKESH | January 05, 2011

We are citizen residing in Pune, Maharashtra, India, in our Forefather's Property Building since 1979. Years ago we had rented 1 of the flat to a tenor in the year 1980. He resided here till 2004 & there after he shifted to his own 3BHK flat. But he didn't gave the whole possession to us & kept his some unused things in the flat.He neither paid the rent neither the maintenance after year 2000 till date. The Electricity Meter was taken off by the MSEB Dept. As we need this flat for our personal residence due to our growing family we are residing here from last 2years now. Now the tenor wants to come & reside here again. I request you to pls kindly suggest what we can do in this case.

#626 BORIS | January 10, 2011

you would have to initiate inheritance proceeding in Pula, before notary public

I would say that the will would be fine, but one should see it before can give any precise info. For croatian inheritance law it is well enough to be written by hand and signed at the end.

#627 MELANIE | January 10, 2011

hi - please need prof advice. We just finished our one year lease. It ended end of dec - our contract states, if we wish not to continue our lease, we must give 2 monhts notice (that being 1 Oct). We did not,thought we could stay on. In the beginnng of dec, I saw the perfect house (more affordable) - we gave notice on 6 dec. Now my landlord does not count dec and says we can only move out end of feb. Is that legal in South Africa? Now I will loose the new place. Thanks

#628 LAARNI | January 10, 2011

Hi marites! Im laarni from Century Properties Development Corporation, Im a property consultant or also called as a real estate agent. Yes, you can do that marites. It is still allowed even if your not physically present. We have a project here in my company, The Moderno at Canyon Ranch, We offer a very flexible terms of payment. You can send message thru my email it's I just dont want you to think that Im just fooling you or It's a scam. Anyway, you can search naman our company's background. We are 24 years in the industry. Thanks. God bless.

#629 GARGI | January 17, 2011

We moved to this place last year. When we moved we were so impressed with the so called landlady who claimed to be owner of the whole building in Illovo, Gauteng and promised us lots of things which will get fixed after we moved and we were so happy initially, but soon we realize the dark side of the whole trap. The house was unbearably cold and nothing was fixed which includes windows and then we ask them that we want to move and the lady told us “ we can't leave the property unless we complete the initially period of one year lease”, so yeah we are new to this country and this was our second experience of going to a rental place and we decided to stay and suffer in the cold house waiting for Jan to come so that we can move and now in Jan when we told her that we want to move, and before that also in November we specifically informed her that we will be not be renewing our lease after the Jan. She is now forcing us to live till March end... we just feel like trapped by some illegal land mafia here and really don’t know what to do in this situation. We also got to know she actually never owned any property she claimed and she works for a company and this is the same company which runs “Student Village” in Bramley, Gauteng. My question is where I should go to complain about such behavior where I am forced to live for extra three months even after the initial period of Lease over.

#630 DENISE | January 17, 2011

My father's step-mother died and the inheritance was only divided among the biological children. The problem is the house was financed, in part, through the sale of the first house owned by his father and biological mother. My father never saw his legitimate portion of the sale of the land and property, and it is unclear how the civil courts allowed the sale to go through without ensuring apportionment or some form of trustee for his inheritance as he was a minor when his mother died and the property sold. How does he go about disentangling this--if it is possible?

#631 ANGELA | January 19, 2011

I think the fact that landlords cannot secure a deposit before renting their properties to a tennant is wrong and unfair and sends the message to the tennant that they dont have to be accountable for the damage thay are doing to peoples property. I have lived in the US for over 20years and that country have thought me a lot about being accountable. Some Jamaicans wants everything America has but does not want their laws of configuration. I strongly think that there should be 1. A security deposit 2. A lease agreement with a gaurantor 3.A blacklist of for tennants who keeps damaging peoples properties and trying to get away with it.4. There should be a way to screen these individuals you are putting on your property 5. last but not least there should be a rental application and proof of continued income. Landlords have mortgages to pay and if we cant pay our mortgages and fix our properties then all we will have is delapadated and broken down neghbourhoods otherwise called "GHETTOS" everywhere. The more prestine a neighborhood is the better the residents will want to keep it an we can only acheive this with tennants who are paying their rents on time. NOW to the landlords who are treating your tennants unfairly "SHAME ON YOU" you need to go back to the times when you were a tennant YOURSELF, a happy tennant will always take care of your property plus some and for most of us no tennant no mortgage then comes foreclosure, remember unfair game always play twice. Jamaica is a beautiful Island but we can make it better if we change our thought patternby being responsilbe, being reasonable and having a heart.

#632 PAT SNIP | January 20, 2011

When it's said here that "Thai banks won't lend to foreigners"...can someone clarify whether or not that includes not lending to foreign-controlled Thai Limited Private Companies (of the type described in the article)?
Thanks in advance...

#633 CARMEN | January 25, 2011

Hi were signed a lease agreement for 12 months and now we have decided to relocate to another province we have valid documents proving this> the lease was from the 1 april to end of march will we be able to get our security deposit back help help plz

#634 KWAKUKWAKU | January 26, 2011

Can a foreigner be an agent for (renting rooms) to citizen of a country when he/she has not registered a company?

#635 KERA | February 07, 2011

I moved out of the premises I rented and then informed the landlord.I left the keys and last rent with a friend to handover.The landlord has refused to accept keys and cash; say they want it only from me and threatened to take legal action.How can i get the keys and cash to them seeing am far away?

#636 DALLASTEXAS21 | February 08, 2011

I may have missed this somewhere in the article, but do they at least have rent to own homes or condos? I've always wanted to live in Costa Rica and study the sea turtles in their habitats.

#637 JOFRED REMUEL SAPUAY | February 12, 2011

hi i would like to ask for some advice.i'm currently renting in one of the many boarding houses in makati..i saw the add on a certain website which led me to the exact place.the picture posted on the website is more like 5-10 years ago and the place is really horrible not to mention the attitude of the landlord..everything was fine for the couple of months but when i decided to use up my deposit he said that i cant use it and i either vacate or he would drag me out of the there anything that i can do to stop this from happening again to his other boarders...and i forgot to mention that the fire escape window was locked all the time and the key is always with our landlord...would really appreciate your help..thank you very much..

#638 TABREZAS | February 16, 2011

HI my dad has auto mobile shop in mumbai from last 25 yrs he his working in the same place and paying the proper property tax to the goverment.Just i wnt to know what are the rights we have on that shop.

We also have electicity bill wiht my dad name.

#639 TABREZAS | February 16, 2011

After staying for more than 25 years at a land in a self built house, can a tenant register the land in his name

#640 MARIE S. WRAY ATTORNEY-AT-LAW | February 18, 2011

Response to Michael Taylor's question- She must find out who is keeping the Will, and request a copy. If the request isn’t met, she could get herself an Attorney to request a copy of the Will on her behalf. It would also be wise to lodge a caveat against the property (to protect her interest) so that she will be immediately informed of any dealings with the property.

#641 MICHAEL | February 19, 2011

Ireland is experiencing a difficult financial time at present. However the summary of the current economic conditions in lreland contained on this website is not a true reflection of the actual position in ireland.

Employment levels continue at over 18. million which is almost double the employment levles in the 80s. Exports are increasing at the highest level in europe while savings levels within the country have increased significantly. Overhang of new housing stock has decreased to 33,000 units (Department of Environment survey)while residential house sales are improving with much better value being achieved by Buyers.

I think it is fair to say that Ireland overborrowed during the boom period. Obviously people are not spending as before and are focusing on debt repayment and savings which will have a negative effect on GDP in the short term. This has also lead to improved competitiveness in the country with the price of Labour, Cars, Houses, services and living costs still reducing.

The money the government is investing in NAMA and the Irish banks will be recovered in due course. Effectively the ECB is provising a bridging facility for ireland.

Ireland has experienced many setbacks in the past and this economic setback will be dealt with in an orderly manner.

I beleive that the recovery in the economy will occur sooner rather than later as the steps being taken by ordinary people in reducing debt and focusing on value is the right thing to do.

Confidence is the true enemy of Ireland and the continous negative press is probable the worst aspect of this recession.

#642 DANIELLE | February 20, 2011

i have been living at a particular place for almost six months now, all of a sudden the land lord has brought it to my attention as well as the other tenants that she will be locking her gate at 10:30pm and she will be the only person in possesion of a key. this is disturbing to me because when i moved in she said that the gate is only closed not locked. i am a student who sometimes has to stay out later than that and the yard has no other entrance in or out. Is this legal?

#643 MARIE S. WRAY ATTORNEY-AT-LAW | February 21, 2011

Response to JRUSSELL: Yes, the law says that the land will go to the next of kin (otherwise known as the beneficiary) and it also states what portion each person gets as well. With respect to your second question, paying land taxes does not automatically make you the land owner; you must be able to show how you came to own the land. Remember that anyone can pay the taxes for a property, once they have the details of the property.
Think about this: You live abroad but own property in Jamaica. You asked your brother to pay the taxes for you because you’ve been made redundant. Would it be fair to say that he can claim ownership to your property because he had been paying the taxes for a few years? I think not.

Response to MISS BENNETT: If the Will was found to be invalid, then the person has died intestate. According to law, as one of the surviving children, you would be entitled to a part of the Estate. In this case, you would have to apply to the Court for Letters of Administration so that the property can be shared up and distributed among all those who are entitled to a share. You would most definitely need the services of an Attorney to explain (in detail) the procedure, and your responsibilities.

Response to CARL ROSE: First, you need to find out if she left a Will, and if she did, whether you were named in that Will. The result of your investigation will determine where you go from here.

Response to BEVERLEY DUNCAN: If your information is correct, your mum’s 1987 Will is the one that stands. If your mum’s true wishes are to be carried out, the Will made by your brother, must be contested in Court (meaning that you must ask the Court to declare that the 2005 Will is invalid).You will need legal advice on how to proceed with this.

Response to CARLENE GRANT: (As explained above) When a person dies without a Will, he is said to have died intestate. If at the time of his death, the deceased person owned property, someone (usually a family member) must apply to the Court for permission to deal with the deceased’s Estate (what he owned when he died). The Court will then grant what is called Letters of Administration. This is a legal document which permits the person who made the application, to share up, and distribute the property according to how the law says it should be done. Until the Court grants this permission, no one can lawfully use, or deal with a Registered Title which is in the sole name of the deceased.
The issue of occupying someone else’s land and paying taxes for a number of years, and then applying for Title is another issue altogether, and cannot be fully dealt with on this forum. I must point out though, that paying the land taxes does not automatically make you the owner of a property.

#644 CAROL STANLEY | February 26, 2011

I have given 60 days notice to my tenant to vacate the premises for April 1st 2011. As I have not received monies for a security deposit and the utilities and water are shared. She has just advised me that she will not be paying March 1st rent as she will be living out her last months rent. What recourse do I have to collect for utilities and any damages done to the unit. I have invested $500,00 in updating the unit including, new kitchen and counters and I am afraid that she may cause extensive damages and run up the hydro and water. Please help as I am living abroad and not familiar with JA Landlord & Tenant Act.

#645 SHANEE M. POHAHAU | March 02, 2011

Hi, I hope u can help me out here? I have a question concerning the death of my dad? My dad(Malakai Tahaafe Pohahau) had died in 1992, and he had supposedly had left me an inhertiance in Tonga where he had died at, and of course i have lived here in the states all my life. And I have talked to all my relatives on my dad's side of the family and they have all acknowledge that my dad had left me some inheritance. So my question is, how do i go bout and check this out. And also i have never been to Tonga, i was born in San Mateo, California and have lived in Wyoming since i was 6 yrs old, and the last time that i ever saw my dad i was 3 yrs old. So please can u help me out, my email address is and my phone number is 307-401-0764. Thank you very much, Shanee' Michelle Pohahau

#646 ROSIE | March 06, 2011

I moved into a place last year. I shared with friend and both our names were on the lease. I paid my rent on time she did not. We decided to terminate the lease this year< on termination the landlord has inspected the property all is in order, she delayed on paying my deposit back, her excuse being that she needed the electricity account. I went to city power waited an hour and a half got the account emailed t to her and she still refuses to pay. Its now 20 days over since I moved out and I might lose my new apartment.

#647 MICHAL | March 09, 2011

If a new tenant/Lessee is in breach of contract how is a notice of eviction to be sent? What Legal Process will follow?

#648 MARGARET | March 15, 2011

hi. so glad to came across your site. our family have been renting an apartment for the past 20 years and during this period, we have had 3 different landlords. when we moved in, of course the usual deposit and advance payment were made. there was a contract when we first moved in but it was never renewed -everything was oral in the early days sealed with a handshake. there were few receipts for the monthly rentals but it was never consistent. this went on for years. It has been 5 years since the current owner took over and was claiming NOW that we dont have advance and deposit and wanted us to pay the same ASAP so we can have a new contract. As tenant, we didnt know what was discussed when the unit ws sold and it was to our surprised when we were told that we have already used the deposit and 1 month advance payment and it is ridiculous that the current landlord wanted us to take this up with teh previous owner (after 5 years), of course disagree -where in teh world would i find them. and even if i know where to find them, the idea is really silly. What do you think of our chances of getting the advance payment and deposit? appreciate your thoughts. thanks.

#649 FRANCIS | March 17, 2011

Which is the appropriate notice a landlord is expected to give you before he increase the rent or before you are told to vacate the premises?

#650 MYRA | March 18, 2011

i would like to ask how much does it cost to transfer a a residential house and lot title that has an amount of P700,000.

#651 VIVENCIO C. VELASQUEZ | March 21, 2011

I would like to enquire about some properties we own in the Philippines. As a nearly-to-retire couple, my wife (a Filipino citizen) and I (a naturalized Danish citizen)had plan of staying in the Philippines during winter time, and in Denmark during summer. So in 2003, we both agreed to make a huge loan, making our house in Copenhagen as collateral, to pay in full two (2) small condominium units in the Philippines. Diagnosed of breast cancer in 2004, my wife passed away in the year 2010 leaving no testaments.

Given the above mentioned information, I would like to ask some questions related to the given facts above, and at the same time I would like to solicit for your advice.
1. Are the two small condominium units which we bought out of the huge loan we made in Copenhagen considered conjugal properties? If so, will the properties be automatically transferred to me?
2. I was informed by a close family friend of my wife that my in-laws have also the right over the two small condominium units because we do not have children and I have renounced my Filipino citizenship and became a Danish citiozen. Is this correct?

#652 EUGENE | March 22, 2011

Sir, i would like to ask about the odds that i can cancel the deed of sale made for a house and lot ( worth 2.5M) of my late grandparents which was inherited by their 10 siblings. (which by the way, haven't been transferred in their names) So far their was no payment made yet, but the buyer said that they had spent much for the preparation. (i have no idea what it means, or what stage in the buying process are they already) is there anyway that i can intervene so that i can buy the said property. (by the way i'm one of the siblings) thanks. hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

#653 TERESA | March 24, 2011

Thank you very much. The information that you have provided has been very helpful. Just need a little advice on how to take on the situation that I am currently having with my landlord. I am currently & have been living in a friends house for the past 4 years. No contract has been drafted. So you can say we are month to month basis. When we first moved in the landlord & I agreed to $550 a month. I have been paying that for the past 3.5 years. Last November 2010 she had raised the rent to $600 mind you not a month notice due every gov guam payday. Then in February of 2011, she had informed me that she lost the house meaning the house was taken by the bank (Foreclosure). Then later that month, she said no it wasn't. So yes my landlord lied to me. I had asked her to sell her house to me. First she offered me to buy it for 100,000. Then decided to sell it for 90,000. After that offer, I had not heard from her since then. Then all of a sudden, I get a phone call from a woman from a well knowned Realty company...stating that she was going to serve me an eviction letter, for what reason I was not even a month behind in my rental. Apparently, my landlord had given her daughter Power of Attorney taking over the resident we are currently living in, so therefore, she decided to seek advice from Remax. I had seek some advice from another realty company regarding landlord & tenant laws. And that realty company, has been very helpful. I thank them. Well, today March 24th 2011, my landlord's daughter came to my work to drop off a notice of rent increase letter, stating that effective May 1st my rent will be increased to $1000.00 & due at every 1st of the month. For what I know, my landlord has been renting this residence since it was build. I really need some kind of advice on how to go about handling this situation my daughters & I are going through. I recently applied for a home loan through Guam I am currently looking to purchase a home of my own. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

#654 GLENNY MEDALLA | March 24, 2011

i want to know if the owner has a rigth to accept a lessee or viewer while were currently renting and still in the unit .Our contract has not expired yet although we advice the landlord that we are moving the next month and were going to use our security deposits.Now everytime the owner makes a phone call us she demands that we had to stay because someone will have to view the house, But our concern is our privacy has been violated already because people keep coming asking to view the house different agents why can't she wait until we leave i mean hello we have our personal belongings and property in the house,and this landlady is crazy.. what should we do..?

#655 MARIA FERRER | March 25, 2011

I live in Massachusetts and I just found out that my maternal grandfather died on 8/15/2010 and was buried by his nieces (daughters of his sister whom died several years ago). My mother was the last of his children that were alive and my mother passed away on 4/15/2000. My siblings and I are the last surviving closest relatives. We would like to kmow what do we have to do to claim the house when there was no will nor do we know what happened to the house.

#656 SHERYL | March 27, 2011

my landlord has just withdrawn my 1 month deposit. before that, they had already agreed that i can move out earlier. Then after this verbal agreement, they started to find problems, shouted at me, and stopped me from using washing machine. so now i moved out without completing the contract which is due half month later. now they refuse to give me back the deposit cos i moved out before the contract is over. would like to know if i can pay the rest of the rental which is less than a month, so i can get back the deposit?

