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Last Updated: Jan 07, 2010

Why revamp the Global Property Guide?

The Global Property Guide has become known for large amounts of free, quality high-data on buying residential property abroad.  But frankly, we also want to be profitable, and we discover that in real estate publishing this means carrying real estate listings.

So we’ve put listings right at the top of every page.  We think that they add colour to the pages, and will make the site more interesting.

Listings backed by regional information

We’re combining space for property listings with in-depth data.  Each country has a clickable regional map, and a premier city map.  These maps lead to well-researched regional and district data, which helps users discover the country.

Reader contributions

Many investors, real estate analysts, and economists, now write about property markets of their own initiative.  We wanted to take advantage of all these ideas and opinions, which fit so naturally with our data.

Where to find the top real estate economists writing about property in Slovakia?  Where to find the best video presentations of real estate gurus?  Where to find housing data, ideas?

We wanted to create an ‘ideas space’ where views on global real estate are heard, and the reader can take away whatever he needs to know.

Why it will work for you

As an economist, analyst, agent or blogger contributing to the Global Property Guide, you gain exposure to a large, well-visited site, with premier quality data and ideas.  We’ve attracted a dedicated, high-quality readership.  Now you can talk to this audience.

The extra effort needed is small.  Our editors will do all the work.  You simply send us whatever you want to publish.

We publish two main types of article:

  1. News and Discussion – Articles on major residential real estate market issues.  Your broad views about the macro-economy and the broad movement of real estate markets, national, regional and international.
  2. Readers’ Advice – articles mainly on local areas, city districts, regions of the country.  Who shoud post?  Residents, visitors, anyone who knows the property market in a particular location well. 

Everyone gets heard?

Well no, ahem, not absolutely everyone. Human filtering of articles is essential.

We will not tolerate shameless self-promotion.  Readers’ time should not be wasted by junk.  If you have a genuine idea or comment, great.  Otherwise, please stay away.  We’re very happy to link to your site, your blog, and give you a big space to describe your business.  But the articles we’ll approve will have ideas and a point of view, not a sales pitch.
We will try to tidy up the poor writing and repetition.

But we’re not interested in policing your views.  The point is diversity. Try it here.



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