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Online game 'Property Moguls': lord over your real estate empire

Nov 09, 2012 | 0 Comment(s)

Virtual social games popularised by game developer Zynga on Facebook had proven how multitudes of users from all over the world could be drawn to their virtual farms, lord over their make-believe empires and even spend a dollar to increase their virtual cash.

Century 21 Australia believes that the launch of their social gaming marketing product "Property Moguls" could draw the same active users and they were not disappointed with the turnout.

Launched by Century 21 Australia nearly one year ago, the game has recorded over 3.4 trillion dollars’ worth of property transactions – with over 15,000 Australians and Canadians attempting to build virtual property empires and develop their property investment skills through the game.

“Century 21 Australia developed Property Mogul as a fun way for people to interact with our brand and learn about the fundamentals of buying and selling real estate,” shares Mr. Charles Tarbey, chairman and owner of Century 21 Australasia in an emailed statement.


There has been a greater amount of property transacted in the online property game, Property Mogul, than there was in the total Australian residential market last year, Mr. Tarbey notes.


He says that they were actually taken aback by the by the level of interest from gamers and also from international real estate groups looking to license the Australian product for their home markets.”


Property Mogul is built around Centropolis, a fictional city which is made up of 16 different neighbourhoods including a CBD, wealthy beachside area, middleclass suburbs and outer rural suburbs. 


Players are given one property and one million in virtual cash to start off with, and through buying, selling and managing properties, progress through a number of levels and achieve rewards based on game success.   


The unique game was developed to fuse the real world with the online arena.


Users can opt to enter their postcode upon registration and through the use of advanced location matching technology, are then accompanied through the game by a Century 21 agent or avatar, which is an online representation of an existing real life agent from the relevant local Century 21 office. Users can also receive bonus points for visiting real life Century 21 offices or listed properties.


“The success of Property Mogul demonstrates the public’s growing appetitive for fun, technology-based, real estate applications,” adds Mr. Tarbey. “While nothing can substitute for real life experience in the property market, I expect Property Mogul will continue to be popular with people looking use the platform to hone their property skills and have a lot of fun along the way.”



Property Mogul is free and can be played by visiting and make Donald Trump drool with your property investments.


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