#657 TENANT | March 28, 2011


I am in chandigarh staying alone in a rented house since 1.8 years. My house was not newly painted during my stay.. My house owner has said upfront that you are not going to get the entire deposit amount back and she will deduct the cleaning and painting charges - although i get my house cleaned every day. Also Tenants are not liable to bear the painting costs...Can anyone suggest me where do i complain if she does not return me my entire deposit amount ... I am flying back to my hometown on the last day when i am leaving this place. How do i take proactive measures such that she does not trouble me on that day?

#658 KAZA | April 01, 2011

I would totally disagree that tenant protection laws are neutral here in Australia. I have been both a tenant and a landlord and must say that the landlord has most of the power. This is because most leases are only 6 months which means that after such a short time a tenant can be asked to leave. Getting a clean comfortable property has been difficult because most investment properties are cheap dumps. You need to pay a lot of money to get something reasonable. Landlords seldom abide by the laws because they know that they can ask you to leave if they don't like you (after the first 6 months)and get someone else in fairly quickly. Our landlords have seldom done repairs, gone into our house on many occasions while we are not home and turned up whenever suits them. If we complain they will simply ask us to move, which is an expensive alternative. The only consolation is that we will be buying our own place soon because the property prices in Australia are now crashing. The number of rentals are also increasing. Thank goodness!

#659 ROGER M. | April 05, 2011

A way around the proscription of inheritence across religions is to write a will which leaves the discritionary 1/3 of the estate to relatives from other religions.

#660 ANDY | April 06, 2011

Pls wife and i have recently completed our lease of a house, however the kids from next door messed up the garage walls by kicking a ball agaist the wall. We however were still prepared to paint the walls but are working on quotes.The landlord has now simply taken R1700 from my R5000 deposit without me agreeing or my consent for her to proceed. Is this legal?? Does she not need my consent to take money off or even give me the opportunity to paint the place myself?? Does she also by law need to pay me interest on the deposit... i am desperate for a legal view as i cannot afford a lawyer. Thanks

#661 MOHAMMAD YOUSUF | April 07, 2011

In 1990, due to domestic problems, I sold all my land in district Gujranwala, and the price was not in accordance with the local value. The land was purchased by my uncles and they also made my children to signe some papers so that they would not be alble to file HAQ SHUFA when the reach the maturity age. They were minors than. Can they fill a case to get back the inherance property which I got from my father side.

#662 LIZ MACINNES | April 21, 2011

Hi Tim, did you get any response to your question?

#663 RICKY | April 23, 2011

There will soon be special stamp duty tax for property that are sold within 2 years.
Please check out the news on internet.

#664 BANGRA | May 03, 2011

U seem to be determined to get more rights to landlords only, but need to be fair and just, today landlord in india are difficult and play havocs, so their need to be system to protect the tenant too.
We have leased and licensed apartment in mangalore for a period of 11 months and all points cover the landlord without any coverage to the tenant, the apartment was furnished where sofa is of poor quality rexin/leather, the skin started peeling due to heat or touch of human hands, so is the tenant responsible for poor quality, the towel holder broke and fell on the basin below and cracked the basin, is the tenant responsible for such incidents, is the tenant to pay for such damages, here is the landlord demanding additonal 25, 000 rs apart from 25 000 penalized for not staying for the full lease period of 11 months, whereas the land lord notifid 3 months in advance but refuses as the clause is you need to pay and when we had intial spoken verbally they said we can have amicable settlement if situation rises but they refuse to consider, plus all damages claimed by the owner is not deliberately or carelessly done as such, the paint has not been spoilt but owner claims, what can be done, he is not paying back the deposit stating he will deduct about 25,000 for this damages and another 25,000 for not completing the leasing period so 50,000 total loss, the owners take the tenants for a ride, so we need to have proper structure where their is some kind of justice for both parties, either pre inspection from independant bodies licensed by government for settlement of such disputes, they have to be like notary authorized to mediate and come to just and fair way of dealing but seldom this happens in this country who are all trying to fleece each other and suppress each others rights.

#665 FIONA BAYNE | May 04, 2011

We have a property (small finca with land) in Southern Spain which we put on the market to sell, a prospective purchaser agreed to buy the property but was unable to obtain a mortgage. We agreed to to give the prospective purchaser a years rental contract. A contract was drawn up by our lawyer to confirm this and that the rent paid would be deducted from the purchase price upon completion of the sale, a deposit of $13k was paid by the prospective purchaser and it was agreed that if the sale fell through the prospective purchaser would lose the deposit and vacate the property. The year has now come to an end and the prospective purchaser is still unable to obtain a mortgage, we have agreed to give them a 1 month extension to the contract to try and get a mortgage.
If they cannot get one after this month does the five year law apply ie we cannot evict them from the property ?
If the 5 year law applies do we have right of access to the property and can we make structural changes to the property (they have built a stable with a concrete floor on the Rustic land without permissions) we would want to demolish this building as the land is on a Canada and this construction would mean a substantial fine on the property.

many thanks for you help

#666 MANILA APARTMENTS | May 10, 2011

Housing in the Philippines is very cheap but expatriates may have to change their citizenship or be married to a Filipino citizen before being allowed to own land. The high population count in Manila makes the city very expensive and congested to live in, so the options can be the other highly urbanized cities in the country, such as Metro Cebu and Metro Davao.
Manila Apartments

#667 ELDA | May 19, 2011

I need some assistance please. My husband and I signed a lease contract for a year in October 2010. This is an estate that is advertised as this SECURE estate. On 1st December 2010 we were robbed in our house while we were sleeping. 2weeks later 5houses was robbed in one night. So much for secure. We wanted to get out of the estate but was told that we cant due to our contract. So we left it at that. Then on a couple of occations the body corporate oak would just prance in to our yard to come do an "inspection". Also we had no access to read our electricity meter as the estate is registered as 1 property at the municipality. Then when they get the bill then they divide the amount between the number of proberties in the estate. Then in March 2011 the break-ins starte to happen again. We said well thats that we want to move. Yet again got told that we have to find another tennant to take over the current lease contract that we have. So we did the estate agents job for them. We got another tennant. We moved out on 1st May 2011 and we are still waiting for our deposit back. The estate agent did the inspection and said all is fine. it is now 18 days later and we still dont have our deposit? What can we do??

#668 ALICE | May 19, 2011

my landlord is threating to throw me out of his house beacause of questiong about the irregularities of the water bill?I have paid him rent ,deposit and water deposit too,does he have the right to do as he says

#669 SOPHIA VERGARA | May 23, 2011

i have been renting in a residential compound in Makati for more than 8 years now. Some of my neighbors are tenants for more than15 years to date. All units share only one gate. Recently one of the apartment units where located at the corner and dead end of the compound and whose living room area (main door and window) faces my bedroom window, became vacant. The distance of this unit to that of mine is less than 4 feet (basically to get to that unit will need to pass the other apartments and is almost like an eskinita). The landlord agreed to have the tenant operate a canteen in that unit where the customers now come in and out of our compound. of all the tenants that are disturbed by this is me and the neighbor who lives next door to this canteen. The moment i found out that the tenant operated a canteen, i voiced my opposition to the landlord. I advised him that as tenants who've been paying him for year feels that our security and privacy is at stake and we do not feel comfortable that this tenant is operating a canteen whose customers are those who work at offices nearby. This apart from the noise it generates during lunch time. I sleep during day time as I work at night and i could no longer use my bed because of this situation. I sleep in my sofa in the sala which is very uncomfortable. I advised my landlord if the compound was registered for commercial purpose and if the tenant operating as a canteen has a permit, then i will drop my complaints. he acknowledged that his compound is for residential purposes(in all the years we lived in that compound, not even once he issued an official receipt to use but just a bond paper acknowledging our payment) I spoke with the landlord 3 times but would not listen. And said that i should be the one to speak with the tenant which i told him i would but in the barangay hall as i am so against the operation. When I asked him for the name of the tenant, he did not listen and walked out. I did went to the barangay, but since i do not know the name of the tenants, i asked from the barangay to have someone accompany me in talking to them to get the name so we will know who will face me once we deal with the issue at hand. when we got to the compoundmy landlord was so mad at me (my landlor visits the premises regularly as he has a unit he's currently rennovating).the new tenants hearing that the landlord was siding at them, became hostile and did not even respect the barangay when told that they need a permit to operate and that a tenant is complaining about the operation. My landlord (who is a retired lawyer) manipulated the situation saying they will do something about the noise etc, so just the barangay would leave. i left with the barangay and went to the hall and a report was filed. the barangay said that if they do not say what they said will do,i.e, fix the door and windows to minimize the noise that i go back to them, so they can summon the operators to the barangay for a hearing. To date they never did anything to fix the noise. My question is, does my landlord have the right to subject his current tenants to this kind of aggravation and collect monthly rent despite the fact that we were in the compound first. We do not know how much he's getting from the canteen operators, but it was confirmed that they do not have a permit to operate. accdg to the barangay who went with me, even if they apply for it considering that the compound is residential, it will not be granted. My landlord is forcing me to be amenable and to bear with the inconvenience. Does he have the right to do this even if the canteen has no permit to operate. He even told me that if i am not happy with the situation then i can leave. I am invested in the house because i paid a large sum of money to have it fixed 2 years ago and had been taking real good care of it since then. I pay 8,400 a month in my rent. Isn't it the obligation of landlord to secure the privacy and security of tenants? and not just provide a roof for them to stay? I know that philippine law is partial to the landlords, but is there not any form of protection from landlords who abuse this authority? please advise.

#670 NAZEER | May 24, 2011

Dear Sir,

First of all thanks, for your detail response.
1. A month ago, a one of villager died being left a widow and an adopted child.
2. Deceased person had been born alone and had no siblings. As a religion he was Sunni Muslim.
3. But his father and mother also died. But his parental uncles are alive.
4. He adopted the child as a new born baby (on one day age) and got birth certificate and the B-form by considering the child like his son.
5. Definitely, he left both moveable and immoveable properties.
6. Deceased person did not take any loan from bank.

If they get an INTIQAAL in favors of that child and deceased window.
But, here are few queries!
1. As, in Islam adopted child, does not have any right for inheritance.
2. Suppose, if they launch an appeal against that child, what kind of counteraction can be made against it, so that appeal can be nullified by these parental uncle.
3. As I told you already, that child was adopted at the age of one day, according to consent of his legal parents. Still their legal parents don’t interfere in any sense. Do we need any stamp paper from the child biological parents regarding consent etc.?
4. Does any other legal action can be made possible in paper form which you can prepare for us?
5. Your time is your money. So please tell me how many charges you will consider for such kind of documentation completely? And up to what percent you have an intention for strength of case in favors of child and deceased person widow. Do you have an office in Rawalpindi?

#671 JAN VILLEGAS | May 25, 2011

Hi! My friend lives in the Philippines. She has a boy friend who is a British National, they live in the Philippines for Seven years until the guy went back to UK and died. While they were together in the Philippines, the guy bought a condominium unit in his own name but they lived there until the latter left the country. now, the relatives of the deceased is claiming the property but my friend is will not accede to their demands because she knew that the property will be given to her by the bf. I would like to know UK laws on succession. Thank you.

#672 MUHAMMAD FAROOQ | June 06, 2011

I have a problem and i hope that you will help me.I am a Government servant and want to take retirement from service.12 years before i had been separated from my house due to some family quarrels.Now i am living in Government resident. When i had left the house my father was alive,in 2002 he died. I have a younger brother(unmarried) and three sisters(Married). The behavior of my mother and brother is not fair with me and they do not want that me and my family live with them in this house. The house is big enough and also double story and the two portion of ground floor are on rent. Please give me suggestion that how can i go in this house or how can i get my share.
Thanks ,Please reply me back on

#673 WEALTH SHIPS | June 08, 2011

Does this information still apply today. Have heard new legislation on tenant landlord laws has come out - wondering how it affects your very well written overview? Thanks!

#674 RAYBURN WATERS | June 11, 2011

This report is dated Oct 08, 2010. When will the next report be issued?

#675 BONDY | June 13, 2011

Rent prices went down significally in Ljubljana in last year. An equipped 40m2 appartement in a center of Ljubljana gives you nowday max. 420 EUR per month before taxes.

#676 PAOLO QUIRENO | June 15, 2011

hi! can i ask how will i know the current market value of my piece of land in the province because I want to sell it and I don't have an idea how much will I ask with my prospective buyer? thanks

#677 MIRASOL | June 20, 2011

i have been renting here in bulacan for more than a year.And we're moving in a cheaper apartment just two blocks away. We have a month deposit Php2500.We're moving by the end of the month.We still have an unpaid electric bill (may15-june15) for Php2406.Can I use my deposit to settle this bill and just pay sa succeding bill (june15-june30) by the 10th of July (payday. I just lost my job and has no money to pay for it. But the landlord really insist to pay for this bill. Do I have right to use my deposit? please email me for the answer as soon as possible.

#678 CHRIS | June 30, 2011

I hate to admit this ...but my aunt is suing me, for proprty that has already been put in my name. My grandmother who is still living, thank god, placed multiple properties on my name. over 50 years ago one of the houses belong to her aunt, she is declaring that since her family once owned it, she still has legal rights. Please someone let me know if she has chance. I dont believe she could possibly, but I am not sure of the laws in Croatia, as for they can be different than the states. Please tell me if you know the laws and if so, please explain if there is a way i can proceed with out a lawyer..Thanks

#679 JANINE KOWALSKI | July 14, 2011

The Real Estate transaction process is very lengthy in St Lucia. Having lived there for many years I know the lawyers are very smart and should be able to shorten the process from contract to closing to make it less stressful for the Sellers and Buyers.

#680 IMELDA GARCIA | July 30, 2011

I want to know is there really a law here in the Philippines for landlords who does not issue receipts to their tenants and what are the penalties for this? I have been renting an apartment for almost 2 years and my landlord does not issue us a payment receipts, he said that who ever wishes for a receipts can go and leave his apartment! Is there no law for this kind of illegal actions? Please email me for this essential matter thank you very much!

#681 RUEL | August 02, 2011

i just want to know if a tenant cannot paid his rent because of financial issues for
four months can his landlord easily move him out?
and what if the landlord has no business permit to operate.

#682 JAN ALDRIN URLANDA | August 03, 2011

hi im buying a condominium unit, and will use pag-ibig financing. is there a transfer fee that will be charge to me? they said it is 4.8% of the amount to be financed is it legal?

#683 BONDY | August 13, 2011

I agree with you. I wanted to sell my property in 2008 through real estate broker. But found out that real estate broker, although I paid him, didn't work in my favour.

I just read in local financial newspaper that 22% of all real estate loans are in CHF. Most of people took a loan in 2007 when the price of CHF vs EUR was the lowest. According to my accountings they need to pay 50% more on their principal plus the interest. I personaly expect a big crash in the real estate market in Slovenia

#684 RAFI REHMAN | August 19, 2011

My uncle died recently was unmarried. Does any share of his property will be distributed among children of his brother's and sister's died before him. I will be thankful to get information . My e-mail is

#685 NITIN GARG | August 24, 2011

my father purchased a land in 1989 at Delhi.In this land 50% amount given by his brother and GPA register on the name of his brother. that time my father construct half part of land. And maintained another half part from the purchase. nothing his brother comes for maintainance And not give any money for it. Today, my father's brother sale the half part. Please tell me, can i give stay on this.
What's according to law, ownership of land will be tranfered on my father name because he live from last 22 years.

#686 SAIF ALVI | August 24, 2011

Does anybody if there is a general rule of thumb for payment of commssions on acquisition of hotels in london. Is it paid by the seller or the buyer or if shared by both parties.

#687 GEORGE | August 27, 2011

on Ukrainian market prices started to grow due to next year EURO 2012 and in those hosting cities only. The capital of Ukraine, Kiev still keeps high prices on residential properties downtown despite the fact that the market is very slow. If you look at daily rent i.e. here - you'll see prices remain the same for several years compared to expensive Kiev hotels showing increase in price per room. So big cities do not lower prices in downtowns, while outskirts dropped significantly. And even low prices outside central districts can not put market back to life. What we see is a collapse to some extent.

#688 IPIN LIVE | September 01, 2011

Interesting statistics - something we suggested might happen with the extensive hype surrounding investment into South African property in the run-up to the World Cup here -

I suspect also, whilst South Africa still has quite heavy regulation regarding moving funds out of the country, the attraction to the region will still be curbed from being a "hotspot"

#689 FELIX MAINGI | September 02, 2011

i have stayed in this plot for 3 years now,last month august i dint pay my house rent, but last friday i sent my wife to pay the rent but the agents refused to take the money and told her to add 500 for the fine, yesterday she went but they refused saying she has to pay for two months and still i have the deposit of 7000 and a deposit for the electricity of 2500,dose the agents have to switch off my electricity?they have switched off my power and my meter is for prepaid,this has gone for a month now.what should i do?

