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Panama's property prices are booming

Nov 08, 2017 | 0 Comment(s)

Trend: property values are now rising strongly in Panama’s most sought-after areas, according to local property experts. There is strong foreign property demand, particularly from the U.S., Canada, Venezuela and Colombia.  However, there are no price tics for Panama.
Analysis: The expanded Suez Canal will boost transits from larger ships on the eastern US-Asia route. Large public works projects, including a second and third metro line and urban renewal of Colón - will keep GDP growth rates above 5% in 2017-18, before a US slowdown in 2020 hits the economy. 
Rents, rental yields: good yields in Panama at 5.75%
Apartment costs are moderate in Panama, at around $3,606 per sq. m.
Panama: city centre apartment, buying price, monthly rent (120 sq.m.) 
   Buying price  Rent per month  Yield
 Panama City  $432,720  $2,075  5.75%


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