#690 MS READ | September 02, 2011

Good day
I responded to an ad under gumtree for accommodation (a flat) to rent. The rental amount stated was R3500 upfront, inclusive of water & electricity and a deposit of R3500. We only have a verbal agreement as the landlord didn't want to be bound to a long lease in case the landlord/tenant relationship didn't work out. I agreed to it. He also stated that the interest of my deposit is for his benefit as his paying the electricity. I didn't know at the time that it is against the law that he keeps the interest on my deposit, so I didn't say anything.
After 5 months of staying there, on the 1st Aug, he approached me while on my way to work, saying that the rent is increasing with R500 to an amount of R4000 from the 1st Sept, ie more than the usual 10% after 12months. I told him I can not afford it, it is not viable and that an increase is only applicable after 12 months. He informed me if I don't pay the increased amount I must give notice as it is the 1st of the month, after which I told him I can not give notice until I have other suitable accommodation. He also said it will be cheaper for him to let the property stay empty. Later that day I sent them an email saying if they insist on me paying the increased amount I will have no option but to give notice, however, I'd like to get together to discuss this so we can solve it amicable. I never heard anything from them and we never did get together or talked about it again (due to them being away, me being away while I was re-locating my elderly parents and packed up there home, work obligations, inconvenient hours, etc.)
Yesterday, on the morning of 1 Sep @11h45, the landlord banged on my door stating that the rental amount I have paid in is incorrect and due to the increase in electricity spending, everyone's rent is going up by R500, meaning a total of R2000pm (the other tenants pay even less than me, so their % increase is even higher!). I again told him I can't afford it, that it is an illegal increase after which he just shrugged his shoulders and told me in that case his giving me 1month notice and I must vacate the property by the end of the month. He also told me that he's put the house up for sale and doesn't know when the sale will go through or what will happen to the tenants. He also said that he's bringing some interested parties into the flat at 13h00 for viewing. The notice he gave me was less than an hour prior to me having to go to work, which I don't find reasonable. He told me 3 times his giving me notice and then ended by saying I must let him know what I'm going to do. He again said it will be cheaper for him to have the flat stand empty.
This morning, again on my way to work, he approached me wanting to know my decision and I told him, he's given me notice so I started looking for alternative accommodation, in which case he replied in that case he's bringing someone interested in today to view the flat, without making an appointment with me or giving me any reasonable time. He has a key and can enter at his own free range, without my knowlegde and without making a decent appointment.
I'd like to know how can I ensure that I get my full deposit back without him deducting the additional R500 rent for Aug, as well as the interest that must legally come to me, as he is just not interested in hearing anything about him operating illegally? I did ask him for receipts of all the monies that I've paid them, but have not yet received anything. I make use of internet payment and send confirmation sms's, so that's the only paperwork I have.
Thank you

#691 MIMI FARSANI | September 04, 2011

Good Morning,

I inherited land when I father passed away back in 1981 and my land was taken over and at times sold illegally. I have a lawyer that is following up with my case in IRAN to reclaim my land.

When I receive all titles of my land what percentage of taxes do I owe the government if I want to sell my land.

Thank you in advance for your time.

#692 ALI KHAN | September 05, 2011

i wana ask about a case that my grand mother has a property which was on her own name but she had paralysis attack but property remained on her name but after 4 years the property was gifted to one son and daughter and other sons and daughters got nothing and all this transfer was done when she has no consent and she got brain ham bridge attack so what i could do

#693 HARRY | September 08, 2011

I do not know much about singapore property laws but I feel the terms of house rental or leasing favors landlords. Its a market driven by stupid agents who do not understand what right and whats wrong. One of such law/term used in the contract is about breaking the contract. I do not think anyone can tell whats going to happen in another six months or what conditions he might have to face. But by this stupid contract term the tenant has to pay for all the rent of the remaining term which is completely illegal. I understand that the tenants should have to pay for the loss caused like agent commission, damages but not the total amount of the leasing term. I like singapore for many reasons but I think its pretty bad when it comes to rental terms.

#694 ISAAC BIRGEN | September 08, 2011

I have been paying my rent and bills as normal, now it comes a case where the landlord have decided to increase the rent charges for the current month and He never gave out the notice on the rent increment, I am I required to add the amount increased to satisfy him yet there is no communication as to why to increase ? The is no improved services, the states remains as usual and the amount increased is over a thousand shillings, to me I am very compromised,please need some advise.

#695 BONDY | September 09, 2011

I really doubt that housing market rebound in Slovenia as you can see here every day more sell pressure on real estate prices.

According to the data which was released from Slovenian central bank , 22% of houshold who took a loan to buy their real estate, took a loan in Swiss francs. Swiss franc went up significally in last 5 years and a few week ago we have seen almost 1 CHF vs EUR. Most of medias in the country raised this issue and right now we can feel a small relief after the new decision of Swiss central bank.

The left oriented central goverment is not strong at all and has pretty big difficulties to adopt reform legislation and it seems that we will not see any reforms before the elections which will be next year.

Moreover, the left oriented goverment has not done a lot to lower the number of unemployed people. Moreover, everyday we have reports of a higher unemployment rate.

Hovever prices in Ljubljana might be a little bit higher due to the fact that most of people in Ljubljana, who are active labour force, work for a goverment and number of goverment jobs is slightly higher than it used to be. But goverment already said that will intend to lower salaries in goverment sector.

#696 BILL COUGHLIN | September 12, 2011

Wow i love these stats

How can i get monthly data to graph beijing and hong kong home price indexs

Chech out th the vancouver market reports

#697 WASEEM | September 13, 2011

My mother passed away leaving behind a property worth 1 cror 54 lakh. we are total 5 claimants to include 4 sisters and 1 brother. Please guide us exactly what would be the share of each claimant as per Pakistani Muslim Sunni law

#698 ELISABETH | September 17, 2011


My grandma passed away over a year ago, she is of armenian decent, greek orthodox religion and lived all of her life in India. My father was born in India and living in the UK from his late 20's. He went to visit 10 years ago and was left some money by my grandmother and has papers to the effect that when she dies the money was to be left to him. What does my father need to do now and also check what personal effects were left to him. The wife of my late uncle is there but we have been unable to contact them ever since.
You help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

#699 GAIL LORENZO | September 19, 2011

were renting out a room from HDB for about 3 months now. our tenancy agreement is that we rent the room with A/C. before signing that agreement i ask the landlord if there is no limitation on that and he said anytime can open the A/C. one day when i got back from my work i open the a/c but cannot turn on so i sms the landlord if our a/c is spoiled? she replied that because their power bill has double they put a timer on our A/C & will be used at night time only. Is that legal to do for the landlords? never inform their tenants regarding the new rule? also everytime they sending sms to turn off everything in our room after we go for work. I'am so fissed off regarding this matter. one time i leave the light, fan & tv (but put it in mute mode) on. then suddenly the landlord sms me if am in the room telling me they hear a sound of fan & tv on in our room and was told also that the light was on. I mean come on does the owner opens our door even we lock the door when we go out? how come they know when the tv is in mute mode. I believe even the landlord gives us the key to room they still have a duplicate of the key to our room. no privacy at all. now my question is CAN I REPORT THESE SITUATION? To whom i shall report this? i hope somebody will help me on this. thanks for any reply.

#700 LEAH | September 25, 2011

My landlord told me that my 1 year lease is almost up, but I have been renting for more than 1 year already. And he has also not given me a copy of the original contract. Is there anything I can do since I need to stay until such time I find another apartment.

#701 SOM NATH | October 01, 2011

I am tenant for an industrial shed, half built by the landlord while letting out to me in 1972 and later on half was covered by me after another fresh agreement with increase in the then rent

The actual land lord expired and distributed this property to his middle son and his family members which were intimated during one court proceedings between me and them for non-payment of rent and seeking eviction.

Being the first default, I was allowed possession, next the present landlord asked his son to fix exhaust fans in a common wall and started throwing all his PVC process dust to my factory portion ultimately forcing me to stop working, got few of my machines removed forcibly from my rear wall and through his own side main gate, I lodged an FIR , but this too was managed by him with resources

Another cases were filled by the family now since actual owner(Son) also expired, one case again for not payment of rent which he used to either refuse or show the premises locked and some how or the other he managed to get eviction orders in the lower court

I challenged in the HC where also he has moved an application for damage charges @ Rs 1 lac/month where as my as per law rent is Rs 2000/month and the date is fixed for final in the month of Dec/11

In another case where he has said that the place is required for his personal use by one of his family member's wife and the third case he has filed is that this particular building where I work is not fit for any human working and any thing may happen at anytime so eviction should be ordered by the court so that building can be built a fresh and the dates for this case are fixed for 3.10.11 for argument and final later within 10 days next

Can I seek advice on the above what should be my action, should I continue fight or surrender means even in High and lower court should I take my case back and request eviction and after giving this request will the application filled by them for damage charges will also be finished or still then can claim

Sorry for this long write up

Regards and request for any advice today or tomorrow ie before 3rd of oct11


#702 RYKEL LIM | October 02, 2011

@LFC - It was a loooooong and tough fight for me but after more than 2 years of legal fees and hassle, my landlord finally settled with me out of court and I am satisfied with the result. The terms are confidential and sealed. If you need any other areas of advice, just look for me on Google+ or Facebook.

#703 ANTON HUNJADI | October 05, 2011

Comment to Chris!
Maybe I can help you with your inheritance, pls contact me on my e-mail:
Best regards.

#704 ROSEMANI | October 08, 2011

Hai Iam rosemani I want to know that my friends family is leaving in the house for 16 years. The landlord has given the land for 70,000. In the year 1995, he don't sign any agreement and he told them to make a house in that land, and stay, an I gonna make a sale deed an give you very soon. He didn't gave any sale deed till now. But now he is telling them to leave the house, plz tell me what shall they do. And also he is send the letter writting that they have not paid the rent for 6 months. And leave the house with in 15 days. Plz help me, to sort out my friend's problem. It will be very helpfull to my friend. Thank u

#705 AMIN YOUSEF | October 09, 2011

I am writing to you. today about the OLD RENT LAW,which I think is not fair and I think is not constitutional either .LET me start by saying that the poor do not stay poor forever and the rich (the poor owners of those old buildings) do not stay rich forever either.THE people who used (or abused this law) for 20 or 30 years some of them now have palaces and have departments in Cairo and outside of Cairo ,enjoying the low rent which is not up to the market value now.THE poor owners now looking for their kids for an apartments that are very expensive or looking to rent according to what we call it THE NEW RENT LAW.I do not understand HOW IN ONE COUNTRY WE HAVE 2 LAWS FOR RENT?Please ,to whom it may concern, we have to take look again to this law which deprive the poor owners from their rights of using their properties in a fair way after all these years of injustices.

Thank You

#706 BONGANI SHOBA | October 11, 2011

I would like to get the step by step process of registering a property in Ghana, especially for the citizens who are first time home buyers. Maybe one could give me a generic process that could be compared to other neighbouring countries.

#707 NADA BESIR | October 12, 2011

My Grandmother passed 2 years ago and left my sister and I a portion of property in a little town just outside of Sibenik. That property was left to her and her 6 other siblings by her mother in the year 2000. They were all living in Australia at the time and one of her brothers was made executor of the will. The will has to date not been executed and is currently causing problems for my grandmothers will. I would like to have the property divided properly but we are afraid that one of her brothers has taken the land in his name and illegally sold some of the land. I am trying to rally my mum's uncles together to get this sorted but am concerned there is not much we can do from Australia and need to deal with the matter locally.
Could anyone please advise - it would be much appreciated.
Kind regards,

#708 TIA MILLS | October 14, 2011

I believe that this data needs to be reviewed. Effective January 1, 2010, Stamp Duty is 3% (down from 4.5%)and Transfer Tax is 4% (down from 5%). General consumption tax is 17.5%

#709 AMOS | October 17, 2011

Hello everybody,
I rented a room in a villa and i paid 2 months deposit.. i read here is not right. also I did not sign a contract at all and I would love to move out as my expectation were not fulfill. how am I likely to get my deposit back?
what is the best way to do so? also i believe my room is not really livable as i live in the attic which is 50 degrees when the sun shines and i have not doors so i basically can hear everything in the house, and the ventilation in the terrace... this is really stressful situation for me...
Thanks for any kind of help,
Amos Singarella
p.s. also I not mind getting informed in spanish but I am not sure how to tranlate landlord tenent act into spanish.

#710 BEA BIANCA | October 19, 2011

Sir,good morning.I just need to know if

there is a law which prohibits the lessee to

withdraw his deposit since she decided not

to continue in renting the apartment and

she already deposited 20,000 pesos.They

never had any contract or whatsoever

about the refund.At first, they agreed that

the lessor will return the deposit if there

will be another person who will lease the

house.But now,the lessor changed his

mind and told my sister, who is the lessee,

that he will no longer return the money

since it will give them another problem

since according to the lessor, my sister

already knew that the owners will be

migrating in America soon.So is it allowed

that the lessor refuses to return the

money?..Or does my sister has the right to

have the money back?I really need your

help with this!Thanks! ;)

#711 KULSUM DAVIDS | October 20, 2011

My lease was up for renewal at the end of September 2011 and I still owe the landlord one months rent in arrears and now due to that he did not renew the Lease agreement and gave 2 months notice to find alternate accommodation. Now at the end of October I still did not find alternate accommodation due tp the fact that there are no Rental properties available. I asked the the landlord to give me time but he refuse. Is he allowed to evict me when I paid him up to date until the end of October 2011?


#712 ANDY NGUYEN | October 21, 2011

Vietnam uses civil law to adjust behavior of the people and many another laws according to specific field.
If you want to invest in Vietnam, you must have an investment certificate after feasibility research and apply for approval.
The foreigner can just buy apartment for residence in fifty years. When you have a plan to build a hotel or resort... you must rent land from the government but buy it.

#713 ANTHONY FENTON | October 23, 2011

hi im an Australian and would like to know if land that was given to the people of the Philippines under Agrarian Reform program can be sold to another Philippine person tony Oct.23 2011.

#714 K GENONI | October 27, 2011

What happens if a parent deceitfully & illegally destorts a change of a child's nationality to British when it was only legal nationalty was Swiss; and then approximately 80 years onwards that child (now elderly) dies and it is found that the child was actually foreign to the UK without ILR and the Estate was required unfairly to pay UK IHT to get release of assests; when under her natural domiciled homeland, where her eldest son lives, and there is no inheritance taxation for direct decentents; will IHT taken before probate was offered be repaid? What courts in Europe would need to rule on this human rights issue between Switzerland and the UK?

#715 SATHIYAN | November 01, 2011

I am doing a cement business and my landlord is saying to vacate a shop. And we are staying still 27 years.and i have started my business around 1985 and landlord has given me agreement and its expired. And i have current bill,salex tax, phone bill, and shop rent slip. We are not willing vacate a cement shop bcoz we have credit to client so what can i do?

#716 AMIN YOUSEF | November 02, 2011

I am writing to you. today about the OLD RENT LAW,which I think is
not fair and I think is not constitutional either .LET me start by
saying that the poor do not stay poor forever and the rich (the poor
owners of those old buildings) do not stay rich forever either.THE
people who used (or abused this law) for 20 or 30 years some of them
now have palaces and have apartments in Cairo and outside of Cairo
,enjoying the low rent which is not up to the market value now.THE
poor owners now looking for their kids for an apartments that are very
expensive or looking to rent according to what we call it THE NEW
RENT?Please ,to whom it may concern, we have to take a look again to
this law which deprive the poor owners from their rights of using
their properties in a fair way after all these years of injustices.
thank you .

#717 R S MITTER | November 06, 2011

a residential property purchased in1996 in Delhi India for INR 8 LACS is sold in2011 for 80 lacs and sale proceeds are divided among three children of the seller by himself.what is the capital gains tax liability on the seller?If no amount remains with seller after distribution of the sale proceeds does any tax liability falls on the inheritors?

#718 KEZOURINI | November 13, 2011

dear sir,my sister's husband passed away leaving two children,had not made any will.the house is in his name and his mother is the co partner .can his wife cancell his name and put her name in place of her husband's name......your help would be much appreciated

#719 NTSIKA | November 16, 2011

The property agent want to charge me money to come and inspecting the flat, is this fair practice or just a rip off by the agent?

#720 PHILLAM SERA JOSE | November 18, 2011

Please Help...
My Question is:
The landlord request advances for rent 36,000 and payable for 2 years with corresponding agreement both parties with sign, the amount 36,000 will less every month amount 1,500 for the rent of the place, but after 6months the landlord want's to evacuate the place of the lessee, what the lessee do this kind of situation.. Please Help.... Tnxs..

#721 SHERWIN SOCO | November 21, 2011

My mother has a tax declaration of the land can he own it?
Question: My Mother has her inherited 1 hectare piece of land, but the problem is her inherited land was on the side of his father's brother because his father was given additional piece of land, because he is the one who planted the coconut trees and he is the oldest brother and my mother has the tax declaration of the land named to her. One day the children of her father's brother was wondering why there was a piece of land inserted in there land, and that was my mother's land. They have the land title as a whole but they are planing to subdivide it and have it titled but the problem is they recognized that my mother's land was inserted in there piece of land.

Question: can my mother owns the land since she has the declaration and she has the right since that was given to her my his father with declaration named to her, but she have not yet have it titled.

do we have the right of this land.

please give me some advice on this matter.

#722 KURT | November 22, 2011

Can back taxes on a cash Inheritances be deducted from the proceeds of the Funds or must the taxes be paid up front before the funds can be wired offshore

#723 MELODY ANNE | November 24, 2011

Myself and my sister are located in Toronto Canada and have been here since childhood. Our father has always remained in Jamaica. He died in March of 2010 and my mother tells me that according to Jamaican law,even though he has other children, as the only two children that were born within the marriage with their mother we are the legitimate heirs. Is this true? My half brother suddenly cut off communication with me which has made me suspicious.

#724 MOZZIE | November 27, 2011

Hi There, the exchange rate is not out to date.

1 Exchange rate used: US$1 = RM4.4849

#725 VISHAL JAIN | November 29, 2011

Great read! Solid insights into a data-poor market, backed by actionable research.

#726 DRAEVIN | November 30, 2011


My cousins lessor held his personal belongings for non payment of the said house. Does the lessor have the right to hold property as a way of either punishing a tenant or to extort disputed rent.?

Please advise.

#727 CRAIG | December 01, 2011

Great articles on Malta. Thank you for this information. Especially pertinent to anyone who wants to buy an investment prop in Malta. Keep up the good work.

#728 SURJIT SINGH | December 02, 2011

i do x-ray and labortary clinic before 30 year . my property on rent . legally no any document for lease or rent agreement have landlord . property landlord my uncle he is permanent citizen USA .this site shop com resident .electric bill ,telephone bill and other in my name . now my uncle say to me for vacate .what i can do ?

#729 KRIS | December 03, 2011

I live in NYC and one yr ago my father passed. He was owner of a home and other belongings. The woman he was with for about 12yrs (never married) locked all of his children (7) out of the home and did as she pleased with his belongings (car, motorcycle, jewelry, clothes etc) one of the children (the youngest 16) resided in the home. she forced us to remove his belongings within one week of my fathers death and stated that by law she could lock us out of the house as she is part owner of the home. I am the only one of my fathers children who does not have his last name. (which i am currently changing) my fathers family knows that i am his daughter as i was always in his life and are willing to attest to that. This woman recently had her lawyers contact my sister stating that she wished to buy us out. neither one of us want to do that. Please assist me in regards to where I should start as far as getting representation for myself and if you see anything wrong with what she has done.

#730 MBAH FAUSTA | December 03, 2011

I am leaving in a small 2 bed room apartment in a small village in the north of Sweden now for one year.Before I got into this apartment,I signed a contract with the landlord which states that,the cost of rent which stands at 3800 SEK includes electricity.Unfortunately,the landlord came to me today and said I am consuming a lot of energy for heating and cooking more than the other tenants and for this reason,I need to start paying for the extra cost of electricity or the whole cost.I have asked him to tell me the average number of kilowatts allowed for a tenant to consume a month and what could be the actual cost of renting this apartment if we want to exclude electricity cost but to no avail.I will be very glad if someone out there can help me because I feel exploited.

#731 NEMANJA NEDELJKOVIC | December 07, 2011

Listed prices are much different from achieved prices in closed deals, so from my experience prices start from less then 1000e/m2, and for 2500e/m2 you can buy 200m2 big house at the very coast line, with direct access to sea.

#732 YASUSHI UJIOKA | December 09, 2011

I think you fail to point out the most annoying feature of Japanese property market, or rather bank. If you are foreign residents (including Japanese nationals), it is almost impossible to find a bank to provide you a mortgage loan!!

#733 IVET | December 13, 2011

I have my sister inlaw who rented her furnished home in Mexico(zacatecas) and now this person has failed to pay rent for the past 3-4 months so she has asked in several occasions for this person to move out..her days are counted at the place where s)he is at and she has three lil girls so theres no way why she should stay in the streets when she has her question is; is there any legal way she can have this person leave her home immediately? (Note:there's no proof of contract and this person has no intention of leaving.)

#734 LIZA | December 18, 2011

Good day!
I am hoping you can help me with my Aunt's problem with her land lord. My aunt is renting an apartment for 2 years now and middle of this year she had encountered some financial issues and told her landlord that she can no longer be able to pay for her rent and need to vacate the place to look for a cheaper one. At this time, my aunt is a couple of months behind her rental payment. The landlord did not allow her to move until she can pay the unpaid rents. Can the landlord do this? My aunt was threatened and afraid and is still living in that apartment with her two sons. She volunteered to move to a cheaper apartment also owned my the landlord that was vacant for some time but still the landlord did not agree. Some months, she paid the rent, but most she cannot. By now, I believe, my aunt already owed the landlord, 5 months rent. And still afraid to move out because of her unpaid rents. Hope you can help me. I also asked my aunt to consult with their brgy council to resolve this issue.

#735 GEORGEN | December 28, 2011

Recently I signed a contract for renting a room. The landlord did not give me a copy of of the one year contract for 1st and last month rebt & a deposit. I paid half in cash and the rest in check. He only gave me the door key (main entry of the unit) but no room key. He told me I can replace the existing by myself. There are three questions want advices:
1. Will it be legal to move-in if I don't have a copy of the rental agreement?
2. Will he sues me or tell police to get me out if I do not have a copy of the legal rental agreement?
3. What is the best method to resolve this case? Can I get my money back and don't move-in OR use lawyer to resolve it?

#736 ELMABC | January 01, 2012

Hi there. Our house and lot in Makati is under my father's name. My father wishes to transfer the title(s) to my brother. What is the best option to do that and what are the procedures? Thank you in anticipation for your response.

#737 JUN VILLANUEVA | January 02, 2012

P1.8M to P2.5M units is too small but anyways, will see how can I re design the space of 18 to 25 sqms.

#738 NIMFA | January 02, 2012

Hi, i need your advice regarding our rental status. We have been renting the house for almost two years now. We found out that house is not a conjugal property of the couple who is renting out the house - It was the wife who has inherited it from her parents. We have been a good payer, but we noticed that everytime there is a problem with the property or something needs to be fixed/repaired, the husband does not do anything, unless he is told by his wife. Just recently, the husband and I had a verbal fight. It was past 9 in the morning when I knocked on their door to report that the sink is broken (the same one they fixed few months ago). I asked if there is somebody who could fix it (as I also do not know anybody in the place). He said "THE OWNER IS STILL ASLEEP". I told her we do not need to awaken his wife, but I just needed somebody to help us with the sink (my husband was at work). He did not yield to my request. I told him that since she is asleep and he cannot make decision as her husband, I will just find my way to get somebody to fix the sink and just deduct it from the rent. With this, he got upset and said we can't decide on our own since THE OWNER is asleep. I stopped there. A month after, time to collect rent. He (the husband) sent somebody to collect the rent. I asked for a receipt; the husband made a letter with his signature on it collecting the rent. I got upset, saying that I thought he said over and over again to my face that HE IS NOT THE OWNER, when we're having problems with the sink. Now, that it's time to collect rent, suddenly, he becomes the owner. Is it legal? Can the husband really collect for his wife's rental property? if yes, what if the husband initially claimed that he's not the owner? Please advice, I really need some help!

Thank you very much and more power!

#739 ROBI | January 03, 2012

We have just started renting, Landlord has requested a deposit (which I have no problem with), but he has other commitments and needs my deposit. This is not right, what is my legal stand point here regarding my deposit? the landlord is now also requesting that i pay his bank charges when I pay my rent? Is this even right? who covers my bank charges when I EFT to him? can anyone give me some advise...

#740 KEVIN | January 08, 2012

Hi i want to comment on remarks matthew made. I also purchased in this country. And have found out since the builder did,nt have the correct planning permit. Even tho i used a slovene lawyer, she decided not to inform me. Now i have a property i can not sell and the builder is still refusing to put in for retrospective planning. Tho the courts have asked him to. Please if your thinking of purchasing in this country. My advice to you is do not.And i have not met one brit who purchased ,who has,nt had problems. You tend to find out when you decide to sell. Regards. Kevin.

#741 KEVIN | January 08, 2012

Hi there, i purchased in Slovenia in 2,005. l lIKE Matthew also found it to be a nightmare and very corrupt. I now own a property which was illegally built. And have now to take a lawsuit out against the builder i purchased off.Even tho i used a lawyer, she di,nt bother to inform me of these facts.You will find that when you have a problem and you have contact with the building inspector and planning officer, nothing is regulated. And it,s common knowledge that in the town of K.Gora there are many illegall buildings.So please beware. As you normally do not find out you have a problem until you want to sell. Regards. Kevin.

#742 KEVIN | January 08, 2012

Hi , i agree with matthews comments.I purchased in Slovenia in 2,005. I now own a property which is worthless. The builder i purchased off , i have to sue.It was built illegally and the lawyer i used did,nt bother telling me these facts.I have been informed by the building inspector that, i can not sell, insure or mortgage the property. So beware as in this country there are many buildings , without the correct planning. When you find out there,s a problem is usually when your selling. Please beware.

#743 LEX MAX | January 12, 2012

sir/mam i would like to have an advice after you reading this situation..
In 1980 a land owner sold a 100 sq/m land at a cost of P30,000.The title is not included therefore the buyer is ask to give an any exact extra money for the title processing fee.
Every year the buyer ask the owner of his land title but the owner keeps on saying that wait for it.
Year 2005, An unexpected price hike of P100,000 is given but the buyer didn't listen to it and he keeps on saying of the title that was agreed with no contract.
Year 2008, the owner ask the additional payment but the buyer didn't gave anything.
Year 2009, the owner sold about 32 sq/m of the 1st buyer's land to another buyer,so the 1st buyer complained, but the owner insist and said that it was because the 1st buyer didn't give the additional payment.
Year 2010, when the owner ask about the payment and gave a due date till this august 2011. The buyer still didn't give anything.

Q.Is there any right for the buyer?

#744 DIWAKAR | January 13, 2012

Very well compiled, will look forward for more such articles. Is there any similar report on the land trade in India?

#745 MAUREEN RABOTIN | January 22, 2012

As I am in the midst of this outrageous Code Napoléon, I am learning that the house in France is included in the wealth value (patrimoine) and will be divvied up by all the children with me, the widow, getting a portion that will decrease with age. A house in another country is not included in the 'patrimoine' to be divvied up but is included in the overall taxable portion of the patrimoine - so the house in another country does not fall under the 'us et fruits' or like I prefer - un fruits usés when all is said and done,yet it the value of it is included - so it increase the portion of the money to be divvied up. Not sure if that makes sense but I am learning, the hard way, that not much does make sense. Amazing to see a son who took full advantage of his father through guilt trips for 41 years coming back to claim his share - disgusting!

#746 ALI RAJA | January 23, 2012


My father has 5 children with my mother in UK but they are now divorced. He is 88 and has land in pakistan worth 10 crore. Just under a million British Pound.

4 years ago he got married in pakistan to a woman aged 25. The same age as his grandchildren.

There is obviously one reason for this as the woman's family all seem to be corrupt people.

He is ill and close to death and a family member in pakistan confirmed with us that he has selected his new 25 year old wife to have power of attorney over the land.

When he passes away will we get our share considering she has power of attorney and will do anything to take 100% share or is there anything I can do now to intervene in this sham.

My father worked hard all his life to get this and it is painful to see it all stolen away by these illegitemet thieves.

Please any advice to


#747 HERMES | January 26, 2012

In Yangon, I interviewed two British English teachers over drinks in August 2011. They told me that it was extremely difficult to find rentals, and they had to pay three years in advance! Foreigners generally live in hotels.

#748 HERMES | January 26, 2012

How does one avoid this 'please go away tax'? If it is like South-East Asia the property is put into the name of a local person, then a contract is drawn up between those parties. But is it enforceable?

#749 JAYSON TAMAYO | January 27, 2012

#750 SSETTY | January 30, 2012

Hi, My Father and Mother died long back. We are 9 siblings (5 male + 4 female)After fathers death my mother had only one Plot and she dint write any WILL but, she written a letter saying that the Plot belongs to 4 daughters. But now all 9 wants the Plot. Male already got their share of property(Homes + agricultural lands) when my father was alive. So if we go to court is there any chance of getting the property to daughters. The only evidence we have is the Hand written letter from my Mother.

#751 SAMMY MBUVI | February 09, 2012

1)What criteria should the landlord follow in hiking rent?
2) Suppose a tenant looses his / her personal belongings in / at the rented premises, what steps should he / she follow? What's the landlords take on this?

#752 JOVIE | February 13, 2012

i am a Canadian citizen oldest member in the family. my mother passed and the house will says it goes to the children.. the question is what are my rights and we are 4 kids other siblings are threatening me of selling the property in shares to the buyer who comes first.. can they do it with out my authorization ... how far i have to go to inherit my share equally with my other 3 siblings...please give me some advice to work this out.. thanks

#753 ANDREA DAVIES | February 16, 2012

Talk about taxes in here, I read in an article that Married people’s taxes are treated just a little differently by the Internal Revenue Service, as the couple is considered a unit. However, they have the option of filing separately or jointly, and both choices have specific advantages and disadvantages. Resource for this article: Newlyweds of 2011 have to weigh filing individually or jointly

#754 SUSAN PEARSON | February 17, 2012

Hello Ericko Matsuno. How exactly would someone reach a Japanese Family Lawyer (such as you).


#755 JAMES MATHEW | February 24, 2012

Banking sector in any country should be efficient enough to bring rapid economic growth. Banks promote investment in new enterprises, offers loan like home loans, auto loans etc for people’s ease.

#756 CES SUA | February 24, 2012

hi, I'm a US citizen. My brother, a US citizen as well owns a condo unit in Makati. It is fully paid but owes taxes and association dues. He is no longer interested with the property and decided instead of losing it he would transfer the ownership to me if i will pay for whatever the property owes and lift his debts in taxes and association. Can he transfer the ownership to my name and I will pay for whatever that was owed or does he need to pay for them first? He does not want to pay for it and does not want to waste his time doing papers as well, he just wants to sign a transfer documents that would lift whatever responsibility he has on the property to me. This property has a lot of fond memories of my parents and sibling and dont want to loose it. Pls help me. I need some information. Thank you

#757 DAVID | February 25, 2012

The market is Israel is in a very bad situation, it's just frozen. Companies that bought lands in unrealistic prices now can't sell apartments while the prices are going down sharply. The banks are starting to get nervous themselves, you can tell because they are now doing these sales conventions for many companies together with significant discounts of up to 20%, which is something we had never seen before. Now the central bank is trying to lower interest rates but it is not helping and the market keeps falling. In addition to all that the Israeli tax authorities are now cooperation with the US and European tax authorities to discover foreigners who bought houses in Israel as a money laundering, so no foreigner is buying houses in Israel now and just selling and as you can see the Israeli Shekel is weakening drastically in the past few months. Add all this to the possible strike in Iran, the situation in Egypt and Syria and the rockets that are falling every day in the south and you can understand why nobody wants to buy houses in Israel now.

#758 NESIE | February 27, 2012

I had been leasing this condo unit for almost 4 years now. From the first month, I had been encountering problems with readings of my meters and bills. Nothing happened here. It went on and on until I finally got fed up that I decided not to pay my assoc. dues or water bills or power bills. I started receiving notices on this bills by 2010. for which I would talk to the manager and in the end I would pay a certain amount. Then hardly a year, there was a change of manager and again the same happened. Until the 5th manager who I thought would finally solve my problem. Instead, my concerns were never addressed yet, I was being pressured to settle the whole amount or else.... not a single cent from all those anomalous bills were stricken off nor given any thought as to why it was being questioned. I humbly conceded to payment because I did not want to undergo the embarrassment of having my bills cut off during the holidays. I wrote a letter of appeal stating that I would pay this and that on this dates. I made good of one check but the second one (with the total balance), I had to beg off because I was really strapped for cash. So I made another appeal, this time presenting them with 2 checks, a smaller amount and another big amount for the balance. After a week, I was told that my second appeal was not approved! If that was the case since I appealed formally, should I have been given a written formal reply stating the disapproval? What about my checks? the first one, was deposited, it was a good thing it was funded. Then halfway through the date of the second check, my water was cut. Before this, the manager already informed me personally about the disapproval and she said a letter will follow. I was not given such. Since they already cut my water, I was expecting that my second check will be returned. I was just willing to pay whatever I can just make my account move and I was just too ready to accept that I my power will be cut off eventually. Today, I was notified that my check was deposited and that if not funded, I shall be slapped with bp22. Of course, I was not ready for that amount or else my problems would have been solve right there and then. Now, what is my right here? All I'm getting are threats here and there. I could not even bring out some things outside my unit because the manager has already instructed that no items should be taken out of my unit. By the way, I have no problem with my landlord as my rent is updated. Can the condo corp just implement their own rules and decide as to how we tenants should be castigated for non-payment? Can the condo corp actually suspend the legitimate homeowners of their title considering that the unit has been paid for? This is actually of their threats. How can I protect myself from this kind of harassment. From their records, I had been paying since Aug. 2011 up to present. I may still not have covered all my arrears but I had been paying and the only time that my check bounced when I was forced to issue a check of the total amount because of audit. I hope my case is not too complicated and I need an answer or legal advise ASAP.

#759 VILUVALU | March 09, 2012

excellent piece of information, I had come to know about your website from my friend kishore, pune,i have read atleast 8 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your site gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you!
Thanx a lot once again,

Hyderabad property valuation

#760 PHILIP GOULD | March 14, 2012

Ads of today, March 15, 2012, there are 100's of high rise condominium projects under construction in or near Makati. The average price per square meter in Makati for pre-selling condos is 120,000 - 150,000 per square meter with the high end at 175,000 pesos per square meter - 200,000 pesos per square meter for properties like the Trump Tower. However, already constructed, newly finished and ready for occupancy are also 100's of high rise condominium projects. Most buildings are vacant to the tune of 20 - 80%. That is because, once a project is finished and turned over, the owner, will more likely than not, have to do some remodeling and improvements, costing, 5,000 pesos per square meter up to 70,000 pesos per square meter depending on how elegant he wants to get. This also will take time, 1 - 4 months or more. Plus... due to the severe competition of 1000's of comparable units on the market, the owner will have to be creative, innovative, and market conscious, or else his newly purchased condo will sit idle for a year or 2 or 3. That appears to be reality. Now if you add the new buildings coming on board, by the end of this year and each year more and more.... I belive this will continue for at least 5 - 7 years. How fast can these investors - from everywhere else but the Philippines - find tenants, who will likely be bothe foreigners and philipinos? The rental market currently is 500 - 1000 pesos per square meter per month average, depending on amenities and location, including or excluding condo dues, and parking spaces. I have a great little unit ( 25 sq meters) in Bel Air Makati which is fully furnished and rents for 15,000 pesos per month including the condo dues. So that is reality. Great location and tip top condition. Standard is 2 months advance rent, and 2 months security paid all in cash... and Post-Dated Checks for 11 months... I have lots more information available if you need it, at Sincerely,
Philip Jay Gould,

#761 RIZA GIMENEZ-FLORES | March 15, 2012

My mother, happened to inherit a portion of land to my step-great grandmother, last January, 2012.

1. I would just want to know if my mother's inherited land is a conjugal property of her and my father.
2. I want to know if my father who is now living with the said inherited land, has the right to live there or not because they are not living together anymore.

Please do answer my question. Thank you very much!

#762 ONE2 | March 15, 2012

the law also allows ownership of real estate by foreign investors in order for them to conduct their business activities and have accommodation for their employees.

So that means this article is irrelevant to 99.9% of readers. We can't buy anything in Saudi unless we have a business there?

#763 CHRIS-CHRIS | March 16, 2012

My mother passed away earlier this year without any known will. She owned a house with her husband in Jamaica but a few years ago her name was taken off the title and she found out along the way so the house is solely in her husband's name. Does the law allow entitle any of her children to inherit any portion of this immoveable property as these children are not his. Basically I want to know what is the law regarding this immovable as far as children of the deceased are concerned.

#764 KATHLEEN | March 19, 2012

Can the agency sent out a demand for payment of electricity bill and demand payment on the same day?

#765 NICOLA MAPP | March 19, 2012


#766 JAPRI19 | March 20, 2012

Very useful information, thanks a lot for sharing with us.
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#767 JASON | March 22, 2012

Articles here are great. Thanks for that information. Would you have benchmark affordability ratio?

Kindest regards,

#768 AVTAR | March 25, 2012

Just to say interesting comments.

#769 ANSWERS123 | March 26, 2012

Hi guys, please kindly give me some advice on how to solve my situation right now. I am a tenant for a shophouse. For the past 6 months, i stopped my business operation due to absence of licence from relevant authorities. Due to the binding contract, i still carry on to pay the monthly rental to my landlord. I also tried to find new interested tenants to take over the shop so that i will be free from this binding contract. Till recently, i have a interested tenant to take over the shop but due to minor disputes between the landlord and the interested tenant, the interested tenant decided not to take over the shop anymore. Therefore, i will need to continue to pay the heavy rental monthly without earning any revenue. Moreover, the landlord requires the new tenant to buy a public policy which cost about $1,000 annually which agitates the interested tenant as they do not see the need to purchase this insurance. This is not included in the contract at all as well. Moreover, all the advertisement and interested tenants are recommended by me but not the landlord. The landlord agreed to help find new tenants to takeover as well, but there is no results from him at all. This could be due to the reason that he has his monthly rental from me and therefore there is no need for him to put in any effort to find new tenants at all. Please kindly help me get out of this situation. Thank you.

#770 NAOMI | March 27, 2012


I need advice please, I've been renting a townhouse for six months and are moving out at the end on this month. Today I've received a bill from my landlord for the levies for the last 2 months. Never have their been a conversation and neither is it written in my contract that I am liable for levies. I have brought this under his attention and he is stating because I've paid my rental late a few times, is his reason for billing me the levies. Please advise as my rent is currently paid to date and I am concern that he will keep a portion of my deposit to settle this.

#771 SMELTER | April 04, 2012

my father bought land while married to my mum. However he married a second wife agemate of my first sister and we have been living in a polygamous family. We from my mum are 9, 5 sons and 4 daughters. The other family has 8, 3 boys 5 girls. The only issue is that dad never took us to school and we had to struggle through meagre savings of my mum.We are well educated now but my dad has systematically sidelined us. Now he wants to share out the land between the wives and the younger one has been farming twice bigger than ours. What does the law of succession in Kenya say in such a situation. What can we do so that we are not shortchanged?

#772 ROO PERERA | April 04, 2012

Roo! march 5 2012. Iam a duel citizen of Australia and Srilanka My perants are deceased long ago.Original will was altered by Two siblings..The Original will was all siblings to inhierit equel shares.Now property is sold and some siblings have received their shres.and not equally distributed to other siblings where do myself and other siblings stand.Thanks

#773 RADHA JAGAI | April 11, 2012

Thank you for this article,it answered some my questions. I have some personal and specific questionss that I would like to ask a lawyer. I tried to fill out the contact form on "Mauritius Lawyers com" but it does not seem to work. Would appreciate if I could the direct email address of one of your lawyers so that I can communicate directly with one. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

#774 PHILIP EVANS | April 12, 2012

My partner and I recently moved into a cottage on a plot in Gauteng. We were not informed that we share a geyser with the adjoining cottage. We discovered this when we started complaining that there is often not enough hot water on our side to bath. The owner then installed another secondhand geyser outside, but the one in the roof was disconnected, so we are still sharing one geyser. As we are still in the same situation, not enough hot water, the owner refuses to do anything about it. What recourse as rent paying tenants do we have?

#775 RAJPAL SINGH | April 15, 2012

my dad is being running a shop , which is being there from the past 40 years on a rent and now the land-lord at a time is telling to leave that shop within 15 days of time period . So, please suggest me on that part and also the clauses for the same and what would the further steps to be taken for the shop to be holded by us only.please suggest the same on urgent basis so that i could take some legal steps against that person - land-lord.

#776 ROBERTO AMPIL | April 16, 2012

Gudam, i would like to ask for comments and opinions on the resolution to my perennial problem (land ownership). Our family lives for so many years since our ancestors time on a 150 sq.m lot owned by Rita Legarda, INC. Before, our grandmother paid the realty tax of the said lot but unfortunately she died. She managed to survive copies of the receipt. The latest copy we have is year 1970's. We look for the land caretaker who used to collect rental fees and luckily we found him and he said that the said lot was already awarded to our ancestors. On counting years im 41 yrs old and my father is 62 therefore we have been occupying the said lot for so many years and no trace of communication from the owner. But, year 2010, a certain kin of Rita Legarda showed to us and wanted to sell the property for 2 million. We asked for the copy of land title which according to her she kept. My question is she legaly have right to sell the property or as far as I know the law if the tenant has no communication to the owner visavis, the owner gave right to the tenant to own the said property or I might say awarded. How is this true? Do we have more chance to own the property?

#777 NOSHEEN | April 16, 2012


I was wondering if anyone can help. My mother passed away 12 years ago and my father 27 years ago. my mother had a house in Karachi and money in Pakistan and I have not been able to access it. I do not have the paperwork for the house and my mothers sister has been living there since her death(who has been very uncooperative). I live in the UK. Can anyone advise on what I can do? I am the only child and I have no family support.

#778 TONY GU | April 17, 2012

My questions:
1- As a Home Owners Resident Card owner I have to live there to keep it?
2- If I rent my house through a agent, what is the average fee? Agent will maintain the house for me when I am out?

Many thanks

#779 ANNE HARRIS | April 23, 2012

I believe there are a lot of Landlords that are not registered with Rental Board. I think it is a good idea before renting to ask this question. It is always in your best interest to have a lease in place, which will protect you as well as the landlord. If there are things on the lease that you do not agree with, this is the perfect time to negotiate/ adjust before signing.

#780 LOUISE | April 24, 2012

My father passed away in 2010. I am his only child. My father lived in the UK since the 1940's. His sister stayed in Jamaica and has one child (his niece who now lives in USA). She informed me that my fathers name is on the Tennent In Common paper her mother (my fathers sister) has in Jamaica. My fathers niece has informed me that I need to take my fathers name off and replace it with hers, as she says it is her mothers property. I know my father sent money over to my aunty my whole life and I also believe that the land was bought with the money that came from the sale of my grandparents home which I believe was left to my father and his sister. I don't feel comfortable about signing anything over to my dads niece, especially as she won't send me a copy of the papers she wants me to take my fathers name off. If it is a Tennent In Common paper, how long do I have to change my fathers name (he passed away two years ago). If it is the Land Title (which my fathers niece then tried to say it was), how long do I have to change my fathers name? Many thanks in advance.

#781 ROMEO VILLEGAS | April 29, 2012

Good morning. I have a question. We are a new tenant at a subdivision. Prior to signing a lease contract with the owner, he assured us that he will provide stickers to our car so we can go in and out of all the 4 access gates to the subdivision. We were not too particular with the other gates as they were far out in Cavite. We expressed to him when we checked his house that what was important to us was the Southvale gate sticker since it is the gate with the shortest distance going to work, and that was what he advertised online that his house is 15 minutes to Alabang Town Center. He promised us the stickers saying "madali lang yan." We signed the contract and paid the agreed 2 months advance and 1 month deposit on March 9, a PhP24,000 total. Contract was effective march 13, that day too we learned from the Home Owners Association that the Southvale gate only releases stickers once a year, this year they release it on September 2012. I wanted to back out of the lease as I did not want to go to work by public commute. But the landlord promised to get us a temporary permit as the guards at Southvale told him that he may write to the Property Manager and request for temporary permit. We got our car on March 23 and the following day we submitted to the landlord all the documents needed. He confirmed receipt saying he will file it that same day. But later in the afternoon he said he was unable to submit application because it was raining and he was too far away. The following week, we asked if he got us the permit but he said the property manager was on leave until March 31. We didn't hear news from him about the permit for over two weeks so we texted him on April 17 begging for the permit as the other gates that allow us to pass through for a P10 fee is already way out in Cavite and an extra 23 km and 35 minutes drive everyday and amounting to over P2,000 of added gas bills per month. He didnt reply. Next day we texted him again demanding updates on the sticker, he replied the property manager is still unavailable and that we should just wait for his text. We asked for the name of the Property Manager and his phone number so we could check the status of his request but he did not reply anymore. April 19, we told him in an email that he breached the contract by his inability to provide us proper access to his property and that we will no longer rent his place starting the third month.

We asked that he returns the 2 months advance rent as the failure on his part. But he said that he will not return both the advance and the deposit because it was our decision leave and that we pre-terminated the contract.

My question is this... Is it pre-termination if we had no choice but leave because we had no proper access to all the gates by the second month of the contract?

Please help. Thank you in advance.

#782 ABHIJIT DALVI | May 06, 2012

"A surcharge of 10% of the total tax liability is applicable where the total income exceeds INR1 million".. I wonder if that's correct as per the present Indian income-tax laws. Kindly request you to reconfirm.. :)

#783 VIMAL KAPADIA | May 10, 2012

i am owner of shop in ahmedabad ihave given it on rent @ Rs 2750/-Pm ,now iwant to evicate,shop our agremment term has already expired but tanent refuse to evicate but ready to continue term again for 1 year,without increasing rent which is 4000/-Pm at present,tanent told me that he is ready to fight leageally,tanent pay me regurally ,but not ready to evicate, another Part is that i have already taken Morgage Loan on Said Property ,so Bank is in fact owner of said Shop, now what role can Bank Play to evicate said Premises, & what action should i take..Help Me ..such a issue has in Fact Changed My Whole Way of thinking i.e Pls do not give your Valubles Proprerty for rent for sake of 5000 Pm month (loosein 20 lac)..regards

#784 CHRISTIAN VILLOTA | May 10, 2012

Hi evryone!
Im christian, im renting in mezza residence for 1 year.
im also a free lance broker in the same condominium.
now i have problem coz i was banned by the home owners association of mezza due to an false accusation by one of the owner. the accusations to me was i did not remit a payment of one of our tenant, ( but the tenant only paid one month to me ) instead of confirming how much did the tenant paid to me the home-owners decided to ban me for good. they held a meeting for me to defend myself but we did not managed to attend it due to emergency reasons. now i cant go into the unit im renting. i felt very helpless with my situation. the home-owners decided to ban me in this condo coz of an false accusations which the client acknowledge that she only paid one month to me and she will give the rest on may 20. pls email me if you have any suggestion to help me in my situation. Thanks in advance guys!

#785 BONDY | May 12, 2012

Please note that Slovenia is introducing a new property tax. If an owner (physical person or a company) owns real estate whose value is more than 500.000 EUR, an owner need to pay 0.5% property tax. If value of all real estates is more than 1 000 000 EUR the tax is 1% of the value of the real estate(s)

#786 RONALDO LUIS FACUN | May 13, 2012

I am ronald, can I terminate the contract if there is ground for it. Actully, my broker agent miss-represent me when she said that the gym is active & hide a small hole in the midle of the floor. I am renting a studio type condo and 1 and 1/2 months stay but I want to terminate my contract without any penalty or pay rent for another next month. Thank you.

#787 RENUKA | May 15, 2012

Dear Sir / Madam ,

I having problem with my house owner. Im staying in Kampung house for the past 24 years.Its a illegal land which is not belong to my house owner.In year of 2000 we got a notice from the land owner asking us to vacate from the land. So all the resident in our village booked a lawyer for behalf of us to get some amount of compensation. The lawyer fees was shared by the resident and we paid our part of money ( not paid by the owner ). After this many years the land owner agreed to give the money we asked for.Now my house owner demanding us to give half the money to them. For the past 24 years we have been staying there and until now we are still continue paying the rent for the past 12 years although there has notice given. And more over i have the proof that i'm staying there for the past 24 years identity card, banci rumah (gov document) , and all our legal forms and documents from bank , government. But my owner does not have any documents stating that the house we are currently staying is belongs to them. According to the land owner, he stated that who ever staying in the house only will get the money not the owners. Kindly advice me in this situation. Do i have to pay half of the compensation money to my owner ?

Regards .

#788 BALSHMA | May 21, 2012

Sardar Bahadur Sir Sobha Singh, OBE (1890–1978) was a civil contractor and a prominent builder of Lutyens' Delhi and real estate owner of Delhi. He is father of famous Indian writer Khushwant Singh. He constructed many residential and commercial buildings, including the Connaught Place market complex, as well as the Chelmsford, A.I.F.A.C.'s Hall, Broadcasting House (All India Radio), The National Museum, Dyal Singh College, T.B.Hospital, Modern School, Deaf and Dumb School, St. Columba's School, Red Cross Buildings and Baroda House. Outside Delhi, he built the High Court and Government Medical College at Nagpur and the Pasteur Institute at Kasauli.
He also built SUJAN SINGH PARK, near Khan Market New Delhi, New Delhi's first apartment complex, which only had bungalows till then, in 1945, named after his father Sujan Singh.

 Landlord: Sir Sobha Singh & Sons, Owners and Landlords of the Estate known as Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi-110003.

 The said premise was let out on September, 1949 to our grandfather. Our landlord took a sum of money for transfer of tenancy in our grandfather‘s name as it was the practice of PAGDI SYSTEM prevalent that time when it was under the control of Sir Sobha Singh who was the owner of the land in 1949. But Sir Sobha Singh never gave any receipt for this Pagdi to any of the tenant but only gave rent receipt in tenant’s name as proof of tenancy. Since that time till now that system is still prevalent and permanently adopted by erstwhile landlord that not to give any receipt for money received in form of pagadi or transfer of tenancy.

 We think that our fate is sealed now because after more than six decade of tenancy our landlord has now started creating fear in our mind. For the last two months our landlord has adopted strategy of accepting monthly rental from tenant of Sujan Singh Park by putting certain conditions. If this condition is not fulfilled he is not accepting monthly rental from tenant and he is also sending legal notice to old tenants terminating the tenancy and changing tenancy into month to month without giving any reason. By sending legal notice he is creating fear in other tenants who by mere name of legal notice have started living under the panic because for people of low stratum of society like us litigation is quite expensive and time consuming process.
 We as tenant always followed our duties by paying rent timely and avoided waste of the property. We are not defaulter of rent and paid our rent on monthly basis after receiving monthly rental bill from our landlord’s manger/agent. The entire rent is fully paid update and there are neither arrear nor there was any written or oral notice of demand.

• Whether our landlord is legally bound to transfer the rent receipt in my father’s name / or my name.
• What action should we to take against our landlord when our landlord is neither accepting monthly rental from us and nor sending monthly rental bill to us.
• There was not any tenancy agreement with our grandfather and landlord. Now after 63 years can he terminates our tenancy at any time and change term of tenancy into month to month.
• Can he increased the rent after terminating our tenancy and changing it to month to month.
• Is there any law in which registration of tenancy agreements is compulsory by landlord? In absence of written contract of tenancy agreement and under which section of transfer of property act or any registration Act, we should go to the court for making written and registered tenancy agreements with our landlord and which tenancy agreement will be best suitable in our case.
• What is the difference between the fix rent and standard rent?
• Under what circumstances can we file harassment case against our landlord? And what is the procedure of filing harassment case against landlord?
• In what circumstances can our landlord terminate our tenancy in absence of any written contract of tenancy agreement?
• Can we send legal notice in advance to our landlord that in absence any lease agreement he cannot terminate our tenancy and change tenancy into month to month.

#789 RICARDO | June 12, 2012

My Mother died 14 years ago in Portugal, Leaving behind a property which my Stepfather and her lived in.
As per my Mothers instructions I was told that half the property was mine.

My Stepfather has since remarried and I have heard he may be renting the property out but I am not sure if he still owns it or if he has since sold it.

Where do I stand in this situation, I live in Australia and don’t know the correct procedure to follow in Portugal.

If he has sold it I need to find out how I can get my share or if he has been renting it out am I entitled to a share of the rent?

#790 INNOVIONSCONSULTING | June 14, 2012

As far as india is concerned indian real estate market is always fluctuating.Rate of one year and area may varies than other increasingly

#791 JOHN CARLO | June 19, 2012

hi, i have a problem with my landlady she wants to repair our sewer lines, but she is insisting that i have to pay for the charges of those repairs, do i really have to pay for it? or it is her obligation to do the repairs since she is the owner of the house and i was just her tenant. please give me an urgent answer....tnx anyway.

#792 SAHI LAW ASSOCIATES | June 20, 2012

Any question about inheritance matter, please feel free to contact us.we will better assist you.

#793 GRACE | June 28, 2012

I gave my landlord three months notice that I was leaving and he turned around and gave me a months notice. Is this legal? I pay my rent on time and my contract is now expired over a year.

#794 LIZET_B | June 30, 2012

When housing market gains improvement, it means that there's also an improvement in job market, but that's not the recent report indicates. The nation's job market and unemployment figures are remaining flat-line, even as the housing market begins to gain steam. A Wednesday report from the National Association of Realtors said that, in May, the quantity of would-be home purchasers signing contracts for used houses matched the two-year high seen in March.

#795 JUDITH | July 18, 2012

I'm owning a Flat Unit and we are getting our electricity bill from the Body corporate and they over charge us, sometimes he send us the bill with the amount which is 5 times over the previous month. If we ask him why is the our electricity goes up like that he says he made a mistake he'll fix it in the mean time he comes and switches off the our electricity. When we ask him that we need to install prepaid meter he said we've got no voice because he's owning most of the flats in the building so there fore he has the finally say whether we want to install the prepaid meter or not he is the one who is suppose to give us permission to install. It's like we are in jail the place is leaking water and he's charging us the levies for maintanance the amount which is more that is more than the amount we pay for the Bond. Please I need help as I'm writing this comment he did switch off our electricity he said we were owing , we did pay but still he does not want to switch on our electricity please can someone help me how do we sort this problem.

#796 MEL R. RABELAS | July 22, 2012

To paolo quireno.. You can get a licensed appraiser to give an objective valuation of your property. it doesn't cost that much. its better to get the help of professionals to save on costs and give you advise on how to dispose your properly quickly and fair to both parties. but be sure to hire licensed professionals..

#797 MARIZHCA | July 25, 2012

i am renting from a agency, two weeks ago my neighbour ( who also renting from the agency) called me and said the landlord(whom i never met in my life) is there to do inspection, i told her to ask him if he can come the following morning as i was at work at that moment at would only be comeing of at 8- she sms me back and said, he said that its fine. as i got home that night at 8.30 i realized my door was wide open and all my furniture gone! a note was left, that he is the landlord and he has taken my stuff and that i owe him 11 500.00 coz i alleged stole power from him, as i moved thru my empty house, i realized that my bike has been taken, pot plants broke, and that my clothing has been thrown on the law, i contact the number on the scrapy peace of paper left for me, i asked him where my things are, and who he is, he said hes the owner and he requires me to pay the 11500.00 which includes the truck he needed to get to remove my stuff!!!? cleaning and painting and removal of rubish which he never did in a year. i have phoned the agency, and they said they didnt know anything about it. they even asked me 3 days later while i was still without electricity, and sleeping on a matress on the floor -if id like to renew my lease hahahaha!now ive read on the internet that they have a bad reputation when it comes to giving back deposits.... ive been to the police station, small claims and legal aid, with no help at all. now was wondering if i can refuse to pay my rent ?

#798 ELISA | July 26, 2012

i am currently on a one year lease in a unit. what i need to know is, am i responsible for all the costs including levies? i am a bit confused on that part since the landlord told me that i am responsible. the rlevies are quite high. what are my rights as a tenant on this matter? pls advise

#799 MHAYE | July 26, 2012

my late grandfather bought the rights of a land, he named it after my father, the land has no title yet but being applied by my father and it has a tax declaration under my father's name,. One of his siblings who passed away has an illegitimate child whom got born after my uncle's death. Now she suddenly came from nowhere when she got 18 and asking her share from my father. My father promised to gave her a share but she wanted a share that is half of the property.
1. Is the land considered inheritance?
2. Does she has right to claim for a share?
3. Is it alright if my father refuse to give her?
Your answer is highly appreciated..thank you so much and more power..

#800 M. VISSER | July 27, 2012

I have been told that the laws have changed in 2011 and will change again now, in 2012. Can anyone tell me how easy it is to NOT extend a contract after e.g. an agreed 12 months?

#801 M. VISSER | July 27, 2012

What are the investment opportunities (if any) on renovating 'protected' buildings in old areas like Alfama?

#802 CIE-ANN | July 30, 2012

I just signed a lease about 3 days ago. When I applied for the unit a applied for a specific one and after I signed the lease they put me in a different unit that has a lot of damages to it. The water outlets stink as if something died down there. I feel like I was scammed being shown one thing and put into something completely different. I want to know if I can get my deposit back? Do I have any grounds to stand on?

#803 ATITLAN SOLUTIONS | August 01, 2012

This information is interesting but it seems out dated as in fevruary 2012 new taxes laws have been voted. Changing affecting the non resident with property in Guatemala.

#804 M. VISSER | August 02, 2012

Does this mean that it is now easier to get rid of your tenant when you have a rental agreement of e.g. 3 years?
Can the landlord as 6 months rental in advance?

#805 J. RANDOLPH | August 07, 2012

So it is for sure a buyers market in Portugal these days, or perhaps wait another year or two to see how far down prices will in fact go?

#806 SARAH | August 08, 2012

Hi, i need urgent advice please. i am currently renting a place in edenvale for the past 2 years obviously extending on a month to month basis. I have had a few personal issues and were late with my rent on i think 3 or less occassions. nevertheless i have informed my landlord about the situation. Just because i short paid for that period of time, i have had a letter of demand sent to my work place and been listed on TPN. so everytime i requested confirmation of removal from TPN i never got a response from this woman. Even though it is secured, it's not the best of places cos everything in the place seems to fall apart. I have also on several occassions paid more than the usual rental amount but nothing credited for that. I am now told that i have been given 2 months to vacate the premises which is 30 September. I had a deposit of R5500 paid, nothing of the deposit has been mentioned in the letter. My rent is up to date, i don't have anything outstanding. I am finding it difficult to find a place in such short notice as everything is so expensive a i will have to have a new deposit and 1st months rent.
Do i have grounds to say that my landlord will have to find me a place first before having me moved out. What are the implications? Please advise urgently as this is really stressful. Your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

#807 ALIYA | August 10, 2012

How are you doing? i am Mrs Haliyat for senegal dakar civil engineering by profession, 53years old, am now retired from my job and i also want to invest and agriculture in morroco. i come across your mail in this site and i want you to tell me the possiblities of buying your land or houses in your country. i will read back from you soon.

#808 JOSE | August 12, 2012

My mother passed away in April 2012 and divorced in 2004. Since the Philippines does not recognize the divorce, do I need to declare in IHT417 properties that are conjugal with both their names on the deeds, as part of her UK assets?

#809 JIMBO DURAN | August 12, 2012

Hi! my parents are planning to buy a house and lot, lot area is 600 sq meter, the house is about 300 sg meter in area.

When we check the lot title in the registry of deeds, the title is in the name of the seller with the correct total lot area (legitimate).

But, when we check on the property's tax declaration, the lot was subdivided in 3 lot titles, but there are only two lots with the name of the owner. The 3rd lot was not declared. In addition, the house was not declared as well. it is supposed to be on the same document as the lot declaration right? The owner says, this one (undeclared house in the declaration for tax purposes) is really not unusual, they do this to minimize the tax. She said that the important thing is the lot title from the registry of deeds. How accurate is this?

What are the necessary steps that we should take before purchasing this property? my parents are really interested with the property.

Thank you very much

#810 SUZAN | August 17, 2012

i would like to share with kingaru certain issue if one spouse die with no child the alive spouse will be the heir but this is not automatic it depend on which law is applied to administer such estate because in Tanzania we have multiplicity of inheritance laws, what to do is to look at what mode of life of the deceased and his intention so to know the choice of law,
if family member refuse to agree the high may appoint administrator general or impatial person to administer the setate

#811 MICHELLE | August 17, 2012

hi just found out that our tenants have been subletting our house for the last 2 years. Lease due for renewal. .was with management company who have obviously not done their job. Where do I I ask for more rent ? Arrears? Lease nul and void? Hold the deposit? kick them out ? or chase the management company for compensation.....any advice welcome????

#812 BHARAT | August 18, 2012

My mother in law is having 2 daughters and one house.There is one tenant who is living since 30 yrs past.He is giving trouble,not paying rent (only 2000/- in stead of mkt rent 5000/-) since two yrs and not cooperating. We want to evict him. Kindly suggest the measures.

#813 LEN GRINDULO | August 24, 2012

hi! my fiance and I bought a townhomes in filinvest calamba (la brisa). It is our first property buy. When we bought it the agent that we talked to said that the normal processing of papers including approval of bank loan is 2-3 months only. we already made our full down payment last march and until now the status is still "processing". i just want to ask how long really is the normal leadtime of paper processing of tax declaration and land title? and bank loan approval... filinvest is so inefficient that until now there is an error in the land title whatsoever. it is so frustrating how they process our papers. pls help. what can we do for a faster processing and what can we do if still they can't process it. pls help. T_T

#814 KAMELA PITTER | August 31, 2012

My aunt who lived in England died last year and left assets in that country and a house in Jamaica. She did not have any children and she was not married. Does the British government have the right to decide who get the house in Jamaica?

#815 DIANE | September 09, 2012

My Father who currently lives in the uk wants any inheritance that his parent's have left to him to go to his children.His parents passed away some years back but his sister who is the executor to the will won't give him any information.
She has said that the estate has been taken over by the administrator.My father has sinced written a letter to the lawyer that is dealing with the estate and has given him instructions to who he wants any inheritance that he gets to go to his children.He had witnesses present and they both signed the will/ letter.
Please can you let me know if this testomony will be able to stand in jamaica or is the law different?

#816 PEJMAN KHORSANDNIA | September 10, 2012

I would like to thank you for your useful site. It is a very big help for property investors in such a world where information would come much more handy than self of capital to investors.i would like to mind you that on the chart above on the column for 60 m apartments on black sea either the percent of property price given as yield or the amount of rental yield should be wrong. Because the numbers don't fit mathematically. Thanks

#817 ANNAH | September 11, 2012

I rented out my house about 6 years ago before I left Trinidad. For the past two years the tenant has been missing rental payments. I have decided to evict this tenant. What can I do? There was no written agreement between us.

#818 MYLES | September 15, 2012

Under existing VAT regulations, rental payments exceeding PHP10,000 (US$237) per unit received by landlords whose gross annual rental income exceed PHP1,500,000 (US$35,528) are subject to 12% VAT. If the gross annual rental income is less than PHP1,500,000 (US$35,528), the applicable tax rate is 3%. The VAT burden is generally shouldered by the tenants.

can you explain this ? lets say our gross annual income is Php60,000 for apartment rental the percentage that we need to pay for tax is 3% ? and whta do you mean on the last part of it which is VAT is shouldered by the tenant? what do you mean ? please answer ,

#819 LEEJAY GONZALES | September 17, 2012

Hi! I am licensed broker and I just saw all the comments. To start off, annual Philippine Property Taxes (1% of the assessed value within Urban Areas / 2% for Suburban areas) are levied to all registered owners of properties. If you buy a pre-selling / off-the-plan property, it should be the developer who has to pay the annual property taxes till TCT/CCT is already transfered to the buyer. Nonetheless it is a business, and normally annual taxes are utomatically imputed and considered in the list price of the unit till its target turnover. "Other Charges" portion of the developers usually include the documentary stamps, Transfer Fees and Taxes, insurance policies). Once an individual / buyer already holds the original TCT (Land) / CCT (condominium) from a developer, then the burden of paying property taxes are succeeded by the owner. Imperatively, it is advisable to settle your forth coming property taxes for the succeedng year every December of the ending calendar year. Advance full payments are usually given discounts by the BIR. In posh property developments, like for most Ayala Land properties, paying property taxes are as easy as issuing a check to your building / village property manager. Then, they will be the one who'll go to your municipal / city hall's assessors office to inquire the amount and pay the property taxes, on your behalf. When you already have the TCT / CCT, just go to the Municipal / City Hall Office where your property is located, go to the assessors office to inquire and ask for your tax declarations and likewise where you will your property taxes.

#820 GUY K | September 20, 2012

there are no rights in Ukraine for a tenant.
The landlords, can play with you so much they wish. If you are a few days to late with payments, they put you with wife and baby on the street. Even if you tell that you pay little later because of salary is too late. No mercy, you stay in the cold with all. This is the second time. First time was another place where we rent, when was born our baby they told, we don't wish here a baby in appartment, you have one day to move out. I loved this country but start not like it anymore

#821 PETER | September 22, 2012

The law has changed. Rental porperty flat tax rate is 8.5% regardless how much you get, even 10000000000000000000... there is still 8.5 percent. Very good news for rental market here.

#822 JIM-BOB | September 27, 2012

Above it says, "Lease may be daily, monthly, or yearly."

Does that mean a two-year contract is invalid? Can I give notice now (8 months into a "2" year lease) and not be breaching the contract because "2" is invalid anyway?


#823 V MAHOMED | October 03, 2012

Great information thank you.
I am a citizen and have a house in my name only. I am married to a Mauritian citizen and we have no children together. However I have three children from a previous marriage. If my husband dies and I want to sell the property would any children from his previous marriage be entitled to a share? Please can somebody advise me. (We were married in UK so community of goods is applicable).

#824 MIGUEL MALONEY | October 04, 2012

Is the Land Tax still in force?

#825 JAMES FRANCIS | October 09, 2012

Wow it is hard to believe that a tenant can get away with not paying for 6 months before the courts will agree to an eviction. I thought the UK system of 2 months non payment was bad enough.

#826 MASONTAHA MAHLATSI | October 10, 2012

We moved into a private property in the beginning of July this year. Since the landlord seemed trustworthy she had been telling us she will bring a lease up to date. Last month about two weeks before month end she called me and told me we must move out by the beginning of November as she is renting out the whole house to the person who has got bigger family and we must move out. In passing her husband which she claimed will be handling the rentals said the lease period is one year. She took our deposit R2500 which is the same as rent money. By the end of last month September, I asked her to come and inspect the house so that we will use the deposit for rent as we will need that rent money to deposit another place as she gave us a short notice to move out. She refused and she said the law indicates that she will only give us our deposit when she gets her keys. S=We are the family of four and my kids goes to the school closer to where we are staying and we moved to that place cause kids would stay at home as their dad is sick and sometimes no one was able to drive them to school, She offered us a place about 30minutes or more drive to from school, moreover that place has got a diggs (where the students are renting)and the fact that my husband is sick and my babies are still young to grow in such environment. What are my right towards this and which actions must I take.

#827 MONE | October 17, 2012

Hi, My mother just sold her property in Manila, we live in California USA. All my mom children (all adults) lives in California, I understand she needs all the children birth certificate etc... Do you know what documents we need to make the transfer or any reputatable attorney in Philippines hopefully in Manila or here in California Bay Area. Who might be able to help us. We are planning to go the Philippines by end of October. Please advice

#828 PRASHANT | October 18, 2012

Hi , my father has inherited a property from my Grandfather as his will after my grandfather's death, now the property is jointly inherited to my father and his brother (my uncle ). They both jointly live in the same house . But they dont live very peacefully and my father wants to sell the property to a third party , however in the will it says that neither my father or my uncle can sell there share in the property to a third party . The house is divided like ,my father's share is the ground floor , and my uncles is of the first floor . Can someone tell me how to sell this property ? The property is in lucknow .

#829 LEI MANALO | October 26, 2012

Please give me an advice.. My friend is owning a 500sq.meter lot in the Philippines With a bulilding,its a disco house before.She want to sell it now but her problem is she didn't declared the building to the municipal almost 15 years from now.what will she do... Is there a penalty about undeclared building? How much it will be?she don't have a problem about tax .please help what should we do about this undeclared building for 15 years ...thank you...


Hi, I'm Eugene, a real estate broker. If your problem is the unsettled tax for your real estate property lot plus Building or Improvements. You could pay the property plus penalty, Philippine Property Taxes is 1% of the assessed value within Urban Areas and 2% for Suburban areas are levied to all registered owners of properties.
I have a client from manila and ask me to sell his (1160 sqm lot w/ improvement) property in Bacolod city, In order to assess the property in its Market value or in its sellable price. We obtain its levied tax for 15 years plus penalty it only amounted to P230,000 thousand including penalty. But our appraised value for the property is 21 Million its just a small amount in 15 years.

#831 ADELAIDE MILLS | November 05, 2012

Invaluable info

#832 PRINSESITA | November 05, 2012

I've been searching thru the net where to find forums regarding tenants'rights. And yay! thanks that I found this one.
First off, I have been renting a room within a house for 4 months now, and so far, I pay on time, and sometimes ahead of time because the landlady asks if she can get the payment before my due. She even asks for advance payment from us before she leaves, from all of us, and promised to pay nxt month. My monthly bill includes the water and electricity. Last October 2, 2012, my landlady goes to Davao because of 'Family Matters'. On that same day, our water line was cut. The landlady doesnt even leave a note regarding the problem that she wasnt able to pay the water bill. We found out that the water bill reached php13,000 and we (8 housemates) couldnt pay it. So we seek help from the neighborhood,fetched water ourselves, paid a helper who fetched water for us daily...2 weeks later, we received Meralco disconnection notice. the total fee was divided among the housemates, to think that the electricity is included on our monthly dues. We tried contacting the landlady, but we never receive any reply from her. Good thing that one of the housemates, who lives there for 3 years, has contact with the husband of the landlady. The housemate told the husband about the situation, and the husband doesnt know anything about what happened. With email exchanges, the husband sent money to the housemate to settle the water bill which is 13,000. Thank God, the water connection is ok again.

Because of the incident, me and my housemates want to seek an advise if we have rights to demand from the landlady for the trouble she caused us. 'Danyos Perwisyo'.

Hoping for your reply.

Many thanks!

#833 JENNIE MUNET ESTEBAN | November 11, 2012

My ex-husband was left property in his grandfathers will. He is not of sound mind & his father was his guardian. Now the father has recently passed away. My ex & I had two children, who he never supported, & were raised in the US. I am now afraid that my ex's half brother will claim guardianship & try to take control of the property, which should rightly go to my children & grandson. Can you please advise what to do to ensure that my children & grandson get their rightful inheritance? Thank you.

#834 ROSALIND | November 13, 2012

Hi, i just signed a tenancy agreement & paid the owner one month good faith deposit.
However handing over of keys & two month security deposit is only
Due next week.
I'm currently having second thoughts~ can I still opt out? I don't mind forfeiting the one month good faith deposit but is the contract binding once signed?

#835 ADRIANNA | November 29, 2012

i have a tenant who have been renting from me for the past five years and i would like her to leave the property because i would like to do some renovation on the house and the apartment but there was not any written agreement or sign agreemet when she came to rent she said that she would not accept any notice to leave my apartment she does pay rent monthly so i would like to know if i can gave her a one month notice to leave my place i already told her to leave about three week ago verbslly and she agreed and now she does want to do so what can i do thank you for you time

#836 REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES | November 30, 2012

Not Delhi, Mumbai or Pune. This is the time for investing in Gujarat. Real estate Investment in Gujarat is growing day by day, All leading Companies, NRI's comming to invest because of it's economic factors and highly growth.



hi! can i ask how will i know the current market value of my piece of land in the province because I want to sell it and I don't have an idea how much will I ask with my prospective buyer? thanks.

Hello, Base on what i know, there are no publications to determine the current value of the real estate in the Philippines, However there is a publications to determine the zonal value of a real estate property, You can check it in BIR Website and go to the province and city where you real estate is located.
Remember Zonal value is not the market value, to compute your market value or say the Tax Base just divide it by 0.20. But dont trust the Zonal Value because most Zonal Values Published by BIR were not updated better to contact a real estate broker or consultant to determine a market value of the property. or if your afraid the cost of services of a realtor; Let him award him the transaction of the sale base on commission. Else to determine the market value: use the Comparative Approch Method ask the price of the adjacent lots.

#838 VERA VALENTICH | December 03, 2012

It is very necessary to think twice or many times as possible when involving to renting matters. You should have enough knowledge so that you will not be tricked by landlords.

fort bonifacio office space for lease offers a good place to have your office. You can also seek advice to brokerage company when thinking of renting a home.

#839 EMILYN | December 03, 2012

Hi My boyfriend and i planning to buy a house and lot in the philippines and were not married yet.. hes going to pay for all this expenses in thru full payment and is it possible to put our both name and even were not married? i am filipina and he is Australian.



Hi My boyfriend and i planning to buy a house and lot in the philippines and were not married yet.. hes going to pay for all this expenses in thru full payment and is it possible to put our both name and even were not married? i am filipina and he is Australian.

Hello emilyn; Foreigners can not own a real estate property in the Philippines,However, He can own a house a townhouse a condominium, but he cannot own the lot. Even you if you were married to him someday, only you a Filipino citizen can own a lot, unless he acquired a Filipino Citizenship. Then both your name may appear in the Title.

#841 JOSEPH FREDRICK | December 06, 2012

hi i used to live with my father at kitale kenya and he owned 25 acre of landand a house,when he died at the year 2000 i went to live abroad with my mother cause i was young at that time.and he has another son and a daughter whom are born from another women,so now its my brother who is running and living on the farm,so do i have the right to ask,sale part of my share.

#842 MITCH | December 09, 2012

Capital gains tax on real estate is around 5%, not 20%. I am selling a property in Shanghai and have been reaffirmed of this many times by my legal counsel.

#843 JCME | December 11, 2012

Any chance my query will be addressed? I'm pretty sure my children will need a lawyer but it would be nice to have an answer. Thank you again.

#844 RAJESH CHANDRAN | December 16, 2012

Sri lanka Property
I really loved reading your blog. It was very well written and simple to understand.
Unlike additional blogs I have read. I also found it very interesting. In fact after reading,
I had to go show the spouse and she enjoyed it very much.

#845 RAJESH CHANDRAN | December 16, 2012

I was really amaze by this site with all the great and informative that Ive gain with this.
I really look forward for more of that and I want to hear more from you guys.
Your informative details really help a lot..So i was wishing for more great post!
I am grateful for this kind of information for us Sri lanka real estate

#846 PAMELA | January 12, 2013

As a landlord the above comments are unfair i have tenants that don't pay their rent and keep telling me next week.. No wonder us landlords are grumpy its not nice to classify us all the same.. My tenants keep steeling my brooms if i leave them outside.. So it would be nice if you would be a little bit considerate

#847 GEORGE T, | January 13, 2013

I'm currently renting out an appartment in Athens. The three year contract has expired and I've informed the tenents four months prior that the contract will not be renewed as I need it for myself.
What are my rights when they delay/refuse to leave.

#848 WILMALYN FALCUNAYA | January 22, 2013

Hope you can assist me.

I am planning to buy a land in our province.The problem is, this land was awarded by the government to the owner. The owner still pays for it annually. So right now, they still don't have the mother title. What they have was the deed of sale and a certificate that the land was awarded to them. I would like to know the consequences of buying this land. And also, what can be the possible measures or steps I should make to be able to obtain the land.

#849 AMANDA BROWN | January 26, 2013

my god-mother and i went to a lawyer and had a power of attorney made for her and a will.the lawyer never registered the power of attorney document until 3 years after it was made. fortunate for me she never needed it.she is now dead and iwent and informed him and he cannot find a signed will for her. he can only find the draft of the will she made. i was the executor of the will.what do i do now? she was a spinster and neverhad any children, her mother and father are dead. . but she has a "half" sister that lives in the USA. but they were never close.she was 85 when she died

#850 ABHILASHA | February 04, 2013

i am a british citizen, my husband who was also a british citizen died .he has a land in India which is on his name.I have two major boys .My husband who was divorced also had two major girls.None of the children r married. According to English law,wife gets the inheritance.Could you please advise how to go about transferring the land on my name.

#851 PHILIP DOBSON | February 11, 2013

Does anyone know of any specific Moroccan banks that provide mortgages/business morgages for foreigners (British) for the purchase of a Riad in Marrakech at 70%, with a good business plan and good financial forecasts that I would of course provide? Many thanks Phil

#852 MICHAEL | February 18, 2013

I have lived in Sri Lanka for ten years. I am an Irish citizen and I have a Sri Lanka residence visa as my spouse is Sri Lankan. Our current property is owned in joint names. I do not recall paying a 100% land tax. We are in the process of buying a second property and our lawyer says that it will have to be in my wife’s name because she is a Sri Lankan citizen and I am not. Is this true? If my wife pre-deceases me what happens to the property?

#853 DETULLIO | February 22, 2013

It is always recommended to draft an Italian Will if you have any property in Italy. In this way you can direct more clearly who you want to inherit your property after you die as the Italian Law is designed to protect heirs under the succession procedure. I would thoroughly recommend seeking the advice of an English speaking Italian Lawyer in order to advise you.

#854 ALEX PSOMAS | February 22, 2013

My family has a legal issue relating to inheretence of some land in Andros that has been going on now for over 25 years and has been a nightmare. After many years of forking over money to a lawyer my Aunt Hired, he tells us it will still be close to another 100,000 Euros to finalize it. There is no way we can pay that. Any advise out there as to who we should talk to about this to get some help? Thanks to all, Alex.

#855 JAMES LIVINGSTON | March 01, 2013

Great info.

My company is interested in purchasing up to 100 rental properties in the Auckland region.
These would be preferably in the lower end of the market. Any advice from readers??

#856 JEGAN | March 03, 2013

Respected Sir,

My father in law stays in a house for 25 yearsand he owns that house but the house was registered in his brothers name, All these years we have been given understanding that this is our house and now his brother tells us to vacate. My father in law is paying the proper property tax to the goverment and electicity bill is in his name only.Just i want to know what are the rights we have on that.
Note : The land is without Patta
Please advice

#857 DEEPANJLI | March 04, 2013


I rented a house along with five other girls when I moved to Singapore. After a month I found somebody to replace me for six months and now she is shifting out and my name has been removed from the contract. Is it still my responsibility to find a new roommate?

Thank you

#858 EMMIIEJOY | March 06, 2013

hi i would like to ask about legal matters. we only have one apartment unit in quezon city. they said that we have to secure a permit. do we really have to get a permit for just one apartment. we have it rented because no one will live in the house. what shall i do? thank you very much for helping me.

#859 RYAN | March 07, 2013

Happy to hear that mortgage market is picking up in UAE markets.

#860 DES MASON | March 07, 2013

Only 75% of interest is allowble in Irl(on morgage)
There are annual rates of 0.18% of property value as of July 1 2013. These are payable by the landlord. There is also a tenant registration tax of 90 euro per tenancy.

#861 ANDREW LOCKE | March 09, 2013

My advise to anyone looking to invest in property in the Philippines is to run a mile. If you have a house and lot property that is worth more than 2.9 million then you will have to pay 12% VAT and 6% capital gains tax on the sale plus 1 - 2% real estate tax per annum. Even if you are a cash buyer you will have to experience 4% growth per year and hold the property for five years to recoup just your initial investment and this does not consider inflation on the initial investment value. My advice is, unless you want to stay in the same house for may years to come, just rent.

#862 MONICA | March 11, 2013

I am an indian, roman catholic married a hindu, a second marriage for both of us under the special marriage act. he has three children from his first marriage, who were married and all three girls are divorced; and I have a son from my first marriage, aged 12. the property he bought in his first wife's name was divided and he received 1/5 as gift deed as settlement and she retained 4/5 for her and and the children. my husband was forcefully thrown out of the house by his ex-wife, her live-in partner and children then who treated him as nonexistant, unwanted. As he had no money and only land, I invested all my earnings and savings into his property to build a house. his ex-wife and children who have been living lavishly selling parts of the property are now saying they will claim what he and I have built also through the children. how can I safeguard the property from them as every rupee I earned is on the property while they sent him with only the land and not a rupee when he was thrown out of the house. will writing a Will giving me the property be enough? As a christian, will the property be shared to his children along with my child as I have married their father; (do) they become my children legally without a legal adoption? If I make a Will, will it be sufficient or should I gift the property to my son as my husband is willing to write a Will in my name? or should my husband write a Will giving the property to my son to avoid any division if transferred to me? I am very afraid that they will sell this property too and my child will be left on the road as I am an orphan and there is no one for my son after me. Hence I would like to take precautions to safeguard my son's future.

#863 ROHAN | March 17, 2013

I have an issue, my Grandmother passed away in 1980, leaving a house that we all lived in. There was a will BUT no one can find this Will, we would like to sell that house now, but was told we need to pay up some death tax since she died. How much is this death tax? I was told that it 1s a % of the value of the property after the 1st year she she died. The property was valued JM$3.5M as of Nov 2010. We are just wanting to see how much this tax would be so we can start paying it up so we can do what needs to be done t have it sold. Property tax is paid every year, any help would be grateful!

#864 MA. TERESA A. CABANUS | March 18, 2013

Please help us regarding this matter. We have rented a space at the mall for our business but we haven't signed any contract yet...we got the reciept for the payment of the 3 mos. security deposit but the mall management has not approved our food concepts yet and we ahve been waiting for seems that we are having unfavorable conditions on the lease so we have decided not to pursue the lease on the said mall...can i still get my security deposit on a lease when there is no contract signed yet between the lessee and lessor?we got the contract but we haven't signed anything yet on paper.can i still get my security deposit on a lease when there is no contract signed yet between the lessee and lessor? Thank you very much. Prompt reply on this matter is greatly appreciated.

#865 MUKUL KANSAL | March 24, 2013

Great advice - simple to understand and apply. I particularly appreciated the inclusion of several relevant exceptions to the rules.

#866 MAUREEN | April 01, 2013

Can anyone tell me the maximum tenants allowed to live in a 4 x 2 property and how many cars allowed on the premises. I have a neighbour problem with musical cars day and night. Up to 8 cars coming and going and different genders day and night.

#867 AVIC | April 07, 2013

Hi I'd like to ask our rights as a lessee because the administrator of the unit we are renting is harrassing us. we are renting a stall for our business and our contract started in 2010. The signatory for the contract is the daughter of the owner of the property. Then in 2011 their parents died. Now the other siblings asked us to sign another contract with different terms and price of rent which the other stall owners ignored and didnt agreed. So they just asked them to continue their old contract and deposit the rent to a different bank account that all of them (the children of the owner) agreed. Now our lessor (signatory from our contract) didnt raised any issues about the new paying of rent scheme. But the new administrator wants to implement a new rule on advance and deposit for our stall. Just our stall. Our original contract says 1 month advance + 1 month deposit plus monthly rental. Now she wants to make it 2 months adv + 2 mos deposit plus monthly rent. As she said there will be new contract and they are reviewing it we agreed to deposit it in the bank. Now after three months of waiting for the new contract for us to review still no "new" contract was shown to us. And we learned that only our business is ask to add additional adv and dep. Our old contract also said that we cannot sub lease and them also the property. But the lessor from our contract allowed a new establishment to operate on the parking lot as she ask our permission since she is a relative. Now when their parents died the owner of the unit in the parking lot signed a new contract with the new administrator but with the same terms. just 1 month advance + 1 month deposit plus monthly rent. Now when we decided to use our 2 months worth of extra payment the administrator is forcing us to vacate the unit even if we still have an advance payment and deposit amounting to 2 months. and updated with the monthly rent. What will we do? What is our protection from the intimidation of the new administrator who hates us because she wants the business for herself. My friend owns the business and I manage it. But she is in the US now and the family of the property has been harassing her/us ever since the business went into success. I don't want them to locked up the business again as they did before when they had a coup de etat against my friend. Should I wait for their letter of eviction that should be three months in advance? And how will I rebutt it? Thanks for the answers. I hope we are not harmed as we do good business and intentions with them. They are the ones who wanted us out in all cost.

#868 MISSY | April 08, 2013

my father who lived in uk purchased land in jamica he put my brothers name on the title along with his sadly my father passed away he fell out with my brother and we think he forgot to take his name off the title,my father verbally instructed his sister(my aunt) to carry out his wishes but she was unaware that my brothers name was on the title my fathers family have been paying the land taxes for years are they entitled to the land or does it belong to my brother.We all reside in uk

#869 MARIA DELPILAR | April 08, 2013

My situation is that my father passaway this 7/2012 and I am the only child bearing his name. Before passing he met with a lawyer in Puerto Rico and had a Will created indicating that he was living his house in PR to his brother and his brothers son. I have not seen this paper work to confirm that this is true if it is so am I entitled to a portion of this property at all?

#870 JIMMY | April 15, 2013

yeah... go buy 100 rentals in your own country

#871 JASON DEMAISIP | April 20, 2013

good day!i'd like to ask if the House & lot which is rented by more than 8 years, after that the owner decide to increase the payment to 1,000.00 only ,but the tenant stop paying for 3 years ago,the reason they have improvement of the said property, actually they are relatives so because tenant refusing paying a monthly rental the owner decide to sale the property to me, now what are my rights being a new owner? can i continue collecting monthly rental? or evict them for non paying, or other grounds for sub leasing by other, or i want the property to use? actually we've been already hearing in barangay they are
willing to leave the property but the time has come they ignore the agreement from barangay they have signed,even from hall of justice employees who mediate us and have also an agreement signed by both party to leave the property,but failed again,they ignore again the agreement,thats why the barangay issued file action. the question again is, if i bring this to the court? do i have an advantage? since they occupied this property before selling to me.can i have the right same as from previous owner?

#872 HEMANT | April 30, 2013

i am an Indian. i have a foreigner friends form US. He is single. He want to make a bill in the name of me. am i eligible to get his property and bank balance?
and will that property and bank balance taxable in India?

#873 HEMANT | April 30, 2013

i am an Indian. i have a foreigner friends form US. He is single. He want to make a bill in the name of me. am i eligible to get his property and bank balance?
and will that property and bank balance taxable in India?

#874 HERMAN VENTER | May 01, 2013

I am renting a property through a Property agency and I am paying my water & lights account every month at the agency together with my monthly rent. Now my power has been cut due to non payment of electricity and property rates. The manager of the agency said it is not his fault and he will try to speak to the owners but it is out of his hands. How do I resolve this?

#875 STACY | May 02, 2013

I have a landlord who is trying to use his head on me, i rented the place about 1 year and two months ago for $10000. i have never owed him before and because am not always there i tend to pay him in advance so that i don't owe him, however he was suppose to paint the house when i moved in and he did not. i asked him about it and he said that's not my business and the expense was not on my hand. I did not say anything after that, then one day he text me and said that the rent will be raised to 12000, i started to complain about it saying that he finds it hard to paint the house and now he is raising the rent without doing so. i didn't communicate with him after that but i allowed my mother to pay the rent last month. yesterday he sent a notice to my mother saying that we need to move by June 1, 2013 because he is going to fix the roof. isn't that ac ward to know that he finds it difficult to paint the outside of the house and now he is going to fix the roof which is very much ok?
it is a 4 bedroom house, with a hall, kitchen, varanda,4 bathrooms and a back pouch, well built but the walls are stripping. my family rents half while another family rents the other half and i find it strange because the landlord speaks to the other family more and yesterday my family and the other family fall out so they must have told the landlord and thats the time my mother got the notice. she called the landlord but he did not answer his phone. can somebody please tell me what to do, i dont know where to go and it is affecting my studies

#876 EARLE WRIGHT | May 05, 2013

My mother died in Jamaica in 1992.Hearsay is that she left a will but no one has seen it including the person who was stated to be the executor.One has to assume she died intestate
My oldest brother lived in the house till he died 1 month ago He also cultivated several acres of land that she owned- he left no will and had no wife or children.My other brother died 2 years ago so I am next of kin A nephew who lives in Jamaica states it will take "several years " to sort this out If I get a lawyer why should it take years to settle this

#877 CARYN | May 14, 2013

I live abroad and am renting my house out. My rental agency is responsible for collecting the rent and paying my levy. They keep making late levy payments (although the rent is paid on time) and I keep getting penalties. Should I be expected to pay those penalties every time or is there anything I can do about this?

#878 ABBY | May 19, 2013

i have a filipina friend she is a real estate broker in california and she plans to buy a property here in the philippines, is it possible for her to get a full commission which is the 5% or she needs to have a sales consultant with regards to commission sharing since she is not a broker here in the philippines? please help URGENT! thank you...

#879 NITIN JOSHI | May 30, 2013

Hi my nana was working with st xaviers thrust and after thwt my mom since 1972 she got retired in jan 2013 now the trust wants to vacate the place .more than 40 years have become without any agreement nor rent it was under mutual consent that u come near by to the working place and stay .they left the place which they had purchased and came to stay nerby now the prices have gone high terefore they want us to vacate how can we do that? Require guidance

#880 GINA | June 01, 2013

My father died 9 years ago. Him and my mother who is still alive has a conjugal property which is the house and lot that we grew up with. When my father died, my younger sister decided to build a new house on the said lot and destroy the old, with the agreement that everyone can live there. Now my sister is claiming that shwe owns the house and that we do not have the right for a claim specially my mother, whom i knew owns half of the property. have decided to step in and told my siblings that it is better to divide my father's share equally. how can we make a claim on our share legally?

Please enlightened us and thank you

#881 DERRICK ERINI | June 04, 2013

These days, homeowners in most large cities are at best trying to hang on to whatever price gains their local markets achieved as a result of the home buyers tax credit. When it comes to residential real estate, in many cities there is still little reason to hope that things are getting all that much better. Check more here.

#882 LEAH | June 12, 2013

I rented a room in a complex on the evening of 28 Feb 2013. The tentant is an estate agent. I moved out 15 May 2013. I have been e-mail the person I rented the room from for the deposit and he always comes up with an excuse and now he is avoiding me completely. What should I do in this situation?

#883 TANYA | June 17, 2013

Thank you, Andrew

Today is day I should really transfer my money to reserve the condo at 6~7 mill in Markati. But I was just aware of the hefty tax last Friday and my friend who cover Pilipino clients (private wealth) just explained to me how his clients don't think it's a good idea. So i'd really appreciate your input.

I am not sure if this website allows users to do so..Is possible, can I contact you directly?

#884 BONDY | June 18, 2013

Things are getting strange in Slovenia.

The new left oriented goverment introduces a real tax for real-estate in Slovenia. Residents will pay 0.2% of their value property while non residents will pay 0.45% of the value.

Besides govement introduces a new, higher VAT. VAT for departments will go from 8.5% to 9.5%.


this is a very good website. keep it up.

#886 SHANE | June 22, 2013


I need help me and my fiance moved in to small flat payed my deposit and first months rent.

As the landlord requested when we moved in i went and made list of every thing broken inside the flat like cupboard shelf's being broken and couple of other things me and the landlord never signed a lease agreement and couple month later he tells me that his going to put up the rent with 16% that was fine just thought that was fair because of the water and light going up and all that

and now about a year later when i want to move out he tels me that i have to fix everything in the place and i ask him where is the list i gave him with what was wrong in the place now he tells me i never gave him a list and for some stupid reason i never made a copy of the list for my self and he wants me to fix everything in the place my fiance had to come 2 days before we moved in to clean the place scrubbing the bathroom tiles and walls on her knee's for 2 days the place was in bad shape and now he wants to repaint and fix all the cupboards with my deposit so please i need some help please can someone help me don't know what to do

Kind Regards

#887 VINCENT | June 29, 2013

Is a Lease contract still legally binding if each page is not initialed and only the signature areas are signed?

#888 STEFFAN OHLSSON | July 01, 2013

Some of these costs are incorrect. The closing costs are 5% of the sales price. This includes the 3% Govt tax and 2% covers notary and registration fees.

Lawyers cost between 1,000 euros to 2,000 euros in Cape Verde. Non Cape Verde based lawyers can be more expensive.

#889 GEOOFFREY | July 12, 2013

1. hey,joseph fredrick my concern goes to you i want to inform you that the law of succession section 29 states that the children of deceased whether mantained by him or not maintained before tjhe deceased immediately prior to his death together with the wife or former wife/wives has the dependant rights 2.SHEILA hey okey for you section 26 of law of succssion act cap 160 laws of kenya states that a court will interfer with the deceased will for his disinherited wife and children and if no will the court will apply the act to divide the property as long as you are a child of the deceased you are entitled to inherent 3.SMELTER FOR you the 2nd wife will only get the lann equally as yourb mum and all kinds are entitled to equal share

#890 TOMAS | July 13, 2013

Me and my wife just bought a lot in pangasinan, and when we tried to change the title we where informed that thee is unpayed inheritan tax.
Question is:
- Who should pay this? we are not realative to the owner of this lot. The sellers are the daughters of the descesed parents.
- shouldn't this tax be payed by them?
- and can we change the title without the payment of this tax?

looking forward for your advice.

cincerally Tomas and Charlita

#891 ANGUS LEE | July 31, 2013

1.Notary Fee 5.00% - 10.00% buyer
2.Notary Fee
Notary fees are generally around 1% to 3% of the property value. Notary fees are negotiable.
i'm wonder which on is correct?

#892 ROGER FRANKLIN | August 04, 2013

So, just to get this clear....the law in Spain is that if you, as a landlord, rent out a property to somebody for more than a year you cannot then end the contract if the tenant continues to extend the contract for another five years every year? But if the tenant wants to leave they can just give 30 days notice?....and what happens if you rent out the property on a temporary rent basis (i.e. 1 year rent and hence subject to five year extension? Even if they didn't how long would it take to evict the tenant and would eviction be justified in law or not?

#893 WARREN | August 16, 2013

citizens' income tax starts as low as 10% and the effective prop tax is 0.1% or lower since they way undervalue the assessment. also, mortgage rate at 2% and the government subsidizes a lot of things like health care and electricity to make it one of the cheapest countries you can live in and still live well

#894 JAVIER RODRIQUEZ | August 17, 2013

The landlords never use to understand what goes through occupant when they demand for extra charges or ask to leave the house. That's why I loved the part where you said french government protects the lessee.

vente chalet megève

#895 LOLITO SERO | August 21, 2013

This is about a studio condo.

1) The tenant has 2 months rent + utilities arears (June 14 - August 13). Can a landlord forced me to sign a promissory note to pay full by Sept 2 my 2 months arrears. Can it not be just for 1 month for now.

2) Today Aug 22, they disconnected the water.

3) The asked for a promissory note to pay in full the 2 months arrears by Sept 2 (Tenant may be able to pay 1 month on that date).

4) If by Sept 2 no fulkk payment is made,they will disconnect electicity and send a letter of ejection for Sept 13.

4) By Sept 13, they will padlock the unit.

Please advise what are the rights of a tenant that may help him in the problem.

#896 SCOTT CONVERY | August 22, 2013

Are there any non Philippinos here who have obtained a mortgage for a condo puchase in Philippines? I'm British and looking to get a loan of roughly 50% of the propety value for purchasing a condo in Manila. I see that PNB offer mortgages to foreigners but at a rate which is about 2% higher than to locals. Anyone know if there are some good deals out there for foreigners? many thanks!

#897 SCOTT CONVERY | August 22, 2013

Angus Lee - it is 1-3% for notary fee. I checked with brokers when I was in Manila recently. I think the 5-10% figure is a mistake.

#898 YHANMAR654 | August 27, 2013

Hi.....I have a condo which is not fully paid yet.....I'm planning to get a deed of transfer of rights because we are moving back to US next friend will continue the payments...I ask the Seller regarding the transfer of rights of the unit to someone.....they said that I have to pay the capital gains that is 7.5% of the actual price plus the processing fee...Is this legal because I'm not the owner yet I'm still paying for it I'll just want to transfer my rights...pls give me an advice....thank you!!!

#899 RENE | August 28, 2013

Good day I really hope you be able to advise.we are renting a house and have over a few months received court orders for the owner that he owes money on it.we gave it to him and he would just say dont worry my laywer will take care of it. Today another notice was deliver which stated that the house will be on auction on 19 Sept 2013. What right do we as tenants have? I luckily have found another place but my rent will be R2000 more per month.thanks

#900 LALITHA MOODLEY | September 02, 2013

Good Day I hope you can help me. I'm 1 day late with my rental payment and my landlord is threatning to evict me if i don't pay the rental by tonight 2/09/2013. The electricy bill also needs to be settled and his threatning to have the electricity cut. He hasn't paid his rates since i'm living there and i have paid it up to date thus far. He has thumb sucked an amount and has reduced the rental for August.
What can i do because he said he consulted his lawyer already.

#901 MILLER | September 12, 2013

According to a pair of recent surveys, increasingly more people approaching retirement are ill-prepared for it. Most are not even mindful of the true expenses that lay ahead of them. As a consequence, the custom of leaving a financial legacy for you kids is rapidly becoming a quaint custom of the past. Get a financial support to help pay for your retirement costs.

#902 BYRON | September 13, 2013

my aunt is now married to an american and she is now a us citisen... but she is a filipino at birth until past the age of 18... can she inherit my grandmothers piece of land even though she is now a U.S citisen?

Please help with this... and what should we do to transfer the land into my aunt's name if she could still inherit it...


#903 SYLVIA | September 14, 2013

Can you say at what date the information here was last updated? Greek laws seem to be changing a lot in recent years so I wondered if this is still current.
We live in UK and have a holiday home in Greece. We know our UK will is legal in Greece, but it was suggested that we should have a Greek will for our Greek property. The UK will cost us nothing, the Greek lawyer we asked wants a lot for something we think is fairly straightforward. This article seems to imply that all we need is our UK will and in the event of death the British Grant of probate must be taken to the Greek Court (and then presumably the property transfer taxes will apply according to the Category of the heirs).

#904 JOSEPHINE | September 16, 2013

Parent's assets include HDB flat (fully paid for) and some bank acccounts. Mom has will. Dad refuses to make will. Some children still Singaporeans. Some have migrated overseas and taken up different citizenships. What will happen upon death ?

#905 WHITEDEVIL1612 | September 19, 2013


The law is what it is; it doesn't matter what you consider fair and just.

Under the UK law, S21 Housing Act, a landlord does not nwed to give a reason to recover their property from a tenant once the initial six month assured stage of the tenancy has expired.

That's how it is; what you consider fair has no relevance.

#906 MARLA AGUASIN | September 25, 2013

Hi Tanya! why did they think its not a good idea? I think it will depend on the property, if its something you can handle and how feasible it is to generate the amount of wealth you'd like in the long run. Tax is part of life hehe. It depends on your risk appetite as well. The Filipino clients (private wealth) may have excess cash to spare giving them a bigger appetite to invest let's say in a tax efficient investment but maybe very risky (you can lose your money in a day). Investing in real estate (and should be with a very trusted developer) is a sound choice if you'll like to see something tangible with passive returns.

If you are looking to invest this year in the PHIL in real estate and are looking for guaranteed income, growth and capital appreciation, I would recommend condo-hotel projects. The Philippines has an increasing tourism industry and hotels are needed to meet the demand of short-stay clientele in top tourist destinations of the country mainly Manila, Tagaytay & Mactan Cebu. Its a long-term hassle free, less risky investment with additional perks to enjoy when you visit the country :)

Do not miss out in the PHIL's booming economy :)

#907 DAN PONG | September 29, 2013

definitely able and keen to help you, how do i get in touch with you though? @James Livingston

#908 MALIK MUKHTAR | October 05, 2013

Dear Sir,
So thank you for such informative site. My father died at 2001 while he transfer agri land to me after good discussion with my six sisters, two from my step mother and four from my real mother. Now after so many years, my two real sisters sue against me; as they claim that I stand a wrong man and trnsfer the land. My questions are as follows: 1)When My Father transfer his property to me in his life with wishes of my all sisters, with witness, what says the heredity law of Pakistan in this perspective? So thank you.

#909 JITEN | October 05, 2013

please help me i want my chawl back from rented person
they are not good in nature....
please i want my chawl back...
i am living in ahmedabad....india..
please make some rules for them also....
we also suffering from money problem.....
why shoul i give my houses to them....
it's government duty to give houses them not mine....

#910 JOANNE ALMADEN | October 14, 2013

This is well thought post! very detailed and concise.

Just a clarification, you have mentioned in your post the expression "in real terms" such as xx% (xx% in real terms), what do you mean by "in real terms" here?

#911 SHADAYE | October 15, 2013

Hi,@tia mills I'm look to but peace of land in Jamaica. Also I would like to know what kind of documents should the seller have before considering to buy the land. And what if land is on tax roll but its not in the seller name would that be any problem.are from long as the seller has a diagram I'm ok to buy the land. Please help me out!!!!

#912 WHITEDEVIL1612 | October 15, 2013

Wow, that sounds harsher than the UK.
How did you judge this as neutral?

#913 NONI | October 17, 2013

I currently live in a flat where the rental agents made me sign a lease till the end of the year(December 2013)with full knowledge that I would be extending the lease into the new year(they claimed they have to do new leases in January for all tenants).The flat was sold a month after coming in and the agents for the new tenant are making me re-apply to lease the apartment and are asking for new contract fee's, deposit etc. Do I have to pay the new fee's?

#914 VALENTINO BUORO | October 20, 2013

In answer to question #1 by Abbey, I`d like to say that where a Landlord wishes to evict a yearly tenant, that is a tenant who pays his rent once every year, the tenant is entitled to six months quit notice.However this length of notice is sometimes varied by landlords in the agreement between them and their tenants to a shorter duration. Where the tenant ignorantly endorses a shorter duration in a Tenancy Agreement, he is bound by it. Where there is a verified proof that the Landlord backdated the Notice to quit, then that notice is invalid and the Court will not act on it. One good way of proving this is to sign the date of the receipt of the quit notice on the landlords duplicate copy and on yours.Where there is no unassailable evidence, the Court might be tempted to believe the landlord

#915 VALENTINO BUORO | October 20, 2013

To question #2 by Monday, I will say right away that the landlord has no control over who visits him. The tenant is by law in exclusive possession and can sue his landlord for trespass if the landlord comes into his apartment without his permission. Having said that, the landlord can raise concerns if the tenant permits his rented apartment to become a rendezvous for shady characters. To this end he has a social and or security responsibility to raise this with the tenant. If the visitors constitute a nuisance to other tenants, the tenat can get a quit notice. The landlord has no right to determine who lives with the tenant if the apartment is not overcrowded

#916 VALENTINO BUORO | October 21, 2013

The challenges of Dare in question #4 has many angles to it. First,let it be known that a landlord has several grounds upon which he may desire to recover possession of his property from the tenant. Being courteous to the landlord is not really a defence in these matters if the tenant has breached agreements between parties in the tenancy relationship.Having said this, the only venue at which the tenant gets to know the reasons why the landlord wants him out is usually in Court. Reasons for the quit notice are not explained in that document. However, it is possible that before issuing the notice the landlord may have formally or verbally warned the tenant on the issues. There are no time restrictions when the landlord can ask the tenant to quit. It can be at any time. But asking the tenant to quit cannot be forced by the landlord where the tenant is not desirous of doing so. Where the tenant resists , the landlord must go to Court to seek the Court Order to evict the tenant.Having explained the foregoing the two appropriate ways out for the tenant is to seek the landlords change of heart through an amicable resolution at the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse or any such mediation Institution close to them or to await the landlords Court summons and defend himself in Court. Where the Court finds there is no basis for the notice, it has powers to overrule the landlord
No landlord has rights to take laws into his hands by locking tenants out. It is unlawful and capable of causing a breach of the peace. Where this happens.the immediate steps to take is to report the action to the Police which will enforce a reopening.Thereafter, the tenant is entitled to sue the landlord for trespass. The law is that when a tenant is is in occupation he has exclusive rights to the property and the landlord can only enter into the apartment with the tenant`s express permission

#917 VALENTINO BUORO | October 21, 2013

To Jessyca`s question #5, I wish to state that the landlord is not permitted to increase rent indiscriminately. Although the law in Nigeria would appear not to stipulate a time frame, it must be understood that the landlord and tenant are in contract and it is only when both parties agree that any changes can be made to that contract. Put differently, whenever a landlord wishes to increase rent he must enter into fresh negotiations with the tenant on the issue. Where the negotiations fail. the only option open to the landlord is to request to recover his property by giving the appropriate quit notice

#918 VASU | October 28, 2013

sir i have a muslim friend. her father expired recently. her brother settled down in uk and married uk girl 30 years ago. her father is having some property in india. she wants to sell it. is her brother gets any right over that property.

#919 REALTY PROP | October 31, 2013

Below mentioned is the checklist for buying a property

1) Land titles/ construction permits/ Approvals from authorities:
2) Agreement:
3) Title clearance certificate:
4) Income Tax clearance (37-I and 230 A):
5) Stamp duty and registration:
6) Society clearance and membership:
7) Taking possession of the flat:


Over the last several years, Brazil’s housing prices have gone through the roof. Most of it was due to a combination of demand, and lackluster supply.